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Are the new Jobs Numbers a Conspiracy – Unemployment now under 8%?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One person who didn't play along with the conspiracy was Mitt Romney. But he did put out a statement playing down the new numbers. He said, “ This is not what a real recovery looks like”. Romney says that the number -7.8% is bad. The conspiracy crazys said that the numbers were published to make President Obama look good. The fact remains, conservatives have been shoving these unemployment rate numbers to the President's face for the last 3 and ½ years, now it's come back to bite them. They all said that the unemployment rate would never go below 8%. They hate the new numbers. They can't stand it. Why? Because it is success under Obama. But if it would have worked for them (Republicans), then it's the truth. If it works against them, you know what it is.... a conspiracy, a lie, but what it truly is, is pathetic.
Do you want a real conspiracy? How about this.... An entire political party in Washington D.C. has spent nearly 4 years making sure that NO legislation or plan or action was taken on jobs. When President Obama approached them with solutions to get people to go back to work, they (Republicans) rejected them immediately. They said NO. They even said in public that their number one goal was to make Barack Obama a one term President. When they executed their strategy, they damaged the country. Do you call that economic patriotism?

There were nearly 700,000 public sector job losses since 2009, and most of them sadly are teachers. If you look at the major sectors of the economy right now, there is growth all over the place in all areas except one, and that is construction jobs.

Now think about this. If the 'American Jobs Act' was considered and not voted down by Republicans, they would have added nearly 2 million construction jobs. Where would the unemployment report have been then if they passed the bill?

The September jobs report is not a conspiracy. It's just allot of indigestion by the Republicans and it is insulting to hard working Americans to say that it is a conspiracy. Republicans have engaged in something more worse in the last four years. They tried to hurt the country for their own political gain. They did damage to the economic system of this country. They hurt families. They held us back and now they ultimately failed. So can we officially call this a 'Democratic Recovery'. The history books need to record this as one of the most destructive times in political American history and if it weren't for the Democrats, we wouldn't of had 31 months of private sector growth or job growth of 5,000,000 jobs. Be fair minded about this. This is not a conspiracy. The bottom line, Republicans are not capable of embracing good news for Americans.


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