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Republicans Plan in UnVeil a Plan to Cut Medicaid Completely

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Republican led House plans to cut the 2012 budget to a tune of $1 Trillion from the Medicaid program, which provides health benefits to low-income Americans. The plan calls for no further enrollments with Medicaid starting 10 years from now starting in 2021. In its place with vouchers for private insurance. This new policy would not affect anyone 55 years  or older as of now. This plan will be formally unveiled on Tuesday, April 5th, 2011, by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan. The measure also will cut Corporate tax but also will eliminate corporation loopholes. According to the reports, this plan will not in any way touch Social Security.
Many may not know that another budget plan proposed by Ryan cut headed last hear with Alice Rivlin, who was the budget direct under Previous Democratic President Bill Clinton.
It's unclear how much from the Federal budget that the new bill would slash, but it is expected to be far more than the roughly $61 billion in spending cuts House Republicans passed in February. As if this were not enough of trimming funds to help balance the budget, it also calls for a permanent extension of all the BUsh-era tax cuts, which under a compromise with President Barack Obama were extended last year through 2012.
As you can witness here, the Republicans seem to have all the answers on how to balance the budget, but at the expense of senior citizens, so it seems. The proposed voucher program has only been speculated on, and no-one truly knows how it may benefit senior citizens, as it is supposed to be a lump sum amount of money from the government that would be calculated in part by taking the average federal cost per Medicare enrollee. Now isn't that just great?
To me, it is a mystery on how the Republicans plan on getting this bill past President Obama. If they try, then I think they will again witness on their failure to present a bill to the President that he would see reasonable and fair. President Obama will protect the senior citizens, and I highly doubt if he would ever sign such a bill. This is a case of a Republican led House just wasting their time spending American tax dollars preparing such a bill in an attempt to fraud the country with what they claim will be better for everyone. Maybe the senior citizens that will be affected from this cut should vote on it.  The Republican House may just have to wait until they can get a Republican President elected, as no doubt this would be one of the Republican campaign promises made to the citizens of the United States. Chances right now are that President Obama may get re-elected.
Instead of trying to push bills through that they do not have a chance for, maybe it would be best for them to spend the time to get a Republican candidate for President front and center right now and work on derailing the President from being elected in 2012. As it stands now, it may be not until 2016 until the Republicans could pass such a bold measure to cut Medicaid from the neediest of senior citizens.


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