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Hurricane Sandy - The Presidential Campaign - Critics of the President

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy couldn't come in a worse time for the Presidential campaign. Both candidates  President Obama and Governor Romney have put their campaigns on hold. President Obama knows how important it is to change gears as he did, as he cancelled trips to the swings states of Florida and Colorado. Likewise Romney has cancelled his plans for travel and campaigning in the swing states.
President Obama stated, " It's so important for us to respond big and respond fast as local information starts coming in," in a statement to FEMA.
As expected by by the far right, a past presidential contender named Newt Gingrich was critical on the Presidents motives as he cancelled his campaign trips because of the storm.
Newt Gingrich said " You notice that he's canceling his trips over the hurricane. He didn't cancel his trips over Benghazi."
The question that I have is whether or not the Republican party will EVER have anything good to mention about President Obama. I can't remember a recent time that any Republican who supports Romney ever say something nice about the Democratic President Barack Obama. But that's ok, because whatever they are saying doesn't deter President Obama from doing his job as President. The critics can say all they want about him, but in just about a week or so, the critics should be put to sleep with the re-election of Barack Obama.
The Republican party has been the greatest hinderence to the success of the President, and have effected millions of Americans because of it. Regardless of what they have done, or what they are doing, the President will continue doing his job with the tools that he has, regardless if the Congress supports him or not.
Shortly, people will finally realize that after the Obama re-election, it will be time to stop trying to fight with Obama and try to get things done that will help the economy of this country and the millions of folks that have become just because the 'do-nothing' Congress have decided not to pass bills for the last 2+ years or so.
Regardless of what the Republicans say about the President, what you will see right now is his support for the areas hardest hit by hurricane Sandy, and he will show Mitt Romney and the rest of the world just how Presidential he can be.
Never mind that he diverted further disaster in the wake of the flopping economy when he got elected.
Never mind that he was responsible in bringing about a controlled bankruptcy so that the auto industry could bounce back and the President's plan worked.
Never mind that he is responsible for killing Osama bin Laden over a year ago.
Never mind that his is responsible for ending the war in Iraq, a war that was started by the previous Republican President George W. Bush.
Never mind that the President passed ObamaCare, a plan that has been desperately needed for over 50 years, and no other President was able to get it done.
Even with that just mentioned, the President wants to continue his legacy and really take responsibly of the recovery with the economy. The President plans to make sure that people get back to work, and after the election, he will receive help from the Republicans who will have no other recourse than to help the President, or risk looking their own jobs.
The hurricane is and will be one more feather in the President's cap. He will do what is necessary to help the folks affected by Hurricane Sandy. He has and will continue to keep his campaign on the back burner until things are under control along the east coast.
The Republicans can squawk all they want, but they will need more than just complaining about President Barack Obama before they can turn the election in Mitt Romney's favor. Actually it's just too late.
If I'm wrong, and Romney is elected, I will admit it, but I will never support a man such as Mitt Romney. It appears that the country needs to wake up and realize that the only recourse that the country has right now is to support the President.
The fact is, whatever Romney says he can do, the President has done better, which also will include helping the families affected by the storm.


Joe Biden on the Campaign Trail - Assures a Win

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Less than a week ago, the Vice-President Joe Biden stated publicly at a campaign event in Marion Ohio that Mitt Romney is “not going to be elected.”

The Vice-President was in the middle of his speech, complete silence from the audience listening to him, then out of nowhere came a baby's cry.

In an instantaneous response by the Vice-President, Joe Biden says:

"Look, I don't blame that baby for crying," Biden said. "You know what, she just realized what it means if Romney gets elected," he added, prompting laughter from his audience. It's a joke the vice president also made on Saturday in St. Augustine, Florida, as another baby wailed in the crowd.
Again, another instantaneous response, just as if he was predicting another baby would be crying...

"Hi baby. How are you? It's ok. He's not going to get elected," Biden said. "You're going to be okay."

Candidates usually just back their candidates at during campaign speeches, but it is really not that common for a candidate to say the opponent will loose. Regardless of the norm, Vice-President Joe Biden means what he says, and in just a little over a week from now, the whole world will know if the Vice-president was correct in his prediction or not.
Unfortunately for both candidates, Obama and Romney, mother nature is showing up again during a most critical time in the race. Originally, a hurricane prompted a late start in the Republican (RNC) convention in Miami not long ago, and now Hurricane Sandy seems to threaten both campaigns, as the candidates have canceled campaign stops.
The President will wade out the so called – Perfect storm at the White House, while I'm not certain what Governor Mitt Romney will do. After the storm passes, depending on the damages caused by the storm, both candidates plan to return to Ohio, which is not expected to be affected by the storm. There is a chance that the President will no longer campaign as both candidates are running out of time for campaigning. The end of the campaign is in sight. The President may be better served to visit weather stricken states if the storm causes much damage. Acting presidential instead of dealing with politics would be the right thing to do for the President.
The frightful thing about the storm is that there are two weather fronts involved, one moving to the southeast from Canada, and the 2nd, Hurricane Sandy coming from the South. When these two storms collide, a 'perfect-storm' can be formed. Extremely cold air, mixing with warm moist air can cause extreme flooding and bad weather conditions. It still is unknown where the storm will make shore, but most likely around New Jersey or New York. Getting around in New York City may be a challenge, as the subway riders may experience a system that is shut-down during the storm.
Again, just a week to go, and both campaigns will rest for the next campaign. Twisters most likely will be spawned from such weather, so the question is now will the storm pass before election day.


New Romney lie: Scare Ohioans by falsely claiming Chrysler may move all Jeep production to China

Friday, October 26, 2012

   The Jed Report
Daily Kos staff
Mitt Romney's new sloga,
This is really despicable:
Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney told a rally in northern Ohio on Thursday night that Chrysler was considering moving production of its Jeep vehicles to China, apparently reacting to incorrect reports circulating online.
"I saw a story today that one of the great manufacturers in this state Jeep — now owned by the Italians — is thinking of moving all production to China," Romney said at a rally in Defiance, Ohio, home to a General Motors powertrain plant. "I will fight for every good job in America. I'm going to fight to make sure trade is fair, and if it's fair America will win."
Romney was apparently responding to reports Thursday on right-leaning blogs that misinterpreted a recent Bloomberg News story earlier this week that said Chrysler, owned by Italian automaker Fiat SpA, is thinking of building Jeeps in China for sale in the Chinese market.
Only Mitt Romney could take a story about how Chrysler is expanding into the Chinese market ... and turn it into a story about how if he doesn't get elected, Chrysler might send all of its Jeep production there. Apparently, Romney saw some headlines on some right-wing blogs and went with it, but as Greg Sargent points out all the facts to debunk Romney's assertion are in the original article that he claimed as his source.
But Romney didn't simply get his facts wrong. As Jonathan Cohn points out, Chrysler isactually expanding Jeep production right here in the United States.
About 1,100 new Chrysler employees will begin working next week on a third crew at Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit as sales of Jeep Grand Cherokees continue to rise.
So not only did Romney spread a false claim that Chrysler was looking to move all of its Jeep production to China, he overlooked the fact that Chrysler is actually expanding Jeep production right here in the United States.
Obviously, Mitt Romney is desperate to win over Ohio voters who are wary of supporting him because he opposed the auto bailout, but it really is disturbing that this sort of dishonesty is the way he'd go about doing it. It's not just simple Romnesia: it's inventing an entirely new reality, completely untethered from the truth, in order to support his personal political ambitions. Romney isn't spinning—he's lying. It's one thing for a candidate to present a set of facts in the most politically advantageous way possible, but it's quite another to just make stuff up completely.
I know there's a risk of sounding holier-than-thou because in campaigns there's always going to be some exaggerations or stretching of the truth, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. But that's not what Romney does. He lies. When he speaks, he doesn't care about the accuracy of what he says—he only cares about whether his words help him achieve his personal goals. That is the essence of dishonesty and it's a fundamental character flaw.
Perhaps that willingness to lie served him well as CEO of Bain, but it's an appalling trait for a presidential candidate, let alone—God forbid—a president.


12 Million Jobs Target Realistic, Even if Romney Looses

During the Presidential debates this year, do you remember that Mitt Romney claims that if he is elected president, that "We will create 12 million new jobs in just four years." Yes, he did claim that, but guess what.

Romney claims that his leadership would greatly improve the nation's economy and get people back to work.  That sounds like allot of people, especially since we are just now coming out of a deep recession followed by what many would say was a lackluster of job growth after Barack Obama's 1st term as President.

Mitt Romney isn't the first person that said that job growth in the next four years will grow by some 12 million jobs. The chief economist at Moody's Analytics named Mark Zandi who is in the economic forecasting business. He claims that regardless of who wins the Presidency this year, it's not going to matter. He sifts through a lot of modeling and deep diving into industry-level economic data.

He claims that the housing market is going to break out and kick into gear. More homes will be built. Construction jobs will dramatically rise. Consumer spending will also dramatically rise. Retailing will go into another boom, and all of this will create jobs.

So the fact is that in the next 4 years, millions of jobs will be created. But Mitt Romney is already going to take the credit, because he also knows that it is most likely that millions of jobs will be created, This most likely will happen regardless of who becomes president. It most likely will happen anyway, and if Romney's elected and 12 million jobs are created, he most likely will get re-elected in 2016.
Of course, if the economic forecasters are right, we're poised for that more typical recovery over the next four years, no matter who is elected.


Robert Shrum: Why Obama Will Win

Was it all a bluff? As Mitt Romney’s ‘surge’ erodes, the Republican nominee’s campaign faces reality. Across the swing states, the polls show the president holds the advantage.

We have now witnessed the penultimate phase of Mitt’s moderate makeover tour.
Obama 2012
President Barack Obama greets supporters after speaking at a campaign event at the Carillon at Byrd Park, Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012, in Richmond Va. The president is on the second day of his 48-hour, eight-state campaign blitz. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Photo)
He pleaded nolo contendre in the final presidential debate—perhaps wisely because his comprehension of foreign policy evidences all the depth of a sound bite. Every time he’s touched Libya, for example, he’s been burned—and that night, even as he all but endorsed President Obama’s foreign policy, he occasionally strayed off script with stunning observations such as the claim that Syria is Iran’s opening to the seas. Mitt, ever heard of the Persian Gulf?
Previously he had pursued the exploitative path he had foreseen in a little-noted part of the notorious “47 percent tape.” After referring to Jimmy Carter’s failed hostage-rescue mission, in which eight U.S. service members died, he told the assembled plutocrats: “If something of that nature occurs, I will work to find a way to take advantage of the opportunity.” I suspect his last round of debate prep included the warning that the president could clock him with that quote if he renewed his push on he Libyan issue, which had stunningly embarrassed him a week before when moderator Candy Crowley had told him he was wrong—that the day afterward, Obama had called the killing of the American ambassador a “terrorist act.”
Something else, however, was operating here and in all three debates.
The Obama strategy of defining Romney over the summer as an out-of-touch, job-destroying financial manipulator—of, by, and for the rich—was so effective that the Republican nominee had to use the hours when the whole nation was watching to re-sculpt his image. He partially succeeded in that first encounter in Denver—partly because the president, for whatever reason, let his opponent prosecute a narrative brazenly at odds with his past record, in business and in the Republican primaries.
Was Romney's surge a bluff after all? Robert Shrum weighs in on Obama's race to 270 electoral college votes.
In their town-hall meeting, a very different Obama punched hard instead of looking like a punching bag—and even more, Romney suddenly found his two strategic objectives at war with each other. He couldn’t be Mitt 3.0—the moderate governor who became the “severely conservative candidate,” but needs to edge back toward the acceptable middle—if he was a hard-right neo-con caught mining political capital from a national-security crisis. Thus the muted Mitt in the foreign-policy debate: he couldn’t be both moderate and on the attack. So in every survey afterward, Obama was the winner—most saliently, in the CBS poll of undecided voters, where the president prevailed by more than a two to one margin.
The Republican spin was that it didn’t matter—that because their candidate had already reset the race, we were in the midst of a Romney “surge” and he was on the road to victory. This argument became the new heart of Mitt’s moderate makeover. He can’t afford to emphasize his policies; he avoids details and specifics because they would doom him almost across the board—from taxes to Medicare to education cuts. Instead he updated his message of the campaign as referendum: if you’re dissatisfied with the economy, give me a try; after all, I’m acceptable now.
The “surge” story largely if briefly captivated a press corps craving a close race and intrigued by a potential upset, Romney and his advisers had added an after-burner to their narrative, claiming victory before counting of the votes in the apparent belief that the spin will birth the result. Romney strategist Stuart Stevens even spoke of the campaign in the past tense: “Obama … might have had a shot.” The bloviating John Sununu, the former New Hampshire governor who was tossed out as chief of staff in the first Bush White House, foretold “close to 300” electoral votes for Romney.
Now he faces the prospect of explaining his 1991 testimony in a post-divorce lawsuit against the founder of Staples—which has been unsealed by a court in Boston.
This tack has been tried before, and I was there. In 2000, Karl Rove announced that George W. Bush was headed for a commanding 320 electoral votes—and was even competitive in California. Rove spent millions of dollars on commercials there and dispatched his candidate to stump the Golden State. In the Gore campaign, we refused to take the bait. We didn’t spend a dime on ads, even after the Rove spin spooked leading California Democrats into insistently calling our headquarters and demanding that we respond. Jonathan Chait, who’s written an incisive piece on the episode, has the right word for it and its bastard stepchild, manifest in the Romney campaign. It’s a “bluff.” Gore carried California by 1.3 million votes—and Bush eked out the narrowest of electoral edges only by stealing Florida with an assist from a nakedly political Supreme Court.
The Obama enterprise, too, remains relatively undisturbed by Romney’s recycling of the Rove ploy. For one thing, it frightens Democrats, but it also motivates them. It’s almost part of the Obama GOTV operation. Here’s a typical example from the flood of emails in any inbox: “Looking for reassurance… Could it be that everything we fought for… is going to be for naught? We have to work harder.” In fact, that’s the plea in most emails coming out of Obama headquarters and other Democratic committees: We could lose—so do more and give more.
Obama’s strategists knew the Romney spin was and is as ephemeral as the air it’s spoken on. For Romney may be the last refuge of a candidate who dares not be candid—who has to hide his beliefs and commitments in a fog of political presumption. But if you see past the smoke and mirrors, you will understand that Barack Obama continues to command the electoral landscape.
After the debacle in Denver, I argued that the structure of the race hadn’t fundamentally changed—and wouldn’t unless the president faltered again in the second debate. He didn’t. He let Romney into the game; state and national polls did tighten—mostly because undecideds who lean Republican and voted for McCain moved to Romney. They would have anyway.
Now the surge is receding—and contrary to the conventional verdict, the second and third debates not only stemmed Romney gains, but restored Obama’s advantage. Even the outlier of outliers, the flawed Gallup tracking poll, which recently accorded Romney a seven-point lead, shows him only three ahead in a seven-day average—which means the numbers will almost certainly shift further toward the president as the bad days drop out of the average. Gallup drives news, but it’s increasingly discounted by political analysts. The Greenberg survey for the Democracy Corps—a rare survey in which 33 percent of the respondents were reached on their cellphones—has Obama leading 49 to 46 percent.
It’s not a big lead—and never will be. But the president has other big advantages that will prove decisive. And here is where the fundamentals haven’t changed.
The outcome will be decided in the battleground states—and here Obama has many more paths to a 270 electoral-vote majority. For example, he could lose Ohio—and still get there if he took New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Colorado. But Ohio is anything but lost; after dispensing with the GOP-infected numbers of Rasmussen, and the figments of the fly-by-night pollsters, the president has a consistent margin of 4 to 5 percent—and is at or near 50 percent.
Similarly, in the new PPP data, he is five points up in Virginia with 51 percent of the vote. In Nevada, Mark Melman, who almost alone called Senator Harry Reid’s 2010 triumph, shows Obama eight ahead. One of Republican Governor Brian Sandoval’s top advisers has bluntly predicted: “Obama will carry the state.” The adviser may not keep his job, but the president will take Nevada.
So it goes across the swing states, even in Florida and except in North Carolina. But there, the Obama campaign has registered a legion of new voters—and everywhere it has the most in-depth, technologically sophisticated, and well-staffed turnout operation in history.  That can and will make the difference where the contest is close. The president has twice as many field offices as Romney—800 of them across the battlegrounds. And Romney’s are afterthoughts—late to the game, run by the Republican National Committee, and without the rich, data-based voter targeting of the Obama effort. A GOP operative in Colorado says he adds two to four points to the president’s poll numbers in the state because Obama has a better organization.
Finally, Romney can run, but he can’t hide—from the Bain ads that are on the air again in the Midwest, from the relentless Obama focus on the choice between a candidate who stands for the middle class and a candidate who favors the 1 percent. Now he faces the prospect of explaining his 1991 testimony in a post-divorce lawsuit against the founder of Staples—which has been unsealed by a court in Boston. This could be the next chapter in the story of a business career that was his calling card, but has become a political liability.
Stuff just keeps happening to Mitt Romney. He has to flee the press to avoid answering questions about the only Senate candidate he’s made an ad for—Indiana’s Richard Mourdock, who suddenly dominated the national news with his repugnant divination that a pregnancy due to rape is “something God intended.”Romney can’t bring himself to pull the endorsement ad; he’s too afraid of his own right-wing shadow. He can’t escape the extremists in his party with whom he fellow-travelled as he pandered his way to the nomination.
Thus the gender gap widens—and the moderate makeover unravels.  Mitt is mired in the mid-20s with Hispanics, who heard him say “illegals” should “self-deport.” He’s far behind with younger voters—and the Obama organization will get them to the polls, with an assist from Romney’s position on social issues like reproductive rights and marriage equality. The restrictive voter-ID laws have mostly been struck down, at least for this year, and blacks and other minorities won’t be blocked from casting their ballots. Blue-collar workers in the Midwest can’t forgive Romney’s opposition to saving the auto industry—and they don’t trust the man from Bain. Even his lead among seniors is being eroded by his plan to replace Medicare with Vouchercare—and to raise the cost of their prescription drugs.
That’s why enough of the battleground states, where the campaign is being fully engaged, will be Obama country on Election Night. The brief silly cycle of spin about the impending, even inevitable Romney presidency is ending.
Let the Romneyans enjoy their premature claim of victory.  It’s the only one they’ll have.


Romney, a True Liar

Less than 10 days and there still is a good chance that the country will elect a true Liar. Am I talking about Mitt Romney? You bet.

Take a gander at this..

He will do anything to try and win the White House, even if he as to attack President Obama because the 2% rise in GDP in the last quarter was supposedly weak.
According to data from the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, average real GDP growth was 1.5 percent per year in Massachusetts from 2002 to 2006. For each of the years Romney was in office, the economy grew 1.49 percent, 1.86 percent, 1.14 percent and 1.43 percent, respectively.

And how did Romney assess the economic growth of the state under his leadership? “When we took office, the state economy was in a tailspin. Today, jobs are being created by the thousands and our economy is stronger,” he said in early 2006, his last year in office. So less than 2 percent was good then, but 2 percent is bad now.

And one could argue that Romney had an easier task than Obama. During Romney’s tenure in the governor’s mansion, the national economy grew at a much fast clip than Massachusetts’, staying comfortably above 2 percent every year. National GDP even broke 3 percent one year and doubled the state’s growth another year. On the campaign trail in 2002, Romney promised jobs creation “second to none in the history of the state.” After four years, the state had added 31,000 jobs — a growth rate of less than 1 percent while the country as a whole added 5 percent more jobs.


Colin Powel Endorses Obama

In what may be a sign of what is to come, a prominent, 4-star U.S. Army general who also was a Secretary of State who served under the 43rd President of the United States - George W. Bush, now endorses Barack Obama for President. This is not the first time that the man, Colin Powell endorsed Obama. He voted for him during the election in 2008. So what does this all mean? To the Republicans, it is an opportunity to tell the world that Colin Powell jumped ship, and many of them are asking why he is even a Republican. So being that he has endorsed Obama before, you shouldn't be too surprised  but what you should be interested in is why he continues to support President Obama. Outright, Colin Powell states that he is a moderate Republican, but when he was asked whether he would jump sides during the interview with "CBS This Morning", Colin says that he will always be a Republican.
Powell seems to really dislike the stance of the Republicans regarding climate change, education, and immigration. He also believes that the President has a better approach and more capable of achieving his goal when it comes to fiscal balance. With that said, he also has some of his own beliefs, which seem to lean towards the left, for example he is a defender of racial preferences in college admissions and abortion rights. These ideas used to be supported by the past right wing Republican base, but lately, the base has turned very radical and leans extremely to the right.
You must wonder if most Republicans would think like Colin Powell, whether the country would be so divided as it is now. The present Congress has set history on being the one group of law creators that refuse to pass bills just because of political factions. They do not seem to be concerned about their constituents, the American people who have to live by their laws.
You must also wonder what these same Republican senators will do if the President is re-elected, and especially if the Democrats regain the majority in the house.  Will they continue to buck the President and not pass laws. It will be increasingly difficult for them to do so if they have to put up with President Obama for the next 4 years. As for the President, if he is re-elected, he will never have to worry about getting re-elected, and he will be very bold with Congress. I expect to see many veto's from this President if the present Congress fails to perform and pass legislation that is good for the people.
Less than 10 days to go, and the outcome of do-nothing Congress will become known. In 2016 if Obama is re-elected, many of the Congressional leaders who continue not to perform and do good in Congress will get replaced, and if the House is not re-gained by the Democrats this year, then in 2 years I would expect that the Democrats will clean house in 2016.
Will all this said, the Republican broadcast community support their candidate with passion. They appear so blind as to the seriousness of the problems the Republicans created. They continue to mock and put down the President, unfortunately with a great deal of disrespect for the President. Talk show hosts like Mark Levin and Sean Hannity continue to bend the truth, and broadcast a series of lies about the President and his policies will continue to try to persuade voters not to vote for Obama because of their selfish political reasons.
Just 10 days to go, and hopefully the majority of this negativity can be put to bed, and the Republicans can then focus for 2016 and 2018. Will Romney run again if not elected this time? I don't believe any candidate ever has, but that is not to say that Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016. That would highly be unlikely, but if she doesn't run, who will become the next President in 2016. It is a fact that President Obama will not be the President in 2016.


10 Days Left in the Presidential Race

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The race is on. Just 10 days to go. President Obama is on a mission. He is driving hard, making sure that he doesn't loose any votes that he has won so far. Romney's mission is to steel those votes. The Obama campaign feels confident that if the election were held today, at least 50% of the people in the states of North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada would vote for him. The President is on a 48 hour fly around starting in Iowa. No sleep. Less than 2 weeks to go and the race is just too close for anyone to rest.
One faction of voters that the President feels confident in winning is the Latino vote. Immigration reform will be front and center next year, and the President now is openly admitting that next year will be the year for immigration reform.  Obama also openly states that while he will be pushing hard for immigration reform, his challenger Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have so alienated the fastest-growing demographic group in the country, the Latino community. In a revelation that shows the President is serious about immigration reform, he has recently met with a coalition of religious leaders in an effort to broach immigration reform next years. Once the President wins re-election, the two political parties will reach an agreement over the fiscal health of the United States.
Bush tax cuts are set to expire, the sequester and a commitment from Obama and Romney to reduce the deficit will be reality.


3rd and final 2012 Presidential Debate now History

Monday, October 22, 2012


The 3rd and final Presidential debate of the season is now history. Most everyone who watched any of the three Presidential debates will say that both candidates are excellent debaters. Romney stuck it out with President Obama and I give him credit for his ability to debate. But from the git-go, it appears that President Obama may have won on points... especially because he is the incumbant and has hard world experience and displayed it. The governor has absolutely no foreign policy experience.  His only foreign experience is when he went to the Olympics and had a gaffe at London's Downing Street, where UK seriously criticized the Governor for his comments. 
The President mentioned several times throughout the debate that the statements made at this last debate by Mitt Romney were untrue. The President repeatedly mentioned that Mitt Romney flip-flopped on the issues and his prior statements of record are now opposite on what the President says Romney states now.Yet, the governor continues to make statements like he did tonight, time and time again.
Andrea Mitchell, a leading television journalist and a good authority when it comes to checking facts made a few revelations concerning fact checking after the debate. 

She mentioned the following about the facts.

The main topic tonight, foreign policy, highlighted the issued with the country of Iran. But one of the statements made by Mitt Romney was that he didn't want to ever support a war in Iraq or Afghanistan, but the fact is that Romney said in the past that going into Iraq was the right thing to do. After knowing that there were never any weapons of mass destruction, most everyone except Romney in the past said that we should have never gone there. But now, Romney is trying to convince voters that he really never supported going to Iraq, even though the record shows that in the past he did support the war. 

In the past, Romney said that the right thing to do was to leave troops in Iraq, but now he said that taking troops out of Iraq was the right thing to do. 

It is with comments like these you have to ask yourself what really does Mitt Romney stand for. He appears to change his stance on a wide variety of subjects, and tonight it was clear that he was leaning as close to center in policies between the Republicans and Democrats just so that he may have a chance to win over more of the undecided voters. Unfortunately for him, it was very evident what he was trying to do. The interesting thing was that when Romney changed his stance on different things, the President immediately called him out on the changes, and surprisingly enough, Romney didn't try to defend himself. Romney tried his hardest to be more likeable and an authority on foreign policy and could not waste any time trying to defend himself.

Even though the national polls are close at this time, after tonight, the polls are expected to change. It's now two weeks to go before the Presidential election and if the President wins re-election, he will have earned it. If Romney wins election, his motives and stance on the issues will be validated and the country will have to follow him as their new president. 

But what if Mitt Romney looses. His supporters, especially the hard-right wing supporters of Republican policies and the tea party, will accuse their candidate for President loosing the race for not defending the staunch right wing policies that most Republicans would have wanted. Many of the Republican critics will continue to criticize their candidate for his flip-flopping statements on national TV. 

In 2008 when the Republicans lost the election and Obama became President, the Republican party was in large disarray. If Republicans loose again, the Republican party most likely will have to be re-invented.The Republicans will work hard in finding a candidate to run against a new candidate for the Democrats in 2016. It is not known at this time that Joe Biden will run after the second term of Barack Obama if the Democrats last another 4 years, but you would think that he would. Losers of elections have never re-run as far as the Presidency, including the Vice President.


The Last Presidential Showdown before the Election

The showdown in Boca Raton, Florida is almost upon us. The debate can be watched on CNN.TV, and CNN's apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android and one of your favorite news feed TV channels.
Presently, the President has a 50 to 45% edge over Romney in Ohio according to a Quinnipiac University/CBS News survey released this morning. If debates matter, which seems to be the question of the last few weeks, then the winner of this debate may just win the White House. The goal.... to win over as many of the undecided voters that you can. Both campaigns are in full swing, blanketing the swing states of Ohio, and Florida. The money is pouring in by both political campaigns, and another spending record most likely will be set for this election season.
But the reality and results of all the hard work by both candidates will appear in less than 2 weeks from now, as the voting will begin.
Will there be a 45th President of the United States, or will the 44th President become successful in his bid for re-election?
All the polls, all the hype, all the time spent on politics and the political season has just about come to a head. Voters in many states just really can't wait until it's all over. Regardless of who wins and who looses, there will be a very jubilant side, and a very sorrowful side. The loosing side will accuse the other of cheating, and of bad politics, and the winning side will concede that the better candidate did win. Regardless of what happens, the country will have another president for the next 4 years. If it's President Obama in a successful bid for his re-election, the country will continue to bounce back from what is considered one of the worst times since the great depression. If Mitt Romney wins, then all bets are off. Will the country return to what it was prior to Barack Obama? Will the country loose Obamacare? Will Social Security still live on, and for how long? Will the middle class fall off a cliff with the policies of a Republican president, or will the rich just get richer?!
Will the U.S. alliances with other countries become stronger or weaker? Just so many questions to answer, but I'm wondering if it is worth the chance to change gears so drastically in the middle of this race to keep the economy from reaching a disaster. The safe bet would be to re-elect President Obama. Why? Because there are tons of facts to prove that he is the most honest of the two candidates, is most dedicated in helping the middle class, the group of people who most need relief. For me, it's a clear choice. Do you want a man who has told the truth and continues to do so, and will not lie for political gain, or will you vote for a man who has flip-flopped in so many issues and lies every time?  You must wonder why Romney would ever think he could win.
And if he does, then I was wrong. The people will speak out on election night. Whoever wins, the citizens of the United States are stuck with that man for the next 4 years.


Obama says Romney has a disease called "Romnesia"

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The President knows very well the latest tactics of his challenger Mitt Romney. He has jokingly given a name to the present condition of Mitt Romney. As he calls it, 'Romnesia', the President is quick to point out how the so called tea party man, standing up strong for very conservative principles, now is having difficulty trying to stay to the right of the line. Now, all of a sudden he's not sure what he really wants to believe in, because he's trying to figure out a way to catch some of the voters from the left side of the isle to jump ship and vote for him. It's just another tactic of a not so believable candidate that happens to be Barrack Obama's challenger, and his name is Mitt Romney.

Yes, he definitely has a severe case of 'Romnesia'. Here's some of the proof.

"He told folks he was the ideal candidate for the tea party," Obama said of Romney's stance during the primary season. "Now suddenly he is saying 'what, who me?' He is forgetting what his own positions are and he is betting that you are too. I mean he is changing up so much, back tracking and sidestepping."

"If you say you're for equal pay for equal work but you keep refusing to say whether or not you will sign a bill that protects equal pay for equal work, you might have Romnesia," Obama said, referring to the Republican candidate's stance on the Lilly Ledbetter Act, which strengthens the ability of women to sue employers over unequal pay.

"And it's contagious, because all of a sudden Paul Ryan, the budget hawk, the guy who introduced a whole budget plan that actually already passed, it already passed the House of Representatives. All of a sudden he doesn't remember it, he doesn't remember it," he said, referring to Romney's running mate.

Romney's campaign recently battled back accusations the candidate is moderating his stance on reproductive rights after he said in an interview he wouldn't pursue any new abortion legislation. He later said he would seek to remove federal funding from Planned Parenthood and appoint Supreme Court justices that would support revisiting and overturning Roe v. Wade, the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision affirming a woman's right to have an abortion.


Popular Vote verses Electoral Votes in an Election

In the newest of phrases by the Presidential candidates created by the 67th annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner, both stood side by side and mocked each other in a moment of fun. But right after the dinner, both the President and the challenger Mitt Romney went back on the campaign trail. At the dinner, you witnessed two candidates that smiled and laughed and both believing that each one of them will win the Presidency.
The fact is that only one will win, but you must ask yourself with the recent upswing in popularity will the election turn out similar the the 2000 election when George W. Bush won the presidency will the electoral vote in his favor, just topping the requirement by 1 electoral vote at 271. It may happen all over again, as in the past 56 presidential elections, the popular and electoral vote have gone hand-in-hand in 53 of those elections. The challenger Mitt Romney is very optimistic that he will win, but 'Team Obama' has been outspending Romney in several battleground states, including Ohio and Florida and Michigan. But if you were the President's challenger, and had “scar tissue” all over your face in the form of Bain Capital, outsourcing, income taxes and offshore bank accounts, besides all of the obvious lying coming right from Romney's mouth, then if you were Romney, you could only hope that the race would be that close.
If it actually happens and Romney wins the popular vote but not the electoral vote, then you can bet that the Republican party will badmouth the Electoral College. That would be a bad thing. Regardless of whether the Republican party believes that their possible majority of outright votes should count for something, just look back at the 2000 race when George W Bush beat Al Gore even though the Democratic candidate had a half a million more votes in his favor. As much as I hate to say this, what happened was right. It “affirms that we vote as citizens of the several states”, not by a massive glob of residents separated by meaningless lines on a map.


Recent Lies by Mitt Romney

Saturday, October 20, 2012

You wonder what the American people see in a candidate that hardly can tell the truth about certain things. If bending the truth will help Mitt Romney's cause, then he's going to do it. Why not? Bending the truth may be pretty easy to do if you are a flip-flopper on the issues. As a practicing Mormon, you just have to wonder how he can live with himself when it comes to all of the lies he professes each and every day.  Then you must also wonder that his running mate Paul Ryan, who is supposed to be a devout Catholic and a strong believer in his faith, can go along with Mitt Romney just so he can become the Vice-President of the United States?!!! That's really odd....    You might wonder how many times the Vice-President has gone to confession lately.

Immediately below are at least 33 falsehoods (lies) by Mitt Romney.

1. At an impromptu event in South Carolina, Romney said on Medicare policy, "Our plan [has] no change for current seniors and those 55 and older."

That's plainly false. Romney's plan eliminates all new benefits for seniors under the Affordable Care Act, which necessarily means higher prescription drug costs for seniors, and more expensive preventive care.

2. At the same event, Romney argued, "Under the president's plan, [Medicare] goes bankrupt... Under the plan I propose, it is solvent."

That's the exact opposite of reality. Obama's policy strengthens Medicare's finances, and under Romney's plan, the system would be closer to insolvency faster.

3. In Chillicothe, Ohio, Romney said that under Obama, "We've got lower economic growth."

Actually, we got higher economic growth.

4. In the same speech, Romney said that under Obama, "We've got higher unemployment."

Actually, we got lower unemployment.

5. He went on to say the annual budget deficit has hit the $1 trillion mark under Obama for the "first time the history of our country."

Not true. The first time in the history of our country that the deficit hit $1 trillion was George W. Bush's last year in office, when the annual shortfall was $1.3 trillion.

6. Romney added that Obama promised "he'd get the unemployment down to under 5.6 percent today if we pass that $1 trillion stimulus package."

That's actually two falsehoods wrapped as one. For one thing, the stimulus wasn't $1 trillion (Romney's off by over $200 billion, and that's real money). For another, that's not what Obama promised.

7. Romney added, "You see unlike President Obama, I won't raise taxes on small business."

Obama has repeatedly cut taxes on small businesses -- by some counts, 18 times -- and if given a second term, his tax plan would have no effect on 97% of small businesses.

8. In an interview with Fortune magazine, Romney said the president's stimulus measures "have not put Americans back to work."

Yes they have.

9. In the same interview, Romney said he would create jobs by "taking advantage of America's energy resources, particularly natural gas, as well as coal, oil, nuclear, solar, and wind."

Much of this is contradicted by Romney's own agenda. He opposes the wind production tax credit, no matter how many jobs it costs the nation, and has vowed to cut off investments in renewable energy programs (Romney has said wind and solar do not constitute "real energy.")

10. Romney went on to say, "A nation which is a highly productive nation as we are benefits by trade with others... The Obama administration has negotiated no new [trade] agreements."

Did Romney not hear about the trade agreements with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea?

11. Romney added, "We have to cut the deficit and get America on track to a balanced budget in order to convince investors that America is a good place to invest long term.... The president has done virtually nothing other than to propose a series of tax increases."

Actually, Obama proposed a massive, $4 trillion "grand bargain," most of which was made up of spending cuts. Congressional Republicans turned it down anyway.

12. Romney also said, "We're at a 30-year low in new business startups."

Still not true.

13. Romney went on to say, "I indicated as I announced my tax plan that the key principles included the following. First, that high-income people would continue to pay the same share of the tax burden that they do today."

At a minimum, this is ridiculously misleading. Under Romney's plan, high-income people would get an enormous tax break.

14. Romney added, "Obamacare is a tax. It's been so determined by the Supreme Court, and it falls predominantly on the middle class."

He's referring to an individual mandate that would apply to 1% of the population. And if President Obama's health care policy "raised taxes on the middle class," then Mitt Romney raised taxes on the middle class.

15. Romney also said, "President Obama raises taxes on the middle class. I will under no circumstances raise taxes on the middle class."

There's overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

16. Romney went on to say, "I will follow a model similar to Simpson-Bowles."

No he won't.

17. Romney also said, "I believe infrastructure is going to see very substantial investments over the coming decade."

He may believe that, but he's also endorsed a budget plan that drastically curtails infrastructure investments.

18. Romney argued, "I believe that you're going to see us having created 12 million new jobs."

If we do nothing, we're on track to create 12 million new American jobs over the next four years anyway.

19. In a televised ad, Romney said Obama "cut $716 billion dollars from Medicare ... to pay for Obamacare."

Oh, please.

20. The ad goes on to say, in reference to seniors, "So now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that's not for you."

That's plainly false. Under the Affordable Care Act, seniors pay less for prescription medication and preventive care -- meaning the policy is "for" them, too.

21. At a campaign stop in Ohio, Romney said under Obama we're not "adding jobs in the coal industry" and not "producing more coal."

Romney's lying. In reality, we're adding jobs in the coal industry and producing more coal.

22. Romney said this week that Paul Ryan reached out to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) to "co-lead a piece of legislation that makes sure we can save Medicare."

According to Ron Wyden, that's ridiculously untrue.

23. In another attack ad this week, Romney once again accused Obama of "quietly ending work requirements" in the welfare law."

He's still blatantly lying.

24. In Beallsville, Ohio, Romney argued, "President said he'd cut the deficit in half. He's doubled it."

Maybe Romney doesn't know what "double" means. The deficit on Obama's first day was $1.3 trillion. Last year, it was also $1.3 trillion. This year, it's projected to be $1.1 trillion. When he says the president "more than doubled" the deficit, as he has many times, Romney's lying.

25. In the same speech, Romney added that Obama has "raided that [Medicare] trust fund."

Obama has strengthened the Medicare trust fund.

26. Romney went on to call the Affordable Care Act an "unproven federal government takeover to health care."

There is no universe in which this makes sense -- "Obamacare" relies on private insurers, not a government takeover. (Also, it's not "unproven" -- the policy works quite well in, ahem, Massachusetts.)

27. Romney also said, "My number four [goal] is to stop spending massively more than we take in to get America on track to have a balanced budget. And I'll do it."

No you won't.

Romney says his plan "can't be scored," but independent budget analysts have found his agenda would make the deficit bigger, not smaller, and add trillions to the national debt.

28. Romney went on to say, "Seventy-five percent of small businesses in this country surveyed by the Chamber of Commerce said that Obamacare makes it less likely for them to hire people."

The "survey" is a joke. The Chamber, a pro-Republican lobbying institution heavily invested in helping Romney, put up an unscientific online survey. Treating this as a legitimate poll of businesses is fundamentally dishonest.

29. Romney also said, "I'm going to put work back into welfare."

Work hasn't been taken out of welfare.

30. Romney went on to say, "[Obama] said if you have a business, you didn't build that. Someone else did that."

That's not even close to what the president said.

31. At an event in St. Augustine, Florida, Romney said the president "won't want to remind people of Greece because that's where he's taking our country if we don't get off the road we're on."

That's painfully untrue.

32. In the same speech Romney said of the president, "He said he'd measure progress also by whether people were able to have a good job that kept them in their home and paid their mortgage. Well, 8.5 million homes foreclosed, a record level, is not success, Mr. President."

Putting aside how dishonest it is for Romney to blame the housing crash on the president, let's also not forget that Romney intends to deliberately avoid any efforts to curtail foreclosures.

33. Romney added, "I'm going to take every government program and apply this test: Is this program so critical it's worth borrowing money from China to pay for it? And if it's not, we'll get rid of it."

This continues to be misleading. The implication here is that U.S. debt is financed by the Chinese, but this isn't true -- China only holds about 8% of the nation's debt.


Third and Final Presidential Debate on Monday in Florida

New polls show that the Presidential race in Florida can go either way with the latest numbers after the 2nd Presidential debate.
After the first debate, Governor Romney pulled up and actually surpassed the President in likely supporters in the state of Florida.
But do to the lackluster performance of Mitt Romney during the 2nd Presidential debate, Mitt Romney lost his advantage in the state.   Just 2 days from now, the 3rd and final debate between the President and the Governor will take place. Who said that the debates don't matter. This year of all years, the debates really seem to matter. The winner of this debate, depending on how large the victory, may make the difference for the Presidency. Why? because the one block of people that both candidates are shooting for are the undecided voters. President Obama picked up many undecided voters after the last debate, but it's not a sure thing that he picked up enough.
Truly, the race can go either way at this point if you are to go by the polls. They are believed to be accurate within 4 percentage points either way.
If it's tied in Florida, then the President still has a chance to win re-election. The President has some room, Mitt Romney doesn't. If The President wins both Ohio and Florida, the race should be all but over. In a new poll, the President is leading in the state of Michigan.
Finally in a most recent CNN/ORC national poll, the President leads Romney by 7%.. That seems to be huge, but to me, it's just a number. Remember when President George W. Bush ran against his Democratic challenger. Al Gore was George Bush's running mate from the state of Tennessee. Joe Lieberman was the Democratic VP running mate. Gore actually had won the race by popular vote by a margin of 543,895 votes, but George Bush won the Presidency by just 5 electoral votes over Al Gore, and only 1 electoral vote over the needed number to win. George W. Bush won by  a final number of 271 electoral votes over Al Gore's 266.
Presently, the race is just too close to call if you truly go by the polls. But story after story emerges from different news sources projecting different polls ending up with different results.
Both candidates will go into the election believing that they both will win, but only one will emerge as the winner. In Florida, it seems that the younger voters are siding with Obama, but surprising enough the Seniors seem to be siding with Mitt Romney. That is what poll numbers show before the 3rd and final debate that will take place on Monday. The debate will take place in Florida and will center on the topic of foreign policy. The format for the debate will be identical to the first presidential debate. Topics will be foreign policy and national security.


Romney Loosing Ground because of His Lies During the Debate

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The 2nd Presidential debate that concluded yesterday lived up to all the hype that proceeded it. It truly was a debate for the record books. Both candidates, President Barrack Obama and his challenger Governor Mitt Romney went head to head and in every sense of the word, attended a boxing match without the gloves on. The opportunity for success was there for both men, but when it came to the time that it really counted, the President cashed in and the Mittster fumbled. Both candidates are excellent orators, but when it came to portraying the truth regarding the matters at hand, the President cashed in again, and the challenger fumbled.
One such instance was when a question was asked by one of the undecided voters at the town hall meeting. The question was on how he would fix what was mentioned as inequalities of women in the workplace. It was an honest question that deserved an honest answer. Instead Mitt Romney claimed that he did so much for women in the state of Massachusetts when he was Governor. He goes on to mention in his answer that he had “binders of women” when in fact, he had no binders at all. Mitt Romney mentioned how he hired women but the facts show that he didn't. The 'binder' answer from Romney may have been a slip of the tongue, but it shows without doubt why he is having trouble winning the women's vote. He once again showed how not in touch he was with woman. The answer to the question was totally false, but moreso he never even came close to actually answering the question. He pretty much avoided it.
As for the President, Obama answered with naming the first legislation that was passed when he became President, the 'Lilly Ledbetter Act'. It gave women a chance to stand side by side with men and get equal pay for doing the same job as men. Prior to the Lilly Ledbetter Act, women always had to settle for less pay for the same job taken by men. In a personal instance, the President mentioned about his grandmother, who had a very good job at a bank, but she reached the so called 'glass ceiling' and could not advance any further, because she was a woman. Instead, his grandmother had to train other men to to jobs with greater pay then herself. She accepted her fate in a society that favored men in the workplace.
Since then, times have changed, but Romney seems to be so out of touch with the desires and needs of women, that he has to lie about the facts and came up with the 'binders full of women' statement which he could never produce.
All Mitt Romney seemed to be was a detached CEO that knew he had to find qualified women to serve in his administration since there was a vast disparity between men and women holding management positions. Unfortunately for him, for his outward statement of lies on the subject, Mitt Romney showed again one more time why he cannot be trusted.
Hopefully the undecided voters that watched the debate last night will recognize this, and the already staunch supporters of Romney should realize that they really have a real problem on their hands now. The credibly of Mitt Romney has been sincerely challenged and now Romney has just two weeks before the election, and one more Presidential debate on Monday night to convince the voters that he is the man that should be the President of the United States.


1st Debate - Romney Lies, Front and Center

The truth behind that $5 trillion tax cut, pre-existing conditions and more

In a prior report by Tim Dickinson on October 4, 2012, listed below are the top 5 lies of Mitt Romney during the debate.

Mitt Romney turned in a polished performance in the1st presidential debate – and revealed himself to be an accomplished and unapologetic liar.  In an evening where he sought to slice and dice the president with statistics, Romney baldly misrepresented his own policy prescriptions, made up numbers to fit his attacks and buried clear contrasts with the president under a heaping pile of horseshit.
Here are mendacious Mitt's five most outrageous statements:
1. "I don't have a $5 trillion tax cut." Romney flatly lied about the cost of his proposal to cut income-tax rates across the board by another 20 percent (undercutting even the low rates of the Bush tax cuts). Independent economists at the Tax Policy Center have shown that the price tag for those cuts is $360 billion in the first year, a cost that extrapolates to $5 trillion over a decade.
2. "I will not reduce the taxes paid by high-income Americans." Romney has claimed that he will pay for his tax cuts by closing a variety of loopholes and deductions. The factual problem? Romney hasn't named a single loophole he's willing to close; worse, there's no way to offset $5 trillion in tax cuts even if you get rid of the entire universe of deductions for the wealthy that Romney has not put off the table (like the carried interest loophole or the 15 percent capital gains rate.) The Tax Policy Center report concludes that Romney's proposal would create a "net tax cut for high-income tax payers and a net tax increase for lower- and or middle-income taxpayers." Moreover, some of Romney's tax cuts are micro-targeted at American dynasties, particularly his proposal to eliminate the estate tax, which would reduce his own sons' tax burden by tens of millions of dollars.
3. "We've got 23 million people out of work or [who have] stopped looking for work in this country." Romney is lying for effect. The nation's crisis of joblessness is bad, but not 23 million bad. The official figure is 12.5 million unemployed. An additional 2.6 million Americans have stopped looking for jobs. How does Romney gin up his eye-popping 23 million figure? He counts more than 8 million wage earners who hold part-time jobs as also being "out of work."
4. Obamacare "puts in place an unelected board that's going to tell people ultimately what kind of treatments they can have." Romney is reviving Sarah Palin's old death panels lie here. Obamacare does establish an Independent Payment Advisory Board to help constrain the growth of Medicare spending. The body has no authority to dictate the practices of the private insurance marketplace. And the law also makes explicit that this body is banned from rationing care or limiting medical benefits to seniors.
5. "Pre-existing conditions are covered under my plan." In the biggest whopper of the night, Romney suggested that his health care proposal would guarantee coverage to Americans with pre-existing conditions. This is just not true. Under Romney, if you have a pre-existing condition and have been unable to obtain insurance coverage or if you have had to drop coverage for more than 90 days because you lost your job or couldn't afford the premiums, you would be shit out of luck. Insurance companies could continue to discriminate and deny you coverage, as even Romney's top adviser conceded after the debate was over.

Below, a a link to a video of Romney lies...


A Best 2nd Presidental Debate, EVER !!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wow, what a 2nd Presidential debate! If anyone had the gull to say that President Obama was not capable of standing up to Mitt Romney in a debate, it was without question that the President proved that group of people totally wrong. This time, the President was aggressive and built up a firewall tonight coming off of the first debate, as I have also previously admitted that the president had a lackluster performance during the 1st debate. Romney won the 1st debate, hands down. This time Obama portrayed Romney as dishonest. The President was able to answer Mitt Romney in everything he said 2 weeks ago and at the same time, called out Romney on misleading statements to outright lies.
Actually the President had the floor for 44 minutes versus 40 minutes for Mitt Romney. They President wouldn't let up to the Romney allegations. There were in the neighborhood of 60 to 70 million people that watched what is called the best presidential debate, EVER!. It was fierce. 
Both candidates slugged it out, and as a result of the President defending his stance and calling out Mitt Romney on direct lies during the debate, over and over again, and without question most people will say that the President won the second debate.
As an example of the warping of facts by Mitt Romney, he stated a lie in a defense strategy after the President accused Mitt Romney of his quotes saying that he would allow the auto industry go bankrupt. 
Romney stumbled and was caught in another lie confirmed by the debate narrator that the President was indeed right when it came to state the next day after the Libyan attack on Sept 11, 2012. The President admitted the next day that the attack was by terrorists, but Mitt Romney tried to claim that Obama never stated it was a terrorist attack until 2 weeks later. Romney was caught again in another lie.  
Mitt Romney mentioned that when it came to the auto industry, the President did exactly the same thing as he allowed both GM and Chrysler to go bankrupt and it's because of the bankruptcy that they came back.
What Mitt Romney failed to mention in an attempt to confuse the audience was that the President did this, but not before he gave the 80 billion dollars of bailout money so that they would be capable of coming back. Without the bailout money, the automakers could have never bounce back. The automakers were already in a free fall to disaster, but the President found a way to pick up the pieces , with bailout money that was used to the end result that now the auto industries are now stronger than they were even before Obama became president.
The debate was very testy.. Both Obama and Romney attacked each other on the issues, but in the end it was evident that Obama was focused and took the fight to Mitt Romney.
At the end, to the liking of the Democratic desires, President Obama brought out the fact that Mitt Romney and ended the town hall meeting in a bang as he mentioned Romney's quote that  47% of people pay no taxes when in fact they actually did not in the form of an income tax, but in a payroll tax.  The real fact is that they did pay taxes. The President's statement was deliberate as it was the closing argument and the final word of the evening, and Mitt Romney had no time to refute or defend the quote as stated below.

Now here are the facts.... first the quote by Mitt Romney and the fact checker to follow.

Mitt Romney Quote "There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it -- that that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. ... These are people who pay no income tax. ... [M]y job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."
True or false? Much of Romney's statement relies on assumptions about one demographic: The 47 percent of Americans who he says "pay no income tax." So is it true that 47 percent of Americans don't pay income tax? Essentially yes, according to the Tax Policy Center, which provides data showing that in 2011, 46.4 percent of American households paid no federal income tax. The same data shows, however, that nearly two-thirds of households that paid no income tax did pay payroll taxes. And most people also pay some combination of state, local, sales, gas and property taxes.

Next Monday, the candidates will debate one more time and it will be on the topic of 'foreign policy'.


Who Will Do Best in the 2nd Presidential Debate?

Everyone is in agreement that president Obama must do well tonight in the town hall debate with challenger Mitt Romney. But now let's get serious. Do you honestly believe that Mitt Romney will not crack under pressure. His record as governor is not that great and the President will surely call Romney out on his record. It will be very interesting to see what lies Mitt Romney will tell, but you can believe the fact checkers will check every statement he makes, but also expect the President to underscore the facts as he sees them in real time. Just a word of advice to the challenger Mitt Romney.
WATCH OUT for Barrack Obama. The president will not outwardly lie just to get votes, but the undecideds at the town hall meeting will take each candidate at their word. But who will be the more believable? Obama or Romney!!
A presidential debate of this nature normally wouldn't matter, but this year, with these candidates, it does matter. If Obama doesn't come through, he may loose the election as early as tonight. The president must be flawless in his delivery and facts. Mitt Romney must be careful with every word he says, but no doubt you will see the flip-flop side of Romney. Who will turn up as most credible in the end? This debate will be one of the most watched debates in American history.


The Presidential Address October 13, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

The following is the transcript of the Presidential address - October 13, 2012

Hi Everybody,
Every year around this time, American car companies start rolling out their newest, shiniest models, hoping to entice you into buying one. It's Detroit's chance to show you what they have been working on, the latest and greatest, and this year is no exception. They got some pretty good looking cars coming out. But something is different this time around and it starts with the auto companies themselves. Just a few years ago, the auto industry wasn't just struggling, it was flat-lining. GM and Chrysler were on the verge of collapse. Suppliers and distributors were at risk going under. More than a million jobs across the country were on the line and not just auto jobs,  but jobs of teachers, small business owners and everyone in communities that depend on this great American industry. But we refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt.  I bet on American workers and American ingenuity and 3 years later, that bet is paying off in a big way. Today, auto sales are the highest they've been in 4 years. GM is back. Ford and Chrysler are growing again. Together, our auto industry has created a quarter of a million new jobs right here in America. And we're just not making more cars and trucks. We're making better ones. After 30 years of inaction, we raised fuel standards, so that by the middle of the next decade, cars and light trucks will average almost 55 miles per gallon, nearly double what they get today. This means that you will only have to fill up every two weeks, instead of every week. It's good for your wallet, it's good for our economy, and it's good for the environment.
The technology that makes it happen will also help America to stay on the cutting edge for decades to come. Just this week, GM announced that they planned to hire 1,500 workers for a new research center in Michigan to help make sure that the high tech cars of tomorrow are designed and built right here in America.
I've also signed new bi-partisan trade agreements into law, because I want to see more cars on the road in places like South Korea, imported from Detroit, and Toledo and Chicago.  All of this is something the American people can and should be proud of. It's a reminder, that when the American people put their mind to something, there is nothing we can't do. So the next time you see one of those brand new 2013 models on TV, or on the lot, think about how far we've come together. Think about how, thanks to the hard work and the can-do spirit of the American people, more of those cars and trucks are being manufactured by American workers, and American companies, in communities all accross the country and they are going to save you more money at the pump.
That is what America's all about. When we get knocked down, we get back up. We come back stronger and as long as I'm President, that's what we will keep doing.
Thanks, and have a great weekend.

The weekly address can be found at the following link...


The Eve of the Second Presidential Debate

The time has come. The Second Presidential debate to be moderated by CNN chief political correspondent Candy Crowley will drive the contestants, President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney into a debate with lots of energy and passion. Will the President be ready? President Obama is known to be an excellent debater  even though he did show a lack-luster performance in the first Presidential debate. You can be sure that he observed the Vice Presidential debate amongst V.P. Joe Biden and his challenger Paul Ryan. It was the opposite of a lack-luster performance of the Presidential debate.
But the format for the debate is what is known as 'town hall'. For this type of debate, it favors the candidate that is most likable and not usually the type that supports aggressive attacks. Regardless of what the format should be, it is most likely that President Obama will not be subdued, and the moderator Candy Crowley most likely will have allot to do with the tone of the debate.
So what do you expect from the President. Time after time, the President has made comment after comment that there were too many inconsistencies and even lies when it came to comments made by Mitt Romney during the first debate. The President will be more energetic stating the facts as he see's it for the direction of the country during the next four years.
Romney's adviser Ed Gillespie says that a 'shift in style wouldn't win Obama any points from an electorate looking at the past four years.
Only since President Roosevelt  was the unemployment so high in a Presidential election. This over-burdening fact one of the single most negatives that the President will bring into the 2012 election. But President Obama needs to state his case, regarding the reasons why the unemployment rate is not lower than it has been. His number one reason for the high un-employment rate would be the "do-nothing Congress" who has vowed to do whatever possible to make sure that Barack Obama does not get elected, even at the expense of the American People.  It goes without saying that this Congress will go down in history as being the one Congress that failed to pass the highest number of bills because of selfish political interests.
The President will most likely bring up a series of campaign attacks that he didn't even scratch during the first debate. You can bet that the President will bring up Romney's comments that 47% of Americans are dependent on government support and his tenure as chief executive of Bain Capital, a private equity firm. Most likely the idea of the lack of Mitt Romney's tax returns will again become front and center in this debate. That along with the fact that Romney only paid 14% of taxes paid in 2011 is unfair for a man worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
Many Democrats were disappointed with the President for not bringing up the facts as they were just stated. But the President, in full realization of what had happened at the first debate, began to attack Romney immediately after by saying that Romney's campaign rallies are dishonest when it comes to his record and proposals, and again, the President never mentioned these facts during the first debate. The President has the capability to perform a full assault on Mitt Romney's record and you may likely see the President to put on his gloves and start punching it out with Mitt Romney. If the challenger becomes defensive in most of his answers  during the debate, then the debate most likely will turn out in President Obama's favor.
The truth is the truth and just as Joe Biden called out the lies and discrepancies of his challenger Paul Ryan, President Obama will highlight all the lies and discrepancies of the Mitt Romney campaign at the  second debate tomorrow, October 16, 2012.


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