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Who Will Run Against Barack Obama from the GOP in 2012? Are Jobs Still a Major Factor for the Elections?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It will take several months for the Republicans, including Donald Trump, to finally realize that the long form birth certificate provided by the State of Hawaii is actually valid. The birth certificate issue will undoubtedly make major headlines in newspapers and stories on conservative  radio and TV stations.  The discovery will  give talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh something to talk about. It's another distraction.  In the mean time, valuable time will be taken off of the clock, time that they desperately need to actually bring up a valid case for a contender to actually run against President Barack Obama.
What is now interesting here is to find out what will be the next major story presented by the GOP or Donald Trump for that matter. Will it be substantive enough to become a major story that can effect President Obama's re-election. Everyone knows that President Barack Obama is running for re-election, but with just 17 months to go, we still do not have a clue who the Republican contender is for President.
According the the Economic Policy Journal, Mike Huckabee is now tied with Donald Trump as the front-runner for the GOP for President in 2012. This news is according to a CNN/Opinion Research survey.
Besides taking credit for the stories about the presidents birth certificate, what else is he talking about that may be good news for a change, something that could give Americans more hope.
Well for starters, Donald Trump is now claiming that China is "looking to strip us of everything". He is not even a presidential contender yet, but in an interview, Trump rimmed China, and OPEC, along with President Obama's Middle East policies and allot more. He openly speaks about Obama-care, oil prices, the banks, the weak dollar and American diplomats. He doesn't like the idea of the U.S. spending money in foreign countries like China and believes that we should be rebuilding here in the United States. He has proposed a tax of somewhere between 20-25% on imports from China. Wow...   Is that a little drastic or what. Everyone knows that the cost of goods these days are high, but importing goods does help spur the U.S. economy, as people like to buy goods for a lower price, mainly because they can't afford to buy stickily U.S. products that cost so much more, thanks to the de-value of the U.S. dollar.  So his answer is to make it not reasonable because of import taxes he would like to impose, for people to buy imported goods from China. So what would this really do to the economy. First and foremost, it would cause U.S. prices to rise up higher than people could afford, and ultimately would cause people to save their money instead of spending it. Purchasing power of the people would drop, and the U.S. Dollar would continue to drop. Eliminating imports from major  economic countries like China and Japan is not the answer. What Donald Trump doesn't seem to understand as a business mogul that he turned out to be, is that this country needs both, to be able to import and to export goods. This is how job creation becomes a certainty. It is true that importing goods instead of creating them locally in this country may not contribute to a faster growth of the job market, but it will spur the economy in a faster fashion, and would further push people into spending money that would in turn bring up the economy. This should be a lesson that Donald Trump has learned, as stated earlier as he is a successful business mogul. Unfortunately his rules do not apply when it comes to running a government. The U.S. government was never ran and will never be run like a Donald Trump business.  This  is more reason why the GOP needs to not support Donald Trump as their candidate, and more reason that they need to get a valid contender, not Mike Huckabee or Sarah Palin, or Newt Gingrich. Maybe their only chance would be Mitt Romney, but it is still uncertain if he plans to run.


Donald Trump Outshines the Republican GOP by the Announcement of President Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate

BULLETIN...... President Barack Obama is confirmed to have been born in the United States. 

Now, who didn't know that.... The Answer... The Republicans...   But the GOP could not prove it on their own...  They needed the likes of Donald Trump to prove it. 

Finally since original questions surfaced back in 2008 about the validity of President Barack Obamas birth certificate, the State of Hawaii has released the original long form birth certificate of President Barack Obama. As the 2012 Presidential election is heating up, many people still had doubts that the President was born in the United States. Four out of five Republicans believed that he was not qualified to be president because that most likely he was not born in the United States. So who do we owe the credit to, for finally providing this information? There has been much talk within the media about the birth certificate thanks to Donald Trump, a man who may have inspirations to run for a GOP spot against President Barack Obama. But in all actuality, it was President Obama, not Donald Trump who asked the State of Hawaii to provide the original long form birth certificate in an attempt to put all of the misunderstanding to rest, and to finally quiet Mr. Donald Trump. So what did the Republicans do by allowing Mr. Donald Trump to continue to rant about the President's birth certificate? For one thing, it took peoples minds off of the real issues facing the GOP, things that the GOP needs to be focusing on if they really want to beat President Obama in the elections next year. But what they really did was to shoot themselves in the foot by allowing Mr. Donald Trump gain recognition during the past several months, in a fashion that has catapulted him into the lead for President as a GOP contender against President Barack Obama. First, it's the tea party, who by their own right were successful in pushing for a Republican led House, but now all Republicans are faced with their biggest present challange at hand, and that is to shut up the likes of Donald Trump who will most likely announce that he will run against President Barack Obama in 2012 on a GOP ticket. The mainstream Republicans most likely are considering this a large setback, because regardless of the money and power that Donald Trump has, HE WILL NEVER BE ELECTED as President of the United States of America, and they know that along with everyone in the free world who has at least an ounce of sense.
The Republicans are not creating a good track record since becoming the major party to represent the U.S. House of Representatives. They are talking about things like birth certificates to health care, and haven't the slightest chance to change Obamacare, as now they haven't a leg to stand on about Barack Obama's birth certificate. They have been stopped COLD in their tracks. So now, maybe the Republicans can now begin to concentrate on the real issues that they believe should be tackled, but a word of advice. If the Republicans stay on their present track receiving a low score for accomplishments as a major political party, it would surely benefit them now to come up with a valid game plan to face Obama in 2012. Right at the moment, if Donald Trump does announce his running for President without any other major contenders in the running with a valid agenda for their candadicy, the Republicans surely will be doomed to push President Barack Obama from the White House.
President Barack Obama surely must be delighted by the birth certificate announcement today by his possible contender for President, one of the guys who stated up front that President Obama was not born in the United States. What else does Donald Trump NOT KNOW. Do we need someone in the WHiteHouse that truly didn't know about many things, similar to the last Republican President?


Cancer Caused by Inhaling Asbestos

Friday, April 22, 2011

Obamacare is well under way, but there are still many deseases prevelant that are forms of cancer that people have been unable to unavoid, due conditions in the work place. One such disease canlled Mesothelioma is now considered a well known cancer, but sadly was caused by exposure to asbestos. Most likely you will have received this cancer because of your work environment. For the most part, there is established good treatment, but it must be diagnosed in the early stages for it to be under control. Sometimes the desease presents itself as just a rash, and the deadly nature of this rash goes undetected, until it progresses to a Stage III or Stage IV, where significant medical treatment is necessary to try and control it. The disease may originally show up not in a visual form such as a rash, but you may notice a decreased ability to breath normally. Frequent shortness of breath is a symptom that should not go by unchecked. If you suspect such a condition, it is advised to immediately go and received a physical examination. Hopefully if found in a positive state,  the disease can be diagnosed early enough in order to receive a complete prognosis Improper fluid or tumors can be observed through several of the imaging technologies that are available today. In some cases, a biopsy will be taken and sent to a lab for definite analysis.
Now for the good news. Cancers such as mesothelioma have been following a downward trend, mainly because of awareness and the recent availabilty of treating drugs. Cancer death rates continue to decrease because of prevention, early detection and improved treatment. This decline of cancer incidence and a drop in the mortality rate is proof that the public is heeding public health campaigns designed to stop forms of lung cancer and mesothelioma from growing at a rapid rate.


Obama's Competition in 2012 Trying to Discredit Him

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some stories just seem to hang on and never go away. One of those stories is centered around the idea that President Obama was not born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. One of the persons leading the quest to prove President Obama is not born a U.S. Citizen is the man himself Donald Trump. Is he pushing his claim because he plans to run for President. He should be worrying about his Republican competition if that is the case, as I would seem to think that several Congressmen could in a sense eat him up. He and others claim  that the certificate that has been displayed to prove the Presidents birth place is just a copy, because in the state of Hawaii like many other states, original certificates are not released when requested later. To me, after 3 years of President Obama in Office, SO WHAT! GIVE ME A VALID NEWS STORY TO DISCREDIT OBAMA....
To me, this story seems to be just another one of those stories just out there to put down President Obama and is a sign that a man like Donald Trump may have nothing new to talk about. He needs to take a different approach and start now if he plans on defeating President Obama in 2012.  The Republicans seem to be fanatical in trying to overturn President Obama's Health Care Plan, and dead set in trying to take away benefits from seniors, and to topple Medicare and Medicaid in doing whatever it takes to do so. Just check out Congressman Ryan's proposal for health care. All the talk, and all the hype against Obama-care will be for not, because the Senate will vote down Ryan's plan, along with any Conservative Democrats plan to change health care. All of this is proof that the Republican controlled House is wasting tax payers money and will not get much done before elections next year. If the Republicans really wanted to defeat Obama in 2012, they  shouldn't have taken control of the House. Now, it's too late.
Topics like President Obama's birth certificate have surfaced again because the 2012 Presidential Race is gearing up, and it seems that maybe the Presidents opposition in the coming election still haven't come up with anything concrete that is new that would demand that the President step down from office. Even after all the outrage about his birth certificate, do the Republicans or anyone to face President Obama in 2012 have any new concrete evidence that President Obama should step down because of where they think his was born.
The Republicans and the so called 'Tea Party' are organizing in a haphazard way, almost in desperation to do whatever they must do to defeat President Obama. My question is what are they going to say after the President gets re-elected. To be honest, I believe that President Obama has a fight on his hands and must have a great campaign if he does really desire to get re-elected. But in the process of organizing to team up against President Obama, you will witness the slashing of Republican contender against another, and Tea Party candidates stealing voters from the mainstream Republican base. In the end you will see a desperate attempt to do whatever it takes to defeat President Obama in 2012 and as crazy as it sounds, it's seems to always start with President Obama's birth certificate.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz - New DNC Leader - Picked by Obama

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Republicans my not know who's yet to run in 2012, but one thing is for sure. President Obama will seek his re-election. Yesterday, on April 5th, 2011, President Obama choose a Congresswoman from South Florida by the name of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She is a four term lawmaker who will be replacing Tim Kaine, who is now seeking a Senate seat in Virginia.She most likely will take the so-called Republican candidates for President very seriously, and is expected to highly criticize them before and during the major elections. Members of the Democratic National Committee still have to ratify her selection, but with her strong support from President Obama, it is highly unlikely that the members of the DNC would not ratify her. You most likely will hear and read allot about her up through the Presidential election.


Details of Congressman Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan - A TOTAL JOKE

By;  James - 'Editor' Obama in the White House blog

To reiterate a little more on what House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan is trying to accomplish in his Medicare Plan, as a Republican you can rest assured one of his main goals is to reduce the size of Federal government spending. But the question is, how does he plan to do it without affecting the people who earned their right to collect Medicare? The simple answer is 'YOU DON'T'. There is absolutely no way to reduce spending by some $6 trillion over the next 10 years which is much harsher than President Obama's budget proposal. So now we get to hear all about his proposal, all the way up to the 2012 elections no doubt as this will tend to be a major topic of discussion during the upcoming Presidential Campaign. If you ask me, it looks as if the Republicans are making it allot easier for President Obama to get re-elected. But still, already, we know what the major adjenda will be in the upcoming elections in 2012 for the Republicans. But maybe they just don't get it. How long has it been since there has been a change to health insurance laws before President Obama had his plan passed last year known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. ? Many people don't even live that long. Regardless, the following items is what Paul Ryan claims as his "Path to Prosperity".

SO what are the basics to his plan?

1) His proposal would turn the program from a guaranteed benefit into a system in which private insurers would cover elderly Americans, and by the way their premiums would be subsidized by the federal government.

2) $6 Trillion in spending cuts for the next 10 years and would mean spending about $400 million less on Medicare in the same timeframe.

3) $700 billion - $800 billion would be cut from Medicaid.

4) Manditory health program spending will be reduced from 14% of GDP which is the current trajectory to only 5% by 2050.

5) Medicare would be voluntary.

6) Seniors would shop in a highly regulated exchange or marketplace and select plans already vetted by the Federal Government.

7) Medicare beneficiaries would spend far more out of pocket under this system than the current one.

8) Under the proposal, most elderly people would pay more for their health care than they would pay under the current Medicare system.

9) Health care liabilty would jump to 61% of his or her total health care costs in 2022.

10 Health care liability would jump from 61% to 68% in 2030.

11) Subsidies would be available to seniors, depending on income and health status. The poorer you are, the more subsidy you can receive.

12) It sort of repeals Obamacare as it would save $1.4 trillion by 2012. No verbage in the plan calls for a total repeal of Obamacare, but the real details of the plan is still not known.. How could seniors affort that..  The simple answer is 'they can't'. His answer is to cut anything provision that would not contribute to cuts in Medicare funding. This would effectively cut health insurance coverage to 32 million Americans..  Is this guy on dope or what?

13) The Medicare Retirement eligibility age would jumpt from 65 to 67 in 2033.

The above 13 items are the 'meat and potatoes' of his budget proposal, but there are still so many details absent from this plan. What he doesn't tell you is something you really need to be scared of, let alone by what you already know. . The only interest he has is to cut the federal deficit. It definitely doesn't seem that he has health concerns of the elderly in mind. So how old is this know-it-all Congressman? How about 41. He was born in 1970, the year that I graduated from high school, yet he believes he knows what is better for me.

What are the chances of such a plan passing through the present Congress that can't agree on much of anything?   Not a chance in hell.  Instead, he and his fellow co-horts in Congress have decided to spend your money now on ideas that will not ever work. Where is the bi-partisanship here?  The answer is, none at all.
But with these idiotic ideas he is helping one thing... President Obama achieving his 2nd term in office.


U.S. to Continue to Assist NATO with Air Power for the Next Few Days

Monday, April 4, 2011

It now appears per NATO's request that the United States has agreed to a 48 hour extension of participating in coalition air strikes against known targets in Libya. The main reason for the extension is because some NATO leaders seem to believe that there is a stale-mate going on between Gadhafi and the NATO forces. The U.S. air strikes will be used to further soften Gadhafi. The raids will continue to target Gadhafi's troops and other sights until Tuesday. The United States will use the Air Force AC-130 gunships and A-10 Thunderbolts and The Marine Corps AV-88 Harriers. These aircraft are most accurate and deadly as far a accuracy and effect against targets. It seems that Gadhafi's luck is running low, and he should now be concerned for his own life, as military intelligence of the NATO forces is strong, and the air power is getting closer and closer to Gadhafi himself. As more and more of his own soldiers defect to the rebels, there may be a chance that Gadhafi will decide to step down. But in a statement by Gadhafi almost two weeks ago, he claims that he will fight to the death. Time will tell in this sea-saw battle between the rebels and Moammar Gadhafi.


According to U.S. Lawmakers - Gadhafi's Days are Numbered

According to the United States, The Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's days are numbered. The rebels have been having a strong effect against government troops loyal to Gadhafi. The rebels seem to be gaining ground as Gadhafi withdrew from an important coastal town of Brega on Sunday, after some very severe fighting. What is important about Brega is that it is one of the several oil ports along the Mediterranean Sea that has changed hands between the government and rebel forces since February.
Pressure seems to be mounting on Gadhafi. Gadhafi has given indications that he would like to talk, but the goal of the international coalition is to help the rebels remove Gadhafi from power. The rebels will go right to his hometown to do it, and without a doubt Gadhafi will put up a major stand to hold his ground.
Now it appears that troops loyal to Gadhafi have now defected, approximately 1,000 soldiers have not changed sides and now are fighting with the rebels. Pressures seem to be mounting on Gadhafi. From seized assets of at least $30 billion in the United States, to closing down oil exports, and his own ministers resigning, it is definitely noted that he has also lost control of the eastern part of his country. Now, his options seem to be very limited as far as his ability for long-term aspect in Libya.
Asked whether Libya's leader is a terrorist threat, Republican Representative Rogers said Mr. Gadhafi was a state sponsor of terrorism and still possess stockpiles of what he called "pretty awful stuff."  Rogers said the threat Mr. Gadhafi poses is one reason why he should not remain in power.
Back in 1987, it is a known fact that Gadhafi used chemical weapons in his fight against Chad back in 1987. He has a large chemical stockpile. As already noticed as far as U.S. involvement, NATO is now running the show in Libya, and the U.S. is taking a back seat in the aggressive fighting. The United States can provide jamming and advanced training for NATO forces who actually are fighting the war with the rebels on the ground. It is noted that the United States has refrained from putting U.S. troops on the ground in Libya.


Republicans Plan in UnVeil a Plan to Cut Medicaid Completely

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Republican led House plans to cut the 2012 budget to a tune of $1 Trillion from the Medicaid program, which provides health benefits to low-income Americans. The plan calls for no further enrollments with Medicaid starting 10 years from now starting in 2021. In its place with vouchers for private insurance. This new policy would not affect anyone 55 years  or older as of now. This plan will be formally unveiled on Tuesday, April 5th, 2011, by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan. The measure also will cut Corporate tax but also will eliminate corporation loopholes. According to the reports, this plan will not in any way touch Social Security.
Many may not know that another budget plan proposed by Ryan cut headed last hear with Alice Rivlin, who was the budget direct under Previous Democratic President Bill Clinton.
It's unclear how much from the Federal budget that the new bill would slash, but it is expected to be far more than the roughly $61 billion in spending cuts House Republicans passed in February. As if this were not enough of trimming funds to help balance the budget, it also calls for a permanent extension of all the BUsh-era tax cuts, which under a compromise with President Barack Obama were extended last year through 2012.
As you can witness here, the Republicans seem to have all the answers on how to balance the budget, but at the expense of senior citizens, so it seems. The proposed voucher program has only been speculated on, and no-one truly knows how it may benefit senior citizens, as it is supposed to be a lump sum amount of money from the government that would be calculated in part by taking the average federal cost per Medicare enrollee. Now isn't that just great?
To me, it is a mystery on how the Republicans plan on getting this bill past President Obama. If they try, then I think they will again witness on their failure to present a bill to the President that he would see reasonable and fair. President Obama will protect the senior citizens, and I highly doubt if he would ever sign such a bill. This is a case of a Republican led House just wasting their time spending American tax dollars preparing such a bill in an attempt to fraud the country with what they claim will be better for everyone. Maybe the senior citizens that will be affected from this cut should vote on it.  The Republican House may just have to wait until they can get a Republican President elected, as no doubt this would be one of the Republican campaign promises made to the citizens of the United States. Chances right now are that President Obama may get re-elected.
Instead of trying to push bills through that they do not have a chance for, maybe it would be best for them to spend the time to get a Republican candidate for President front and center right now and work on derailing the President from being elected in 2012. As it stands now, it may be not until 2016 until the Republicans could pass such a bold measure to cut Medicaid from the neediest of senior citizens.


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