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A Special Blogger named 'SHENG'

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I've met many bloggers in my lifetime, and have crossed paths with them from time to time, but I just wanted to comment openly here about one special such blogger, a special lady who now lives in Australia. She is definitely a very most special person, and a wife to one of the most lucky men in the world. Her name is Sheng. She is a loving wife, and also a most special kind of mom to her son named Kaiden.
In her blog articles, you can sense a touch of very personal feeling, and also a longing sense of a Filipino woman who longs to be in her home country. Instead she has traveled the world, loyal to her husband. She claims that she is loved and blessed with her family, when in actuality, they are blessed to have her. She has traveled from the Philippines, lived in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and South East Asia, and now resides in the 'Land down Under' called Australia. In each case, she has followed her husband as a very loyal wife, putting aside her life for him. Isn't that exactly what married couples need to do, to set aside their lives for each other?  In each town that she calls home, she meets special people that she calls 'a friend'. What actually happens here is that unknowingly at first, the friends that she meets has just meet a person whom they will consider 'a special friend' or 'a best friend' in Sheng.
I would like to take this moment on this blog to congratulate 'Sheng' for being the special person that she is. She is a model that all women should follow.


Reader Response to Article ' Commentary - Obama Health issue is Nutty '

AnonymousAs promised to my readers of this blog, I would openly publish any comment made on any article that I deemed as very thought provoking and well written. The following comment, made by a reader that calls himself  'Anonymous', has stated his view and has provided other links to prove his statement as fact, concerning his view regarding President Obama's birth certificate.  The following comment is very thought provoking and is well written, hence the reason why it is appearing here at this time.  

A special thanks go out to 'Anonymous' for his comment on the article titled  'Commentary - Obama Health issue is Nutty'
Anonymous said...
Every blogger/commenter who feels that there are no issues with Obama's eligibility all raise one issue, over and over again: "" staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate. We conclude that it meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship. Claims that the document lacks a raised seal or a signature are false." FactCheck took a look at a certificate of live birth issued by the state of Hawaii. The certificate of live birth says, right on it, that it constitutes "prima facie" evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii. Does anyone out there other than lawyers understand what "prima facie" evidence means? It means that it creates a rebuttable presumption that Obama was born in Hawaii - it does NOT constitute irrefutable evidence that he was born in Hawaii. In a court of law, if an attorney is presented with prima facie evidence by the other side, the attorney marshalls evidence to rebut the rebuttable presumption, i.e., to prove otherwise. This whole meme out there that the certificate of live birth constitutes "proof" of anything is the "big lie" that the media keeps repeating. Go ahead - check it out:


Obama seems 'un-stoppable' with his campaign promises, now to include Health Care Reform

The following article is the 'Opinion of the Editor' James

Amidst all the issues of the day, one outlying fact still remains. The so called 'right-wing' Republican party still does not have a truly valid leader that could compete with Barack Obama in the re-election year of 2012. In a CNN report, a prior candidate who never even made it to the RNC, Rudy Giuliani told reporters that what the Republicans need to do is focus on Obama's "left wing" policies. In an attempt to do just that, officials from the left to include one of the most prominent people that may run against President Obama in 2012, Governor Bobby Jindal from Louisiana appeared on 'Larry King Live' and talked about the current issues and the state of the economy in contrast to how President Obama sees the progress.
It is true that the economy does appear to have turned around as many indicators may show, but the facts are that until everyone who lost their job within the last 2 years gets to find another one and starts working again, this country will never be where it was prior to the economic meltdown of 2008 and 2009. The Governor was quick to point out that some of the jobs that have been created by the funds made available in Obama's stimulus bill in 2009 will not exist in a year from now. Many of the jobs founded since Obama's election have been part-time jobs.
Watching the news on TV yesterday, some of these people that now have jobs, whether they are part time or not, are so very thankful to Obama, and truly believe that if it was not for the funds that were made available for job seekers that would also help train these people, then they most likely would still be out on the street.
The republicans cannot deny that fact, as much as they would like too. But President Obama is now nearing his 200th day as President of the United States, and is moving with lightning speed, and the Republicans cannot keep up. Why they complain about the economic stimulus and the job situation, President Obama is about the pass a monumental health care reform bill, something that one of the prior Democratic Presidents, Bill Clinton was unable to do. President Obama did hit kind of a stumbling block at the moment, but he already has most of 'his ducks in order' as the Congress will now take a summer break, and then return in September. Obama was hoping for passage of his health care reform bill in July, but now it will not happen. There was lots of criticism over the bill, as members of Congress have decided that they wanted to truly read this bill before signing off on it, along with many issues with the bill that are debatable. As expected, President Obama did receive opposition from the conservative democrats, but in a last minute push to get the bill back on track, President Obama made a series of Town hall meetings and took his plan right to the public. The meetings were an over-whelming success. Prior to the summer break the Congress will take in August, many of the conservative Democrats now claim that they will now vote for the health plan.
This notion that a bill will actually pass is a 'red flag' for the Republican party, because if Obama was to get this bill passed prior to the beginning of 2010, then most likely they would not have anything to stop him from winning his re-election in 2012. Obama is coming true to one of his campaign promises, and that was to provide health care reform to the citizens of this country, so that everyone can acquire affordable health  care.


Commentary - Obama birth issue is nutty

Saturday, July 25, 2009

By Roland S. Martin
CNN Contributor

Editor's note: A nationally syndicated columnist, Roland S. Martin is the author of "Listening to the Spirit Within: 50 Perspectives on Faith" and "Speak, Brother! A Black Man's View of America." Visit his Web site for more information.

Roland S. Martin says issue of Obama's birth certificate is being pushed by conspiracy theorists.

(CNN) -- The YouTube video of an out-of-control woman yelling and screaming at Republican Congressman Mike Castle's town hall meeting in Delaware, demanding to see the birth certificate of President Barack Obama, is utterly hilarious.

To watch others cheer her insanity, and then boo the congressman who says the president is an American, shows you that we have a serious problem with mental illness in this country.

The nut jobs that continue to promote this story are wacky, right-wing radio and TV talk shows hosts and no-credibility bloggers. They have latched onto this story like bloodsucking leeches, and actually want us to believe this story has legs.

Last week, in a suit filed by perennial presidential loser, Alan Keyes, they even tried to claim a court victory after a federal district judge in California asked to listen to the merits of their case. I'm sure he simply wanted to see for himself how delusional they are.

From the moment President Obama entered the race, he has had to endure the so-called flag-waving American patriots who think they are the arbiters of what's right for the country. What cracks me up is that in order to justify their loony beliefs, they say, "The president could just end this once and for all by producing the birth certificate."
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* In Depth: Commentaries

Do you actually believe these wackos will stop there? They will then accuse the president of doctoring the document and ordering up the state of Hawaii and federal officials to create the birth certificate.

The next thing you know, one of those nut job right-wingers in Congress -- and yes, there are left-wing nut jobs as well -- will demand a federal investigation into the production of the birth certificate.

During the presidential campaign last year, the issue of whether Barack Obama was a "natural born citizen" legally qualified to be president was scrutinized by reporters and researchers who concluded that Obama was born in the United States.

For example, in August, 2008, published the following: " staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate. We conclude that it meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship. Claims that the document lacks a raised seal or a signature are false."

President Obama is right to ignore these losers. They are right up there with Holocaust deniers like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the people who insist that the landing on the moon was done in a television studio.

Conspiracy theorists are everywhere. It's just that today, we have to deal with the Internet and all the mess that is disseminated in the name of so-called transparency.

So nut jobs, keep it coming. In such difficult times, we all need a good laugh every now and then, and you provide great comic fodder.


House Democrats divided on President Obama's Health Care Plan

As expected, negotiations broke down mainly because the Congress now wants to look allot more closely on the proposed Health Care Plan. House Democrats are openly speaking that internal negotiations have failed, so now is the time to take a closer look at the issues. Henry Waxman, the House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman will continue to speak to members of the Blue Dog coalition, fiscal conservatives that are stalling on the bill, but he also make it clear that he intends to move forward with the legislation. He is willing to bypass a committee vote if necessary and take the bill directly to the House floor for a final vote. But I highly doubt that this will take place. Without support of the fiscal conservative democrats, the bill will most likely fail, according to Arkansas Rep. Mike Ross, who is a member of the Blue Dog coalition. President Obama will continue to sell his plan to the Congress, and push the issue in front of the public. The coalition is mainly against government-funded public health insurance and the cost of the plan - $1 trillion. Only one out of ten items of question in the health reform bill have been addressed. Senate Speaker Nancy Pelosi believes that she has enough votes to get it through in the Senate, but many other people disagree. Regardless, the vote will not take place until the August summer break. God forbid if Congress was to miss their vacation. After all, the health plan is not that important. Right? Of course it is important, and President Obama is accepting a delay as long as the Congress keeps working on passing a bill.


Obama on Health Care Reform: This isn’t about me. This isn’t about politics.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Well, the gloves are off. The Obama administration is not going to let the Republicans or media control the debate on health care reform. Here he is at the Childrens National Medical Center talking about getting legislation passed and taking a certain Senator (Demint) to task for his comments last week:


President Obama’s press conference addresses health care, Gates arrest

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The President gives a conference yesterday to promote plans for health-care reform

Natalie Custodio

On July 22, 2009, President Obama hosted a prime-time televised press conference in an effort to discuss his plans for health-care reform.

He fielded various questions from reporters at the White House about his plans to universalize health care in the United States, citing it as “the driving force behind the national deficit,” according to National Public Radio

He opened with a report on progress from the White House so far, explaining the impact of the Recovery Act and its work with helping families and small business owners with tax breaks in order to keep them afloat.

Obama then announced that the public should not be discouraged, that although the country isn’t ideally back where we need to be, we are on track to total recovery.

He even left the press conference on a glimmer of hope with a gem of honesty, saying that “new hiring is always one of the last things to bounce back after a recession,” according to transcripts.

The President is utilizing his recent public appearances as a way to clarify his plans, citing both the problems with current health-care (expensive, difficult to obtain, often unreliable to hold on to) and then following up with a solution (universal health-care). As momentum for his plans pick up, so does flack from his opponents

He hasn’t had much support from his constituents in Washington D.C., and many conservative figures are busy doubting his abilities altogether.

House Republican Eric Cantor told MSNBC that, “What I heard last night was a president that seems somewhat frustrated that people do not understand what this government health-care plan is all about.”

Though not everyone is against him here.

Recent polls taken show a 50% support rate in favor of Obama’s reform, but a close 43% against it. (The other 7% were indifferent or could not be surveyed) Some conservatives are even giving their own approval rates.

Louisianna Governor Bobby Jindal (a leading Republican figure) also told MSNBC “You listen to what the President said. He said he does not want to increase the deficit, does not want government control of healthcare. He wants people to keep their insurance. He wants to crack down on the abuse…All that’s great, the problem is, that’s not what’s in the House Democrat bill.”

President Obama also made an unexpected dig at Cambridge, Mass. Police in response to a question about the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates.

Gates was arrested by police after forcefully entering his own home. The charges were later dropped, but when the President was posed with the question of his opinion, he commented on Gates’ arrest in relation to race saying, “...there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. That’s just a fact.”

Gates is of African-American descent.

Our Take:

President Obama came along at a very unstable time for the United States, not only economically, but nationally as well. He may experience quite a bit of flack for his ideals and changes, mainly because we are a nation set in our ways. As evidenced by the Harvard professor’s arrest, certain stigmas and fears will never disappear, regardless of who is in office or what progress is being made.


Obama Special Press Conference on Health Care Reform 7/22/09

Below are questions at a Press Conference to Barack Obama about Health Care Reform. The President felt that due to the overwhelming opposition to his plan, that he face his critics and explain it in a deeper sense.


Senior Health Care - Almost non-existant in some cases - Congress won't act

President Obama talks about health care, and wants to pass a health care reform bill by the end of this year. Obama originally wanted to have a bill passed before the congress takes a break this summer, but now will most likely not happen until after the break in the fall. People in Congress seem to want to go with the 'status quo' here, thinking that what they have is good enough. I truly believe that most of the congressmen believe that a new plan is desperately needed, but the Republicans along with Conservative Democrats seem to believe that stopping this bill can hurt President Obama, and be his "waterloo". Who are they kidding? Who gets hurt here are all the people who cannot afford health care.
The rich are so worried that they will be paying for the brunt of the health care costs. It is true that they will be taxed more. Obama plans on taxing the rich, the people who can actually afford paying higher taxes. Can he tax the poor? If he could, then maybe these Americans that cannot afford health care at the present costs can afford the care. But the fact is that they cannot afford it.
It is very difficult for seniors to afford health care, such as dental care for example, when all they have is Medicare, no Medicaid, and no way to get into an Advantage program. For example, my mother receives a monthly social security check just slightly below $1,000, but does not qualify for an Advantage program, because she is a dialysis patient. Does that make any sense. So what does this mean. She cannot qualify for any dental assistance for example. A recent expense for her dental, just to pull 4 teeth at age 79, was approximately $2,000 for just about 1 hour of service.
This kind of treatment is disheartening, especially to seniors who cannot afford to pay these high medical bills. Having 'end stage renal disease' makes you not qualify for any dental care? How does a kidney issue reflect on dental coverage?
President Obama wants to pass a bill that would suit all Americans but does this include my mom? The members of Congress are some of the richest people in this country, and they do not want to be taxed more. They do not want to help the people who can't help themselves.
How would mom get dental work done without the help of her family. She just wouldn't except maybe in a free clinic somewhere. Unfortunately, even the free clinics wouldn't preform oral surgery that mom needed to extract just 4 teeth, with the amount payable before the surgery was rendered. 


President Obama pushing HARD for his Health Care Reform Bill - but meeting lots of Resistance

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

During the Clinton Administration, President Clinton tried to pass a health care reform package. Why did he try to do it. The answer is simple. This country needs it. There are just too many people that cannot afford the coverage. But the answer always seems to be to tax the rich. With a $1 Trillion price tag this go around, and it's a bill that would require allot of work to get such a bill passed. That is the reason why President Obama is taking this issue directly to the people. Now why does he have to do that?  Well this time around, he doesn't even have a majority of democratic support, let alone enough bi-partisan support. The health care reform bill is weighed down with complex problems, and this bill can be one of the most important bills to be sent to his desk for signature. But in this case, it could be one of the most important bills not to reach his desk, unless he gets democrats and republicans alike to sign off on his health care reform plan.
President Obama knows that if he cannot get a majority of democratic support, his plan would be all but doomed. This would be a disaster for President Obama.
President Obama promised that he would get a health care reform bill passed this year, but if it fails, it most likely will get shelved for a long time, just like it did during the President Clinton administration. President Obama is putting his future career on the line here with this bill. The conservatives want to do everything possible to get him pushed out of office, but in this case I think that they still wouldn't have enough muster to get him out. Many people from the left may abandon him also after the failed vote on health care reform, but there should still be enough followers to keep him afloat, even to push him through to his next term.
But don't underestimate the importance of passing this bill in his eyes. He knows that if it does not pass, not only will he have a very difficult time in getting another health care reform bill sent to Congress this year or next year for that matter, he would then loose allot of support for future bills that he wants to put through Congress. His popularity level is going down, but with the failure of the Health Care reform bill, President Obama's popularity most likely will continue to sag. But just remember, he is not even through his first year as President. Do you think that the failure of this bill will kill his desire to pass other measures through Congress. Personally, I think not. He is not afraid to take chances and take his message to the people if he has too. And what better person is there to be a communicator to the people than President Obama. The American people hasn't seen anything like him since the days of the famous communicator Ronald Reagan. President Obama is not a quitter. One of the things he must do, especially since he may loose the health care bill, is to re-win over the conservative Democrats, somewhere totaling near 40. These are the Democrats that can kill any bill they want to kill, and side with the Conservative party on issues as they desire.
When you stop and think about it, President Obama to date has not lost any large bill that he wanted passed. There will be other major trials to come his way as far as new legislation goes, and he has at least 3 1/2 more years to test his Congress. In 2012, the real test will be to see who will run against him, and whether he would desire to re-run for President. As I said, he is not a quitter, and I feel confident that he will run again, regardless of what results are claimed for the health care reform bill.


Truth-O-Meter Political scorecard

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20, 2009
Posted: 06:43 AM ET
Editor’s Note: is a project of the St. Petersburg Times that aims to help you find the truth in politics. Every day, reporters and researchers from the Times examine statements by members of Congress, the president, etc. They research their statements and then rate the accuracy on their Truth-O-Meter.

At 6-month mark, Obama has long to-do list

President Obama after six months: 32 promises kept, 7 broken and 300-plus still to work on - according to
President Obama after six months: 32 promises kept, 7 broken and 300-plus still to work on – according to
By Bill Adair –
At the six-month mark of his presidency, Barack Obama has made progress on some of his biggest campaign promises. Of the Top 25 we’re tracking with our Obameter, we’ve rated two as Promise Kept, one as a Compromise and 10 as In the Works. (The rest: one earned a Promise Broken, one Stalled and 10 No Action.)
But when you step back and look at all 515 promises that we’re tracking, it’s clear that Obama still has a huge to-do list: Of the 515, we’ve rated 32 Kept, seven Broken and 10 Compromise. A whopping 376 are still rated No Action.
Monday (July 20, 2009) will be six months since Obama took the oath of office. He has wrestled with the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression, but as we noted in February, he used the crisis as an opportunity to fullfill many of his campaign promises through the $787 billion economic stimulus bill.
Keep reading this story »
Health care reform bill jolts the Obameter
President Barack Obama talks about health care at the White House on July 17, 2009 in Washington, DC.
President Barack Obama talks about health care at the White House on July 17, 2009 in Washington, DC.
By Angie Drobnic Holan –
We’ve heard lots of talk about health care reform over the past few months, but this week we got the actual bill to look at. On Tuesday, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced major legislation to overhaul the nation’s health care system. The 1,000-plus page bill, called America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, includes most of President Barack Obama’s key proposals on health reform.
That kicked off a flurry of activity on our Obameter. We moved 10 of the president’s campaign promises from No Action to In the Works. We’ll likely find a few more to move as the legislation works its way through the process.
Obameter says: IN THE WORKS
Promise Broken
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Bennett says stimulus is spending too much on road signs promoting stimulus
Sen. Robert Bennett (R-UT) speaks during a news conference on the economic stimulus package on Capitol Hill January 29, 2009 in Washington, DC.
Sen. Robert Bennett (R-UT) speaks during a news conference on the economic stimulus package on Capitol Hill January 29, 2009 in Washington, DC.
“The Obama administration has spent millions of taxpayer dollars for roadside signs to tout the economic stimulus.” Robert Bennett on Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 in a news release.
The Truth-O-Meter Says: HALF TRUE
Read more: Signs, signs, everywhere a sign »


President Obama continues to fight for his Health Care Program

President Obama is having his toughest test yet as president who will fight to get his health care program approved. But Obama is now facing Democratic and Republican critics alike. Obama does not plan to back down, and now is planing another speech to the country to promote his health care program. He feels that the timetable needed for passage is very tight, but the legislation he is trying to pass is going under extreme criticism by many politicians. Meanwhile, President Obama's approval rating on how he is handling the economy and health care is dwindling. Obama does to seem moved about his approval ratings on a downward turn. He claims "We can't afford the politics of delay and defeat when it comes to health care," and also says "There are too many lives and livelihoods at stake." He also claims,"This isn't about me. This isn't about politics. It is about a health care system that is breaking American families."
Now he has a big heart, no doubt. Many are now questioning his ablity to get the issue resolved in the way he claims will work. The economy is still in an economic downturn, but there are signs that the economy may bounce back, but at what cost. What is known is that the cost will be higher than ever thought by any government official, including the President of the United States. Details as to the scope on health care and the economy will continue to come in, and will be reported as they happen right here on this website.


U.S. soldier captured by Taliban: 'I'm afraid'

Sunday, July 19, 2009

(CNN) -- A United States soldier captured by the Taliban says in a video posted on the Internet he is "scared I won't be able to go home."

Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl shown here in a video made by his captors, members of the Taliban.
Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl shown here in a video made by his captors, members of the Taliban.
The soldier was identified Sunday by the Pentagon as Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23, of Ketchum, Idaho. He was captured June 30 from Paktika province in southeastern Afghanistan.
The Taliban has threatened to kill Bergdahl if foreign troops continue targeting civilians in the name of search operations in Ghazni and Paktika province, Taliban commander Mulvi Sangeen said by telephone Friday after being contacted by CNN at an undisclosed location.
NATO-led forces in Afghanistan and the U.S. military have repeatedly denied targeting civilians.
In the 28-minute video, Bergdahl becomes emotional when he speaks of his family -- his parents, siblings, nieces and nephew -- and the girlfriend he hopes to marry.
"I have a very, very good family that I love back home in America, and I miss them every day that I'm gone," he says. "I miss them and I'm afraid I might never see them again and that I'll never be able to tell them I love them again. I'll never be able to hug them."
He adds that he is "scared. I'm scared I won't be able to go home. It is very unnerving to be a prisoner." However, he says his captors are treating him "like a guest."
It was not clear whether some or all of Bergdahl's remarks were scripted by his captors.

Video Watch excerpt from the video »
The last few minutes of the video show him eating a meal.
In a statement released Sunday through the Idaho National Guard, Bergdahl's family said, "We hope and pray for our son's safe return to his comrades and then to our family, and we appreciate all the support and expressions of sympathy shown to us by our family members, our friends and others across the nation. Thank you, and please continue to keep Bowe in your thoughts and prayers."
Asked by his captors if he had any message for Americans, the soldier says, "To my fellow Americans who have loved ones over here, who know what it's like to miss them, you have the power to make our government bring them home. Please, please bring us home so we can be back where we belong and not over here."
The Taliban earlier claimed responsibility for Bergdahl's kidnapping, the military said. Last week, the U.S. military distributed pamphlets in eastern Afghanistan in an effort to locate him.
"As you can see, the American soldier is in good shape and good health, and he is being treated well based on the guidelines of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding war prisoners," said a statement on Islamist Web sites accompanying the video. "Any decision regarding the American soldier will be the specialty of the high order of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, may God protect him."
The military said it believed Bergdahl may have been moved to various locations. In the video, he claims to have been moved from Paktika province to Khandahar, but that claim could not be verified. Asked the date, he says it is July 14.
Two versions of the pamphlets were distributed in Afghanistan, written in the Pashto language. They were made available to CNN by U.S. Forces Afghanistan.
One shows the image of an American soldier shaking hands in a group of kids with the message, "One of our American guests is missing. Return the guest to his home. Call us at" -- and lists a phone number.
The other shows a U.S. soldier kicking down a door, and then an outstretched hand with the superimposed image of a soldier, his head and arms drooping, and the words, "If you do not release the U.S. soldier then ... you will be hunted," the pamphlet says.
Days after Bergdahl went missing, a senior U.S. military official said Bergdahl and the Afghan soldiers were captured by low-level militants and then quickly "sold" to the clan and network led by warlord Siraj Haqqani -- believed to be deeply involved in the action.
The Haqqani clan operates on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistani border and is well known to the U.S. military.
Bergdahl apparently left his small outpost on his own on June 30 with no apparent means of defending himself, the official said. Taliban commander Mulvi Sangeen said he visited a military post in the Yousaf Khel district in the Paktika province, got drunk, and was ambushed while returning to his car.
Sangeen said the soldier was taken to a safe place. CNN could not independently verify Sangeen's claims.
A source with the U.S. military denied the claim that Bergdahl was drunk. "The Taliban are known for lying and what they are claiming (is) not true," the source said.
In the video, Bergdahl says he was captured as he was lagging behind a patrol.
Bergdahl is not a National Guardsman, according to the Idaho National Guard statement, but the organization said it was coordinating with the Department of Defense to provide public affairs duties and other assistance to the Bergdahl family. The family has requested privacy, the statement said.


Extremely Poor Customer Service at McDonald's in Balch Springs, Texas

This week has been a very dismal week as far as services rendered are concerned for my family. Just recently, I had reported an issue with a home health care company called Attentive-PrimeCare.

This evening, I decided to take a break from writing on this blog, and tend to other chores around the house, and around 10:55PM, I left the house to pick up my wife from her place of employment. When I had arrived, she told me that she was sorry that she didn't call, and that it would be nice that I went to one of the fast food establishments in Balch Springs, Texas to get her a snack as she was going to put in another 8 hours of work because of a no-show at work for the midnight shift. I don't know why, but I chose McDonald's.

At this time of night, at approximately 11:10PM, the lobby was closed, and the only way to get food was thru the drive-in. The line going to the speakerphone where you order the food was long. There were 5 cars ahead of me. So I was already convinced that I would be spending some time getting this food but it was my decision to stay in the line. But what happened from the time that I ordered the food, approximately 15 minutes after I entered the line was almost unimaginable.

Now try to imagine this. It took another 10-15 minutes to get to the window to pay for the food, and at the same window, I waited between 10-15 minutes, before I was told that it would be best for me to drive around, get in line again and when I reached the window, my food would be ready. I told the teller at the window that I didn't want to get back in line, that I would wait up front and asked them to bring my food out to me. The lady at the window agreed. I waited another 5 minutes. So do the math. Almost 50 minutes to get a single order of food. The order was a #11, a chicken select combo meal. While I was at the window, people were blowing their horns because they were also getting impatient.The system to provide good fast food service at the drive thru window at this McDonald's is broken. After waiting 5 minutes in front of the building, I then became very impatient, stepped out of my car, and pounded on the window with my key. A man immediately showed up at the door with my order. A few words were exchanged. His tone was very respectful, but I must honestly say that I wasn't so kind. I did speak to him with a raised voice. I told him that the customer service that I had just received was very poor. I had ordered only one single order.  I told him I wanted to speak to the manager, and then he told me that he was the manager. I told him that I needed to speak to his boss, so with my order still in his hands, he went back inside the establishment, and wrote down what is supposed to be his bosses phone number on a piece of scrap paper. There was no readable name on the piece of paper, just a number that I could almost not even read. So I have elected to travel to this McDonald's in the morning and I will find out who the senior manager is and explain to him what I had experienced tonight.

By the way, after all of this, the fries were cold, the coffee I had received almost 20 minutes earlier was also cold. No plastic ware was included in the bag, and all in all it was just one bad experience. Meanwhile my poor wife waited and waited.

  If my company gave the same kind of customer service that this McDonald's gave to me, my company would be heading out of business. Customer service is very crucial in a fast food business, and I'm sure that a food chain as big as McDonald's would not normally give this kind of service. So I'm putting this local establishment on notice with this article, and I will make sure that McDonald's will hear about this incident on a national level. In fairness to McDonald's, I will report on this blog anything that they do to try to resolve this issue with me. I will give credit to them when credit is do.


Health-care 'reform' raises serious issues

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009
By H.L. Schneider Jr. 
Here are excerpts from a letter sent July 11 to U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson regarding health care reform:
Please. I beg you and your fellow representatives to take your time and give due diligence with respect to proposed health-care reform legislation. The decisions you make will have the potential to bankrupt the country and forever change the political landscape. A public option (son of Medicare) would have enormous consequences, not to mention the cost to taxpayers and the country. I fear many providers (physicians) might retire, productivity would drop and work satisfaction might be negatively affected. Make sure the cure is not worse than the disease.
What is really meant by "reform"? Is it the need to insure every American? The need to cut the per-capita expenditure for health care? Both? The 42 million to 50 million uninsured includes about 8 million illegal aliens. Some proposals do not cover this group. These individuals get care through the emergency medical system where they cannot be turned away.
I get the impression that emphasis is put on the coverage of all Americans and we'll worry about costs later. In reality, cost is the real problem.
If the government creates a Medicare clone, I fear it would eventually force private-sector companies out of business. There are more than 1,500 insurance plans available nationwide. Should we overhaul the system for the 15 percent who do not have health insurance, or is this a ruse so that eventually the U.S. moves to a national health-care system monitored and paid for by taxpayers?
The private sector competing with the government is like playing football and the opposing team is both player and referee. Government subsidies and tax credits will allow negotiation with suppliers not available to the private sector.
The government is great at hiding the true cost of running a business. The public option will not have to make a profit to stay in business, similar to the U.S. Postal Service or Amtrak.
Will our elected representatives and senators require the legislative, judicial and executive branches, as well as all federal employees, to use the public option before it is forced on the people they represent?
Medicine has never been a free-market enterprise. If you participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, balance billing is forbidden. What most people do not know is that the difference between the billed charges and the amount Medicare pays is the Medicare adjustment or write-off, not a loss or tax deduction for the physician. When I entered the field gastroenterology, the physician fee for a diagnostic upper endoscopy was reimbursed about $340 from Medicare. Today that same procedure is reimbursed at around $110. In my 20-plus years of medical practice my cost of keeping a clinic open has increased yearly, yet payment for services has not increased proportionately or in some cases has not increased at all due to contractual arrangements.
Cost is probably the meat on the chopping block. It is true that the U.S. spends more per capita on health care than any other country. With innovation and research come new medicines, new treatment guidelines and new equipment or devices. These improvements result in a longer life span, the ability to work and less pain and, in many cases, avoid surgery or allow for a less invasive form of surgery. Several nemeses play a significant role in medical cost, such as chronic illnesses for which there is no cure but improved treatment, the noncompliant patient and one's responsibility for self. A significant portion of health-care dollars are confined to four chronic conditions: diabetes, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease. How will reform address patient responsibility?
The current administration would like for you to believe there is significant waste within the health-care system. The operational nature of our current system accounts for a significant amount of U.S. health-care cost. The largest area for spending appears to be administration. Hospital care is also a significant expense. Technology can be a blessing or a problem. Technologies in some cases outpace our ability to evaluate them. Coverage for using these technologies normally is based on evidence that they work, not on cost-effectiveness criteria.
Ultimately, the goal is to spend less per capita, and I fear that one way this can occur is to ration care, control access and decrease availability of care. The other method is flat-out cost control across the board, or caps on total costs.
You cannot expand care for 40 million people plus improve quality and rein in costs. All Americans must remember one thing: The government that can give you everything is the government that can take everything -- and, with government-run health care, even your life.

H.L. Schneider Jr. is a Cape Girardeau gastroenterologist who has served on the Blue Cross Blue Shield adviser board for best practices and was a reviewer for the Texas Medical Foundation.


Michelle Obama's prom date describes their high school romance

The first boyfriend of Michelle Obama has provided new insights into the First Lady, not to mention a prom night photograph of her in a satin dress with plunging neckline and a high slit.


ATTENTIVE-PRIMECARE Home-Health Care - or the lack of - from a provider that was a 'NO-SHOW'

 A factual story from the editor of  'Obama in the White House' blog

With health care being a very hot topic in Washington today, some of the stories that you may hear regarding current home health care can be very alarming. Below is a personal home health care experience that is directly affecting my mother, who desperately needs good, reliable home health care.

Recently, I dismissed a home health care agency called ATTENTIVE-PRIMECARE, because the therapists did not show up on a regular basis. This is unfortunate, because as I just mentioned,my mother at age 79, is in desperate need of good, reliable health care at home. Their responsibility was to provide physical therapy, occupational therapy and nursing care at home. I can honestly say that the nursing staff that ATTENTIVE-PRIMECARE uses is A-1, and I am sorry to see them not return. So why then did I dismiss this home health care agency.
To put the issue in a nutshell, their therapists did not arrive to take care of my mother as they should on a regular basis. This was the major reason I hired them in the first place. The issue began with an occupational therapist named Leslie, who appeared to be one of the best occupational therapists my mother has ever had. She was extremely knowledgeable, caring, sincere at her job and a perfect match for my mom. Unfortunately, one day she told me that that do to some other circumstance, that she would not be able to take care of mom anymore. To me at the time, that was understandable, as she told me that she would make sure that another therapist was assigned to my moms case. Leslie's last visit was February 20th, 2009, and I called the ATTENTIVE-PRIMECARE office several times asking them to re-assign another person to take Leslie's place. on May 18th, 2009, it was again documented in a flow chart kept at our home, that I had requested that someone come out and re-evaluate my mother for Occupational therapy.Finally after the re-evaluation, another therapist was assigned.
I thought my problems were over, because now mom had a steady nurse to visit her each week, an occupational therapist, and a physical therapist. So what do you think happened next. At the end of of May, the Physical therapist stopped showing up. I was patient for 2 months, and did not get a response from ATTENTIVE-PRIMECARE during that time, even when I had asked the nurse and the occupational therapist to tell the agency to please send another Physical therapist. No-one ever showed, so finally on July 15th, I told  ATTENTIVE-PRIMECARE that I no longer needed their services, because as far as I was concerned, they were not providing a service that I could live with. I thought they would dispute my claim, and at least call me back, but they never did. Basically, they just did not care.
They were recommended by the Baylor Hospital system in Garland, Texas, as my mother has been a frequent patient of the hospital.
 What is upsetting about all this, these heath care agencies get paid directly from my mothers Medicare benefits, and they most likely have been collecting their money whether they show up or not. For example, they were relieved of their services this week, as only the Occupational therapist showed up on Wednesday the 15th, just within an hour or so after my mother returned from receiving dental surgery. Of course she was in no mood and no condition to accept any kind of therapy, as she was in pain, and still very sluggish from the anestesia she received prior to the surgery. Obviously nothing was done, but I was to sign paperwork that the occupational therapist has me sign each time that they visit. Medicare had to pay for a visit where no services were rendered. But, I had failed to call the therapist prior to her scheduled arrival time that day to inform her that her services were not needed. I didn't have to worry about the Physical therapist, because I still didn't have one assigned. I then immediately called the company that day on July 15, 2009, and informed them that I no longer needed their services. I also called the Nurse and Occupational therapist that I was not dealing with ATTENTIVE-PRIMECARE any longer. I have the documentation to prove my claim as the logs will prove as to what I am saying is true.
Now this is unfortunate. I will again search and find another agency to take care of mom. She will have to be re-evaluated before the therapists will show up. There seems to always be a continued delay with the home health care system. I hope President Obama weeds out the companies such as ATTENTIVE-PRIMECARE from providing such unjust services to seniors, who live day to day in some cases, and is the case of my mom. It is very difficult for me to understand why home care services are so difficult to receive.

If any readers have any stories to tell about their home health care agencies, I would be glad to post that story here, as long as there was factual information supplied.  Also, if anyone could recommend any good reliable home health care agencies in the Dallas Texas area that I may be able to use, please send me a comment to this article.


Walter Kronkite dies at age 92 at his home

At the age of 92 the most famous CBS evening news anchor dies at his home in New York in the presence of his family. In news coverage of his death, the reports about Walter Cronkite became the hottest news topic since the death of Michael Jackson. He was known for presenting the facts and figures, a stickler of accuracy and honesty. He was a very humble man, born in the year 1916. He covered all the major events in the country since the beginning of the 1960's,and was forced to retire in 1981 at the mandatory retirement age of 65 at CBS news. He became the most trusted man in the news in 1972, long before the modern reporting means such as cable TV, CNN, MSNBC,
1972, the most trusted man in America.
1981, steps down as news anchor.
he reported news such as the Kennedy assignation, men landing on the moon,,  the Watergate affair,the resignation of President Nixon, and the announcement of Nixon's vice-president now becoming the new  President; the assassination of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. He was a frequent visitor of several Presidents in the White House. He was a student of history; he made people understand him. He was the most down to earth reporter of all time. He was Walter Cronkite, and every news reporter strives to be like him. His replacement, Dan Rather called him a 'living legend' and says 'he defined the role of network anchor', and the present CBS news anchor Katie Couric echos the same sentiments of Walter Kronkite. President Obama called him family, and claims that he will be truly missed. Below is a recent picture just before his health faded just before he died.


Obama Speaks at the 100th Aniversary of the NAACP

In a speech below, President Obama gave a very lifting speech on a night that marked 100 years of the existance of the NAACP. Watch the speech in its entirety.


The State of the Obama Presidency - Polls going down as expected

Friday, July 17, 2009

Opinion of the Editor 'James' of Obama in the White House blog

 The Obama presidency will be judged on what is accomplished, especially heading into the re-election of the president in 2012. But now, the latest polls indicate that President Obama now has an approval rating below 60 percent. The CNN Poll of Polls now show 57% of Americans surveyed approve of the job Obama's doing as president and 36% disapprove of his job as President. Since June, it dropped 5 %, as of that time his approval rating was 62 percent. As stated in earlier articles about the success of Barack Obama's presidency, the main issue that he will be facing for re-election will be the state of the economy. Already, the public's perception of how he is handle the economy is becoming a major issue. As if that may be not enough for President Obama to handle, he now is trying to push through his health care plan,which also will tax the richest of all people, the top 1%, people making over $280,000 and up, even higher if you make more,  and it seems that he is having problems with that. Conservative Senator democrats, a total of 40, are questioning his plan. Another issue is unemployment. Unemployment is nearing 10%.. Sixteen states have unemployment over 10%. Michigan has unemployment above 15%. Confidence is dropping.. 53% believe that President Obama has a clear plan to bring back employment, down from 64% at the beginning of his presidency.
Another issue that keeps coming up is the stimulus money that was so urgently needed just a few months ago. The problem is that most of the money has not even been spent. So why the rush.
The stimulus money definitly helped the banks get out of trouble, and also helps automakers, but people are still not able to borrow money from the banks, as it is still very difficult to acquire a loan. But in retrospect, now that the banks are able to operate with a little more ease and can give loans, construction for new homes is now up by 3.7 percent in June, mainly because people purchasing homes can benefit from the eight thousand dollar first time buyer bonus. But there is a hitch to that. If you owned a home within the last 3 years, you do not qualify. If you do qualify, you must buy before January 2010.
Now it's time to give President Obama credit. It may be too soon to determine how he is doing regarding the economy, employment, housing, and other key issues. But at least he is facing the problems head on, and is putting his future career as a re-elected president in 2012 at risk. His actions will determine his fate. If jobs are created, if the economy returns, if most people gain a health care plan, then he most likely he will get re-elected, regardless of what the conservatives or Republicans say.  Unlike another most recent past president Bush, Obama is tackling the issues here at home and is working for the people, not just trying to manage a war in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Obama to Speak at an NAACP outing on their 100th Anniversary

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today marks the 100th Anniversary of the birth of the NAACP, and whoever can be more fitting to give a speech before the annual convention tonight in New york, besides President Obama? Actually noone, as this day marks the 100th year anniversary of the NAACP with the first black President, Barack Obama. In contrast to our prior president Bush, our prior president declined repeated invitations by the NAACP for 5 years in a row. I guess you can call that relationship if any between President Bush and the NAACP as 'strained' if at all any. Bush spoke in 2000, but did not return until 2006. The speech given at the event will be captured in its entirty here, so please return and watch the speech to the NAACP by Barack Obama tomorrow.


Obama officially kicks off his new Health Care Plan with commercials

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In a wave resembling Obama's election campaign, Obama's political operation begins again, this time not for his own personal election, but to support his health care plan, driven with ads aimed at centrist Republicans and fellow Democrats in a move to get them to support the his plan on health care reform this year. Obama needs this health care plan desperately, as it will be one of the reasons why he gets elected in 2012 or gets defeated. Commercials will begin in Washington, D.C., then Arkansas, Indiana, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, North Dakota, Nebraska and Ohio for the next two weeks. People in the commercial represent hundreds of thousands of people who share their stories with the OFA(Obama's Organizing for America). There will be plans for news conferences, town halls meeting and other grassroots events that will highlight health care reform. All this hopefully will be to get a health care reform bill to pass by October.


One Health Care Proposal passes in the Senate committee today

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- One of several proposals to overhaul the U.S. health care system passed a Senate committee Wednesday, with its ailing chairman praising the $600 billion plan as a step toward his longtime goals.

Committee chairman Sen. Edward Kennedy in a statement praised the bill. He voted by proxy.Committee chairman Sen. Edward Kennedy in a statement praised the bill. He voted by proxy.
The 13-10 vote in the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee split along party lines, with its top Republican arguing it costs too much and would ration care to Americans. But Sen. Edward Kennedy, its chairman, said, "We have done the hard work that the American people sent us here to do."
"We know, however, that our work is not over -- far from it," Kennedy said in a written statement. The senator is battling cancer and voted by proxy.
"As we move from our committee room to the Senate floor, we must continue the search for solutions that unite us, so that the great promise of quality affordable health care for all can be fulfilled," Kennedy said in the statement.
Health care has long been one of the Massachusetts Democrat's pet issues. Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, who led the committee in Kennedy's absence, said the bill is the first of several proposals "to grapple with the issue that has defied resolution through seven presidents and many Congresses since the 1940s."
It is also one of President Obama's top legislative goals, and the bill that cleared Kennedy's committee closely tracks the framework Obama has outlined for a health care bill. It includes a government-run health insurance program that would compete with private insurers, requires companies with more than 25 employees to provide medical coverage for their workers and sets up an "exchange" that would let people choose among a variety of insurance options.
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported it would cost $615 billion over 10 years, far less than estimates for other legislation. But the estimate did not include the cost of a proposed expansion of the federally funded Medicaid system for low-income families, which could add several hundred billion dollars to the overall tab.
Sen. Mike Enzi, the health committee's top Republican, called the measure "a prescription for failure." He said the real cost would be about $1 trillion, and the measure would drive up cost and ration health care on lines similar to Britain.
Under the British health care system, "The older you are, the longer you have to wait to see a doctor, the longer you have to wait for tests, the longer you have to wait to get treatment," said Enzi, of Wyoming. "The people die. That's not the system we'll buy in America."
Obama and top congressional Democrats met Monday to discuss how to pay for a sweeping health care overhaul. Meanwhile, the Senate Finance Committee is working on another health care bill, and Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives released their own proposal Tuesday.
In a Rose Garden appearance after Wednesday's vote, Obama said the proposals "will offer stability and security to Americans who have coverage today, and affordable options for Americans who don't."
"This progress should make us hopeful, but it shouldn't make us complacent," he said. "It should instead provide the urgency for both the House and the Senate to finish their critical work on health reform before the August recess."


Michael Jackson - Video - Hair on Fire in Pepsi video over 25 years ago

Rumors are now floating around that Michael Jackson death may have been a homicide. He may have taken medicine that could have been only given inside a hospital. That may implicate that it may be possible that his personal physician who was present when he died may have administered the medicine that was illegal to administer at his home.
Michael Jackson become addicted to pain killers in 1985 and his addiction may have started after becoming a victim of a hair fire during a pepsi video pre-shoot. The actual video is below, and has been hidden for over 25 years, but made available today.


Obama's teleprompter comes crashing down

President Obama's teleprompter came crashing down Monday. Wolf Blitzer has some advice for the commander-in-chief. Even though it came crashing down, there was a backup. So the President continued his speech as almost as if nothing had happened.


Obama’s thoughts on Michael Jackson’s death

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Looks like there will be no formal statement from President Obama on Michael Jackson's death. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters that Obama sent his condolences to the Jackson family and fans. When asked why a formal statement would not be released, Gibbs said, "Because I just said it."
Photos (1 of 1)

By Jimmy Orr | 06.26.09

What’s President Obama’s reaction to the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson? White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about it this afternoon.
“I talked to him about it this morning,” Gibbs said. “He said to me that obviously Michael Jackson was a spectacular performer and a music icon and I think everybody remembers hearing his songs and watching him moonwalk on television during Motown’s 25th anniversary.”
“But the president also said aspects of his life were sad and tragic,” Gibbs continued. “His condolences went out to the Jackson family and to fans that mourned his loss.”
Why no statement?
“Because I just said it,” Gibbs said.
Does it seem odd to you that there is no official statement from the White House?  We talked a bit about that here.


Judge Sotomayor's Opening Statement

The Blog Home Page

TUESDAY, JULY 14TH, 2009 AT 10:14 AM
Judge Sotomayor's Opening Statement

Posted by Cammie Croft

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee kicked off the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Nominee, Judge Sonia Sotomayor. In her opening statement, Judge Sotomayor pledged a "fidelity to the law:"

In the past month, many Senators have asked me about my judicial philosophy. It is simple: fidelity to the law. The task of a judge is not to make the law -- it is to apply the law. And it is clear, I believe, that my record in two courts reflects my rigorous commitment to interpreting the Constitution according to its terms; interpreting statutes according to their terms and Congress's intent; and hewing faithfully to precedents established by the Supreme Court and my Circuit Court. In each case I have heard, I have applied the law to the facts at hand.

Check out the full video of Judge Sotomayor's opening statement here:

Judge Sotomayor's confirmation hearings continue today with the first round of questioning. For the last 17 years, Judge Sotomayor has approached judging from the real world. You'll see this down-to-earth style throughout the hearings -- with direct and precise answers. You can learn more about Judge Sotomayor throughout

Judge Sotomayor Slideshow 

Scroll through our candid photogallery of Judge Sotomayor that includes images from her early childhood in the South Bronx and more recent images with her family.

Weekly Address: The Experience of Judge Sotomayor
Watch the President discuss Sotomayor's personal and professional experience in the Weekly Address from May 29th, 2009.

Judge Sotomayor's Questionnaire to the Senate Judiciary Committee 

Check out Judge Sotomayor's responses to the Senate Judiciary Committee's questions in a guest blog post by White House Counsel, Greg Craig.

VIDEO: Watch the President's Nomination of Judge Sotomayor 

Take a look back at the President's press conference announcing Judge Sotomayor as his nominee to the Supreme Court.


Obama’s Dream

During his speech in the beginning of June 2009 in Cairo, President Barack Obama laid out his vision for how he sees the world.



“And I want to particularly say this to young people of every faith, in every country - you, more than anyone, have the ability to remake this world.
All of us share this world for but a brief moment in time. The question is whether we spend that time focused on what pushes us apart, or whether we commit ourselves to an effort - a sustained effort - to find common ground, to focus on the future we seek for our children, and to respect the dignity of all human beings.
It is easier to start wars than to end them. It is easier to blame others than to look inward; to see what is different about someone than to find the things we share. But we should choose the right path, not just the easy path. There is also one rule that lies at the heart of every religion - that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us. This truth transcends nations and peoples - a belief that isn’t new; that isn’t black or white or brown; that isn’t Christian, or Muslim or Jew. It’s a belief that pulsed in the cradle of civilization, and that still beats in the heart of billions. It’s a faith in other people, and it’s what brought me here today.
We have the power to make the world we seek, but only if we have the courage to make a new beginning.”


Bailed-out banks

The Treasury Department has invested about $200 billion in hundreds of banks through its Capital Purchase Program in an effort to prop up capital and support new lending. Here’s a list of the banks that got bailed out.


Date Financial Institution City State Amount
10/28/2008 Wells Fargo & Co. San Francisco Calif. $25,000,000,000
10/28/2008 State Street Corp. Boston Mass. $2,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Bank of America Corp.1 Charlotte N.C. $15,000,000,000
10/28/2008 JPMorgan Chase & Co. New York N.Y. $25,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Citigroup Inc. New York N.Y. $25,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Morgan Stanley New York N.Y. $10,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Goldman Sachs Group Inc. New York N.Y. $10,000,000,000
10/28/2008 Bank of New York Mellon Corp. New York N.Y. $3,000,000,000
11/17/2008 Regions Financial Corp. Birmingham Ala. $3,500,000,000
11/17/2008 UCBH Holdings Inc. San Francisco Calif. $298,737,000
11/17/2008 Bank of Commerce Holdings Redding Calif. $17,000,000
11/17/2008 Broadway Financial Corp. Los Angeles Calif. $9,000,000
11/17/2008 SunTrust Banks Inc. Atlanta Ga. $3,500,000,000
11/17/2008 Northern Trust Corp. Chicago Ill. $1,576,000,000
11/17/2008 Provident Bancshares Corp. Baltimore Md. $151,500,000
11/17/2008 U.S. Bancorp Minneapolis Minn. $6,599,000,000
11/17/2008 TCF Financial Corp. Wayzata Minn. $361,172,000
11/17/2008 BB&T Corp. Winston-Salem N.C. $3,133,640,000
11/17/2008 1st FS Corp. Hendersonville N.C. $16,369,000
11/17/2008 Valley National Bancorp Wayne N.J. $300,000,000
11/17/2008 KeyCorp Cleveland Ohio $2,500,000,000
11/17/2008 Huntington Bancshares Columbus Ohio $1,398,071,000
11/17/2008 Umpqua Holdings Corp. Portland Ore. $214,181,000
11/17/2008 First Horizon National Corp. Memphis Tenn. $866,540,000
11/17/2008 Comerica Inc. Dallas Texas $2,250,000,000
11/17/2008 Zions Bancorporation Salt Lake City Utah $1,400,000,000
11/17/2008 Capital One Financial Corp. McLean Va. $3,555,199,000
11/17/2008 Washington Federal Inc. Seattle Wash. $200,000,000
11/17/2008 Marshall & Ilsley Corp. Milwaukee Wis. $1,715,000,000
11/21/2008 City National Corporation Beverly Hills Calif. $400,000,000
11/21/2008 Pacific Capital Bancorp Santa Barbara Calif. $180,634,000
11/21/2008 Heritage Commerce Corp. San Jose Calif. $40,000,000
11/21/2008 First PacTrust Bancorp, Inc. Chula Vista Calif. $19,300,000
11/21/2008 Nara Bancorp, Inc. Los Angeles Calif. $67,000,000
11/21/2008 Webster Financial Corporation Waterbury Conn. $400,000,000
11/21/2008 Centerstate Banks of Florida Inc. Davenport Fla. $27,875,000
11/21/2008 Ameris Bancorp Moultrie Ga. $52,000,000
11/21/2008 Taylor Capital Group Rosemont Ill. $104,823,000
11/21/2008 Porter Bancorp Inc. Louisville Ky. $35,000,000
11/21/2008 Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc. Boston Mass. $154,000,000
11/21/2008 Severn Bancorp, Inc. Annapolis Md. $23,393,000
11/21/2008 Trustmark Corporation Jackson Miss. $215,000,000
11/21/2008 First Niagara Financial Group Lockport N.Y. $184,011,000
11/21/2008 Western Alliance Bancorporation Las Vegas Nev. $140,000,000
11/21/2008 First Community Corporation Lexington S.C. $11,350,000
11/21/2008 HF Financial Corp. Sioux Falls S.D. $25,000,000
11/21/2008 First Community Bankshares Inc. Bluefield Va. $41,500,000
11/21/2008 Banner Corporation Walla Walla Wash. $124,000,000
11/21/2008 Cascade Financial Corporation Everett Wash. $38,970,000
11/21/2008 Columbia Banking System, Inc. Tacoma Wash. $76,898,000
11/21/2008 Heritage Financial Corporation Olympia Wash. $24,000,000
11/21/2008 Associated Banc-Corp Green Bay Wis. $525,000,000
12/5/2008 Superior Bancorp Inc. Birmingham Ala. $69,000,000
12/5/2008 Manhattan Bancorp El Segundo Calif. $1,700,000
12/5/2008 East West Bancorp Pasadena Calif. $306,546,000
12/5/2008 Cathay General Bancorp Los Angeles Calif. $258,000,000
12/5/2008 CVB Financial Corp Ontario Calif. $130,000,000
12/5/2008 Bank of Marin Bancorp Novato Calif. $28,000,000
12/5/2008 Oak Valley Bancorp Oakdale Calif. $13,500,000
12/5/2008 Coastal Banking Company, Inc. Fernandina Beach Fla. $9,950,000
12/5/2008 TIB Financial Corp Naples Fla. $37,000,000
12/5/2008 FPB Bancorp, Inc. Port St. Lucie Fla. $5,800,000
12/5/2008 United Community Banks, Inc. Blairsville Ga. $180,000,000
12/5/2008 MB Financial Inc. Chicago Ill. $196,000,000
12/5/2008 First Midwest Bancorp, Inc. Itasca Ill. $193,000,000
12/5/2008 Old National Bancorp Evansville Ind. $100,000,000
12/5/2008 Blue Valley Ban Corp Overland Park Kan. $21,750,000
12/5/2008 Iberiabank Corporation Lafayette La. $90,000,000
12/5/2008 Central Bancorp, Inc. Somerville Mass. $10,000,000
12/5/2008 Eagle Bancorp, Inc. Bethesda Md. $38,235,000
12/5/2008 Sandy Spring Bancorp, Inc. Olney Md. $83,094,000
12/5/2008 Old Line Bancshares, Inc. Bowie Md. $7,000,000
12/5/2008 Great Southern Bancorp Springfield Mo. $58,000,000
12/5/2008 Southern Missouri Bancorp, Inc. Poplar Bluff Mo. $9,550,000
12/5/2008 Southern Community Financial Corp. Winston-Salem N.C. $42,750,000
12/5/2008 Bank of North Carolina Thomasville N.C. $31,260,000
12/5/2008 Unity Bancorp, Inc. Clinton N.J. $20,649,000
12/5/2008 State Bancorp, Inc. Jericho N.Y. $36,842,000
12/5/2008 First Defiance Financial Corp. Defiance Ohio $37,000,000
12/5/2008 Central Federal Corporation Fairlawn Ohio $7,225,000
12/5/2008 Southwest Bancorp, Inc. Stillwater Okla. $70,000,000
12/5/2008 Popular, Inc. San Juan Puerto Rico $935,000,000
12/5/2008 South Financial Group, Inc. Greenville S.C. $347,000,000
12/5/2008 First Financial Holdings Inc. Charleston S.C. $65,000,000
12/5/2008 Encore Bancshares Inc. Houston Texas $34,000,000
12/5/2008 Wesbanco Bank Inc. Wheeling W.Va. $75,000,000
12/5/2008 Sterling Financial Corporation Spokane Wash. $303,000,000
12/12/2008 Bank Of the Ozarks Inc. Little Rock Ariz. $75,000,000
12/12/2008 SVB Financial Group Santa Clara Calif. $235,000,000
12/12/2008 Center Financial Corp. Los Angeles Calif. $55,000,000
12/12/2008 Wilshire Bancorp Inc. Los Angeles Calif. $62,158,000
12/12/2008 First Litchfield Financial Corp. Litchfield Conn. $10,000,000
12/12/2008 Wilmington Trust Corp. Wilmington Del. $330,000,000
12/12/2008 The Bancorp Inc. Wilmington Del. $45,220,000
12/12/2008 Indiana Community Bancorp Columbus Ind. $21,500,000
12/12/2008 HopFed Bancorp Hopkinsville Ky. $18,400,000
12/12/2008 LSB Corp. Andover Mass. $15,000,000
12/12/2008 Northeast Bancorp Lewiston Maine $4,227,000
12/12/2008 Citizens Republic Bancorp Inc. Flint Mich. $300,000,000
12/12/2008 Independent Bank Corp. Ionia Mich. $72,000,000
12/12/2008 Capital Bank Corp. Raliegh N.C. $41,279,000
12/12/2008 NewBridge Bancorp Greensboro N.C. $52,372,000
12/12/2008 Citizens South Banking Corp. Gastonia N.C. $20,500,000
12/12/2008 Signature Bank New York N.Y. $120,000,000
12/12/2008 LNB Bancorp Inc. Lorain Ohio $25,223,000
12/12/2008 Susquehanna Bancshares Inc. Lititz Pa. $300,000,000
12/12/2008 National Penn Bancshares Inc. Boyertown Pa. $150,000,000
12/12/2008 Fidelity Bancorp Inc. Pittsburgh Pa. $7,000,000
12/12/2008 Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc. Nashville Tenn. $95,000,000
12/12/2008 Sterling Bancshares Inc. Houston Texas $125,198,000
12/12/2008 TowneBank Portsmouth Va. $76,458,000
12/12/2008 Valley Financial Corp. Roanoke Va. $16,019,000
12/12/2008 Virginia Commerce Bancorp Arlington Va. $71,000,000
12/12/2008 Pacific International Bancorp Seattle Wash. $6,500,000
12/19/2008 BancTrust Financial Group, Inc. Mobile Ala. $50,000,000
12/19/2008 Community West Bancshares Goleta Calif. $15,600,000
12/19/2008 Summit State Bank Santa Rosa Calif. $8,500,000
12/19/2008 Santa Lucia Bancorp Atascadero Calif. $4,000,000
12/19/2008 First California Financial Group, Inc Westlake Village Calif. $25,000,000
12/19/2008 Pacific City Finacial Corporation Los Angeles Calif. $16,200,000
12/19/2008 Exchange Bank Santa Rosa Calif. $43,000,000
12/19/2008 NCAL Bancorp Los Angeles Calif. $10,000,000
12/19/2008 CoBiz Financial Inc. Denver Colo. $64,450,000
12/19/2008 The Connecticut Bank and Trust Company Hartford Conn. $5,448,000
12/19/2008 Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida Stuart Fla. $50,000,000
12/19/2008 Synovus Financial Corp. Columbus Ga. $967,870,000
12/19/2008 Fidelity Southern Corporation Atlanta Ga. $48,200,000
12/19/2008 Heartland Financial USA, Inc. Dubuque Iowa $81,698,000
12/19/2008 Intermountain Community Bancorp Sandpoint Idaho $27,000,000
12/19/2008 Wintrust Financial Corporation Lake Forest Ill. $250,000,000
12/19/2008 Marquette National Corporation Chicago Ill. $35,500,000
12/19/2008 Bridgeview Bancorp, Inc. Bridgeview Ill. $38,000,000
12/19/2008 Horizon Bancorp Michigan City Ind. $25,000,000
12/19/2008 FFW Corporation Wabash Ind. $7,289,000
12/19/2008 Fidelity Financial Corporation Wichita Kan. $36,282,000
12/19/2008 Citizens First Corporation Bowling Green Ky. $8,779,000
12/19/2008 FCB Bancorp, Inc. Louisville Ky. $9,294,000
12/19/2008 Whitney Holding Corporation New Orleans La. $300,000,000
12/19/2008 Wainwright Bank & Trust Company Boston Mass. $22,000,000
12/19/2008 Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc. Pittsfield Mass. $40,000,000
12/19/2008 OneUnited Bank Boston Mass. $12,063,000
12/19/2008 Tri-County Financial Corporation Waldorf Md. $15,540,000
12/19/2008 Patapsco Bancorp, Inc. Dundalk Md. $6,000,000
12/19/2008 Enterprise Financial Services Corp. St. Louis Mo. $35,000,000
12/19/2008 Hawthorn Bancshares, Inc. Lee's Summit Mo. $30,255,000
12/19/2008 Monadnock Bancorp, Inc. Peterborough N.H. $1,834,000
12/19/2008 Flushing Financial Corporation Lake Success N.Y. $70,000,000
12/19/2008 The Elmira Savings Bank, FSB Elmira N.Y. $9,090,000
12/19/2008 Alliance Financial Corporation Syracuse N.Y. $26,918,000
12/19/2008 Mid Penn Bancorp, Inc. Millersburg Pa. $10,000,000
12/19/2008 VIST Financial Corp. Wyomissing Pa. $25,000,000
12/19/2008 AmeriServ Financial, Inc Johnstown Pa. $21,000,000
12/19/2008 Bancorp Rhode Island, Inc. Providence R.I. $30,000,000
12/19/2008 Security Federal Corporation Aiken S.C. $18,000,000
12/19/2008 Tidelands Bancshares, Inc Mt. Pleasant S.C. $14,448,000
12/19/2008 Tennessee Commerce Bancorp, Inc. Franklin Tenn. $30,000,000
12/19/2008 Plains Capital Corporation Dallas Texas $87,631,000
12/19/2008 Patriot Bancshares, Inc. Houston Texas $26,038,000
12/19/2008 Community Bankers Trust Corporation Glen Allen Va. $17,680,000
12/19/2008 Community Financial Corporation Staunton Va. $12,643,000
12/19/2008 Monarch Financial Holdings, Inc. Chesapeake Va. $14,700,000
12/19/2008 StellarOne Corporation Charlottesville Va. $30,000,000
12/19/2008 Union Bankshares Corporation Bowling Green Va. $59,000,000
12/31/2008 SunTrust Banks, Inc. Atlanta Ga. $1,350,000,000
12/31/2008 West Bancorporation, Inc. West Des Moines Iowa $36,000,000
12/31/2008 First Banks, Inc. Clayton Mo. $295,400,000
12/31/2008 CIT Group Inc. New York N.Y. $2,330,000,000
12/31/2008 Fifth Third Bancorp Cincinnati Ohio $3,408,000,000
12/31/2008 The PNC Financial Services Group Inc. Pittsburgh Pa. $7,579,200,000
12/31/2008 Hampton Roads Bankshares, Inc. Norfolk Va. $80,347,000
1/9/2009 Commerce National Bank Newport Beach Calif. $5,000,000
1/9/2009 Security California Bancorp Riverside Calif. $6,815,000
1/9/2009 Security Business Bancorp San Diego Calif. $5,803,000
1/9/2009 Mission Community Bancorp San Luis Obispo Calif. $5,116,000
1/9/2009 Valley Community Bank Pleasanton Calif. $5,500,000
1/9/2009 Colony Bankcorp, Inc. Fitzgerald Ga. $28,000,000
1/9/2009 The Queensborough Company Louisville Ga. $12,000,000
1/9/2009 Central Pacific Financial Corp. Honolulu Hawaii $135,000,000
1/9/2009 North Central Bancshares, Inc. Fort Dodge Iowa $10,200,000
1/9/2009 American State Bancshares, Inc. Great Bend Kan. $6,000,000
1/9/2009 Farmers Capital Bank Corporation Frankfort Ky. $30,000,000
1/9/2009 First Financial Service Corporation Elizabethtown Ky. $20,000,000
1/9/2009 MidSouth Bancorp, Inc. Lafayette La. $20,000,000
1/9/2009 Community Trust Financial Corporation Ruston La. $24,000,000
1/9/2009 Independent Bank Corp. Rockland Mass. $78,158,000
1/9/2009 Shore Bancshares, Inc. Easton Md. $25,000,000
1/9/2009 Rising Sun Bancorp Rising Sun Md. $5,983,000
1/9/2009 The First Bancorp, Inc. Damariscotta Maine $25,000,000
1/9/2009 Redwood Financial Inc. Redwood Falls Minn. $2,995,000
1/9/2009 Centrue Financial Corporation St. Louis Mo. $32,668,000
1/9/2009 Cadence Financial Corporation Starkville Miss. $44,000,000
1/9/2009 Bank of America Corp. (Footnote 1) Charlotte N.C. $10,000,000,000
1/9/2009 Crescent Financial Corporation Cary N.C. $24,900,000
1/9/2009 Carolina Bank Holdings, Inc. Greensboro N.C. $16,000,000
1/9/2009 First Bancorp Troy N.C. $65,000,000
1/9/2009 Sound Banking Company Morehead City N.C. $3,070,000
1/9/2009 Surrey Bancorp Mount Airy N.C. $2,000,000
1/9/2009 Peapack-Gladstone Financial Corporation Gladstone N.J. $28,685,000
1/9/2009 Sun Bancorp, Inc. Vineland N.J. $89,310,000
1/9/2009 Center Bancorp, Inc. Union N.J. $10,000,000
1/9/2009 American Express Company New York N.Y. $3,388,890,000
1/9/2009 New York Private Bank & Trust Corporation New York N.Y. $267,274,000
1/9/2009 FirstMerit Corporation Akron Ohio $125,000,000
1/9/2009 LCNB Corp. Lebanon Ohio $13,400,000
1/9/2009 F.N.B. Corporation Hermitage Pa. $100,000,000
1/9/2009 Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc. York Pa. $16,500,000
1/9/2009 Independence Bank East Greenwich R.I. $1,065,000
1/9/2009 GrandSouth Bancorporation Greenville S.C. $9,000,000
1/9/2009 Congaree Bancshares, Inc. Cayce S.C. $3,285,000
1/9/2009 First Security Group, Inc. Chattanooga Tenn. $33,000,000
1/9/2009 Texas National Bancorporation Jacksonville Texas $3,981,000
1/9/2009 Eastern Virginia Bankshares, Inc. Tappahannock Va. $24,000,000
1/9/2009 C&F Financial Corporation West Point Va. $20,000,000
1/16/2009 Home Bancshares, Inc. Conway Ark $50,000,000
1/16/2009 Southern Bancorp, Inc. Arkadelphia Ark. $11,000,000
1/16/2009 Community 1st Bank Roseville Calif. $2,550,000
1/16/2009 Pacific Coast National Bancorp San Clemente Calif. $4,120,000
1/16/2009 Community Bank of the Bay Oakland Calif. $1,747,000
1/16/2009 Redwood Capital Bancorp Eureka Calif. $3,800,000
1/16/2009 Syringa Bancorp Boise Idaho $8,000,000
1/16/2009 Idaho Bancorp Boise Idaho $6,900,000
1/16/2009 Old Second Bancorp, Inc. Aurora Ill. $73,000,000
1/16/2009 First Bankers Trustshares, Inc. Quincy Ill. $10,000,000
1/16/2009 MainSource Financial Group, Inc. Greensburg Ind. $57,000,000
1/16/2009 Morrill Bancshares, Inc. Merriam Kan. $13,000,000
1/16/2009 Bar Harbor Bankshares/Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Bar Harbor Maine $18,751,000
1/16/2009 United Bancorp, Inc. Tecumseh Mich. $20,600,000
1/16/2009 Pulaski Financial Corp Creve Coeur Mo. $32,538,000
1/16/2009 Dickinson Financial Corporation II Kansas City Mont. $146,053,000
1/16/2009 ECB Bancorp, Inc./East Carolina Bank Engelhard N.C. $17,949,000
1/16/2009 Yadkin Valley Financial Corporation Elkin N.C. $36,000,000
1/16/2009 Bank of Commerce Charlotte N.C. $3,000,000
1/16/2009 State Bankshares, Inc. Fargo N.D. $50,000,000
1/16/2009 BNCCORP, Inc. Bismarck N.D. $20,093,000
1/16/2009 New Hampshire Thrift Bancshares, Inc. Newport N.H. $10,000,000
1/16/2009 Somerset Hills Bancorp Bernardsville N.J. $7,414,000
1/16/2009 OceanFirst Financial Corp. Toms River N.J. $38,263,000
1/16/2009 Carver Bancorp, Inc New York N.Y. $18,980,000
1/16/2009 S&T Bancorp Indiana Pa. $108,676,000
1/16/2009 Citizens & Northern Corporation Wellsboro Pa. $26,440,000
1/16/2009 First BanCorp San Juan Puerto Rico $400,000,000
1/16/2009 SCBT Financial Corporation Columbia S.C. $64,779,000
1/16/2009 Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc. Dallas Texas $75,000,000
1/16/2009 MetroCorp Bancshares, Inc. Houston Texas $45,000,000
1/16/2009 TCB Holding Company, Texas Community Bank The Woodlands Texas $11,730,000
1/16/2009 Treaty Oak Bancorp, Inc. Austin Texas $3,268,000
1/16/2009 United Financial Banking Companies, Inc. Vienna Va. $5,658,000
1/16/2009 Centra Financial Holdings, Inc./Centra Bank, Inc. Morgantown W.Va. $15,000,000
1/16/2009 Washington Banking Company / Whidbey Island Bank Oak Harbor Wash. $26,380,000
1/16/2009 Puget Sound Bank Bellevue Wash. $4,500,000
1/16/2009 The Baraboo Bancorporation Baraboo Wis. $20,749,000
1/16/2009 First Manitowoc Bancorp, Inc. Manitowoc Wis. $12,000,000
1/22/2009 Liberty Bancshares, Inc. Jonesboro Ark. $57,500,000
1/22/2009 Commonwealth Business Bank Los Angeles Calif. $7,701,000
1/22/2009 CalWest Bancorp Rancho Santa Margarita Calif. $4,656,000
1/22/2009 Fresno First Bank Fresno Calif. $1,968,000
1/22/2009 First ULB Corp. Oakland Calif. $4,900,000
1/22/2009 California Oaks State Bank Thousand Oaks Calif. $3,300,000
1/22/2009 WSFS Financial Corporation Wilmington Del. $52,625,000
1/22/2009 Seaside National Bank & Trust Orlando Fla. $5,677,000
1/22/2009 Alarion Financial Services, Inc. Ocala Fla. $6,514,000
1/22/2009 Princeton National Bancorp, Inc. Princeton Ill. $25,083,000
1/22/2009 Midland States Bancorp, Inc. Effingham Ill. $10,189,000
1/22/2009 Southern Illinois Bancorp, Inc. Carmi Ill. $5,000,000
1/22/2009 1st Source Corporation South Bend Ind. $111,000,000
1/22/2009 FPB Financial Corp. Hammond La. $3,240,000
1/22/2009 Crosstown Holding Company Blaine Minn. $10,650,000
1/22/2009 BankFirst Capital Corporation Macon Miss. $15,500,000
1/22/2009 Calvert Financial Corporation Ashland Mo. $1,037,000
1/22/2009 AB&T Financial Corporation Gastonia N.C. $3,500,000
1/22/2009 First Citizens Banc Corp Sandusky Ohio $23,184,000
1/22/2009 Stonebridge Financial Corp. West Chester Pa. $10,973,000
1/22/2009 Moscow Bancshares, Inc. Moscow Tenn. $6,216,000
1/22/2009 Farmers Bank Windsor Va. $8,752,000
1/22/2009 Pierce County Bancorp Tacoma Wash. $6,800,000
1/30/2009 Goldwater Bank, N.A. Scottsdale Ariz. $2,568,000
1/30/2009 Rogers Bancshares, Inc. Little Rock Ark. $25,000,000
1/30/2009 Peninsula Bank Holding Co. Palo Alto Calif. $6,000,000
1/30/2009 Central Valley Community Bancorp Fresno Calif. $7,000,000
1/30/2009 Plumas Bancorp Quincy Calif. $11,949,000
1/30/2009 Valley Commerce Bancorp Visalia Calif. $7,700,000
1/30/2009 Ojai Community Bank Ojai Calif. $2,080,000
1/30/2009 Beach Business Bank Manhattan Beach Calif. $6,000,000
1/30/2009 Bankers' Bank of tde West Bancorp, Inc. Denver Colo. $12,639,000
1/30/2009 First Soutdern Bancorp, Inc. Boca Raton Fla. $10,900,000
1/30/2009 Metro City Bank Doraville Ga. $7,700,000
1/30/2009 PrivateBancorp, Inc. Chicago Ill. $243,815,000
1/30/2009 AMB Financial Corp. Munster Ind. $3,674,000
1/30/2009 UBT Bancshares, Inc. Marysville Kan. $8,950,000
1/30/2009 Equity Bancshares, Inc. Wichita Kan. $8,750,000
1/30/2009 Katahdin Bankshares Corp. Houlton Maine $10,449,000
1/30/2009 First United Corporation Oakland Md. $30,000,000
1/30/2009 Annapolis Bancorp, Inc. Annapolis Md. $8,152,000
1/30/2009 Monument Bank Betdesda Md. $4,734,000
1/30/2009 Flagstar Bancorp, Inc. Troy Mich. $266,657,000
1/30/2009 Firstbank Corporation Alma Mich. $33,000,000
1/30/2009 Guaranty Federal Bancshares, Inc. Springfield Mo. $17,000,000
1/30/2009 Oak Ridge Financial Services, Inc. Oak Ridge N.C. $7,700,000
1/30/2009 Nortdway Financial, Inc. Berlin N.H. $10,000,000
1/30/2009 Parke Bancorp, Inc. Sewell N.J. $16,288,000
1/30/2009 Stewardship Financial Corporation Midland Park N.J. $10,000,000
1/30/2009 Community Partners Bancorp Middletown N.J. $9,000,000
1/30/2009 Hilltop Community Bancorp, Inc. Summit N.J. $4,000,000
1/30/2009 Adbanc, Inc Ogallala Neb. $12,720,000
1/30/2009 Country Bank Shares, Inc. Milford Neb. $7,525,000
1/30/2009 Peoples Bancorp Inc. Marietta Ohio $39,000,000
1/30/2009 DNB Financial Corporation Downingtown Pa. $11,750,000
1/30/2009 First Resource Bank Exton Pa. $2,600,000
1/30/2009 Greer Bancshares Incorporated Greer S.C. $9,993,000
1/30/2009 F & M Bancshares, Inc. Trezevant Tenn. $4,609,000
1/30/2009 Central Bancshares, Inc. Houston Texas $5,800,000
1/30/2009 Central Virginia Bankshares, Inc. Powhatan Va. $11,385,000
1/30/2009 Middleburg Financial Corporation Middleburg Va. $22,000,000
1/30/2009 WashingtonFirst Bank Reston Va. $6,633,000
1/30/2009 W.T.B. Financial Corporation Spokane Wash. $110,000,000
1/30/2009 Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin Inc. Madison Wis. $110,000,000
1/30/2009 Legacy Bancorp, Inc. Milwaukee Wis. $5,498,000
2/6/2009 Alaska Pacific Bancshares, Inc. Juneau Alaska $4,781,000
2/6/2009 US Metro Bank Garden Grove Calif. $2,861,000
2/6/2009 First Western Financial, Inc. Denver Colo. $8,559,000
2/6/2009 Community Holding Company of Florida, Inc. Miramar Beach Fla. $1,050,000
2/6/2009 Georgia Commerce Bancshares, Inc. Atlanta Ga. $8,700,000
2/6/2009 PGB Holdings, Inc. Chicago Ill. $3,000,000
2/6/2009 MidWestOne Financial Group, Inc. Iowa City Iowa $16,000,000
2/6/2009 The Freeport State Bank Harper Kan. $301,000
2/6/2009 Citizens Commerce Bancshares, Inc. Versailles Ky. $6,300,000
2/6/2009 Todd Bancshares, Inc. Hopkinsville Ky. $4,000,000
2/6/2009 Liberty Financial Services, Inc. New Orleans La. $5,645,000
2/6/2009 Mercantile Capital Corp. Boston Mass. $3,500,000
2/6/2009 Monarch Community Bancorp, Inc. Coldwater Mich. $6,785,000
2/6/2009 The First Bancshares, Inc. Hattiesburg Miss. $5,000,000
2/6/2009 Carolina Trust Bank Lincolnton N.C. $4,000,000
2/6/2009 F & M Financial Corporation Salisbury N.C. $17,000,000
2/6/2009 The Bank of Currituck Moyock N.C. $4,021,000
2/6/2009 Centrix Bank & Trust Bedford N.H. $7,500,000
2/6/2009 Lakeland Bancorp, Inc. Oak Ridge N.J. $59,000,000
2/6/2009 Pascack Community Bank Westwood N.J. $3,756,000
2/6/2009 First Express of Nebraska, Inc. Gering Neb. $5,000,000
2/6/2009 Banner County Ban Corporation Harrisburg Neb. $795,000
2/6/2009 Hyperion Bank Philadelphia Pa. $1,552,000
2/6/2009 Stockmens Financial Corporation Rapid City S.D. $15,568,000
2/6/2009 CedarStone Bank Lebanon Tenn. $3,564,000
2/6/2009 Lone Star Bank Houston Texas $3,072,000
2/6/2009 First Market Bank, FSB Richmond Va. $33,900,000
2/6/2009 First Bank of Charleston, Inc. Charleston W.Va. $3,345,000
2/13/2009 Corning Savings and Loan Association Corning Ark. $638,000
2/13/2009 Westamerica Bancorporation San Rafael Calif. $83,726,000
2/13/2009 1st Enterprise Bank Los Angeles Calif. $4,400,000
2/13/2009 Santa Clara Valley Bank, N.A. Santa Paula Calif. $2,900,000
2/13/2009 First Choice Bank Cerritos Calif. $2,200,000
2/13/2009 ColoEast Bankshares, Inc. Lamar Colo. $10,000,000
2/13/2009 QCR Holdings, Inc. Moline Ill. $38,237,000
2/13/2009 Bern Bancshares, Inc. Bern Kan. $985,000
2/13/2009 The Bank of Kentucky Financial Corporation Crestview Hills Ky. $34,000,000
2/13/2009 Hometown Bancshares, Inc. Corbin Ky. $1,900,000
2/13/2009 Carrollton Bancorp Baltimore Md. $9,201,000
2/13/2009 State Capital Corporation Greenwood Miss. $15,000,000
2/13/2009 DeSoto County Bank Horn Lake Miss. $1,173,000
2/13/2009 Security Bancshares of Pulaski County, Inc. Waynesville Mo. $2,152,000
2/13/2009 Reliance Bancshares, Inc. Frontenac Mo. $40,000,000
2/13/2009 Gregg Bancshares, Inc. Ozark Mo. $825,000
2/13/2009 Midwest Regional Bancorp, Inc. Festus Mo. $700,000
2/13/2009 Liberty Bancshares, Inc. Springfield Mo. $21,900,000
2/13/2009 FNB United Corp. Asheboro N.C. $51,500,000
2/13/2009 PremierWest Bancorp Medford Ore. $41,400,000
2/13/2009 Meridian Bank Devon Pa. $6,200,000
2/13/2009 BankGreenville Greenville S.C. $1,000,000
2/13/2009 Regional Bankshares, Inc. Hartsville S.C. $1,500,000
2/13/2009 F&M Financial Corp. Clarksville Tenn. $17,243,000
2/13/2009 Peoples Bancorp Lynden Wash. $18,000,000
2/13/2009 Northwest Bancorporation, Inc. Spokane Wash. $10,500,000
2/13/2009 Northwest Commercial Bank Lakewood Wash. $1,992,000
2/13/2009 First Menasha Bancshares, Inc. Neenah Wis. $4,797,000
2/13/2009 Financial Security Corporation Basin Wyo. $5,000,000
2/20/2009 Hometown Bancorp of Alabama, Inc. Oneonta Ala. $3,250,000
2/20/2009 White River Bancshares Company Fayetteville Ark. $16,800,000
2/20/2009 Sonoma Valley Bancorp Sonoma Calif. $8,653,000
2/20/2009 The Private Bank of California Los Angeles Calif. $5,450,000
2/20/2009 United American Bank San Mateo Calif. $8,700,000
2/20/2009 Premier Service Bank Riverside Calif. $4,000,000
2/20/2009 Florida Business BancGroup, Inc. Tampa Fla. $9,495,000
2/20/2009 Liberty Shares, Inc. Hinesville Ga. $17,280,000
2/20/2009 CBB Bancorp Cartersville Ga. $2,644,000
2/20/2009 Hamilton State Bancshares, Inc. Hoschton Ga. $7,000,000
2/20/2009 Northern States Financial Corporation Waukegan Ill. $17,211,000
2/20/2009 First BancTrust Corporation Paris Ill. $7,350,000
2/20/2009 First Merchants Corporation Muncie Ind. $116,000,000
2/20/2009 Market Bancorporation, Inc. New Market Minn. $2,060,000
2/20/2009 Lafayette Bancorp, Inc. Oxford Miss. $1,998,000
2/20/2009 BancPlus Corporation Ridgeland Miss. $48,000,000
2/20/2009 Security State Bancshares, Inc. Charleston Mont. $12,500,000
2/20/2009 Guaranty Bancorp, Inc. Woodsville N.H. $6,920,000
2/20/2009 Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania, Inc. Narberth Pa. $30,407,000
2/20/2009 First Priority Financial Corp. Malvern Pa. $4,579,000
2/20/2009 Central Community Corporation Temple Texas $22,000,000
2/20/2009 Mid-Wisconsin Financial Services, Inc. Medford Wis. $10,000,000
2/20/2009 Crazy Woman Creek Bancorp, Inc. Buffalo Wyo. $3,100,000
2/27/2009 California Bank of Commerce Lafayette Calif. $4,000,000
2/27/2009 Community Business Bank West Sacramento Calif. $3,976,000
2/27/2009 FNB Bancorp South San Francisco Calif. $12,000,000
2/27/2009 California Bank of Commerce Lafayette Calif. $4,000,000
2/27/2009 Community Business Bank West Sacramento Calif. $3,976,000
2/27/2009 FNB Bancorp South San Francisco Calif. $12,000,000
2/27/2009 Columbine Capital Corp. Buena Vista Colo. $2,260,000
2/27/2009 Columbine Capital Corp. Buena Vista Colo. $2,260,000
2/27/2009 BNC Financial Group, Inc. New Canaan Conn. $4,797,000
2/27/2009 BNC Financial Group, Inc. New Canaan Conn. $4,797,000
2/27/2009 Midtown Bank & Trust Company Atlanta Ga. $5,222,000
2/27/2009 Midtown Bank & Trust Company Atlanta Ga. $5,222,000
2/27/2009 D.L. Evans Bancorp Burley Idaho $19,891,000
2/27/2009 D.L. Evans Bancorp Burley Idaho $19,891,000
2/27/2009 Lakeland Financial Corporation Warsaw Ind. $56,044,000
2/27/2009 Integra Bank Corporation Evansville Ind. $83,586,000
2/27/2009 Lakeland Financial Corporation Warsaw Ind. $56,044,000
2/27/2009 Integra Bank Corporation Evansville Ind. $83,586,000
2/27/2009 National Bancshares, Inc. Bettendorf Iowa $24,664,000
2/27/2009 Green Circle Investments, Inc. Clive Iowa $2,400,000
2/27/2009 National Bancshares, Inc. Bettendorf Iowa $24,664,000
2/27/2009 Green Circle Investments, Inc. Clive Iowa $2,400,000
2/27/2009 PSB Financial Corporation Many La. $9,270,000
2/27/2009 PSB Financial Corporation Many La. $9,270,000
2/27/2009 Howard Bancorp, Inc. Ellicott City Md. $5,983,000
2/27/2009 Howard Bancorp, Inc. Ellicott City Md. $5,983,000
2/27/2009 Private Bancorporation, Inc. Minneapolis Minn. $4,960,000
2/27/2009 Private Bancorporation, Inc. Minneapolis Minn. $4,960,000
2/27/2009 First M&F Corporation Kosciusko Miss. $30,000,000
2/27/2009 First M&F Corporation Kosciusko Miss. $30,000,000
2/27/2009 Green City Bancshares, Inc. Green City Mo. $651,000
2/27/2009 Green City Bancshares, Inc. Green City Mo. $651,000
2/27/2009 Catskill Hudson Bancorp, Inc Rock Hill N.Y. $3,000,000
2/27/2009 Catskill Hudson Bancorp, Inc Rock Hill N.Y. $3,000,000
2/27/2009 First Gothenburg Bancshares, Inc. Gothenburg Neb. $7,570,000
2/27/2009 First Gothenburg Bancshares, Inc. Gothenburg Neb. $7,570,000
2/27/2009 Regent Capital Corporation Nowata Okla. $2,655,000
2/27/2009 Regent Capital Corporation Nowata Okla. $2,655,000
2/27/2009 TriState Capital Holdings, Inc. Pittsburgh Pa. $23,000,000
2/27/2009 The Victory Bank Limerick Pa. $541,000
2/27/2009 TriState Capital Holdings, Inc. Pittsburgh Pa. $23,000,000
2/27/2009 The Victory Bank Limerick Pa. $541,000
2/27/2009 Southern First Bancshares, Inc. Greenville S.C. $17,299,000
2/27/2009 Southern First Bancshares, Inc. Greenville S.C. $17,299,000
2/27/2009 Community First Inc. Columbia Tenn. $17,806,000
2/27/2009 Avenue Financial Holdings, Inc. Nashville Tenn. $7,400,000
2/27/2009 Community First Inc. Columbia Tenn. $17,806,000
2/27/2009 Avenue Financial Holdings, Inc. Nashville Tenn. $7,400,000
2/27/2009 First State Bank of Mobeetie Mobeetie Texas $731,000
2/27/2009 Central Bancorp, Inc. Garland Texas $22,500,000
2/27/2009 First State Bank of Mobeetie Mobeetie Texas $731,000
2/27/2009 Central Bancorp, Inc. Garland Texas $22,500,000
2/27/2009 Medallion Bank Salt Lake City Utah $11,800,000
2/27/2009 Medallion Bank Salt Lake City Utah $11,800,000
2/27/2009 Ridgestone Financial Services, Inc. Brookfield Wis. $10,900,000
2/27/2009 Ridgestone Financial Services, Inc. Brookfield Wis. $10,900,000
3/6/2009 First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas, Inc. Harrison Ark. $16,500,000
3/6/2009 ICB Financial Ontario Calif. $6,000,000
3/6/2009 First Southwest Bancorporation, Inc. Alamosa Colo. $5,500,000
3/6/2009 Highlands Independent Bancshares, Inc. Sebring Fla. $6,700,000
3/6/2009 Pinnacle Bank Holding Company, Inc. Orange City Fla. $4,389,000
3/6/2009 Marine Bank & Trust Company Vero Beach Fla. $3,000,000
3/6/2009 Regent Bancorp, Inc. Davie Fla. $9,982,000
3/6/2009 Citizens Bancshares Corporation Atlanta Ga. $7,462,000
3/6/2009 PeoplesSouth Bancshares, Inc. Colquitt Ga. $12,325,000
3/6/2009 First Busey Corporation Urbana Ill. $100,000,000
3/6/2009 Blue River Bancshares, Inc. Shelbyville Ind. $5,000,000
3/6/2009 Community Bancshares of Kansas, Inc. Goff Kan. $500,000
3/6/2009 Blue Ridge Bancshares, Inc. Independence Mo. $12,000,000
3/6/2009 AmeriBank Holding Company Collinsville Okla. $2,492,000
3/6/2009 HCSB Financial Corporation Loris S.C. $12,895,000
3/6/2009 First Reliance Bancshares, Inc. Florence S.C. $15,349,000
3/6/2009 Merchants and Planters Bancshares, Inc. Toone Tenn. $1,881,000
3/6/2009 Germantown Capital Corporation, Inc. Germantown Tenn. $4,967,000
3/6/2009 First Texas BHC, Inc. Fort Worth Texas $13,533,000
3/6/2009 Farmers & Merchants Bancshares, Inc. Houston Texas $11,000,000
3/6/2009 BOH Holdings, Inc. Houston Texas $10,000,000
3/6/2009 Park Bancorporation, Inc. Madison Wis. $23,200,000
3/13/2009 BancIndependent, Inc. Sheffield Ala. $21,100,000
3/13/2009 First Northern Community Bancorp Dixon Calif. $17,390,000
3/13/2009 Salisbury Bancorp, Inc. Lakeville Conn. $8,816,000
3/13/2009 1st United Bancorp, Inc. Boca Raton Fla. $10,000,000
3/13/2009 First Intercontinental Bank Doraville Ga. $6,398,000
3/13/2009 Discover Financial Services Riverwoods Ill. $1,224,558,000
3/13/2009 Butler Point, Inc. Catlin Ill. $607,000
3/13/2009 Haviland Bancshares, Inc. Haviland Kan. $425,000
3/13/2009 Madison Financial Corporation Richmond Ky. $3,370,000
3/13/2009 St. Johns Bancshares, Inc. St. Louis Mo. $3,000,000
3/13/2009 First American International Corp. Brooklyn N.Y. $17,000,000
3/13/2009 IBW Financial Corporation Washington DC n/a $6,000,000
3/13/2009 Bank of George Las Vegas Nev. $2,672,000
3/13/2009 First Place Financial Corp. Warren Ohio $72,927,000
3/13/2009 Provident Community Bancshares, Inc. Rock Hill S.C. $9,266,000
3/13/2009 Moneytree Corporation Lenoir City Tenn. $9,516,000
3/13/2009 Sovereign Bancshares, Inc. Dallas Texas $18,215,000
3/13/2009 First National Corporation Strasburg Va. $13,900,000
3/13/2009 Blackhawk Bancorp, Inc. Beloit Wis. $10,000,000
3/20/2009 Heritage Oaks Bancorp Paso Robles Calif. $21,000,000
3/20/2009 Premier Bank Holding Company Tallahassee Fla. $9,500,000
3/20/2009 Farmers & Merchants Financial Corporation Argonia Kan. $442,000
3/20/2009 Farmers State Bankshares, Inc. Holton Kan. $700,000
3/20/2009 First NBC Bank Holding Company New Orleans La. $17,836,000
3/20/2009 Citizens Bank & Trust Company Covington La. $2,400,000
3/20/2009 Kirksville Bancorp, Inc. Kirksville Mo. $470,000
3/20/2009 First Colebrook Bancorp, Inc. Colebrook N.H. $4,500,000
3/20/2009 Community First Bancshares Inc. Union City Tenn. $20,000,000
3/20/2009 Peoples Bancshares of TN, Inc. Madisonville Tenn. $3,900,000
3/27/2009 SBT Bancorp, Inc. Simsbury Conn. $4,000,000
3/27/2009 CSRA Bank Corp. Wrens Ga. $2,400,000
3/27/2009 Trinity Capital Corporation Los Alamos N.M. $35,539,000
3/27/2009 Clover Community Bankshares, Inc. Clover S.C. $3,000,000
3/27/2009 Pathway Bancorp Cairo Neb. $3,727,000
3/27/2009 Colonial American Bank West Conshohocken Pa. $574,000
3/27/2009 MS Financial, Inc. Kingwood Texas $7,723,000
3/27/2009 Triad Bancorp, Inc. Frontenac Mo. $3,700,000
3/27/2009 Alpine Banks of Colorado Glenwood Springs Colo. $70,000,000
3/27/2009 Naples Bancorp, Inc. Naples Fla. $4,000,000
3/27/2009 CBS Banc-Corp. Russellville Ala. $24,300,000
3/27/2009 IBT Bancorp, Inc. Irving Texas $2,295,000
3/27/2009 Spirit BankCorp, Inc. Bristow Okla. $30,000,000
3/27/2009 Maryland Financial Bank Towson Md. $1,700,000
4/3/2009 First Capital Bancorp, Inc. Glen Ellen Va. $10,958,000
4/3/2009 Tri-State Bank of Memphis Memphis Tenn. $2,795,000
4/3/2009 Fortune Financial Corporation Arnold Mo. $3,100,000
4/3/2009 BancStar, Inc. Festus Mo. $8,600,000
4/3/2009 Titonka Bancshares, Inc Titonka Iowa $2,117,000
4/3/2009 Millennium Bancorp, Inc. Edwards Colo. $7,260,000
4/3/2009 TriSummit Bank Kingsport Tenn. $2,765,000
4/3/2009 Prairie Star Bancshares, Inc. Olathe Kan. $2,800,000
4/3/2009 Community First Bancshares, Inc. Harrison Ark. $12,725,000
4/3/2009 BCB Holding Company, Inc. Theodore Ala. $1,706,000
4/10/2009 City National Bancshares Corporation Newark N.J. $9,439,000
4/10/2009 First Business Bank, N.A. San Diego Calif. $2,211,000
4/10/2009 SV Financial, Inc. Sterling Ill. $4,000,000
4/10/2009 Capital Commerce Bancorp, Inc. Milwaukee Wis. $5,100,000
4/10/2009 Metropolitan Capital Bancorp, Inc. Chicago Ill. $2,040,000
4/17/2009 Bank of the Carolinas Corporation Mocksville N.C. $13,179,000
4/17/2009 Penn Liberty Financial Corp. Wayne Pa. $9,960,000
4/17/2009 Tifton Banking Company Tifton Ga. $3,800,000
4/17/2009 Patterson Bancshares, Inc Patterson La. $3,690,000
4/17/2009 BNB Financial Services Corporation New York N.Y. $7,500,000
4/17/2009 Omega Capital Corp. Lakewood Colo. $2,816,000
4/24/2009 Mackinac Financial Corporation / mBank Manistique Mich. $11,000,000
4/24/2009 Birmingham Bloomfield Bancshares, Inc Birmingham Mich. $1,635,000
4/24/2009 Vision Bank - Texas Richardson Texas $1,500,000
4/24/2009 Oregon Bancorp, Inc. Salem Ore. $3,216,000
4/24/2009 Peoples Bancorporation, Inc. Easley S.C. $12,660,000
4/24/2009 Indiana Bank Corp. Dana Ind. $1,312,000
4/24/2009 Business Bancshares, Inc. Clayton Mo. $15,000,000
4/24/2009 Standard Bancshares, Inc. Hickory Hills Ill. $60,000,000
4/24/2009 York Traditions Bank York Pa. $4,871,000
4/24/2009 Grand Capital Corporation Tulsa Okla. $4,000,000
4/24/2009 Allied First Bancorp, Inc. Oswego Ill. $3,652,000
4/24/2009 Frontier Bancshares, Inc. Austin Texas $3,000,000
5/1/2009 Village Bank and Trust Financial Corp. Midlothian Va. $14,738,000
5/1/2009 CenterBank Milford Ohio $2,250,000
5/1/2009 Georgia Primary Bank Atlanta Ga. $4,500,000
5/1/2009 Union Bank & Trust Company Oxford N.C. $3,194,000
5/1/2009 HPK Financial Corporation Chicago Ill. $4,000,000
5/1/2009 OSB Financial Services, Inc. Orange Texas $6,100,000
5/1/2009 Security State Bank Holding-Company Jamestown N.D. $10,750,000
5/8/2009 Highlands State Bank Vernon N.J. $3,091,000
5/8/2009 One Georgia Bank Atlanta Ga. $5,500,000
5/8/2009 Gateway Bancshares, Inc. Ringgold Ga. $6,000,000
5/8/2009 Freeport Bancshares, Inc. Freeport Ill. $3,000,000
5/8/2009 Investors Financial Corporation of Pettis County, Inc. Sedalia Mo. $4,000,000
5/8/2009 Sword Financial Corporation Horicon Wis. $13,644,000
5/8/2009 Premier Bancorp, Inc. Wilmette Ill. $6,784,000
5/15/2009 Mercantile Bank Corporation Grand Rapids Mich. $21,000,000
5/15/2009 Northern State Bank Closter N.J. $1,341,000
5/15/2009 Western Reserve Bancorp, Inc Medina Ohio $4,700,000
5/15/2009 Community Financial Shares, Inc. Glen Ellyn Ill. $6,970,000
5/15/2009 Worthington Financial Holdings, Inc. Huntsville Ala. $2,720,000
5/15/2009 First Community Bancshares, Inc Overland Park Kan. $14,800,000
5/15/2009 Southern Heritage Bancshares, Inc. Cleveland Tenn. $4,862,000
5/15/2009 Foresight Financial Group, Inc. Rockford Ill. $15,000,000
5/15/2009 IBC Bancorp, Inc. Chicago Ill. $4,205,000
5/15/2009 Boscobel Bancorp, Inc Boscobel Wis. $5,586,000
5/15/2009 Brogan Bankshares, Inc. Kaukauna Wis. $2,400,000
5/15/2009 Riverside Bancshares, Inc. Little Rock Ark. $1,100,000
5/15/2009 Deerfield Financial Corporation Deerfield Wis. $2,639,000
5/15/2009 Market Street Bancshares, Inc. Mt. Vernon Ill. $20,300,000
5/22/2009 The Landrum Company Columbia Mo.. $15,000,000
5/22/2009 First Advantage Bancshares Inc. Coon Rapids Minn. $1,177,000
5/22/2009 Fort Lee Federal Savings Bank Fort Lee N.J. $1,300,000
5/22/2009 Blackridge Financial, Inc. Fargo N.D. $5,000,000
5/22/2009 Illinois State Bancorp, Inc. Chicago Ill. $6,272,000
5/22/2009 Universal Bancorp Bloomfield Ind. $9,900,000
5/22/2009 Franklin Bancorp, Inc. Washington Mo. $5,097,000
5/22/2009 Commonwealth Bancshares, Inc. Louisville Ky. $20,400,000
5/22/2009 Premier Financial Corp Dubuque Iowa $6,349,000
5/22/2009 F & C Bancorp, Inc. Holden Mo. $2,993,000
5/22/2009 Diamond Bancorp, Inc. Washington Mo. $20,445,000
5/22/2009 United Bank Corporation Barnesville Ga. $14,400,000
5/29/2009 Community Bank Shares of Indiana, Inc. New Albany Ind. $19,468,000
5/29/2009 American Premier Bancorp Arcadia Calif. $1,800,000
5/29/2009 CB Holding Corp. Aledo Ill. $4,114,000
5/29/2009 Citizens Bancshares Co. Chillicothe Mo. $24,990,000
5/29/2009 Grand Mountain Bancshares, Inc. Granby Colo. $3,076,000
5/29/2009 Two Rivers Financial Group Burlington Iowa $12,000,000
5/29/2009 Fidelity Bancorp, Inc Baton Rouge La. $3,942,000
5/29/2009 Chambers Bancshares, Inc. Danville Ark. $19,817,000
6/5/2009 Covenant Financial Corporation Clarksdale Miss. $5,000,000
6/5/2009 First Trust Corporation New Orleans La. $17,969,000
6/5/2009 OneFinancial Corporation Little Rock Ark. $17,300,000
6/12/2009 Berkshire Bancorp, Inc. Wyomissing Pa. $2,892,000
6/12/2009 First Vernon Bancshares, Inc. Vernon Ala. $6,000,000
6/12/2009 SouthFirst Bancshares, Inc. Sylacauga Ala. $2,760,000
6/12/2009 Virginia Company Bank Newport News Va. $4,700,000
6/12/2009 Enterprise Financial Services Group, Inc. Allison Park Pa. $4,000,000
6/12/2009 First Financial Bancshares, Inc. Lawrence Kan. $3,756,000
6/12/2009 River Valley Bancorporation, Inc. Wausau Wis. $15,000,000
6/12/2009 Berkshire Bancorp, Inc.  Wyomissing  Pa.  $2,892,000
6/12/2009 First Vernon Bancshares, Inc.  Vernon  Ala. $6,000,000
6/12/2009 SouthFirst Bancshares, Inc.  Sylacauga  Ala. $2,760,000
6/12/2009 Virginia Company Bank  Newport News  Va. $4,700,000
6/12/2009 Enterprise Financial Services Group, Inc.  Allison Park Pa. $4,000,000
6/12/2009 First Financial Bancshares, Inc. Lawrence  Kan. $3,756,000
6/12/2009 River Valley Bancorporation, Inc.  Wausau  Wis. $15,000,000
6/19/2009 Merchants and Manufacturers Bank Corporation  Joliet  Ill. $3,510,000
6/19/2009 RCB Financial Corporation  Rome  Ga. $8,900,000
6/19/2009 Manhattan Bancshares, Inc.  Manhattan  Ill. $2,639,000
6/19/2009 Biscayne Bancshares, Inc.  Coconut Grove  Fla. $6,400,000
6/19/2009 Duke Financial Group, Inc.  Minneapolis  Minn. $12,000,000
6/19/2009 Farmers Enterprises, Inc.  Great Bend  Kan. $12,000,000
6/19/2009 Century Financial Services Corporation  Santa Fe  N.M. $10,000,000
6/19/2009 NEMO Bancshares Inc.  Madison  Mo. $2,330,000
6/19/2009 University Financial Corp, Inc.  St. Paul  Minn.  $11,926,000
6/19/2009 Suburban Illinois Bancorp, Inc.  Elmhurst  Ill. $15,000,000
Total purchase amount: $199,566,890,000
Total repaid: -$70,124,589,000
Capital Purchase Program total investment: 129,442,301,000
1Initially allocated to Merrill Lynch, which Bank of America purchased on Jan. 1, 2009
Source: Treasury Dept.


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