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Hurricane Sandy - The Presidential Campaign - Critics of the President

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy couldn't come in a worse time for the Presidential campaign. Both candidates  President Obama and Governor Romney have put their campaigns on hold. President Obama knows how important it is to change gears as he did, as he cancelled trips to the swings states of Florida and Colorado. Likewise Romney has cancelled his plans for travel and campaigning in the swing states.
President Obama stated, " It's so important for us to respond big and respond fast as local information starts coming in," in a statement to FEMA.
As expected by by the far right, a past presidential contender named Newt Gingrich was critical on the Presidents motives as he cancelled his campaign trips because of the storm.
Newt Gingrich said " You notice that he's canceling his trips over the hurricane. He didn't cancel his trips over Benghazi."
The question that I have is whether or not the Republican party will EVER have anything good to mention about President Obama. I can't remember a recent time that any Republican who supports Romney ever say something nice about the Democratic President Barack Obama. But that's ok, because whatever they are saying doesn't deter President Obama from doing his job as President. The critics can say all they want about him, but in just about a week or so, the critics should be put to sleep with the re-election of Barack Obama.
The Republican party has been the greatest hinderence to the success of the President, and have effected millions of Americans because of it. Regardless of what they have done, or what they are doing, the President will continue doing his job with the tools that he has, regardless if the Congress supports him or not.
Shortly, people will finally realize that after the Obama re-election, it will be time to stop trying to fight with Obama and try to get things done that will help the economy of this country and the millions of folks that have become just because the 'do-nothing' Congress have decided not to pass bills for the last 2+ years or so.
Regardless of what the Republicans say about the President, what you will see right now is his support for the areas hardest hit by hurricane Sandy, and he will show Mitt Romney and the rest of the world just how Presidential he can be.
Never mind that he diverted further disaster in the wake of the flopping economy when he got elected.
Never mind that he was responsible in bringing about a controlled bankruptcy so that the auto industry could bounce back and the President's plan worked.
Never mind that he is responsible for killing Osama bin Laden over a year ago.
Never mind that his is responsible for ending the war in Iraq, a war that was started by the previous Republican President George W. Bush.
Never mind that the President passed ObamaCare, a plan that has been desperately needed for over 50 years, and no other President was able to get it done.
Even with that just mentioned, the President wants to continue his legacy and really take responsibly of the recovery with the economy. The President plans to make sure that people get back to work, and after the election, he will receive help from the Republicans who will have no other recourse than to help the President, or risk looking their own jobs.
The hurricane is and will be one more feather in the President's cap. He will do what is necessary to help the folks affected by Hurricane Sandy. He has and will continue to keep his campaign on the back burner until things are under control along the east coast.
The Republicans can squawk all they want, but they will need more than just complaining about President Barack Obama before they can turn the election in Mitt Romney's favor. Actually it's just too late.
If I'm wrong, and Romney is elected, I will admit it, but I will never support a man such as Mitt Romney. It appears that the country needs to wake up and realize that the only recourse that the country has right now is to support the President.
The fact is, whatever Romney says he can do, the President has done better, which also will include helping the families affected by the storm.


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