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Republicans Are Proven Wrong About the Economy

Friday, July 25, 2014

Today is July 25th, 2014. 

The country is moving forward. 

The NFL teams are going to training camp. 

Folks around the globe are thinking about their fantasy team coming up this fall. Who do you pick? 

When you pick, you want PERFORMANCE. You want NUMBERS. You want some HARD STUFF to go on. 

When it comes to the Economy, it is time to share some numbers that you just can't argue with.

So how about one of the most under covered stories of the year, the Obama economy. The news surrounding the economic recovery in recent months is one of the highest positives of modern time.  To state it basically, the Obama economy is BOOMING. 

Maybe I need to make the case as to why I believe that the economy is really working. 

First, the President just yesterday on CNBC said the following:

"When you think about where we were Steve, when I came into office and where we are now, it's pretty hard to find an economic measure where we are not significantly better off. I don't have to tell you about the stock market and where that's gone, corporate profits, record highs. But unemployment now is lower than it was pre-Leaman. We've seen the housing market recover, not as fast as we would like, the auto industry recovering. We remain the most dynamic, enovative economy in the world."

Now let's go back to 2009, when the Republicans tried to pin all the problems on your back. The conservatives or Republicans always have said this is Obama's economy. Admitting that the economy needs improvement, the President is definitely right on the money. But still, the following are the facts.

First, the stock market now is hitting record highs, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average around 16,400 May 2016 to over 17,000 at this moment in July. 

Second, the most recent job report shows that there has been 288,000 jobs added in June. Oponents of Obama would say that this just cannot be true, because there has been at least that many people now not looking for work, that are not counted in the numbers. Even if that were true, why would that be so. Maybe it is because the Congress, namely the Republicans in the congress does not want people to have jobs. All the way back in December of 2013 and up to now, the Republicans have refused to grant unemployment benefits to people that are struggling to make ends meet, middle class people that seem to be going in the wrong direction. The Republicans will not help. Instead, these people are tired fighting. Many of them are now no longer looking for jobs, but that in itself is not the mainstream idea of the unemployed. Most everyone wants a job, but the Republican base does not make it even bearable for someone to not have a job. Even if every job was filled in America, there still would be many people unemployed. The difference now is that many of these people are not counted in the numbers. But looking at the numbers of people actually registered and looking for jobs, the unemployed in this group has dropped. 

Third, how about 52 straight weeks of uninterrupted job growth. There has been 9.7 million jobs added in this time-frame since the beginning of 2010. Just around the same time, there was a bill called 'Obamacare' that was passed around that time, and the Republicans claimed that it would be a "job killer". The unemployment rate has now dropped to 6.1%. It is the lowest rate since September of 2008. 

Fourth, how about the automobile industry. When Obama provided money to help the auto industry, the Republicans called it a "bailout". In fact, it was a loan that prevented businesses like the car industry from filing bankruptcy. It definitely saved allot of jobs. 

Fifth, the housing market has rebounded. Today, your home is worth more than when President George W. Bush was in office. 

Sixth, Corporate profits are through the roof and they are displaying record highs in many cases. 

Seventh, we can't forget about 'Obamacare'. Where is the march to get rid of it now? This is no march to get rid of it now, because it is working. 

Everything mentioned above are FACTS. This is truly a remarkable turn-around in the midst of all the 'Nay-Sayers'. 

Everything that was accomplished was done in the face of blatant Republican obstruction. The Congress just simply refuses to work with President Obama. The President has made it clear that if the Republicans did their job, the country would be in much better shape. 

The President said....

"There are some things that are holding us back. The main thing that is hold us back is inaction by our Federal Government on things like infrastructure, on raising the minimum wage, and doing some thing that would help middle class families feel a little bit of relief. If we do those things, then we are going to be in pretty good shape." 

Those things stated by the President seem like they are in reach, but with today's 'do-nothing' Congress, they are not. Presently, after doing nothing recently, just today now the Congress is going on summer vacation. Nothing gets done in Congress. Hopefully some of their constituents back home will put a bug in their ears to get something done or don't count on getting elected again this fall. 

The Republicans claim that a wage increase in this country would kill jobs. 

Ted Cruz says....
"I want the American people to realize, that every member of this Senate that votes for the minimum wage, is voting to tell up to 1,000,000 Americans, your jobs don't matter, because I'm voting to take away your job." 

Really?! This is proof that the Republicans have not a clue how to fix the economy. 

Paul Ryan says the raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour would hurt the economy, because it raises the price of labor. 

Really?! He doesn't have the slightest idea what would, or at least he is not telling the American people that he has a plan that is better than raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour. Yes, the employers would have to dish more out to their workers, but the end result would be good for everyone. Actually the profits would tend to be more, if you encourage good working people that can perform their job successfully to want to do more during their job. 

Marco Rubio says... 

"Liberals up increases in taxes, and the minimum wage, as ways the struggling to earn more. But what they don't tell you is that these policies will result in many people would potentially loose their jobs."

 Really?! Does he think that the employers would fire an employee who wants to work harder and produce more because they just received a wage increase. That is a big incentive for many middle class Americans. 

These Senators are flat out wrong. 

The facts are that states that increase the minimum wage have increased job growth. 

The fact is that Republicans have been wrong on EVERY facet of the economy. How about in 2012 when repealing the Bush tax cuts were supposed to hurt the job creators. 

The bottom like here is that Republicans believe that you cannot be for jobs and against the very people that create them. Everything that the Republicans said was going to happen was wrong. It was all theory, as none of their predictions came through when the issue was centered around the economy. 

When the Bush tax cuts expired, Corporate profits went through the roof. How is that hurting the job makers. It's not. President Obama claimed that the business in America would move forward with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts.America did move forward, and it was not a job killer like the Republicans claimed it would be. There has been 18 straight months in private sector job growth since the tax cuts expired. The Clinton rates are definitely working better than when President Bush was in office. 

Obamacare did not kill jobs. The Republicans claimed that it would kill jobs. Republican Michelle Bachmann wanted to repeal what they call a "failure", as it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens as this was what she claimed would be the case while speaking in front of Congress. 

The numbers prove that Obamacare did not kill jobs.If anything, Obamacare created jobs in this country. Proof of this is that at least 9,000,000 new jobs have been created since Obama signed 'The Affordable Care Act'. 

So the question here is how can the Republicans be so wrong concerning millions of people? 

The Bottom line...

The Republicans have zero credibility when it comes to to the economy. They seem to be wrong on EVERYTHING. They continue to be wrong by only being concerned about their own interests, not those of the American people.


Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest Speaker of the House

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Republican party, namely John Boehner has announced a lawsuit to sue President Obama. Some believe this may be the first step to impeachment. The lawsuit is about delaying the employer mandate, something that President Obama did via Executive Order over 2 years ago.

A few years ago, Speaker Boehner announced that he urged the President to delay it, but now he is suing the President over what he supported just a few years ago. At that time, the Speaker said in an announcement,

"I am glad that the President recognizes that his health care law is not good for the economy, but just delaying the employer mandate frankly is not good enough. Today we sent a letter to the President asking him to justify delaying the employer mandate while leaving in place the mandate on individuals and families."

So please correct me if I'm wrong, the Speaker's first reaction was to praise the delay, and to push for more of a delay, but now Speaker Boehner wants to sue over it because the President issued an Executive Order to delay the employer mandate. Is this just plain dumb or what.

First, it was dumb to ever try to appeal the Affordable care act.

Second, it was dumber to try to appeal it over 50 times.

Third, the dumbest thing he can do to try and sue the President over an executive action, as now the taxpayers loose again, because taxpayer dollars will be spent during this taxpayer funded lawsuit. 

Are the Republicans supposed to be fiscal conservatives or not? I guess they only want to be conservative in their own right when they want to. The Republicans are just showing how much of being a hypocrite that they actually can be.

The bottom line, the Republicans, namely the Congressmen in the House are suing the President because they will try everything in their power to make him fail. Yes, President Obama's numbers are not great, but he is holding his own, no matter what the Republicans throw at him. He is definitely a survivor.

There is no question that the Republicans are stepping out of bounds again. Does John Boehner want to act as the Speaker of the House? He seems to be proud to be the leader of the 'Do Nothing Congress'. It appears that all he wants to do is act as the microphone of the Tea Party.

To take this a step further, it is hard to believe that John Boehner can be so dumb. He has to know what the Constitution says.

The Constitution doesn't say that the President can be impeached because the President makes a decision that Congress may think that is out of the bounds of the Constitution. The Constitution clearly states that a President can only be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, like those created by the Republican President Richard Nixon. If this is truly the case, then John Boehner must tell the American people which high crime or misdemeanor that President Obama is guilty of. 

As far as President Obama, he most definitely has been energized by this ridiculous lawsuit. The Democratic supporters are energized too. The President has been making speech after speech literally mocking the Republicans for posing a lawsuit on him because his is doing his job, unlike the Republicans who cannot do their jobs, except to block just about every bill to come their way in an attempt to ridicule President Obama. The Republicans take no regard in hurting Americans in the process. As long as the 1% doesn't get hurt, then it doesn't matter about anyone else.

President Obama knows that he has a political winner here. It seems like as if the Republicans handed him this win on a 'silver platter'. What is the reason why Republicans just cannot see how they are emboldening the Democrats?  Expect to see a record turnout in the midterm election as far as Democrats this year. The Republicans are in total denial here regarding the mid-term elections. They will not even consider the thought that the Democrats will show up in record numbers for the mid-term election. This is my prediction.

The bottom line is YES, the President CAN make his own laws. They are called Executive Orders. A president can use his power with discretion, especially if a President must act because of the 'Do Nothing Congress'.

What should happen here is that the people of the United States should sue Congress for 'failure to act'. There are way to many bills that the Senate voted on in favor of, and Speaker Boehner refuses to let any of these bills reach the House floor for a vote. President Obama should sue Boehner.

Case in point, one such bill, the Immigration Bill that passed in the Senate, that the majority of Democrats, Republicans and Independents support nationally, will never reach the floor of the House during President Obama's term as President. This is a serious obstruction of justice committed by John Boehner, and he should be sued for it. If the immigration bill would have passed, then what is happening now on the southern border of Texas with immigrant women and children, would have been avoided. Instead, the President now has to ask the Congress to pass an emergency measure to approve needed money to support the cause on the southern border. The Republicans are blaming President Obama for failing to get something done along the border, and if he would have had something done, this border issue would not exist. They, the Republicans forget that their own beloved Republican President George W. Bush passed the present law regarding immigrants at the border.

Even with resistance with the Republican led House, Congressmen are chipping away at the dollar amount the President asked for, which is 3.7 million dollars. The longer the Congress fails to approve of these funds for the women and children at the border, the more the Republicans are pushing themselves against the wall. Of course, with just 12 more working days left for Congress before the August break, I do not have much hope that Congress will pass much of anything.

All of this non-action could have been avoided if who I consider the dumbest Speaker of the House EVER, would finally have his party in Congress 'do something' and pass some bills.


Site Chosen for the Republican National Convention

Just as an update, for the last several years the Republicans have held their National Convention in states that for whatever reason, they can't seem to win. Case in point, here are a few of the Conventions held throughout the years for the Republicans....

2012 Republican Convention - Florida

In the general election in 2012, they lost Florida

2008 Republican Convention - Minnesota

In the general election in 2008, they lost Minnesota

2004 Republican Convention - New York

In the general election in 2004, they lost New York

2000 Republican Convention - Pennsylvania

In the general election in 2000, they lost Pennsylvania

1996 Republican Convention - California

In the general election in 1996, they lost California

Ok, do you see a trend when it comes the the RNC and the state where it is held.

So these facts beg the question, is the RNC going to continue to pick states in which they loose the state during the general election for 2016? You would think that they have learned from their past. But just guess what they did!

The answer is YES, as they most likely will loose the Convention state and then loose the election. The Republicans cannot loose Ohio in the general election and expect to win the Presidency. In all previous general elections, whoever looses Ohio, looses the election. Yesterday, the Republican National Committee has announced that they picked the very blue state of Ohio for the Republican Convention. Are they serious? The answer again is YES. The Republican party Convention Committee has turned down the Republican Caucus in Texas. Obviously, that has infuriated the Republicans in Texas. The RNC seems to be determined to win a state that has almost always been dominated in the presidential election by Democrats. As a liberal TV commentator stated on the show, regardless of how much money is spent in Cleveland to promote the Convention, regardless on how much of a spectacle it turns out to be, when the Republicans wake up every morning to greet the new day, they will be in hostile territory, Cleveland Ohio, instead of friendly territory, Dallas, Texas.

The decisions like this one makes no sense to the Democrats. There has been a standing agreement between both parties that one party will not interfere with the other party in the state which they have chosen. The Republicans have decided to choose Cleveland, so the Democrats will not consider Cleveland for the Democratic National Convention this year. The Democrats were eyeing closely the idea of having their convention in Cleveland in 2016.

In contrast, the Democrats have won 5 out of the last 6 states where they have held their convention. Here are those results....

2012 Democratic Convention - Charlotte, North Carolina

In the general election in 2012 they LOST North Carolina

2008 Democratic Convention - Denver, Colorado

In the general election in 2008 they WON Colorado

2004 Democratic Convention - Boston, Massachusetts

In the general election in 2004 they WON Massachusetts

2000 Democratic Convention - Los Angeles, California 

In the general election in 2000 they WON California

1996 Democratic Convention - Chicago, Illinois

In the general election in 1996 they WON Illinois

1992 Democratic Convention - New York, New York

In the general election in 1992 they WON New York

Ironically, there is rumor spreading that the Democrats may now choose Texas, namely Dallas as their city of choice now. Is this a good idea? I'm having some reservation in determining if it actually is a good thing for Democrats. Will they start the same loosing trend, as they did loose North Carolina in the last general election? What really would upset the Republicans would be if they ran their convention in Ohio, and did not win the state, and the Democrats ran their convention in Texas and then they won their state. The Republicans believe that bringing the Republican Convention to Cleveland may bring the voters in that state to swing to the Republican party. Are they serious? These voters are UNION people, and everyone knows that the Republicans HATE unions. Similarly, do the Republicans understand that the Ohio Union people HATE Republicans? This is just one example why the Republicans should not hold their convention in Ohio.

As far as Democrats, I equally wonder if it would be a good idea for them to have their convention in Texas. This state has been almost totally RED as far as voting goes in Presidential elections. But with a Republican leader in Texas, namely Rick Perry no longer running for Governor, and with Wendy Davis running for Governor in the first Gubernatorial election since 1990, she actually has a fairly good chance to win.  She happens to be running against State Attorney General Greg Abbot, who appears to be out of tune with present issues facing Texans. There are so many issues, that it would take another article to explain them.

The exact date for the Republican Convention should be published soon, along with the Democratic selection for their convention, along with a date for it. I will publish that information here when it becomes available.

Great job Republicans!! With this smart move snubbing your nose in liberal territory, you may have to now wait until 2020 to even think you can get a Republican in the White House, especially if your failure to win states continues. Just guessing, but where will they hold their convention in 2020? My guess, either California or New York. This seems reasonable due to their long standing record in picking a state that always votes again them in the general election.


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