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Obama plays politics in Troy Davis case

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ATLANTA, Sept. 22, 2011, 11:50 a.m. - It is understandable why President Obama would not to comment on Troy Davis' controversial case. It's called politics!
After all, the last time Obama tried to help a black man who was wrongly accused, his friend, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, his poll numbers plummeted.
This time, however, a man is dead and many Kool-Aid drinking Democrats are struggling to explain why the president would not also come to Davis' rescue.
White House Press secretary Jay Carney issued a statement saying the president "has worked to ensure accuracy and fairness in the criminal justice system," and that it is not appropriate for him "to weigh in on specific cases like this one, which is a state prosecution." Excuse me, Gates' case, which resulted in a "Beer Summit" at the White House, was a local case.
In a direct contradiction, the Obama administration asked for a stay of execution for an illegal immigrant,Humberto Leal Garcia Jr., by the state of Texas to no avail back in July, but said nothing about Davis.
Obama has even made the case that stopping state atrocities across the globe in Libya is paramount, but now says dealing with Davis' execution is off the table? Not even Kool-Aid drinking Democrats could be that gullible.
Former FBI director William Sessions, a Davis supporter, wrote, "It is for cases like this that executive clemency exists."
What is even worse, you have Clarence Thomas, the only black man on the Supreme Court, who clears the way for a lynching. "The application for stay of execution of sentence of death presented to Justice (Clarence) Thomas and by him referred to the Court is denied," the order reads.
Many are calling Thomas an "Uncle Tom" for letting Davis die. I agree.
Now, if Clarence Thomas is an "Uncle Tom" for participating in a lynching, then what is Obama for not saying anything about it?
We know that Davis was placed on death row with only eyewitness testimony. Many of those witnesses have recanted and one of the two witnesses who did not recant is said to have done the crimeWe also know that there is a Georgia law that says if there is perjury in a case that the decision must be vacated.
What's more, even jurors who served in the case said that they felt as if they did not have all the facts.
One thing is now certain, we do have all the facts, and Obama is wrong for not trying to save this man's life. He played politics on this one. Period!

(Rob Redding, known as "America's Independent Voice", is editor, publisher and syndicated talk radio host of Redding News Review.)


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