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The State of the Obama Presidency - Polls going down as expected

Friday, July 17, 2009

Opinion of the Editor 'James' of Obama in the White House blog

 The Obama presidency will be judged on what is accomplished, especially heading into the re-election of the president in 2012. But now, the latest polls indicate that President Obama now has an approval rating below 60 percent. The CNN Poll of Polls now show 57% of Americans surveyed approve of the job Obama's doing as president and 36% disapprove of his job as President. Since June, it dropped 5 %, as of that time his approval rating was 62 percent. As stated in earlier articles about the success of Barack Obama's presidency, the main issue that he will be facing for re-election will be the state of the economy. Already, the public's perception of how he is handle the economy is becoming a major issue. As if that may be not enough for President Obama to handle, he now is trying to push through his health care plan,which also will tax the richest of all people, the top 1%, people making over $280,000 and up, even higher if you make more,  and it seems that he is having problems with that. Conservative Senator democrats, a total of 40, are questioning his plan. Another issue is unemployment. Unemployment is nearing 10%.. Sixteen states have unemployment over 10%. Michigan has unemployment above 15%. Confidence is dropping.. 53% believe that President Obama has a clear plan to bring back employment, down from 64% at the beginning of his presidency.
Another issue that keeps coming up is the stimulus money that was so urgently needed just a few months ago. The problem is that most of the money has not even been spent. So why the rush.
The stimulus money definitly helped the banks get out of trouble, and also helps automakers, but people are still not able to borrow money from the banks, as it is still very difficult to acquire a loan. But in retrospect, now that the banks are able to operate with a little more ease and can give loans, construction for new homes is now up by 3.7 percent in June, mainly because people purchasing homes can benefit from the eight thousand dollar first time buyer bonus. But there is a hitch to that. If you owned a home within the last 3 years, you do not qualify. If you do qualify, you must buy before January 2010.
Now it's time to give President Obama credit. It may be too soon to determine how he is doing regarding the economy, employment, housing, and other key issues. But at least he is facing the problems head on, and is putting his future career as a re-elected president in 2012 at risk. His actions will determine his fate. If jobs are created, if the economy returns, if most people gain a health care plan, then he most likely he will get re-elected, regardless of what the conservatives or Republicans say.  Unlike another most recent past president Bush, Obama is tackling the issues here at home and is working for the people, not just trying to manage a war in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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