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U.S. Congress Fails again to ACT, Government Shutdown Imminent

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It seems that this country's worst enemy is not located in Iran, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Yes, terrorists are always a main concern, but do they seem to affect our daily lives as much as the U.S. Congress. It is unbelievable to me that these grown men and women of different races and gender continue to lower the integrity of this country.
Do they realize what they accomplished when they almost shut down the government the last time. The U.S. credit rating was downgraded. So what's happening now. Again the Congress is manufacturing a crisis, and it is the third on this year alone. Another government shutdown is imminent. These kinds of procedures in the past used to be just a procedure. Everyone knows that the U.S. Government cannot shut down, because if it does, that would mean severe consequences. Apparently, the U.S. Congress is not interested in the welfare of the American people. They are not interested in the outcome of the U.S. stock markets. They are not interested that people can loose their livelihood just because they cannot act. The President seems powerless to act. All of the representatives in Congress surely need to be fired, because they are not part of a team, an important team that needs to make decisions to keep this country running. Instead, they have selfish reasons why things don't get done, especially the conservatives in the U.S.House of Representative and Senate.
Everything that the Democratic President wants to accomplish along with the U.S. Senate, is going to be overturned by the House. Why? Because they are only interested in getting a Republican in the White House in about a year from now. So what happens from now until then? Apparently nothing, as the Conservatives will shoot down any bill that is introduced that will create taxes for the rich. Is that crazy or what!!
Right at the present time, President Obama appears to be a lame duck President, but truthfully what can he do? For starters, he is on the road, traveling to major cities around the country in an attempt to get his jobs bill passed. But as usual, the Republicans are criticizing him every step of the way. Mitt Romney amongst other Republican candidates have nothing good to say about President Obama, and are accusing him of traveling around the country to provide political gain.
The fact is that the President needs to take the issue of jobs to the people for the sake of creating jobs and to try to get the Representatives of the People to listen to them if they will not listen to him, besides the fact that he should use this pulpit of jobs creation for political gain. Has any one of the Republicans presented him a plan that would do the same, create jobs?
The President has listened to the right wing party for over a year now, trying to make compromises with them, but has finally woke up and realized if he didn't take his issues directly to the people, no-one would listen. So far, he has been receiving fantastic responses from the people all over the country. President Obama in my mind should never stop until he finally gets some action from the U.S. Congress on his jobs bill, and he shouldn't back down. He should get everything he is asking for, because the U.S. people will benefit and the bill would be totally paid for. The resentment from the Republicans about the bill is solely the fact that it will be paid for by the rich, by raising taxes, and the Conservative party has vowed not to every raise taxes.
The U.S. Congress has until October 3 to get a bill passed or the U.S. Government will be shut down. I feel confident that something will finally happen in the U.S. Congress to keep this from happening, but it is just a shame that these grown up policy makers can never make a decision that helps the American people without fighting amongst each other for their own personal interests. Again, both Republican and Democratic members of Congress that fail to act to help this country should be fired.
How many other people feel the same way I do? Watch out for another poll that can be found on this website as you can voice your opinion on this subject.


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