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Friday, September 30, 2011


Obama Fried Chicken vs. Kentucky Fried Chicken

BEIJING – For all the grief the Obama administration is getting from China for filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization about Chinese tariffs on American chicken exports, perhaps the president should be suing China for royalties instead.

We’ve seen Obama peddle chicken for Kentucky Fried Chicken in Hong Kong, so it was just a matter of time before he broke loose and got his own franchise here in the mainland.

Obama Fried Chicken, or at least what we assume OFC stands for, was found earlier this week in Beijing and comes with the slogan written underneath in Chinese: “We’re so cool, aren’t we?”



Rick Perry Buried Himself During a Recent Florida Debate

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Many people have asked me why I write so much about the Republican race as candidates fight amongst each other in an attempt to be the Republican candidate for President against Barack Obama in 2012.  Obviously, I really like writing about politics, and lets face it, the Republicans are making all the stories these days. If it isn't the candidates fumbling, it's the Congress, namely the House of Representatives. It is important to see what the candidates are really made up of, and to see who really has a chance to run against an incumbent President. One such hopeful candidate is Rick Perry. His party had so many high hopes for him and thought he was the man to beat. But during the last Republican debate in Florida, he seemed to beat himself. In a defining moment for the GOP contest, Rick Perry said "“If you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they've been brought there by no fault of their own, I don't think you have a heart.”
Rick Santorum immediately attacked him. Mitt Romney attacked him. Basically, the contestants were talking about a bill that was passed in the state of Texas, that allowed illegal aliens to enter this country and get discounted schooling, as Rick Perry signed a 2001 Texas law granting in-state tuition rates at state universities to illegal immigrant students.
Right or wrong, activists look at this statement as racist which enrages them. By making this statement, Rick Perry showed how he himself was heartless, as legal citizens living elsewhere do not have equal rights that illegal immigrant students do in the State of Texas. Regardless of who you are, if you live in the State of Texas, you can get discounted rates to attend school at state institutions.
It amounts to Rick Perry having a very bad night. He should had made the comment that because of a 1982 Supreme Court decision that requires states to provide kindergarten-through-grade 12 public education for illegal immigrant children, the Texas tuition program could then be seen as a logical extension of that court-imposed requirement. But he failed to state this and left himself wide open for candidates like Santorum and Romney to attack, and attack they did. It was like he fell asleep at the wheel of his car, or he was too drunk to defend himself. If he drops out now, Mitt Romney will emerge as the front-runner.
The winners of the night of the Republican debates was anyone else except Rick Perry. In matter of fact, his stance with just that one statement on 'illegal immigration' most likely pushed him right out of the race for the Republican nominee for President of the United States.
Now who will the Republicans turn to? Mitt Romney? A mormon who will never get needed votes in the south? How about Michelle Bachmann. I could list the entire bunch of candidates, but if just as an example, if I were a Republican, I still would not have a candidate on the stage that I would vote for.
Maybe it's true..  President Barack Obama will be re-elected for four more years as President.


Perry Loosing Support, Christie Won't Run Despite What Republicans Want

It's pretty bad when every Republican seems to be on edge, hoping that Chris Christie is going to run. The Governor of New Jersey now for just 2 years, supporters of the Governor expect him to step away as Governor and run for the President of the United States. What does that say for the 'already contenders' for the nomination for the Republican candidate for President? What it means is that the Republican party, or the voters of the party are not satisfied with their present candidates. Mitt Romney must be getting sick of the late comers as candidates that run against him. He and Michelle Bachmann easily had the lead amongst the party, but as soon as Rick Perry came on board to run, Rick Perry numbers dropped significantly. For the last 3 weeks or so, Mitt Romney ran in front, and was favored. But with his performance in Florida during the last debate, it appears as if the main Republican support for Rick Perry has dwindled. Obviously not a great debater, he may be following the footsteps of George W. Bush. Bush constantly stumbled in his speeches, and portrayed the prior president as stupid and ignorant.
Everyone except Chris Christie believes that he will run. He has previously stated that he would not run for president as he is not ready, but the Republican clan seems to think that they know better than him. Still at the end of the day, I'm feeling pretty confident that Christie will not run.


Apple IPhone5 - Arrives October 4th - Will it Be Worth It?

Another IPhone, will be on the market on Oct. 4th, known as IPhone 5. It seems like yesterday that Apple came out with the original model, but now they have 5 versions of it. For the Iphone 4, many believed that it came out too early, as there were too many problems with it. Still, many people bought the product. I believe that the prospective purchasers will be less likely to throw money out for the new Iphone now when there are so many new phones out there, for example the Windows phone and the Android. The Android appears to be the most powerful phone on the market, as it acts like a computer storage device and runs many programs that the Iphone will not.
Only time will tell, in about one week of waiting just to see what the new phone can actually do. Will it continue to have the reception/antenna issue as the Iphone4? Most likely not, but two things may happen for sure. It most likely will be the most powerful Iphone to be developed, and the cost is likely to go up from the standard starting price.
Will the same number or more people continue to support and purchase the Iphone5? Unless Apple comes up with some new gimic that people feel that they need to purchase, then the IPhone5 may turn out to just be a flop.


DIsaster Funds Issue Appears to be Settled, at Least Temporarily

Monday, September 26, 2011

Well, it happened !!   How about one that actually helps FEMA, even though it is short term. At least it's better than nothing. The Senate passed a short-term spending measure on Monday night. I guess you would consider it progress. When will either party learn that passing short term bills only makes the issue re-appear again and again. When will these politicians put their money where there mouths are and really put a package together that will be long term. The main issue this time. Democrats and Republicans were at an impasse over a GOP demand to cut spending elsewhere to offset any increased disaster relief funding in the current fiscal year. Reid and other Senate Democrats depicted the agreement as a victory over House Republicans who they said had needlessly held up the disaster relief funding by demanding unprecedented spending offsets for emergency aid.
"It is hard to see how the House Republicans could reject this proposal," said Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-New York, noting the strong bipartisan vote in the Senate. So yes, the bill now see-saws back to the Senate, where it most likely will pass. So it actually happened. The U.S. Congress didn't wait until the last day to get a bill together that most will agree on. The only downfall here is that it is just temporary, very temporary at that. Now the Fema funding should last through the rest of the current fiscal year.


U.S. Congress That Gets Paid to do NOTHING

It's crazy when you look at it. The United States is supposed to be the country that everyone wants to live in. But how can this be when the lawmakers of this country that governs our policies can not figure out how to work together to get things done. This is nothing new unfortunately. The issues date all the way back to the 1950's. It is known that during this time, there were many crooks and many drunks in Congress. In the 1980's there were allot less of these types in Congress, but interestingly in the 1950's, the U.S. Congress managed to balance the budget, confirm presidential nominees in reasonable time and enact programs, like the one that created the interstate highway system. In the 1980's, Congress couldn't do any of those things, but during the Reagan era in 1981, the Reagan tax cut passed even when there was a Democratic House in 1981. The Democratic House was willing to work with the Republican President Reagan then, but today the Republican House refuses to work with a Democratic President.  Presently, the U.S. Congress nearly pushed this country in an unnecessary default, and is just about to do it again if they can't agree on something.


Obama and Bill Clinton tee off at Andrews

Sunday, September 25, 2011

(CNN) - President Barack Obama had a high-profile golf partner Saturday: former President Bill Clinton.
The two hit the links on the golf course at Joint Base Andrews, a course outside of Washington that Obama plays frequently. Rounding out the foursome were Obama’s Chief of Staff William Daley and Doug Band, one of Clinton’s aides.

Earlier this week, Obama shared the stage with Clinton in New York when he spoke at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative.
In a statement, White House Spokesman Josh Earnest said the outing was just the latest in a string of meetings between the two men.
"President Clinton and President Obama enjoyed their round of golf at Joint Base Andrews today. Periodically, over the last two and a half years, they've gotten together to discuss the unique honor and extraordinary opportunity to lead this country. They were pleased to have the chance to visit once again today," Earnest said.


By the CNN Wire Staff
updated 1:47 PM EST, Sat September 24, 2011

(CNN) -- President Barack Obama says the passage of his new jobs bill will help improve America's troubled economy.
"That's going to make a difference right away," the president told BET network. "It's estimated that that would grow the economy by an extra 2%, put a 1.9 million people back to work. Those aren't our estimates. Those are independent estimates. So that could make a difference."
The $447 billion jobs plan presented last week to Congress calls for targeted tax cuts, infrastructure spending and new job training assistance that would be paid for by ending tax loopholes for corporations and some tax cuts for American families earning more than $250,000 a year.
BET released portions of an interview Saturday that will be played in full Monday.
Obama discussed the effects of the economic crisis on African-Americans and defended his administration's efforts. He said people didn't fully appreciate the "depth" of the global economic crisis "glimmering on the horizon" when he took office.
When he looks back on his term, he said "the decisions we made were the right decisions."
"I am spending all my time in this office trying to make sure that if there's some kid in the South Side of Chicago that doesn't have a shot right now, isn't going to a good school, parent doesn't have a job, then I'm fighting for him."
Obama will deliver remarks at the Congressional Black Congress Foundation annual Phoenix Awards at the Washington Convention Center on Saturday night.


CNN Truth Squad: Did Obama destroy the economy?

By Matt Smith, CNN

updated 11:49 AM EST, Fri September 23, 2011

(CNN) -- The statement:

"President Obama has embraced a view of government-directed temporary fixes and gimmicks. They don't work. He's destroyed the economy."
-- Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, during Thursday night's Republican presidential debate on Fox News.

The facts:

-- The recession from which the United States is still struggling to recover began in December 2007, 13 months before Obama took office in January 2009. That's according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the nonprofit agency that tracks business cycles.

Romney and Perry clash at debate

-- By the fourth quarter of 2008, shortly after the banking crisis that resulted in the widely unpopular federal bailouts, the economy contracted by 8.9%, according to the Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis.
-- The bureau found the recession officially ended in June 2009, five months after Obama took office. The economy has grown in every quarter since then, though barely in the past six months, according to the Commerce Department.
-- The unemployment rate, a more direct concern to the average American, has remained high after shooting up from 5.5 % in December 2007 to a peak of 10.1 % in October 2009. It was 7.8 % when Obama took office, and it has held at 9.1 % for the past two months.

The verdict:

False. The Obama administration's much-criticized efforts to revive the economy may not have lived up to their billing, but statistics show the bulk of the damage was done before he was sworn in.


U.S. Congress Fails again to ACT, Government Shutdown Imminent

It seems that this country's worst enemy is not located in Iran, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Yes, terrorists are always a main concern, but do they seem to affect our daily lives as much as the U.S. Congress. It is unbelievable to me that these grown men and women of different races and gender continue to lower the integrity of this country.
Do they realize what they accomplished when they almost shut down the government the last time. The U.S. credit rating was downgraded. So what's happening now. Again the Congress is manufacturing a crisis, and it is the third on this year alone. Another government shutdown is imminent. These kinds of procedures in the past used to be just a procedure. Everyone knows that the U.S. Government cannot shut down, because if it does, that would mean severe consequences. Apparently, the U.S. Congress is not interested in the welfare of the American people. They are not interested in the outcome of the U.S. stock markets. They are not interested that people can loose their livelihood just because they cannot act. The President seems powerless to act. All of the representatives in Congress surely need to be fired, because they are not part of a team, an important team that needs to make decisions to keep this country running. Instead, they have selfish reasons why things don't get done, especially the conservatives in the U.S.House of Representative and Senate.
Everything that the Democratic President wants to accomplish along with the U.S. Senate, is going to be overturned by the House. Why? Because they are only interested in getting a Republican in the White House in about a year from now. So what happens from now until then? Apparently nothing, as the Conservatives will shoot down any bill that is introduced that will create taxes for the rich. Is that crazy or what!!
Right at the present time, President Obama appears to be a lame duck President, but truthfully what can he do? For starters, he is on the road, traveling to major cities around the country in an attempt to get his jobs bill passed. But as usual, the Republicans are criticizing him every step of the way. Mitt Romney amongst other Republican candidates have nothing good to say about President Obama, and are accusing him of traveling around the country to provide political gain.
The fact is that the President needs to take the issue of jobs to the people for the sake of creating jobs and to try to get the Representatives of the People to listen to them if they will not listen to him, besides the fact that he should use this pulpit of jobs creation for political gain. Has any one of the Republicans presented him a plan that would do the same, create jobs?
The President has listened to the right wing party for over a year now, trying to make compromises with them, but has finally woke up and realized if he didn't take his issues directly to the people, no-one would listen. So far, he has been receiving fantastic responses from the people all over the country. President Obama in my mind should never stop until he finally gets some action from the U.S. Congress on his jobs bill, and he shouldn't back down. He should get everything he is asking for, because the U.S. people will benefit and the bill would be totally paid for. The resentment from the Republicans about the bill is solely the fact that it will be paid for by the rich, by raising taxes, and the Conservative party has vowed not to every raise taxes.
The U.S. Congress has until October 3 to get a bill passed or the U.S. Government will be shut down. I feel confident that something will finally happen in the U.S. Congress to keep this from happening, but it is just a shame that these grown up policy makers can never make a decision that helps the American people without fighting amongst each other for their own personal interests. Again, both Republican and Democratic members of Congress that fail to act to help this country should be fired.
How many other people feel the same way I do? Watch out for another poll that can be found on this website as you can voice your opinion on this subject.


Republican Presidential Debate in Orlando Florida

Thursday, September 22, 2011

As for what was actually said between the two candidates, naturally as stated in the prior two debates between the Romney and Perry, social security was the hot and heavy topic in their discussions. Perry rebuffed Romney's accusation that he wants to eliminate Social Security at the Federal level and let the entitlement program be managed by the states. Perry then says "It's not the first time that Mitt has been wrong on some issues so far" and then said "The bottom line is, we never said we would move them back to the states."
After Perry wrote in his book that Social Security is unconsitutional, he now swears a "solemn oath" to protect the program and said that states, as a cost-saving measure, should allow Social Security recipients to opt out of the program if they choose. Romney now says that Perry is now backing away from his record as stated in his book just 6 months ago. Again another repeated statement by Perry, claiming that Romney's health care that was passed in Massachusetts is a blueprint of President Obama's health care reform legislation. So what does he think of Romney's plan? Perry calls it an "absolute bust". I've heard the same accusations during the last debate. Have we as observists of the debates now already have heard what both candidates are going to say? What else will they talk about and when? Their debates are getting pretty dry already.
Actually, there were others in the debate, including Utah Gov. John Huntsman, Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and businesman Herman Cain.
So what is the next debate going to be about? Most likely the same old thing, the same as the last debate and the same as tonight. The tone of the debates are already getting old. There are no new policies being introduced in the debates, and it is clear now that the only people who seem to really count in the race are Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. President Obama has over a year now to pick the two candidates apart, and he should have fun doing it. Both Republican candidates are extremely radical in their thinking, but the one candidate that most likely will "shoot himself in the foot" sort of speaking is Rick Perry.
Just for one moment, I asked myself if I really believed in conservative principles of the Republican party, which candidate would I'd rather be? As far as character, I'd rather be Mitt Romney as personally even if I were a Republican, I would be ashamed to be Rick Perry because of how he has acted on stage during the debates, and if I were either one of them, I would surely realize that I could never gain the great reputation that our present President Barack Obama has earned in less than 4 years as President. Patty Davis, the daughter of President Ronald Reagan has stated publically that her father would not appreciate the likes of either candidate and that neither of the candidates could hold a candle to her father. She also said that her father would be extremely disappointed in both of them for their verbal actions and stated beliefs as 'hard core' Republicans.


Obama plays politics in Troy Davis case

ATLANTA, Sept. 22, 2011, 11:50 a.m. - It is understandable why President Obama would not to comment on Troy Davis' controversial case. It's called politics!
After all, the last time Obama tried to help a black man who was wrongly accused, his friend, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, his poll numbers plummeted.
This time, however, a man is dead and many Kool-Aid drinking Democrats are struggling to explain why the president would not also come to Davis' rescue.
White House Press secretary Jay Carney issued a statement saying the president "has worked to ensure accuracy and fairness in the criminal justice system," and that it is not appropriate for him "to weigh in on specific cases like this one, which is a state prosecution." Excuse me, Gates' case, which resulted in a "Beer Summit" at the White House, was a local case.
In a direct contradiction, the Obama administration asked for a stay of execution for an illegal immigrant,Humberto Leal Garcia Jr., by the state of Texas to no avail back in July, but said nothing about Davis.
Obama has even made the case that stopping state atrocities across the globe in Libya is paramount, but now says dealing with Davis' execution is off the table? Not even Kool-Aid drinking Democrats could be that gullible.
Former FBI director William Sessions, a Davis supporter, wrote, "It is for cases like this that executive clemency exists."
What is even worse, you have Clarence Thomas, the only black man on the Supreme Court, who clears the way for a lynching. "The application for stay of execution of sentence of death presented to Justice (Clarence) Thomas and by him referred to the Court is denied," the order reads.
Many are calling Thomas an "Uncle Tom" for letting Davis die. I agree.
Now, if Clarence Thomas is an "Uncle Tom" for participating in a lynching, then what is Obama for not saying anything about it?
We know that Davis was placed on death row with only eyewitness testimony. Many of those witnesses have recanted and one of the two witnesses who did not recant is said to have done the crimeWe also know that there is a Georgia law that says if there is perjury in a case that the decision must be vacated.
What's more, even jurors who served in the case said that they felt as if they did not have all the facts.
One thing is now certain, we do have all the facts, and Obama is wrong for not trying to save this man's life. He played politics on this one. Period!

(Rob Redding, known as "America's Independent Voice", is editor, publisher and syndicated talk radio host of Redding News Review.)


Outrage from Around the Globe Surrounding the Execution of Troy Anthony Davis

The execution of Troy Anthony Davis has been felt around the world, and reports are already calling Davis the poster boy for the global movement to end the death penalty. His name will go down in the record books as the hero who stopped the death penalty in the United States if the last 10 states that support the death penalty abolish it.
So who was pushing for a stay in execution for Troy Anthony Davis. How about Pope Benedict XVI, along with President Jimmy Carter, along with a flock of human groups and commentators that urged to no avail that the Davis execution be halted. What was President Obama's stand on this execution? Will President Obama give a statement regarding the execution of Troy Anthony Davis? For what purpose did the execution serve? Surely not for the sake of implementing justice, as the State of Georgia put to death a man whom there was extreme reasonable doubt regarding his guilt in the  1989 death of a police officer.
There were angry reaction and protests around the world as well a outrage expressed by the local medias around this country and other countries globally. Now Troy Anthony Davis has made history at the expense of his life. The complete story surrounding his guilt or lack of will come out for the entire world to see, and the United States will again hold their heads in shame for the world to see, once it has been proven beyond the shadow of a doublt that he did not kill anyone. In matter of fact, a person who claims to be the killer has spoken out, but noone seems to listen.Now as stated by the EU, "The abolition of that penalty is essential to protest human dignity." Another organization called Amnesty International also condemned the execution in their statement saying "The U.S. justice system was shaken to its core as Georgia executed a person who may well be innocent. Killing a man under this enormous cloud of doubt is horrific and amounts to a catastrophic failure of the justice system," Amnesty said.
A reporter from a Britain newspaper that traveled to Georgia to cover the execution gave 10 reasons why he believed the death sentence for "a man who is very possibly innocent" should be commuted.

Here are 10 reasons why the board – which decided on Tuesday to allow the execution to go ahead – has failed to deliver on its promise and why a man who is very possibly innocent will be killed in the name of American justice.

1. Of the nine witnesses who appeared at Davis's 1991 trial who said they had seen Davis beating up a homeless man in a dispute over a bottle of beer and then shooting to death a police officer, Mark MacPhail, who was acting as a good samaritan, seven have since recanted their evidence.

2. One of those who recanted, Antoine Williams, subsequently revealed they had no idea who shot the officer and that they were illiterate – meaning they could not read the police statements that they had signed at the time of the murder in 1989. Others said they had falsely testified that they had overheard Davis confess to the murder.

3. Many of those who retracted their evidence said that they had been cajoled by police into testifying against Davis. Some said they had been threatened with being put on trial themselves if they did not co-operate.

4. Of the two of the nine key witnesses who have not changed their story publicly, one has kept silent for the past 20 years and refuses to talk, and the other is Sylvester Coles. Coles was the man who first came forward to police and implicated Davis as the killer. But over the past 20 years evidence has grown that Coles himself may be the gunman and that he was fingering Davis to save his own skin.

5. In total, nine people have come forward with evidence that implicates Coles. Most recently, on Monday the George Board of Pardons and Paroles heard from Quiana Glover who told the panel that in June 2009 she had heard Coles, who had been drinking heavily, confess to the murder of MacPhail.

6. Apart from the witness evidence, most of which has since been cast into doubt, there was no forensic evidence gathered that links Davis to the killing.

7. In particular, there is no DNA evidence of any sort. The human rights group the Constitution Project points out that three-quarters of those prisoners who have been exonerated and declared innocent in the US were convicted at least in part on the basis of faulty eyewitness testimony.

8. No gun was ever found connected to the murder. Coles later admitted that he owned the same type of .38-calibre gun that had delivered the fatal bullets, but that he had given it away to another man earlier on the night of the shooting.

9. Higher courts in the US have repeatedly refused to grant Davis a retrial on the grounds that he had failed to "prove his innocence". His supporters counter that where the ultimate penalty is at stake, it should be for the courts to be beyond any reasonable doubt of his guilt.

10. Even if you set aside the issue of Davis's innocence or guilt, the manner of his execution tonight is cruel and unnatural. If the execution goes ahead as expected, it would be the fourth scheduled execution date for this prisoner. In 2008 he was given a stay just 90 minutes before he was set to die. Experts in death row say such multiple experiences with imminent death is tantamount to torture.

If you happen to be one of the people who support the death penalty, you should be outraged that this kind of act could happen on a most likely innocent man. He is innocent in my mind because there is reasonable doubt. Now death penalty supporters now face the possibility that the death penalty may now be reversed in the last 10 states to have it placed as law, as Davis will now become the symbol why the death penalty should and most likely will be abolished.

The facts are all here. Did the State of Georgia commit a criminal act, as they most likely killed an innocent man, someone who has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt that there is ample reasonable doubt that Davis killed a police officer. Yes, this is a cloudy-black day for the U.S. justice system.


Time Out ! - Georgia kills an innocent man

In what can be called no less than 'premeditated', Troy Anthony Davis was executed by lethal injection in the State of Georgia this evening. Carrying out the death penalty is premeditated murder in itself. Before the execution takes place, it is actually practiced by the people who carry it out.
On this blog, I have reported story after story, and have reported story after story about George W. Bush on, and many stories about tropical weather on But no story seems to affect me as this one does.
The state of Georgia in my mind have executed an innocent man, because there was doubt in the guilt of this man called Troy Anthony Davis. Night after night, I have been alerted by MSNBC about the story,  and all evidence pointed towards a very grave injustice by the State of Georgia. Appearently the board of pardons have no concience of what they have done or shall I say and most likely will eventually show conscience of what they haven't done when the whole truth finally comes out.
There was grave doubt that Troy Anthony Davis was guilty of murdering an off duty police officer. Eight of the ten eye witnesses that came forward at the trial whose testimony ultimately convicted this man of murder have come forward saying that they now believe that he did not commit murder after reviewing the evidence now present. Is it just the DNA evidence or is there more?  If they didn't come forward in the trial, he most likely would have never been convicted. I can only imagine the guilt these witnesses now carry now that he has been executed. The ballistics evidence was unreliable and should have not been shown in court. There was no evidence, no gun or other important evidence that would convict him beyond the shadow of doubt. Another person came forward and admitted shooting the officer, and there was also proof that there were two bullets in the police officers body and proof now showing that they did not come from the same gun, either gun not being found.  Our justice system FAILED this convicted man.
For the entire time prior to his execution, he maintained his innocence. He turned down his last meal, believing many times before that he would be granted a stay of execution. He believed that one more stay from execution would be the time needed for more evidence to come forward now because there are so many people that have come forward believing his innocence, including the people who convicted him. Instead of listening to their case and acting as I believe that they should, in my eyes the bureau of corrections in the State of Georgia executed an innocent man. Yes, he was convicted in a court of law, but with evidence lacking in this case and the belief of the witnesses  that helped convicted him, should have been enough for the State to step back and at least put a hold on the execution. People came forward to tell the truth as they know it now, have admitted to making a mistake in court, but still JUSTICE DID NOT PREVAIL
The people who are put to death should only face such consequences when there is undesputable evidence that the prisoner was guilty of murder. In the past, 273 people have had post conviction DNA exhonorations, and 17 of these people were on death row. Another fact of these convictions are that 166 of these prisoners were black.
The fact of the matter is that about a dozen states still have the death penalty, and until they can get it right, not another human being should face the ultimate penalty, not even the ones proven to deserve it. I say this because until the courts can ultimately get the facts right and not kill 'innocent' people, then I believe that they do not have the ability to judge fairly. In this case, not only did the courts judge unfairly, they ignored the facts as they were coming out, as the jurors re-canted their stories, the fact that no gun was found, no finger prints of Troy Anthony Davis anywhere around. Just the eye-witness accounts of what had happened put what I feel in my eyes a serious miscarrage of injustice. In another case when George W. Bush was governor of Texas, did not create a governors pardon. The evidence, a single hair which was proven by DNA not to belong to the murderer at the scene is the largest piece of physical evidence that convicted a man in Texas - a single piece of hair that didn't even belong to the accused, a man that was eventually put to death.

To me, the state of Georgia played a despicable role in this execution and they should be ashamed of what they have done. If the Board of Pardons of Georgia has no sense of remorse now, they will when the truth continues to come out and prove that Troy Anthony Davis is innocent of murder of a police officer. They now have effectively allowed a guilty man run free all these years and now most likely will be free from killing a police officer.

To me, this execution is just as bad as the deliberate killings of thousands of American lives, by Osama bin Laden.

Yes, maybe only one man was involved this time, but did they convict the right man? Did the right man pay the ultimate price for killing a police officer when there is evidence now that Troy Anthony Davis did not commit the murder? So what is the real reason why the State of Georgia decided to execute this man? There must be other evidence that they know that they do not want to bring in court that ultimately fixated their minds to put Troy Anthony Davis to death.

Yes, the man happens to be black and he was accused of killing a white police officer.
But the people from Georgia corrections happened to also be black and they did not put a stop to his execution. Was the Board of Pardons paid off to stay silent? By who? The answers to these questions may never be known, but I believe that ultimate justice will be known some day in this case, and the true facts will become public. So this execution was not racial motivated, but in anyone's eyes who have been following these stories like myself for the last week or so, is saddened to see such a miscarriage of injustice take place, and to know President Obama was powerless over the State of Georgia to stop the Execution, a man considered as one of the most powerful people in the world, could not act to save this man.
As the prisonor Troy Anthony Davis who constantly admitted no guilt in the murder of the police officer, told his executionors just minutes before they injected him with a lethal injection, "may God have mercy on your souls", and then he said "may God bless your souls". Fifteen minutes later he was dead. It is time for the country to question the death penalty and put it to bed completely. Three states have reversed their laws regarding the death penalty, and now there are only 10 states that have the 'ultimate penalty'. Why does this country push on blindly knowing that they do not have all the facts straight all the time, and still condemn possible innocent people to death? No supreme being that I believe in or know of would grant such authority.
The acts in Georgia I believe have now 'condemned' the process. Eventually the last remaining 10 states that uphold the death penalty will now question its 'rightousness' and will outlaw it. This may be the only thing good that came out of this. Troy Anthony Davis may be saving countless lives and may prevent countless states of mis-justice held against prisoners.

What gave the Board of Pardons the right to decide to carry out the death penalty. Only a Supreme Being, the creator of all men should have the right to give life and to take away life.

To me, the heart of this 'forgiving country' has died tonight.


"THE AMERICAN JOBS ACT" by President Obama

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To create jobs, the President unveiled the American Jobs Act – nearly all of which is made up of ideas that have been supported by both Democrats and Republicans, and that Congress should pass right away to get the economy moving now.
The purpose of the American Jobs Act is simple: put more people back to work and put more money in the pockets of working Americans – without adding a dime to the deficit.


Obama says American jobs can help the world

M & A wrap: SABMiller seals Foster’s deal

President Barack Obama speaks about Iran's release of two Americans during a meeting in New York September 21, 2011. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
President Barack Obama speaks about Iran's release of two Americans during a meeting in New York September 21, 2011.
Credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque
NEW YORK | Wed Sep 21, 2011 6:04pm EDT
(Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama sought support for his job creation plan at a philanthropic summit on Wednesday, saying improving the prospects of the world's richest economy was good for the world.
As the Federal Reserve said the U.S. economic outlook remains grim, Obama told participants at former U.S. President Bill Clinton's summit that people were still reeling from the 2008 financial crisis and its subsequent economic pain.
"America is still the biggest economy in the world, so the single most important thing we could do for the global economy is to get our own economy moving again. When America is growing the world is more likely to grow," Obama said.
"We can do all this, we can create jobs now and invest in our future and still tackle our long term debt problems."
But Obama said his $447 billion plan to create jobs, which he presented to Congress earlier this month, was not intended as a "silver bullet" for America's problems.
"It will put more people back to work, it will put more money into the pockets of working people and that's what our economy needs," he told the Clinton Global Initiative.
With unemployment over 9 percent and the economy near another recession, the state of the U.S. economy is expected to be crucial to Obama's re-election prospects for 2012.
More than 1,200 people, including more than 50 heads of state, business leaders, humanitarians and celebrities are attending the three-day Clinton summit which ends on Thursday.
This year the meeting is focusing on creating jobs, sustainable consumption and programs for women and girls. To attend Clinton's summit, commitments must be made on one of those issues and they must be kept or participants cannot return.
The chief executives of PepsiCo and Barclays said corporate philanthropy which helps promote social good was now also a core business strategy.
Chief Executive Indra Nooyi said when PepsiCo could not find enough sunflower oil in Mexico, the company helped local farmers find financing to grow sunflowers.
PepsiCo then bought the sunflowers at market rate and used them for "heart healthy" snacks.
Barclays Chief Executive Bob Diamond said such "sustainable solutions," where corporations help local businesses become long-term suppliers, "are the best for creating jobs, for creating economic growth and creating better lives."
Clinton's summit came from his frustration while president from 1993 and 2001 at conferences that prompted little action.
Since the initiative started, more than 2,000 pledges have been made valued at more than $63 billion, which organizers say have improved the lives of more than 300 million people.


House defeats Republican spending plan

By the CNN Wire Staff
updated 5:54 PM EST, Wed September 21, 2011
  • The short-term spending measure falls on a 195-230 vote
  • More than 40 Republicans join Democrats in opposing it
Washington (CNN) -- In a major blow to the Republican
leadership, the U.S. House on Wednesday defeated
a temporary spending measure that would have required
spending cuts to offset additional money for federal
disaster relief efforts.
The vote was 195-230, with more than 40 Republicans
joining all but a handful of minority Democrats in
opposing the short-term spending plan that would keep
the government funded for seven weeks after the end of
the fiscal year on September 30.


"Don't Ask, Don't Tell", OFFICIALLY OVER

James --

Today, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is officially over.

Gay men and lesbians in the military no longer have to hide who they are, and the servicemembers who were discharged under this policy can re-enlist.

This is one of the administration's signature achievements. Countless Americans fought hard to end this law over the course of nearly two decades, and President Obama is proud to have signed the repeal.

But today's news isn't just a policy promise kept -- it's a personal promise kept to the thousands of people who needed and deserved this change.

I want to share a video the campaign put together about some of the people affected by this law: four stories from men and women who served in the military during "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

You should watch the video and share it with everyone who cares about fairness and equality in America.

Video: Hear from four people who have served under DADT

Before my current job, I was in the White House working on getting this done, and I can honestly say that repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is one of the greatest things I have ever been or ever will be a part of. I think about it every time I walk into my office, where I keep one of the pens the President used to sign the bill.

It's a reminder that -- as broken as Washington is and as long as change can take -- people and organizations can do amazing things when they work together and never waver from the vision that unites them.

Watch four people say what today means to them -- and let us know what it means to you:

There's a lot more to do in the months ahead. But today is one to savor.



Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

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Rick Perry Stealing the Show in the Republican Debates

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It appears that the two top candidates for the Republican nomination are ex. Governor Mitt Romney, and Texas Governor Rick Perry of Texas. With Perry only in the race for only two weeks now, he is now leading in all of the polls for the Republican nomination. The two top candidates have been punching away at each other during two debates, as ex-Governor Mitt Romney attacks Rick Perry and Perry attacks Romney. Why is Mitt attacking Perry so early in the race instead of attacking President Obama in what they call his 'failed policies'. Maybe now it's because Mitt Romney is now fighting for his life, as the Republican constituancy seem to fully back him instead of Romney. Michelle Bachmann is also doing the same think. In matter of fact, Perry has taken away a large amount of support from Michelle Bachmann and seems to be stealing the thunder away from all of the other existing Republican candidates. Bachmann like others still campaigning are now fighting for their lives. Still, she has survived all other debates, where the candidates attacked each other, which makes you wonder if there really is a good viable candidate to run againist Barack Obama in 2012.
Unfortunately for the Republicans, Governor Rick Perry is the best choice so far, for the main Republican constiuancy, but on a National level, he doesn't stand a chance. If he had his choice, President Obama would rather run against Rick Perry, and not against Mitt Romney. But this is unlikely to happen, as Rick Perry will be booted out of the race soon. Who knows, soon the time may be right when Sarah Palin joins the race. If she is contemplating joining the fight for the Presidency, she most likely will wait until candidates such as Mitt Romney and Rick Perry fall from the race.
As for the other candidates, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and others just do not stand the chance.
Recently, the Republican candidates like Mitt Romney, have published heir desires too in the #1 heated issue of the campaign, and that would be about jobs. Likewise, President Obama has published his plan in what he calls 'The American Jobs Act' and now is traveling accross the country in an attempt to promote his ideas.
Many Republicans are taking this opportunity to claim that President Obama seems to be running his own campaign, but presently all that President Obama is doing is to promote his Jobs Act, which he will try to get through the Congress.


Speaker Bainer - an Idiot who Disrespects the President of the United States

Monday, September 5, 2011

As stated in the last article, House Leader Bainer asked President Obama not to speak the same evening as the Republican debate on MSNBC this coming Wednesday on September 7th. The speaker thinks by not having the President speak, gives him an edge for the topic which most likely will be the center of the debates for the election in 2012 - JOBS. How dense is he? Now he gives President Obama an edge, as he will hear everything the Republican candidates have to say about 'jobs' before he explains to the country in a separate speech that he can now modify to take in account what the Republicans have said during the debate on MSNBC. The Republican party continues to shoot themselves in the foot, not even mentioning the disrespect they showed the President of the United States by asking him not to speak. If I were Speaker of the House Bainer, I would have wanted President Obama to speak and have the ability to refute what the President said. Also, it wouldn't give Obama a chance to change his ideas after hearing what the Republicans had to say. The President is not a ignorant, stupid man. He will highlight his speech after hearing what the Republicans have to say on the night of debate.
Maybe it is just me, but the Republican party from the ground up have no common sense from the candidates themselves, who are so right wing, conservative and in many cases radical, like saying social security needs to be changed, or that raising the tax limit was a mistake, according to Michelle Bachmann. Then there are the present lawmakers like House Speaker Bainer, who has done absolutely nothing for his party, and I sincerely believe that he believes that he can't do a thing. I don't see him running for President. If he seems to not accomplish anything, and doesn't want to become President, or really lead this country, then what motive does he have in his position, other than to think of every way possible to tear down the present administration.


PREDICTION: by James 'author and editor' of
Obama in the White House Blog 

The editor of this blog emphatically says that he believes that do to all the crazy stuff that the Republican
party is dishing out this early in the election process for 2012, that :

"President Obama will win re-election, and if he does not win, I will stop writing this blog." 

In every sense, then the Republicans will have won, as they would have rid themselves of a Democratic President and then they got rid of 'me'. 
But as far as I can tell right now, the Republican party will have to bear another four years of President Obama and 'Obama in the White House' blog.


Bainer asks President Obama 'NOT' to present his jobs package by request

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Here is a scenario. The Republicans are about to have one of their debates on MSNBC on September 7th, but also there were plans for President Obama to unveil his jobs plan the same evening.
But now the speaker of the House, Speaker John Bainer asks President Obama not to give his speech on jobs on the same evening of the Republican debate, and now the President concedes to Bainer's request. Was that Bainer's original idea. Of course not. It was originally stated that President Obama should not give his speech on the same evening of the Republican debates on MSNBC by none other than Rush Limbaugh. Need I say more?  Bainer has never showed any real leadership, toughness and never did anything within the Republican party as far as anything worth while, and definitely has never lead his party to create jobs for the working class.
Speaker Bainer is not only 'not controlling' his own party, but he is a big discredit to his own party.
The Republican party is shrinking. With the formation of the tea party, the Republican party is not a  strong party, but they now rely their strength on the candidates like Michelle Bachmann who has lost her lead with tea party supporters by the Governor from Texas, Rick Perry. In an attempt to regain her position with the tea party, Michelle Bachmann is now attacking Rick Perry, and  now makes radical comments, one being that Floridians should support "oil drilling" in the Florida everglades. That is an absolutely crazy thought.  Oil drilling in Florida, how crazy is that. She is now taking a radical approach in her thinking and is pushing further and further off the deep far right end.
During the debate, I'm looking forward in Michelle Bachmann attack all of her candidates in one form or another. She needs to do something to gain momentum in the race, but all of the other candidates are now leaving her in the dust. She actually now has nothing to loose in attacking her opponents in an attempt to gain the Republican ticket.
The candidate that tends to not criticize the others may be the one who will stand out in the debates, and that person may just be Mitt Romney.



James --

Today I asked for a joint session of Congress where I will lay out a clear plan to get Americans back to work. Next week, I will deliver the details of the plan and call on lawmakers to pass it.

Whether they will do the job they were elected to do is ultimately up to them.

But both you and I can pressure them to do the right thing. We can send the message that the American people are playing by the rules and meeting their responsibilities -- and it's time for our leaders in Congress to meet theirs.

And we must hold them accountable if they don't.

So I'm asking you to stand with me in calling on Congress to step up and take action on jobs:

No matter how things go in the weeks and months ahead, this will be an important challenge for our organization.

It's been a long time since Congress was focused on what the American people need them to be focused on.

I know that you're frustrated by that. I am, too.

That's why I'm putting forward a set of bipartisan proposals to help grow the economy and create jobs -- that means strengthening our small businesses, giving needed breaks to middle-class families, while taking responsible steps to bring down our deficit.

I'm asking lawmakers to look past short-term politics and take action on that plan. But we've got to do this together.

I will deliver this message to Congress next week, but I'm asking you to stand alongside me today:

More to come,



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