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The President is in Shape, Can you be also?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

When you look at the President, have you ever thought it would be nice for you to be as 'in-shape' as he is? You must know that he has to eat good as President, and has the best cooks around serving him in the White House, and that he must attend many dinner benefits for different causes. Have you ever looked in a mirror and determined you were getting fat? For a woman, how about mistakenly thinking you have become pregnant, just to find out that you are only gaining weight. There are several reasons to gain weight, but mainly the reasons are over-eating, and a low metabolism. That seems to definitely seem to be my case, as I've definitely developed the 'middle aged spread'. So I guess it now may be the time for me to find something to burn belly fat the easy way, because I'm not really the 'diet type' of person. I like to eat as most men do, and sometimes I eat more frequently than I should. Maybe eating should be considered one of my bad habits, because I really don't watch what I consume. So I'm thinking that what I may need is a powerful diet pill that could burn my fat, but at the same time help me either gain, or at least keep my muscle mass. Some types of pills will make you feel weak, and that's because they are affecting your muscles and metabolism in a way that may be harmful to you. Trying to find the best way to loose weight may be difficult, but at least there are ways to know ways that are safe.


Are Banking Practices Fair or do they exist just to 'get your buck' ?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Unfortunately, a banks availability policies practiced today have serious adverse effects on people who depend on those checks issued by known good institutions, but the banks seem to be only interested in protecting themselves. There will be a 'cold day in hell' before any banking institution would release money immediately after a deposit of a check. Their main interest is to protect themselves, as they seem to be not interested in protecting their customers, the people who put their trust in the banking institutions that they use.

Even with all of their rules in place, their number one rule seems first, not to loose money, and second, to claim every dollar that is due to them, regardless if they have to charge their clients rediculas fees to do so. To be honest here, the banks make most of their money on credit card interest, and they are going to take every opportunity that comes their way to make their money.  A case in point would be my own experience with two specific banks of note. First, there is Capitol one (another to be named in another article), a well known banking institution that is even open after 5PM five days a week. I had an active credit card balance with Capitol One of approximately $1,500, which I elected to pay in full, mainly because the bank refused to budge on their extremly high interest rates of almost 30%. In the past, they took advantage of me, by raising my rate because of a few late payments. I went to the bank in person to pay off this amount in cash, but before I did, the banker working with me in her office at her disgression, called the credit card department and pleaded my case that I was going to pay off the card in full at that time, and would ask them to reconsider lowering the interest percentage rate, so that I could continue using the card in the future. They would not budge. I was told by the banker that I would have to make on-time payments to the bank on that account for at least one year (12 consecutive on-time payments) before the rate could be decreased. They expected me to pay future balances with almost a 30% interest rate for 1 year. Are they kidding. Must I be crazy to use this bank card?  Is this charging of future balances of almost 30% fair to me, especially since I'm going to pay off the card in full, or does it seem that the bank is trying to take advantage of me? I guess it's time to do some shopping and get another card. I have a decent job as I work for IBM, and customer service is a big part of my job. If I were to provide customer service that Capital One has provided me, I would be fired.
 So I in turn, payed off the account, but will be unable to keep any amount of balance on the card for at least a year. In effect to me, it has become a debit card.  If I use the card at all, I would have to pay it off in full by the payment due date or I will incur almost 30% interest charges on the money owed after 30 days. Come to find out, the banker I was talking to also has a high interest rate card with Capitol One, because she made a few late payments by accident. So not only does this bank not try to protect honest bankers like myself, they won't even protect their employees and keep their own employees captive with high interest rates. This bank for their credit card practices is disgusting. Even though credit card interest is a major way this bank receives its capital, no longer will they get it from me. They loose here, I do not. I can shop around for a better card.
 To make this long story short with Capital One, I paid off the credit card, in person at one of the local banks. It tool a whole day for the pay-off to appear on my on-line banking statement. Within 2 days, the account now showed at a zero balance. But what happened next was just unimaginable to me. Over ten days later, my credit card account with a zero balance was charged an interest fee of almost $40. Why, because their was a balance, unannounced to me on my online banking statement were daily interest charges were accrewing, that was outstanding where interest rates were being charged at almost 30%. After a few phone calls, speaking to a banking manager, and about 2 hours of my time, I had the rediculus charge removed from my zero balance.

With these very unfair banking practices, it goes without saying that I will no longer bank with Capitol One. If the bank elects to somehow decide to make this despicable situation right, I will publish their practices right here and give credit where credit is due.

Another banking institution has taken monies belonging to me in a not so just way, and have agreed to return the money, but at their discretion from up to 5 to 7 days time. Is it right that a banking institution take money unjustly and agree to return it by their laws, or should it be returned by my law, which is immediately since it was taken without justification?!!


How long can a bank hold your deposit before you can use it?

Commercial banks, savings banks, savings and loans and credit unions all have a funds-availability policy that determines when a deposit will be available for your use.

The key to funds availability is the determination whether the deposited check is considered local or nonlocal. With certain exceptions, funds deposited as nonlocal checks have to be available by the fifth business day following the day of deposit.

Funds deposited as local checks have to be made available by the second business day following the day of deposit. With some deposits, the financial institution is required to make the money available on the next business day.

Ask Dr. Don

By Don Taylor, Ph.D., CFA •

Check-holding limits

Dear Dr. Don,
How long can a credit union hold a deposit of an out-of-town check?
Finis Fed-up

Dear Finis,

Commercial banks, savings banks, savings and loans and credit unions all have a funds-availability policy that determines when a deposit will be available for your use.

The key to funds availability is the determination whether the deposited check is considered local or nonlocal. With certain exceptions, funds deposited as nonlocal checks have to be available by the fifth business day following the day of deposit.

Funds deposited as local checks have to be made available by the second business day following the day of deposit. With some deposits, the financial institution is required to make the money available on the next business day.

The following types of deposits must be made available on the first business day following the banking day of deposit ("next-day availability"):

1. Cash deposited in person.

2. Electronic payments received by the institution for deposit in an account. An electronic payment is considered received (deposited) when the institution has received both payment in collected funds and information on the account and the amount to be credited. (Under other rules, funds for most electronic deposits are made available on the day of deposit.)

3. U.S. Treasury checks deposited in an account held by a payee of the check. Unlike deposit types listed in four through eight below, which pertain to deposits made in person, Treasury checks deposited at an ATM owned by your institution (a "proprietary" ATM) must be accorded next-day availability.

4. U.S. Postal Service money orders deposited in person into an account held by a payee of the check.

5. Federal Reserve Bank and Federal Home Loan Bank checks deposited in person into an account held by a payee of the check.

6. State or local government checks deposited in person into an account held by a payee of the check, if the institution is in the same state as the payer of the check. (Note: If the customer desires next-day availability of funds from these checks, the bank may require use of a special deposit slip.)

7. Cashier's, certified, or teller's checks deposited in person into an account held by a payee of the check. (Note: If the customer desires next-day availability of funds from these checks, the bank may require use of a special deposit slip.)

8. Checks drawn on an account held by the institution ("on-us checks") deposited in person to a bank employee or an on-premises ATM or night depository, if the branch or branches involved are in the same state or check-processing region.

9. Deposits that include some checks of types not listed above. The first $100 (or the amount of the deposit if it is less than $100) of non-"next-day" checks must be made available the next day.

Exceptions: When deposits of types one, four, five, six and seven are not made in person (for example, when they are made at an ATM), the funds must be made available by the second business day. Deposits, cash or check, made at an ATM that the bank does not own (a "nonproprietary" ATM) must be made available by the fifth business day.

Source: The Federal Reserve Board's Guide for Financial Institutions Compliance with Regulation CC

Financial institutions are allowed to treat differently new customers, customers with a prior history of overdrawing their account, checks deposited during emergency conditions and checks that the bank is doubtful about their ability to collect.

Regulation CC and The Expedited Funds Availability Act of 1987 provide the standards for financial institutions in this area.

EFAA provides a standard of two-thirds as a rule-making guide for the Federal Reserve Board. This means that the hold period for nonlocal checks should be the approximate length of time when two-thirds of returned checks are returned.

This means that banks should only be at risk for one-third of checks returned to them, a standard approved by Congress in the EFAA. Under Regulation CC, financial institutions are required to post their funds-availability policy and provide a notice of funds availability on the front of all preprinted deposit slips.


White and Blue Collar Jobs are Scarce

Sunday, September 12, 2010

White collar jobs are sometimes hard to find these days, but likewise blue collar jobs are hard to find too. With President Obama pushing for more jobs for all Americans, there does seem to be more ways to apply for construction jobs on the market today. Proof of this are some of the web sites pushing for jobs, and one in particular pushing construction type jobs. It is pretty neat when you can find a place on the web that would specialize in what you are seeking for work, especially when it has been reported by the new chief White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee said today that the unemployment is likely to stay high for the foreseeable future. In this market especially today, in order for you to actually find good work these days are for that person to actually make a job out of looking for one. People who think that the job will come to them in this day and age are sadly mistaken.


New Tax Cuts Proposed by President Obama for people making Less than $250,000

Well the news is out. The Bush tax cuts that were enacted in 2001 nd 2003 by prior President Bush are set to expire by the end of the year. President Obama has now come out with a plan in his extended tax cuts plan to benefit everyone making less than $250,000 per year. If you make more than $250,000 a year, than your rates will be restored to higher levels in place that were in play before the Bush tax cuts were enacted. President Obama could solve the deficit problem in the medium term if the tax cuts were ended all together. But at this time, with the economy and jobs situation, most people cannot afford a tax hike, adding to their struggle to stay afloat. As with all bills introduced into Congress, there are Republicans opposed to this plan, but there are also Democrats that are opposed to the plan also. Since there happens to be a weak economy, taxing the wealthy people more would deter economic growth because of lower investments and spending by the wealthest Americans and small businesses. The major Republican concensus is that the tax cuts should be for all Americans, even for those making ove $250,000.
Many Republicans were accusing the President of just allowing the tax cuts to expire. Nevertheless, the President has a plan for tax cuts, even though he doesn't ever seem to be in favor of tax cuts for the richest Americans. The bill will take up opposition in the Congress, but it is almost a sure thing that the bill will get passed. Some of the tax cuts that will be re-enacted are better than no tax cuts at all.


Best in Vacation Properties - The Outer Banks in North Carolina

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Most people may not be aware of vacation homes along the coast of North Carolina. These are very special and unique homes actually located on a row of low, sandy barrier islands including Cape Hatteras to the west of Pamlico Sound, the second largest lagoon estuary in the United States. Vacation rentals known as the Outer Banks beach rentals, are provided by Carolina Designs Reality, who have provided beach properties on the barrier islands now for over twenty years. There are five different vacation area settings available for rent. Fantastic views of the ocean along with the constant sea breeze with its temperate climate and wide expanse of open beachfront would entice any serious vacationer to want to visit such a paradise. View the video and take a glimpse into this very popular vacation property.


Improper SHOUTMIX comment by Author of 'RECOMMENDED DOG FOOD' on Obama Blog

Monday, September 6, 2010

As everyone knows, especially with politics, there will always be someone who disagrees with your opinion, and could totally be against what you write. It is OK to have different opinions. Today, I ran across one of those people who made a statement on my SHOUTMIX, one that was very sarcastic, and plain rude. It is with this article I plan to feature this person on this Obama blog, as I will now exercise my right of free speech to do so.

To begin, let's show all the readers of this blog exactly what this reader wrote in my SHOUTMIX.

Recommended Dog Food  "**** you obama! Israel has a right to build its own country!".

Likewise, this reader has his rights too. He can say what he wants, but he shouldn't expect people to stand by and let him get away with it. For starters, I surely won't. I must also say upfront, that I welcome people who disagree with my opinions, and I am willing to publish articles given by the readers of this blog, along with good comments, whether they are Pro-Obama or Anti-Obama. But now I am taking exception to the rule, and that is to publish one of the most disgusting comments published on this blog to date and call that blogger on his comment. I have to here because the owner does not accept comments on his blog. I wonder why!!

First off, I stopped by his website, with the topic of his blog of 'dogs' He elects to talk about dogs, while I elect to talk about President Obama, the status of the country around us, and the policies whether good or bad  that are topics of the day. I'm not saying that dog food is not important, after all, I have my own puppy and I find that giving her 'Science Diet' foods are the best thing for her.

But back to my visitor. Since he does not accept comments on his blog, I found it necessary to write about him here. In the past, I've had several comments on this blog by a user called 'Anonymous' but at least that blogger definitely has an intellectual mind, even though I do not agree with him, and was able to convey his thinking and expressed his opinion with intelligence and in detail. Unlike him, the webmaster of  'Recommended Dog Food', he has elected to comment in this very rude way. It may be wise that this blogger keep these types of opinions to himself. Also, if he finds it necessary to visit other blogs and make rude comments, maybe it would be fair that he create a SHOUTMIX on his website so that we can make comments to him.

Now back to the comment. It stated "Israel has a right to build its own country!". Of course, he is absolutely correct. I invite him to show me 'anywhere' on any written article that President Obama has stated that Israel doesn't have that right. So I really do not understand what point he is trying to make, especially by using his rude statement as part of his politically correct statement. In case he doesn't know, the United States fully supports Israel, and would go to war to support Israel without a blink of an eye if they had to. What the United States will not deal with are any nations trying to destroy each other. President Obama has been very critical of both Israel and Palestine. Palestine, run by Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic socio-political organization with an associated paramilitary force, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, who controls the Gaza strip, has attacked Israel and Israel has retaliated in defense. President Obama wants peace between the two parties, and has been critical of both sides. In the past, prior Presidents have never made non-biased statements regarding both parties. The United States would only fully side with Israel, especially when the Bush family and the Republican parties were in office. Now that Obama is President, the opinion is slightly different. President Obama doesn't necessarily favor only Israel with words. He in effect is trying to keep both sides 'in check'. In a recent attack by Hamas, hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent civilians were killed in the fighting started by Hamas.  This is President Obama's style, and just so everyone could know, if Hamas attacked the Unitied States in the fashion that Hamas attacked Israel, the United States would also retaliate. The United States would not put down arms until Hamas was defeated.

For some reason, I feel a sense of pity for the writer of "Recommended Dog Food". Maybe I've been too harse here, but I believe anything that I would say couldn't be as rude and ill-placed as his comment on this blog. I apologize to my readers for his comments, and it is my wish that this person will never make any such statements on any blog, other than his own.

I also invite this blogger to create a SHOUTMIX so that others can state their opinions on his blog. As always, I invite anyone to comment on any article on this website, or on any topic. If you choose not to leave an opinion or statement on SHOUTMIX, or if you do not have a blog of your own to update, then you can send a comment or an article suited for publication on this blog to, and I will make an effort to publish your article. The only qualification for publication here is that is must be an intellectual comment and politically correct.

If the author elects not to comment further, I would invite him to maybe express his opinions on his own blog. I would love to read his detailed response as to justify his actions on this blog, but it may not be proper since his blog topic is dogs and dog food.


The President prepares to Unveil and Extended Tax Cut for Businesses

According to a report by Ed Henry, CNN Senior White House Correspondent, President Obama will share his plan to include a proposed extended tax cut that the business community widely supports. His ultimate goal is to have Congress permanently impose the tax credit for business doing research and development. The $100 billion dollar price tag will be offset by discontinuing other corporate tax breaks.
He plans to make his plan known on Wednesday, when he visits Cleveland, Ohio, a town that has been hard hit with the failing economy. According to officials, this will be only part of his plan that he plans to make known. Other ideas include a possible payroll tax holiday and new infrastructure spending.


RV Loans Available even with the Declining Job Market

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Presidents approval rate seems to be dropping these days, especially in the job market that seems to be getting worse. More people appear to be loosing jobs, but the President is firmly standing by his beliefs that the job market will rebound. He sincerely believes that the job market will rebound before the end of his first term. One indicator that will show a rebound in the jobs market will be when more and more people want to purchase loans at the bank.Bank loans are easier to come by these days, for example, rv loans can be made online to now replace your existing loan while giving you a very low interest rate. There are a few qualifications out there, as the money available would not be for everyone, but nevertheless with average credit you can refinance your existing load at lower interest rates to save a ton of money on interest. As for most money available for loans, this money is limited, so now would be a good time to get a piece of the pie, regardless of what the economy seems to be in, to refinance your bank loan.


Tredding through politics in November

Things may be heating up in Washington, especially with the upcoming elections in November and that will be considered a hot subject matter for November. On the lighter side, what will also will be politically cool for the winter time will be the snow boots that you may need to push through all of the results you will see for the elections. Seriously now away from politics, November is the time, especially if you live in the Washington D.C. area to be dressed properly for winter. With all the crazy drivers on the road today, especially with the snow that tend to give away to slippery roads, why not shop in just one place for all of your winter clothing needs and purchase some footwear so that you can tread through the snow.


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