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Speaker Bainer - an Idiot who Disrespects the President of the United States

Monday, September 5, 2011

As stated in the last article, House Leader Bainer asked President Obama not to speak the same evening as the Republican debate on MSNBC this coming Wednesday on September 7th. The speaker thinks by not having the President speak, gives him an edge for the topic which most likely will be the center of the debates for the election in 2012 - JOBS. How dense is he? Now he gives President Obama an edge, as he will hear everything the Republican candidates have to say about 'jobs' before he explains to the country in a separate speech that he can now modify to take in account what the Republicans have said during the debate on MSNBC. The Republican party continues to shoot themselves in the foot, not even mentioning the disrespect they showed the President of the United States by asking him not to speak. If I were Speaker of the House Bainer, I would have wanted President Obama to speak and have the ability to refute what the President said. Also, it wouldn't give Obama a chance to change his ideas after hearing what the Republicans had to say. The President is not a ignorant, stupid man. He will highlight his speech after hearing what the Republicans have to say on the night of debate.
Maybe it is just me, but the Republican party from the ground up have no common sense from the candidates themselves, who are so right wing, conservative and in many cases radical, like saying social security needs to be changed, or that raising the tax limit was a mistake, according to Michelle Bachmann. Then there are the present lawmakers like House Speaker Bainer, who has done absolutely nothing for his party, and I sincerely believe that he believes that he can't do a thing. I don't see him running for President. If he seems to not accomplish anything, and doesn't want to become President, or really lead this country, then what motive does he have in his position, other than to think of every way possible to tear down the present administration.


PREDICTION: by James 'author and editor' of
Obama in the White House Blog 

The editor of this blog emphatically says that he believes that do to all the crazy stuff that the Republican
party is dishing out this early in the election process for 2012, that :

"President Obama will win re-election, and if he does not win, I will stop writing this blog." 

In every sense, then the Republicans will have won, as they would have rid themselves of a Democratic President and then they got rid of 'me'. 
But as far as I can tell right now, the Republican party will have to bear another four years of President Obama and 'Obama in the White House' blog.

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