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1st Presidential Debate - Sept 26, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Presidential debates are fun to watch, especially when you have 2 charismatic personalities like John McCain and Barack Obama. View the entire debate below. Both Senators went toe to toe with questions posed from moderator Jim Lehrer of PBC concerning different issues represented throughout the evening. The 90 minute debate was supposed to be centered around foreign policy, but because of the Congressional 750 billion dollar bill President Bush is trying to get passed before the congress was supposed to goes on recess as of Friday, the debate began centered around the economy then moved on to foreign policy. Neither McCain or Obama had much to say regarding the money bailout, but did answer questions regarding the economy for the first 40 minutes of the debate.
It was stated by most commentators from CNN that John McCain had to through out a knockout punch to stay in the race. Most everyone commenting on the debate stated that John McCain did not through out the knockout punch and now he is in real danger of getting seriously behind in the polls. Most all commentators agree that it was Barack Obama who won the debate, but even if the polls would claim that both were even, that the outcome would favor Obama over McCain.
As expected, when it concerned foreign policy, the answers from McCain proved he is the experienced candidate. But at the same time, Barack Obama held his own concerning foreign policy. His knowledge concerning foreign policy was tested and anyone who doubted his knowledge and ability in this subject should now realize that Barack Obama is for real, and he has the ability to debate John McCain on any issue.
The next debate will be on October 2nd, with Sarah Palin and Joe Biden going toe to toe as the vice-presidential candidates of this election year.
On November 4th, either John McCain or Barack Obama will be elected as the next President of the United States, If you still haven't registered to vote, you have until October 4th, just 30 days before the election to get registered.


Vice Presidental Canditates - Sara Palin and Joe Biden

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lets start with Governor Palin. Yes, she is a successful Governor for the State of Alaska, but I'm still at a loss as to why Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain truly believes that she has more experience than Barak Obama or for that matter Joe Biden?

Here are Governor Palin's credentials....

First she was a part-time mayor of a city of roughly 5500 people before becoming governor of Alaska. She has been governor for 18 months and that does not strike me as a seasoned veteran, either. So why is she truly on John McCain's ticket? What other credentials does she really have? Personally I think that it was just John McCain's gut decision to have her on his ticket and she did exactly what she was supposed to do at this point in the race, and that was to stir up waves to get everyone's focus off of John McCain's policies, which are the continued failed policies of George Bush. And how ironic, John McCain is trying to push that his candidacy is about 'CHANGE". What is he trying to change. Everything he is now saying he wants to do completely embarrasses President Bush. He can't possibly win unless he goes against the failed policies of his own political party, the Republican party. He can only possibly win if he portrays himself a maverick and go against George Bush's policies. I wonder if anyone can remember when John McCain ran against George Bush and lost. Now, they are friends. Can Bush really help him or hurt him in this election? Just too too many questions.....
And who knows, maybe Sarah Palin could fill the bill as President if the 72-year old maverick John McCain cannot complete his term, if elected. But even so, I'm not so comfortable knowing she can become President if something should happen to him. John McCain supprised everyone, especially in his own party when he picked Sarah Palin.
With her ignorance of foreign policy, not to mention her gun loving values, how can she really portray herself to other countries as now becoming one of the most powerful people in the world as President of the United States? I believe her experience and whatever qualifications that she has for the Vice-Presidential position she is seeking are non-existent. And even the fact that she thinks she is qualified tells the world exactly what kind of person she really is.

Now what about Joe Biden? What is his take on his opponent for VP, Sarah Palin?
First, he considers her a formidable opponent. He knows that she really knows how to zing people. with her speech. But Joe Biden will question her judgment on things, not her motive.
Joe Biden became a Senator in 1973, and is current chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. He has served as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He unsuccessfully sought the Presidential nomination in both 1988 and 2008. Joe seems to be very experienced in foreign policy. To me, he should be able to fill the bill as President if Obama couldn't complete his term in office.


Joe Lieberman - Traitor to his once loved Democratic Party

Friday, September 5, 2008

It is worth mentioning that back in 2006, Joe Lieberman outwardly praised Barack Obama in a speech, which is now more evidence that Joe Lieberman is on McCain's side now for fear of being 'left behind' in the Senate, and not because he believed that John McCain is the correct choice for President. The script of the speech you will see is an exact excerpt of his speech you can view right here now.......

“As far as I’m concerned [Barack Obama] is a ‘Baruch,’ which means a blessing. He is a blessing to the United States Senate, to America, and to our shared hopes for better, safer tomorrows for all our families. The gifts that God has given to Barack Obama are as enormous as his future is unlimited. As his mentor, as his colleague, as his friend, I look forward to helping him reach to the stars and realize not just the dreams he has for himself, but the dreams we all have for him and our blessed country.”

How ironic. If you listened to his speech on day 2 of the Republican Presidential Convention, Joe Lieberman completely took back all praise for Barack Obama, and in a sense has turned traitor of the Democratic Party, because of his lack of securing his own dreams in politics with the Democrats. For him, it appears to be all about Joe Lieberman, not about the country or whatever party he plans to support. How could anyone support him or his beliefs now.

Other Presidential contenders, have bowed down in grace during defeat, like Senator Hillary Clinton, who now still fully supports the Democratic Party and made a great speech supporting her rival at the Convention. She contested her rival up until the very end when it came to surface that she could not catch up to Barack Obama in electoral votes needed to be nominated. Still, she supported her party, and did not do what Joe Lieberman has done, as he has disgraced the democratic party in 2008 with his support for John McCain. Because of her gracefulness in defeat, she is still considered a number one Presidential contender, and if for any reason John McCain should win the election in November, she would most certainly return in 2012 to run against him, or any other Republican contender.

I will state up front on this day September 4, 2008, that it is my opinion that Barack Obama will win the Presidency of the United States, and will become the first black man to ever hold the office. Because of John McCain's lack in securing a qualified running mate for Vice-President, and because of all the failed policies by the Republican Party and the most unpopular President George Bush, John will never become President of the United States.
In honor of his service as a war hero, John McCain most likely will forever hold in history the record of one being the only captive prisoner to advance to becoming a Presidential contender. No one for either party will deny him as being a National hero, and is respected highly for his service to his country.

Responses to Article Below........

Blogger TTWSYF said...

My conservative values are diametrically oppossed to obama's liberal philosophy ie, I am prolife he is proabortion, he is for big gov't and I am for small gov't. McCain is experienced and his VP pick, Sarah Palin, has more experience that Obama. Obama is anti-american and associates with Rev Jerimiah Wright and William Ayers and corrupted by a convicted felon Tony Rezko. I love the USA and McCain/Palin will be in the white house.

September 8, 2008 7:38 PM

From the Author of in response to comment above ttwsyf

It is my opinion that the generalities between liberals and conservatives are exactly as you have stated, especially as it is well known that liberals are for big government. I am for small government, but not for a government that favors the rich and is not too concerned about the effects of the present government regarding middle and low class. Regardless of what anybody makes, we still have to pay those high gasoline prices, and the highest costs of energy of any modern time. Thank you President Bush!!
As far as Sarah Palin, someone who speaks in tongues, as is common in the Pentecostal faith but however, I think Palin, given her public comments, should answer a few reasonable questions:

* Does she believe in the separation of church and state? Is she comfortable with a government that remains entirely neutral on matters of faith?

* Does she believe public officials should use religious beliefs to shape public policy? Palin recently said those fighting the war in Iraq are "out on a task that is from God," and added, in the same remarks, that "God's will" was responsible for a national gas pipeline project in Alaska. Might she be willing to elaborate on what this means? There are just too many questions she needs to answer. I can't wait to see the vice-presidential debate scheduled for October 2, 2008. Joe Biden should tear her apart on foreign policy. Then we will see how the ratings will change. Anyone who likes Bush should vote for McCain, after all McCain has voted for what Bush wanted 90%-95% of the time. The trouble is Bush's ratings are the lowest now of any President. My question is - Do I want Palin to be my President if something happens to McCain? Give me reasons why she would be the best candidate for President...

September 9, 2008 4:32 PM


Day Four - The Republican National Convention 9/4/2008

Another ironic theme to become front and center at the Convention by the Republican Nominee John McCain is the theme centered around 'CHANGE". For me, I am extremely happy the the Republican National Convention is now over, but with this report, I would like to highlight how it all came to an end.
As if the world didn't already know, McCain highlighted his career in public service, as a Navy pilot shot down, living at the Hanoi Hilton, now as a hero, and a member of the US Congress. He wants to bring 'CHANGE" into Washington. One of his greatest lines in his speech "Let me just offer an advanced warning to the old big spending, do nothing, me first, country second crowd- Change is coming". He is talking about his fellow Republicans and law makers in Washington, people who have done a poor job with this country for the last 8 years. He is no less than denouncing the polices and capabilities of his own President Bush, who just happened not to show up at this Convention. If I can recall history, this will have been the first time a sitting President hasn't appeared for his own party's convention in modern history. One year after his re-election, why did Bush do nothing for New Orleans in 2005, but now has decided to become involved in the latest hurricane Gustav situation. Did he hurt McCain by not showing up, or did he help him. But then, what did he do? Getting back to McCain, if he is really sincere in that statement, why then would he have voted as a Senator in Washington for what Bush and the Republicans voted for 95% of the time. It just doesn't add up to me.
For the next two months prior to the election, there will be a very intense opposition between the Democratic opponent Obama an Republican McCain.
In his speech, McCain stated that he is the most experienced candidate. He claimed that he would be the candidate that would keep taxes low, spend money wisely and open up markets. Also on the top of his list were defense, work, faith, service, a culture of life, personal responsibility, the rule of law and justices that would be impartial as far as justice is concerned and a justice that wouldn't just legislate from their bench. Values of family, neighborhoods and communities were also mentioned. McCain's beliefs include your ability to be creative and wants to give you more choices to make for yourself. Taxes are a main concern as he claims he will keep them low and cut ones that are not needed.
McCain compared himself to Obama. He claims that he will cut them when possible and Obama will raise them. Again he raised the issue of markets for goods and services and that Obama would close them. With his tax cuts, he claims that he can create jobs and claims that Obama would raise taxes and will eliminate jobs. He claims that his plan would make available to all Americans good health insurance. Obama's plan would force small businesses to cut jobs. His stance on education is important, as he mentioned that failed schools must be brought up to standards and reward teachers that do well, while pinpointing the bad teaches and find them other jobs. McCain's says that parents should have choices when their child is involved with a failing school, and have an opportunity to send their child to private institutions if necessary.
The general response to his speech by reporters seem to think that his speech was not a good speech. Many are saying that Governor Palin's speech was better. If any speech during the convention unified the Republican party, it was Sarah Palin's speech, not John McCain's.
In recent polls after the convention, it still shows that Barack Obama is slightly ahead, but it is my opinion that Obama may start pulling away, especially after Joe Biden and Sarah Palin square off in one of the Vice-Presidential debates scheduled within a month.


Day Three - The 2008 Republican National Convention 9-3-2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 3 of the 2008 Republican Presidential Convention is now history, as Governor Palin stole the show. During my reporting during the Democratic Convention last week, and throughout the Republican convention this week until this evening on day 3, I have tried to keep my reporting subjective and not biased, as good reporters should do. But on the other hand, I am dumbfounded with what I heard tonight, and I just couldn't wait to write this article to state that fact. Up to this point, I've been on the fence regarding whom I would like to be President of this country. If the Republican Party was trying to pull in my vote for John McCain tonight, they have instead cemented my vote for Barack Obama. I was deeply troubled with Governor Palin for things she mentioned in her speech. On the technical side, her speech was good, but on the substantive side it was utterly disgusting to me.
In a nut shell, this is what she did. She talked down community service and she made a mockery of the things that Barack Obama represented. She hit the Democratic party hard with accusations that Barack Obama surely will answer to. But on the other hand, she gave the Democratic Party more ammunition than ever to go after her, and I'm going to loose sleep now and up to the time of the first vice-presidential face to face debate in St. Louis after the conventions on October 2nd 2008. She never outlined not even one issue regarding foreign policy. I would think that the Democratic VP Joe Biden will take her to the cleaners regarding foreign policy is concerned. How do you think our Allies would like her with the very limited experience she has shown to this date in foreign policy? Do you think she could have successful meetings with foreign diplomats throughout the world like Barack Obama and even Senator John McCain. I think not. Do you think that Governor Palin is actually qualified to run this country at this moment if God forbid something would happen to John McCain? As Vice-President, she is literally one breath away from running the country if something were to happen to the President. I feel that John McCain's first major decision for choosing Sarah Pailan was actually the wrong choice.
In my opinion, the best act to follow tonight was the speech by ex-governor Huckabee. His speech in my opinion was technically good, and contained substantial material that Obama will answer to. At least during his speech, he spoke with respect.
The ex-governor from New York Rudy Gulianni was also rude with some of his remarks of Obama. I will never understand how a person like Rudy Gulianni who held only a position as mayor of NYC could put down Barack Obama in the fashion that he has.
As expected, during the formal nominating process on the floor just before the conclusion of coverage, John McCain became the formal Presidential candidate for the Republican party.
John McCain will accept his nomination tomorrow on day 4 and the convention will come to a close. It will be very interesting to see how John McCain weathers from this point on, and who knows, we may find out about an investigation concerning Governor Palin. The Democrats will now definitely turn up the heat.


Day Two - The 2008 Republican National Convention 9-2-2008

Day 2 of he Republican Convention was marked by big speeches and celebration for the GOP. Because of Hurricane Gustav, there were several mentions by elected officials and journalists making mention of the pending tragedy. Nevertheless, the convention continued.
First, senator Fred Thompson gave praise to Senator John McCain and gave a condensed biography of him. He praised John McCain for his pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.
A noted address by Senator Joe Liberman now belonging to the Independent Party, spoke out in praise for John McCain, even though he was the Democratic pick for Vice President in the year 2000.
President Bush could not be present for the proceedings because of the Hurricane down in the gulf, but he addressed the Republicans at the convention by video.


Day One - The 2008 Republican National Convention Sept. 1, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The 2008 Republican National Convention is being held at Saint Paul's Xcel Energy Center from Sept. 1-4, 2008. Approximately 45,000 delegates, alternate delegates, volunteers, members of the media and other guests are expected to attend the convention. Minneapolis-Saint Paul is expected to receive an estimated $150-$160 million positive economic boost from the four-day event.
SOURCE 2008 Republican National Convention.

The following is actual text of speakers from day 1, which was an abbreviated session due to Hurricane Gustav. Because of the critical situation that existed in New Orleans, President Bush and Vice President Richard Chaney have decided not to attend the first day of the convention, but instead have decided to help with the relief efforts from the State of Texas. Read the transcript that includes the remarks by First Lady Laura Bush and Mrs. Cindy McCain on Day 1 of the Republican National Convention. All of the formalities that had to be addressed on day one were addressed.
Day 2 of the convention will be full of activities, as it will get back on track with a full schedule of events to occur during the convention.


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