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Obama's Expectations - May be Too High -

Saturday, January 3, 2009

With the honeymoon almost over, Barack Obama will do more than just coast into the White House. His four year marriage with the White House begins in less than 17 days, but already he has a meeting set on Monday to work on his economic stimulus policy even before his inauguration, President-Elect Obama just may be chewing off a little too much even before the dawn of his Presidency.He will be immediately tested in Washington, by Republicans who don't want to become patsies. Across the world, the events are not going in his direction.
So what does he really need to do? People already know that he wants to do everything in his power to help the people of this country by every means at his disposal. He is trusted, but now maybe he needs to lower expectations a little, before he fails to deliver more than he promises.
As mentioned in the last article, Barack has raised expectations with his support of his economic stimulus policy, as he expects to raise job growth at least three times more than what he originally wanted during his election process. With Congress getting ready to go to session for the first time this year, the Republicans will be prepared to stall this bill until February at the earliest. Barack Obama will now be tested on his ability to sell his ideas to the lawmakers as soon as he becomes President. These are tall expectations for a new President, but he already is showing that he plans to make bold decisions, some of them that the lawmakers might no necessarily buy at first. Just recently, Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell who is the GOP leader in the Senate, won re-election, and for the last 30 years he has proven that he likes taking unpopular stands in what he believes in. I expect to see him active with a multiple of questions during the discovery of Barack's Economic package.
Now how about the bailout money? His new administration will have $350 billion to lend to financial institutions. But to get any more money, he will need another vote from Congress. Members from his own Democratic Party may give him more static, especially the liberal Democrats. Thanks to George Bush, these Democrats are not happy in the way the first half of the bailout money was used by the banks to buy other banks. This money was supposed to be used to lend it to consumers and homeowners, but to this day, the money is not directly reachable through banks to consumers and homeowners.
Things may have been easier if it weren't for the Senate mess now brewing amongst the Democrats. Republicans are sitting down and watching how the majority of the Congress handle their issues. It starts with the Blagojevich problem, along with an election in Minnesota that still has not been finalized. Caroline Kennedy wants to take on the vacant seat in New York left by Secretary of State-Elect Hilary Clinton, and Democrats are questioning her eligibility to be a Senator. Even if she gains the Senate seat, voters will have to re-elect her to the Senate in 2010, and a large majority of Senators think that her Republican counterpart may win and take away a seat from the Democrats.
One issue that Barack Obama will have to deal with and resolve will be the Al Qaeda situation. In Pakistan, his transition team will be looking at the tribal territories, in an attempt to get them to handle their own issues within their country, but with India and Pakistan now attentive towards their own conflicts, it will be difficult. Al Qaeda is dug in deep, and it looks as if Obama will have a very difficult time in eradicating Al Qaeda.
And then there is The Israeli-Palestine issue. The war in Gaza is definitely a thorn pushed into Barack's side, but it may turn into an excuse why Obama is not as successful with his policies, especially foreign policies. The war may give Obama a little more time and less expectation right from the start. Considering these facts, you could say that Obama's honeymoon is truly over.


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