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Senior Health Care - Almost non-existant in some cases - Congress won't act

Thursday, July 23, 2009

President Obama talks about health care, and wants to pass a health care reform bill by the end of this year. Obama originally wanted to have a bill passed before the congress takes a break this summer, but now will most likely not happen until after the break in the fall. People in Congress seem to want to go with the 'status quo' here, thinking that what they have is good enough. I truly believe that most of the congressmen believe that a new plan is desperately needed, but the Republicans along with Conservative Democrats seem to believe that stopping this bill can hurt President Obama, and be his "waterloo". Who are they kidding? Who gets hurt here are all the people who cannot afford health care.
The rich are so worried that they will be paying for the brunt of the health care costs. It is true that they will be taxed more. Obama plans on taxing the rich, the people who can actually afford paying higher taxes. Can he tax the poor? If he could, then maybe these Americans that cannot afford health care at the present costs can afford the care. But the fact is that they cannot afford it.
It is very difficult for seniors to afford health care, such as dental care for example, when all they have is Medicare, no Medicaid, and no way to get into an Advantage program. For example, my mother receives a monthly social security check just slightly below $1,000, but does not qualify for an Advantage program, because she is a dialysis patient. Does that make any sense. So what does this mean. She cannot qualify for any dental assistance for example. A recent expense for her dental, just to pull 4 teeth at age 79, was approximately $2,000 for just about 1 hour of service.
This kind of treatment is disheartening, especially to seniors who cannot afford to pay these high medical bills. Having 'end stage renal disease' makes you not qualify for any dental care? How does a kidney issue reflect on dental coverage?
President Obama wants to pass a bill that would suit all Americans but does this include my mom? The members of Congress are some of the richest people in this country, and they do not want to be taxed more. They do not want to help the people who can't help themselves.
How would mom get dental work done without the help of her family. She just wouldn't except maybe in a free clinic somewhere. Unfortunately, even the free clinics wouldn't preform oral surgery that mom needed to extract just 4 teeth, with the amount payable before the surgery was rendered. 


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