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Rick Perry Stealing the Show in the Republican Debates

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It appears that the two top candidates for the Republican nomination are ex. Governor Mitt Romney, and Texas Governor Rick Perry of Texas. With Perry only in the race for only two weeks now, he is now leading in all of the polls for the Republican nomination. The two top candidates have been punching away at each other during two debates, as ex-Governor Mitt Romney attacks Rick Perry and Perry attacks Romney. Why is Mitt attacking Perry so early in the race instead of attacking President Obama in what they call his 'failed policies'. Maybe now it's because Mitt Romney is now fighting for his life, as the Republican constituancy seem to fully back him instead of Romney. Michelle Bachmann is also doing the same think. In matter of fact, Perry has taken away a large amount of support from Michelle Bachmann and seems to be stealing the thunder away from all of the other existing Republican candidates. Bachmann like others still campaigning are now fighting for their lives. Still, she has survived all other debates, where the candidates attacked each other, which makes you wonder if there really is a good viable candidate to run againist Barack Obama in 2012.
Unfortunately for the Republicans, Governor Rick Perry is the best choice so far, for the main Republican constiuancy, but on a National level, he doesn't stand a chance. If he had his choice, President Obama would rather run against Rick Perry, and not against Mitt Romney. But this is unlikely to happen, as Rick Perry will be booted out of the race soon. Who knows, soon the time may be right when Sarah Palin joins the race. If she is contemplating joining the fight for the Presidency, she most likely will wait until candidates such as Mitt Romney and Rick Perry fall from the race.
As for the other candidates, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and others just do not stand the chance.
Recently, the Republican candidates like Mitt Romney, have published heir desires too in the #1 heated issue of the campaign, and that would be about jobs. Likewise, President Obama has published his plan in what he calls 'The American Jobs Act' and now is traveling accross the country in an attempt to promote his ideas.
Many Republicans are taking this opportunity to claim that President Obama seems to be running his own campaign, but presently all that President Obama is doing is to promote his Jobs Act, which he will try to get through the Congress.


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