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Obama and Romney Prepare for the Debates

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Opinion and Facts presented by the Editor of  'Obama in the White House' blog...

So which candidate is the underdog as far as the debates are concerned? For once in my life, I do agree with the recent statements of Senator John McCain who says the debates "will go down in history". The campaigns for both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are playing down their own candidates chances for whom will do better. But the fact of the matter is President Obama is clearly known as an excellent debater, but on the other hand Mitt Romney has had considerable experience in the primaries against other candidates running for President.
What is known is that the two candidates are so different in their beliefs. But which one of the candidates will tell the truth when on the National stage? It goes without question that President Obama may be the most believable, and he will answer most all of the questions about him and his service as President for the last four years with honesty, sincerity, and will be spontaneous with his answers. But when it comes to Mitt Romney, during the primaries he was so far to the right on every issue. But now in order to get the undecided voters, which he needs so desperately, he will slide more to the center, in an attempt to win over voters who still haven't chosen a candidate. In my opinion, it will be a tactic that is way too late to mean anything in this race. But still, most all agree that the debates may change the election. Early voting is already taking place, to President Obama's favor. Polls show that the President leads in most all major states, including the swing states of Florida and Ohio. It's actually pretty clear that the race may be very close, but if President Obama manages to win both Florida and Ohio, then Mitt Romney most likely will loose the election.
Mitt Romney has based his election on the economy, but polls now show that President Obama is now leading the race when it comes to the economy. Both candidates will talk about the economy. Why? As far as President Obama is concerned, maybe because the economy seems to be bouncing  back, and people realize that. People are most likely afraid to change course now, in anticipation that if they now back Mitt Romney, everything that President Obama has accomplished over the last 4 years can be erased. The topics in the debate will be many, from the economy, jobs, social security, health insurance, tax returns or the lack of them from Mitt Romney, birth certificates, the killing of Bin Laden, to the failure of the Congress, namely the Republicans who refuse to do anything of benefit for the American People while President Obama is in office. The Congress continues to stall in passing bills even if it has affected millions of people needing jobs. The number one concern for the Republicans in Congress the last two years has been to get President Obama out of office, at any cost, even at the cost of the taxpayers.
President Obama will put claims on his ability to stop the foreign wars, his ability to communicate with world leaders, and the little to no experience Mitt Romney has on the foreign front.
Then there are the Vice Presidential debates that will follow, between Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential Candidate for the republicans, Paul Ryan.
Up to this point, Paul Ryan only talks about what he wants to bring attention to. Now it will be Joe Biden's turn to bring to light some of the things that are very important, especially to seniors. The Vice President will talk about how Paul Ryan wanted to turn Medicare to a voucher system. The President and Vice President will stipulate on what will happen if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan win the White House.
The debates will be very interesting to say the least. Truth polls will be taken for just about everything each candidate says. My bet is that President Obama will tell the truth, and Mitt Romney will flip-flop on a few issues and will only give answers that people can support. In some cases, he will not give clear concise answers, but they will be meant to confuse the voters and to stymy President Obama. But the problem is that most voters will see right through Mitt Romney and take him for what he truly is, a flip-flopper and someone who bends the truth for his benefit.
I think the American people are smarter than that. I believe that one of these two candidates will become the clear winner of the debates. The debates may finally put many questions to rest and because of the debates, the actual race to the White House will become clear as far as whom will win.


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