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3rd and final 2012 Presidential Debate now History

Monday, October 22, 2012


The 3rd and final Presidential debate of the season is now history. Most everyone who watched any of the three Presidential debates will say that both candidates are excellent debaters. Romney stuck it out with President Obama and I give him credit for his ability to debate. But from the git-go, it appears that President Obama may have won on points... especially because he is the incumbant and has hard world experience and displayed it. The governor has absolutely no foreign policy experience.  His only foreign experience is when he went to the Olympics and had a gaffe at London's Downing Street, where UK seriously criticized the Governor for his comments. 
The President mentioned several times throughout the debate that the statements made at this last debate by Mitt Romney were untrue. The President repeatedly mentioned that Mitt Romney flip-flopped on the issues and his prior statements of record are now opposite on what the President says Romney states now.Yet, the governor continues to make statements like he did tonight, time and time again.
Andrea Mitchell, a leading television journalist and a good authority when it comes to checking facts made a few revelations concerning fact checking after the debate. 

She mentioned the following about the facts.

The main topic tonight, foreign policy, highlighted the issued with the country of Iran. But one of the statements made by Mitt Romney was that he didn't want to ever support a war in Iraq or Afghanistan, but the fact is that Romney said in the past that going into Iraq was the right thing to do. After knowing that there were never any weapons of mass destruction, most everyone except Romney in the past said that we should have never gone there. But now, Romney is trying to convince voters that he really never supported going to Iraq, even though the record shows that in the past he did support the war. 

In the past, Romney said that the right thing to do was to leave troops in Iraq, but now he said that taking troops out of Iraq was the right thing to do. 

It is with comments like these you have to ask yourself what really does Mitt Romney stand for. He appears to change his stance on a wide variety of subjects, and tonight it was clear that he was leaning as close to center in policies between the Republicans and Democrats just so that he may have a chance to win over more of the undecided voters. Unfortunately for him, it was very evident what he was trying to do. The interesting thing was that when Romney changed his stance on different things, the President immediately called him out on the changes, and surprisingly enough, Romney didn't try to defend himself. Romney tried his hardest to be more likeable and an authority on foreign policy and could not waste any time trying to defend himself.

Even though the national polls are close at this time, after tonight, the polls are expected to change. It's now two weeks to go before the Presidential election and if the President wins re-election, he will have earned it. If Romney wins election, his motives and stance on the issues will be validated and the country will have to follow him as their new president. 

But what if Mitt Romney looses. His supporters, especially the hard-right wing supporters of Republican policies and the tea party, will accuse their candidate for President loosing the race for not defending the staunch right wing policies that most Republicans would have wanted. Many of the Republican critics will continue to criticize their candidate for his flip-flopping statements on national TV. 

In 2008 when the Republicans lost the election and Obama became President, the Republican party was in large disarray. If Republicans loose again, the Republican party most likely will have to be re-invented.The Republicans will work hard in finding a candidate to run against a new candidate for the Democrats in 2016. It is not known at this time that Joe Biden will run after the second term of Barack Obama if the Democrats last another 4 years, but you would think that he would. Losers of elections have never re-run as far as the Presidency, including the Vice President.


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