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Day Four - The Republican National Convention 9/4/2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

Another ironic theme to become front and center at the Convention by the Republican Nominee John McCain is the theme centered around 'CHANGE". For me, I am extremely happy the the Republican National Convention is now over, but with this report, I would like to highlight how it all came to an end.
As if the world didn't already know, McCain highlighted his career in public service, as a Navy pilot shot down, living at the Hanoi Hilton, now as a hero, and a member of the US Congress. He wants to bring 'CHANGE" into Washington. One of his greatest lines in his speech "Let me just offer an advanced warning to the old big spending, do nothing, me first, country second crowd- Change is coming". He is talking about his fellow Republicans and law makers in Washington, people who have done a poor job with this country for the last 8 years. He is no less than denouncing the polices and capabilities of his own President Bush, who just happened not to show up at this Convention. If I can recall history, this will have been the first time a sitting President hasn't appeared for his own party's convention in modern history. One year after his re-election, why did Bush do nothing for New Orleans in 2005, but now has decided to become involved in the latest hurricane Gustav situation. Did he hurt McCain by not showing up, or did he help him. But then, what did he do? Getting back to McCain, if he is really sincere in that statement, why then would he have voted as a Senator in Washington for what Bush and the Republicans voted for 95% of the time. It just doesn't add up to me.
For the next two months prior to the election, there will be a very intense opposition between the Democratic opponent Obama an Republican McCain.
In his speech, McCain stated that he is the most experienced candidate. He claimed that he would be the candidate that would keep taxes low, spend money wisely and open up markets. Also on the top of his list were defense, work, faith, service, a culture of life, personal responsibility, the rule of law and justices that would be impartial as far as justice is concerned and a justice that wouldn't just legislate from their bench. Values of family, neighborhoods and communities were also mentioned. McCain's beliefs include your ability to be creative and wants to give you more choices to make for yourself. Taxes are a main concern as he claims he will keep them low and cut ones that are not needed.
McCain compared himself to Obama. He claims that he will cut them when possible and Obama will raise them. Again he raised the issue of markets for goods and services and that Obama would close them. With his tax cuts, he claims that he can create jobs and claims that Obama would raise taxes and will eliminate jobs. He claims that his plan would make available to all Americans good health insurance. Obama's plan would force small businesses to cut jobs. His stance on education is important, as he mentioned that failed schools must be brought up to standards and reward teachers that do well, while pinpointing the bad teaches and find them other jobs. McCain's says that parents should have choices when their child is involved with a failing school, and have an opportunity to send their child to private institutions if necessary.
The general response to his speech by reporters seem to think that his speech was not a good speech. Many are saying that Governor Palin's speech was better. If any speech during the convention unified the Republican party, it was Sarah Palin's speech, not John McCain's.
In recent polls after the convention, it still shows that Barack Obama is slightly ahead, but it is my opinion that Obama may start pulling away, especially after Joe Biden and Sarah Palin square off in one of the Vice-Presidential debates scheduled within a month.


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