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Republicans Attempt to Stop Obama Operations in Libya via 1973 Law

Friday, June 3, 2011

It does appear that the Republican controlled House is sending a message to President Obama about his involvement in Libya. The conflict there has been active now for over 60 days. The authority of the President to send forces to Libya was confirmed by Congress when it was believed that the United States needed to help protect the Libyan rebels who were being attacked and killed by superior military power from Moammar Gadhafi. The House has been watching the involvement of the United States in the attack on the Libyan military might of Moammar Gadhafi, but now are strongly criticizing the President in the conflict, claiming further involvement will break a federal law called "The War Powers Resolution of 1973". If the President is to follow this federal law, he now must start a withdrawal of forces, which would include an immediate cease of all combat operations, including the bombing of Moammar Gadhafi targets. Legally, the only way to continue in Libya now would be to declare war on Libya. The status of the conflict most likely does not constitute a valid reason to declare war, so most likely President Obama must pull back American forces.
Not all senators, including Republican John McCain believes that a resolution needs to be created in Congress so that the operations can continue, as McCain is in support of helping the Libyan rebels. He does not believe that the War Powers Act is constitutional, and that the United States needs to continue with the mission. But the leader of the House, Speaker John Boehner has introduced a resolution to rebuke President Obama's Libya policy, and force the President to withdraw the operations in support of the 1973 resolution. Today the house members voted 265-145 in the measure, that for what House Republicans claim is a lack of presidential deference to the legislative branch. As expected, the vote was split down party lines, as Republicans supported the measure and the Democrats did not support the measure. But in another separate measure the house members rejected a separate resolution that was submitted by Dennis Kucinich, Democrat from Ohio, calling for the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the NATO-led military operation by a vote of 148-265.
So now I'm confused. The Republicans only seem to want to vote on what they want, the not vote favorably on anything the Democrats put on the table. At this point, the administration supports the resolution pushed by John McCain (republican Senator of Arizona}, and Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.


Mitt Romney Claims Obama is an "ineffective" President - Plans to Announce his Run for President this Week

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Governor Mitt Romney is starting to speak up and attack President Obama, calling him "one of the most ineffective presidents" he's ever seen. He also claims that he can beat him in 2012. What he is saying is that a conservative President would be more effective. How effective was George W. Bush? Not too effective, as he started the mess President Obama inherited. Why, because most Republican presidents, conservative in their own rite, do much less than liberal or Democratic Presidents. So what planet is Mitt Romney coming from.
Yes, President Obama has been so ineffective, as he managed to change health care. and kill Osama bin Laden. His counterpart George W. Bush didn't catch bin Laden during his two full terms as President. Maybe Mitt Romney forgets how he tells everyone how effective he was in Massachusetts as Governor when he passed Romney Care. Romney claims that President Obama made things worse after inheriting the country's problems from Bush. He claims that the recession is now worse. How's that? People are going to work. Stock markets are rising, but what Romney fails to see is that it is the GOP congressmen in the House that are holding back progress. If the Democrats or the President are for something, the Republicans or Republican controlled House seem to be automatically against it. The House passes their bill through threats to the citizens of the United States. Proof of this as just today, the House voted down the debt-limit increase. What does that do? It now limits things that the Government can do, as the treasury secretary now claims that the government can run up to August without a debt limit increase. If not, the country will see serious consequences, and most likely would throw the stocks into a tailspin. The inaction of the House is responsible for doing nothing, not President Obama. Their inaction will cause much damage to the country. Mitt Romney is sadly mistaken. If he runs, he will not be able to beat President Obama, or at least not as easily as he may think.
Mitt Romney plans to announce his run for the Presidency this week, and also claims that his Mormon faith will not be an obstacle to winning the GOP presidential nomination to run against Obama next year. Romney is right. Maybe not his faith, but he will have formidable opponents from his own party that will rip him apart. He didn't stand a chance against Huckabee in 2008, but maybe with all of the money he has and will use to promote his campaign will be enough to get him into the race against Obama.
Mitt Romney is not even formally in the race yet, and he is already attacking President Obama. Instead of being on the attack right now, I believe what he needs to do is the promote his policies and beliefs and promote conservative principles, and reasons why he should be elected. He seems to forget. President Obama is already in the drivers seat. Mitt Romney says that "we're electing a commander in chief", but again, he fails to realize President Obama already is the commander in chief.


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