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President Obama Very Busy - Prior to Campaigning for Re-election

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

As you may expect, the Republican nomination for President will be the main political story in America, but that's if you are not really concerned about much else. It has to be acknowledged that the Republican race will make news, but the republican ranks don't have to do much to create headlines. American is in it for the ride, as every 4 years the political process breaks its bubble once again. As far as President Obama is concerned, he has to continue his function as President, besides spend time in the re-election campaign.
Today was like any other day, as his responsibility never cease, regardless of what is happening with the Republicans in the elections campaign. Yesterday, the President nominated Army General Martin E. Dempsey as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and two others were promoted. This was done after a return trip from the G-20 Economic Summit, and a visit to see the tornado damage in Joplin Missouri. President Obama's first real chance to campaign for his reelection most likely will take place in Miami on June 13th. In the mean time, the Democratic reelection campaign chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida will work on the Democratic committees spread out all over the country as the DNC prepares for Democratic victories in 2012.


Dental Supplies at Discounted Prices

Monday, May 30, 2011

It is a fact that one third of all Americans are without dental insurance. As far back as February of last year, President Obama met with resident in Las Vegas Nevada and talked at a town hall meeting. The subject.... Health care reform and dental care. The costs of heath care or dental care are directly correlated to the costs that heath care professionals have to endure. But some of these professionals provide discounts to their patients by purchasing wholesale dental supplies. One such supplier called Synergy Dental Partners, provides discounts to your medical provider. This allows the medical provider the ability to negotiate with their suppliers of dental products that are passed down to the patient. So it is a win-win for everyone involved. The medical practice is able to provide supplies directly to you at discounted prices, because they purchase these supplies from a supplier who provides them a discount.


Romney to Announce his Candidacy - Palin May Announce Too

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mitt Romney
In the last article, I said that some flip-flop stories about Romney may just be enough to scare him from the race. But now a spokesperson for Romney claims that he will jump into the race next Thursday, on June 2nd, 2011. To many and even myself, it is not shocking news that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will announce his candidacy next week in New Hampshire. For others, including myself again, it is shocking news. Why? Because if he does, I believe that the weakened Republicans, the so-called scared Republicans, and those whom despise Newt Gingrich, will flock to him. If he enters the race, then there truly will be no race. Of course, there will be one on paper, and one you hear about every day in the news, with other candidates that already proclaimed their candidacy, and some who have yet to announce. But Mitt Romney's announcement most definitely will make other possible candidates who haven't stepped into the ring yet from doing so. It almost could be like a scare tactic. Why would you want to fight your way to the top against this man. He has already acclaimed the largest war chest, as he has all the money he needs to keep him going with strong, intimidating ads throughout the race. His opponents, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Paul, Palin, Bachmann, Huntsman, and Cain all combined may not ever have the ability nor acquire the monetary support that would compare to Romney.
But do the Republicans really intend to back him? I guess only time will tell, as stories have already been floating out that he has flip-flopped on a few issues, and putting claims on past issues from 2008 that he seemed to be totally against then, but now claims that they were his idea. Why is he doing that? I guess mainly because the Republicans still do not have any real platform to run on, other than their conservative principles, and against President Obama, that will not be enough. Will he support the Ryan Medicare Plan that flopped just yesterday in the Senate, that has no chance of becoming law the way that it stands.
The bottom line here is that Romney may be the only real candidate now to run against Obama next year. It is unfortunate that the party had 3 years after the last election to try and get their house in order and come out with a candidate early. It is extremely important that the republicans come out and support their candidate early, but instead the party is in disarray. Expect two more ladies to jump into the race too. Sarah Palin is throwing out hints, and Michelle Bachmann will jump in by next month, or so she says. It appears as if the Republican party is their own worst enemy. Every Conservative candidate wants 'change', but what you are about to see now is the same old primary stuff. You will see town hall meetings, and shows on TV, as these candidates will pick each other apart. What they will do is pick their own party apart. They all believe the same conservative principles. It will be cut-throat time. The candidate that stays with the issues instead of attacking their fellow candidate most likely will win the Republican nomination. But even that will not be enough if the party can't get behind a forum that the Republican constituency will support.


Republicans Continue to Falter - Ryan Medicare Bill Axed

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More bad news for the Republicans on two fronts. The first one, which was expected even before the Democrats regained a House seat last night, the Senate was forced to vote on the Ryan medicare bill that included a controversial provision to overhaul Medicare. The Senate rejected the budget measure containing Medicare overhaul.
What does this mean? First, it looks as if the Ryan medicare plan will NEVER become law. Senators overwhelmingly voted to oppose the plan by a vote of 57-40, which also included votes from  some Republican representatives in the House. Now, all of the Republican candidates that want to represent the party in 2012 are looking for ways to distance themselves from the Ryan plan, and deservedly so. Whoever keeps supporting the plan, will end up just like Jane Corwin of New York who lost a House seat that was held by a Republican for many many years. The Republicans need to change gears and do it fast. They need a new forum to base themselves in or the Republican party will loose its definition of conservatism. But if I'm right, they will not do any such thing. Instead, they will continue to support the failed plan.
The second front, centered around a possible candidate for President Mitt Romney, seems to be another flip-flop story centered around the banks and the auto industry. Originally, Mitt Romney did not support the bank bailouts and the loans provided by President Obama to the auto industry. He openly said for the record in November 2008 that President Obama was wrong for doing these things. Now, since the banks are recovering, and the auto industry is back on track, and now, he is claiming the credit for it. But what he forgot is that what he said in the past is on tape. TV commentators such as Chris Mathews have called him up on it. This story may just be enough to scare Mitt Romney from the race.


The Republican Party Needs a 'WAKE UP CALL'

The upcoming elections of 2012 are still not considered important enough because "We have a year and a half, and I believe in a year and a half's time, the truth will bet out and the facts will be known," according to Medicare brain-freeze man Paul Ryan. In another statement, he claimed that the victory of Democratic Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul  to New York Congresswoman has Paul Ryan saying "It is a preview of scare tactics, distortions, demagoguery to try and scare seniors to voting for them."

Does Ryan think this is a joke. A county clerk just beat her Republican opponent who was favored to win the election. 

Mr Paul Ryan still doesn't get it. No wonder why he's not running for the Republican Presidential Nomination. The main stream society doesn't want his change in medicare. They do not approve of a voucher system. If Paul Ryan waits a year and a half to finally realize that he needs to drastically change his health care proposal for the voters to buy-off on it, then he is as ignorant as Newt Gingrich is to think that the voters will eventually accept him and he will then be recognized by these same voters to be an acceptable candidate for President. Neither Newt Gingrich or Paul Ryan could never win the nomination, because they both signed their own 'death warrants'. The winner of the Republican nomination for President will not fully support Ryan's proposal for health care so the Republicans need to change their game if they really what to beat President Barack Obama.


Democrat Kathy Hochul - Steals a Considered 'SAFE' House Seat from the Republicans

Republicans.... Take note...

In case you slept within the last 24 hours and haven't heard, in these odd times, anything can happen, and they did. Democrat Kathy Hochul took away a House seat in the New York special election. Watch the victory speech immediately below..

It was not only a vote to put another Democrat in the House, but it was a sure vote by the people, to put down Paul Ryan's health care bill, which will turn it into a voucher system if it passes. Paul Ryan's bill turned out to be the deciding factor in the special election as it turned out to be a proxy battle on the House Republican proposal on Medicare. I might not be the smartest person in the world, but in my eyes, this is proof of things to come.
Unfortunately for the Republicans, and for Paul Ryan, the Republican Medicare Proposal which has already turned out to be very unpopular amongst the voters, will now seem to be THE main issue the Republican candidates will run on, and if they don't run with it, they may end up just like Newt Gingrich did when he publicly did not support the Ryan proposal on "Meet the Press".


Prime Minister Netanyaho - Speech to U.S. Congress

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyaho
In a speech today in front of the U.S. Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyaho made a very passionate speech. He said that he realized that the Jewish state does recognize that it will have to give up parts of "ancestral homeland", but at the same time, he denounced the idea that Israel will have to retreat to borders held back in 1967. The border retreat was a point President Obama made in a speech last week, and as expected, the Conservative party and even select members of Democrats, or Conservative Democrats, outwardly stated their dislike for the suggestion. Conservative talk show hosts had a "field day" with the Presidents comments, as they claimed that the President did not show that he was on Israel's side, but on the side the Hammas. What they didn't know was that it was just 'a stage' for the upcoming speech by the Prime Minister. President Obama's comments made people want to listen to Prime Minister Netanyaho. President Obama prepared the American audience to make sure they would listen, because the President knows that the Conservative party would never listen to him.
Now, let's stop and think about this one for a moment. To put it mildly, President Obama intentionally played a hand to get the exact reaction from the right wing party, and he obviously had all of them fooled. Maybe they do not know it yet, but President Obama is already on his campaign trail. Do you think for one moment that he actually meant that Israel would have to give up all the land that they had acquired through the wars and fighting since 1967? Do you think that President Obama would give back any land that he won in deadly fighting if he were in the shoes of Prime Minister Netanyaho? Now let me ask you a better question. Do you think that President Obama would have ever thought that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyaho would agree to that? Of course not. But the Republicans believed Obama, led by all of the talk show hosts, including Limbaugh and Levin, bought into it, "hook, line, and sinker", which is what exactly what he wanted them to do. Another question. Do you think that President Obama would make such statements and truly mean it when he had invited the Prime Minister to the White House at the same time? Of course he didn't. But what he did know is that the Prime Minister is a smart man, proof with his speech that lasted over 45 minutes to members of the U.S. Congress, and shown in the video below. In his speech before Congress, Netanyahu backed off from his dispute with Obama, acknowledging that the president has not called for a return to the exact borders Israel held before capturing east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the 1967 Mideast war. Not one negative comment by the Prime minister about Obama was made.  President Obama knows that he can reason with him, and all President Obama can hope for is that Israel and Palestine come to a peace agreement in the near future. As powerful as President  Obama is, he cannot and will not directly interfere between differences between the two states, and if anyone ever thought that the President was trying to take control over negotiations for the Middle East, then you must be living on another planet. The President succeeded in another thing. He took away all of the air flowing in and through the Republican primary process, and if it weren't for the devestation from the tornado in Joplin Missouri, President Obama would have owned the news. President Obama obviously is a very smart man, and it is obvious that he manipulated the Conservative Party once again.But his final reason for stirring the pot.... to get negotiations started in the Middle East, a very shroud move, but effective.


Republican Presidential Race Shaping up or shipping out

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tim Pawlenty
Today, Tim Pawlenty, former Minnesota governor, made the announcement that he will run as a candidate for the Republican nominee for President. This may be good and this may be bad, but in the case of the Republicans, it may be the only good announcement so far. Mitch Daniels, in my mind is the almost perfect candidate for the Republican nomination, and actually considered a better candidate by many than the well known Mitt Romney, but now Mr. Daniels also has decided not to run. Will President Obama have any competition? Prior to Tim Pawlenty's announcement that he will be running, Mitch Daniels claims that his family has been consistent in their desire for him not to run and he wants to respect their opinion. As Mitch Daniels is first a family man at heart, he has decided to pass the opportunity with the claim that his family is more important. Actually what he doesn't say is that he doesn't have the heart to run. In a 'Meet to Press' show on Sunday 5/22/2011, there is a would-be but not-to-be candidate in the likes of Paul Ryan, as it was discussed in his interview. The main talk of discussion was about what was said about him and his Medicare plan by Newt Gingrich. In the midst of the conversation, Paul Ryan was asked if he planned on running for President, but to the dismay of the interviewer, looking for another main Republican story two weeks in a row, was told by Paul Ryan that he had no intentions of running. Instead, another forget-me candidate by the name of Herman Cain, age 65 from Memphis Tennessee, former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, and presently a newspaper columnist has made an announcement that he is running. He join the ranks of the likes of Ron Paul, who says he's running, but really still not sure which party he wants to run for. He claims that he wants to run as a Republican, but he may have a better chance running as an independent, and even then, still wouldn't have enough to actually get a chance to face Obama in the general election.As reported, now we have a handful of candidates, all wishfuls that want to be President. In the mean time, there is still another person running that hasn't a chance in hell to gain the nomination, Newt Gingrich, and he doesn't even have enough sense to know that he actually is finished before he started. He is still campaigning in Iowa. There is another probable candidate that hasn't made the formal announcement yet that he will be running. His name is none other than Mitt Romney. In recent days, he has highly criticized President Obama's comments and some of his decisions as President. Apparently, Mitt Romney wants to see what he's up against before he announces that he is a candidate. When he does, everyone so far to this point will not even have a chance, except for possibly Tim Pawlenty who has allot of work to do. And how about possible other candidates, the ones still left to announce. Jon Huntsman and Michelle Bachman and and another spoiler, Sarah Palin all have some baggage that will become known to the American people if they do decide to run, but out of the three, Jon Huntsman may be a good contender, especially if he must fight for the nomination against Mitt Romney. So the final four, Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachman, Tim Polenty and Jon Huntsman. Another dark horse, the old mayor of New York, Rudy Guiliani, still hasn't said that he will not run, but it's expected that he will make the announcement. My guess is that he will not run. Who has the money-bags that could compete with Mitt Romney and hold his own. No-one yet.
  So what does the Republican party do now. Actually, the party is at the mercy of the candidates, or shall I say who may be left to run. Out of all of them, how do they stack against Obama. As I see it now, President Obama still doesn't have any real competition from the Republican party. With all of the money Mitt had during the 2008 election, he still couldn't compete against his former rival Mike Huckabee and John McCain, who both lasted longer than he did in the primary elections. John McCain, the Republican favorite will not run, and most likely Sarah Palin will not run either. If the Republicans cannot get their own house in order and decide who they really want as president, then it looks as if President Obama may end up being a 2 term President, thanks to the Republicans shooting themselves in the foot. Oh my, what will the conservative talk show hosts say now if President Obama gets re-elected. Rush Limbaugh and Mike Levin will probably disown their own party.


President Obama Speech on Israel and Palestine - Visions for Peace

Friday, May 20, 2011

The following video is of President Obama's Speech explaining his view on how Israel and the Palestinians can make peace. The President outlines on what he sees as to how the two states can exist together in peace.


The Donald Trump - Arnold Schwarzenegger Likeness - Portrayed by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The following is the video and a word for word excerpt of that video of one of the upcoming popular commentators on MSNBC, Lawrence O'Donnell. He portrays Donald Trump in his attempt to show who Donald Trump really is and compares him to Arnold Schwarzenegger. For me, it is very entertaining, as Lawrence O'Donnell usually is, but he highlights some sobering facts, in a light about Donald Trump that I really never looked at before and most people who also know of him most likely are in the dark about him too. It also made me realize how rash some of the political statements made by political figures may just not be anywhere possible to follow through, but the people who are entertained by them actually believe their message.

"It is time to write the meaning of the Trump brand. I don't mean the trump brand as it relates to the various businesses that carry Donald's name, I mean the Trump brand as it relates to the fictional character Donald presents publically as 'himself'. I don't know the real Donald Trump. He may be a perfectly good person, in most ways we measure that. I don't know the person his children know as their father. I don't know the man his wife's known as their husband. I have no idea on how kind and indeed lovable he may be to the people closest to him, and to the people most important to him. I know only what I see, the fictional version of himself that he delivers on TV screens. As I've said here before, the people you see inside this glowing box you are watching right now including me, all represent the television version of ourselves. No matter how often you watch me read this teleprompter, you will never get to know the real me. The real me lives outside this box, and doesn't wear makeup; ok, doesn't wear as much makeup. So we can never get to know the real Donald Trump by watching him on TV. On his fake reality show, he plays the fake boss of mostly tragic former celebrities, who pretend to try to please him as he methodically following the ratings appeal of each former celebrity, sequentially pretends to fire them. When he shows up on the 'Today Show', and other venues to promote his businesses and his TV show, he delivers a fictional version of himself full of bravado, that he hopes he is conveying confidence, boldness, and toughness and truth telling. But as every psychiatrist and fiction writer knows, inside every braggart, is a desperately fearful coward. I for one never had any interest in Mr.Trump until he stepped into this shows jurisdiction, by talking about politics and government. Along with many others, I remarked on the obvious, ugly racial elements in much of what he was saying about Barack Obama, which left little room for comments on the few things that Donald Trump had to say about government. The Trump message on governing was "that it's easy". Just let the tough talking Donald Trump have a few minutes alone with OPEC, an you would be back into paying 3 bucks a gallon at the pumps tomorrow. If the Chinese don't do what President Donald says, President Donald will slap a 25% tariff on everything that China sends to the United States. The sad truth of the governings' easy message is, that that view is actually shared with something close to 50% of the electorate. Some 60 million people who vote in this country are at least as ignorant about tariffs as Donald Trump is. Trump, who got caught not knowing how many there are in the House of Representatives, obviously has no idea the tariffs are set by Congress, not the President. He also obviously has no idea who would pay a tariff set on Chinese products. The 25% tariff he would set on Chinese products would be paid by Americans. A tariff is simply a sales tax, imposed by the Federal Government. Trump was actually advocating a 25% sales tax on everything we import from China. No-one who liked the idea of Trump's 25% tariff on Chinese goods understood that. It sounded to them like a penalty on China, instead of a penalty on them. Every single think Donald Trump suggested about governing was as simplistic and harmful to Americans as his 25% tariff idea.
The Trump fake candidacy performance was inspired in may ways by this man (Arnold Schwarzenegger). He ran for governor in the biggest state in the Union, claiming that governing "was easy". California was then running a debt of about $22 billion dollars, and an annual deficit of $14 billion. This great body builder, turned bad actor, told Californians they can make that debt and deficit go away just by electing him. It would be that easy. He would go to Sacramento and clean up the system. He campaigned with a broom; actually had a broom at rallies, and use the broom to symbolize how he would simply sweep clean the mess of California governance. During his campaign in 2003, he literally dropped a wrecking ball on an Oldsmobile spray painted with the words, "Davis Car Tax", an over simplified demonstration of what he would do to California's so called 'car tax'. And at the end of this amateur's time as governor, California was in much, much worse condition than when he lied his way into office by convincing enough Californians that 'governing was easy'. The debt when from $22 billion dollars to $34.7 billion dollars with the annual deficit jumping from $14 billion dollars to an unimaginable $26.6 billion dollars. The California voters reaction to their Governor Schwarzenegger's mistake was a return to competence. Instead of electing another well-financed governor to the governorship, not to the more competent governor that should have replaced whom Schwarzenegger, Ray Davis, but to the governor who 24 years before, actually hired Ray Davis as his Chief of Staff in his governors office. Two term California governor for the 1970's and 1980's Jerry Brown is now Governor again at the age of 73. He is using his hard earned governing expertise and experience to try and repair the damage California voters did to themselves by believing the dangerous lie that "governing is easy". What is true about both of these men, the movie star, and the reality TV star is that they were ignorant enough about governing to actually believe what they were saying about it. Noone, no republican or Democrat who has ever taken an oath of office as Mayor, governor, Senator or congressman believes that governing is easy. Office holders who know better in both parties have trafficked in that line. Their political sin is much greater than that committed by Trump and Schwarzenegger. The Trump and Schwarzenegger character brands are actually strikingly similar, bravado, confidence, boldness, toughness. We now know better about both of them. Historically, Trump has viciously attacked anyone who has publically criticized him in any way. Who can forget his 'from the gutter' attacks on Rosy O'Donnell. Trump said " I've known Rosy for a long time. I've always felt to myself that she's a degenerate. She shouldn't..I really understand her. Have you ever watched her act?" That's classic Trump. He doesn't even seem to know what he really means. It doesn't seem to come from a real place of hatred, it just seems to come from where he thinks is a zone of entertainment. Rosy O'Donnell is by the way one O'Donnell I do not know. And if we are distantly related, I might have to go back a thousand years to find the link. During his fake campaign period, Trump eventually gave up his fight against every word of criticism against him. He has never tried to respond to a single thing I have said about him publically. We now know the toughness, in the Trump brand is fake. This man was tough enough to run for President, Donald Trump isn't. We now know the confidence is fake too. Donald Trump will never again be able to create a blip on our political radar screen. But a Trump like candidate, a Schwarzenegger candidate will present himself or herself again, and that is the only reason I am revisiting the Donald Trump candidacy yet again tonight. It is simply to make this point, that the Trump, Schwarzenegger like candidate that comes along next will offer simple sounding solutions to very complex problems that that candidate does not and cannot understand. That candidate will brand himself or herself as confident, bold, tough and truthful. That candidate will not have the experience to be able to tell the one simple truth we know about government. To govern is to choose, and the choices are never easy. These men, have taught American voters everything they need to know, to never, ever, make the Schwarzenegger mistake again."


Republican Race for President Imploding

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Newt Gingrich
and he doesn't even know it yet!

As a Democrat as I look into the Republican primary race for President, it seems to be an unbelievable surprise, as many of the presumed front running candidates have either dropped out of the race, and in the case of Newt Gingrich, he has been an embarrassment to his party, in what MSNBC claims of his incessant "flip-flopping" on the issues. He preached all of the wrong things in a "Meet the Press" interview recently that would capture the hearts of his party. Instead, the mainstream Republican party has been publicly denouncing this candidate. It appears as if his candidacy has ended even before it has begun. Maybe it's for the best.

Mike Huckabee
The second candidate, the one I expected to get into the race who would have the desire to fight and become the Republican candidate for President in 2012 is Mike Huckabee. If I were a Republican and supported conservative principles, I would seriously support Mike Huckabee. Unfortunately, he has publicly come out to announce that his heart is just not in the race this year.He does not have the fire to run. Maybe it's because of the millions of dollars that he lost the last time around when he lost the Republican nomination to John McCain. Maybe it's because he's trying to regain some of that money back by his successful talk show. I do not know of anyone, including the Republican nominee of 2008 besides Mike Huckabee that had a candid desire to try and overtake any odds.

Donald Trump
The third candidate, Donald Trump, has been a real noise maker, but in his own right has sparked the Republican party in an attempt to smother President Obama regarding the birth certificate issue. What he did was take precious time away from what his party should have been doing in the first place, and that is to discuss the issues, the ones that would elect their candidate over Barack Obama. That did not happen. Instead, he was proven wrong by the President, as Barack Obama came up with his long form birth certificate issued from the State of Hawaii. The formal announcement about Obama's birth certificate eventually shut up Donald Trump, but he still had an era of a candidate for President in him, as he mentioned more than just a few times that he was exploring his possibilities. At the end, he decided to drop out of the race, most likely because he could never raise the kinds of money that Mitt Romney has in the past and can do now if he had decided to run. His ultimate excuse for not running was that he claimed that his heart is in business as he considers himself a business mogul. But as far as I'm concerned, Donald Trump never was going to announce his candidacy for President. It was just a big show, like "The Apprentice".

Mitt Romney
The fourth candidate, Mitt Romney, now seems to have the clear road to the nomination, but is considered a flawed front trunner for the nomination. He made a big splash yesterday in his Las Vegas Call-a-Thon, in which he raised $10.25 million, so it is a clear warning to the Republicans that he is the one to beat. Even with that said, he is not really loved by the Republican electorate.  But unfortunately for him, he actually did something great which the Republicans despise by the way, and that was to implement his health care bill in Massachusetts. Actually, I applaud him for that. At the present time, he appears to be the clear and only front-runner for the Republican party. Now he even has a chance to win the Iowa caucuses. Regardless, the race is still wide open, as the process that is effecting the republican party is a normal turn of events during the discovery process in any political election.

Sarah Palin
Wont Run!! or
Should not run!
Michelle Bachmann

Worth mentioning may be Sarah Palin, who may think at the present time that her only opponent now for the nomination may be Mitt Romney. But guess again, as Michelle Bachmann will announce her candidacy for the Republican Presidential nomination. She has the 'tea party' support and would be one the likeliest of contenders against Mitt Romney. For her sake, now that many of the thought of 'for sure' candidates are now out, why wouldn't she go for it? She has the ability to raise money, and may do well in Iowa. She most likely would not have much problem in building herself into a national political figure. With this said, she also had some 'dirty laundry', that most likely will come out if she truly comes out and starts to campaign.

Mitch Daniels
Who Knows Him Possible Candidate!
Another possible candidate, Mitch Daniels, may be the one candidate that could be the anti-Romney candidate, and would be capable in making it a good race for the Republican ticket. But at this point in time, I do not know much about him. Future articles that will highlight all of the Republican candidates that will try and face off amongst each other to face President Obama in the major election in 2012 will be featured on this blog. Attempts will be to compare each one of the candidates policies in comparison to Barack Obama's policies.No doubt the comparison will be a very strong contrast, but it will be interesting to note the differences.

Tim Polenty
May Run! Should Run!

The dark horse candidate, Tim Polenty, who has the establishment support, and has high social conservative credentials, may be the number one anti-Romney candidate, but I sincerely believe that he will not be nominated by his party to run against Obama. He will not be able to raise the funds that Romney can, and he is not as well known, even now right before his possible announcement as a Presidential candidate for the Republican primary.

Jon Huntsman, Jr.

                                              Very Likely Candidate!

Jon Huntsman, Jr, a US diplomat, is a former United States Ambassador to China and he previously served as the 16th Governor of Utah from 2005 until August 11, 2009. when he resigned during his second term in office to become Ambassador to China.
It has been widely speculated that Huntsman will seek the Republican nomination, and he has a better chance to do so than Mitch Daniels, who does not have the support from his family to run. Daniels's wife and children are encouraging him NOT to run.

Ron Paul
Not a Chance Candidate!

Now for the 'wanna-be' President,  presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul. He has previously run twice for President, once in 1988, and another in 2008, without success. Out of all the Republican candidates,  he has been the one candidate that has openly voiced his opinion against how President Obama conducted the operations to capture and kill Osama bin Laden. He claims that America could have done it differently in the attempt to capture Bin Laden. He believes that the states should have the right to legalize heroin if they so desire. He is totally opposite to some of his parties main issues, such as foreign policy, domestic policy, and social policy. For me, it would be better that he run as an independent, because just his presence in the race would hurt his own party.


Republican Contenders as of May 15, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well the race is on for the Republican contender to face President Obama in the Presidential elections in 2012. Amongst the names that have formally announced their decision are Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. Both have been fairly charismatic in the past, but out of the two, neither may have what it takes to acquire the nomination for the Republican candidate. One surprise drop out, Mike Huckabee, will not run for President. He claims that his heart is just not in it this year. He most likely has all of the difficult memories of the last election, when John McCain beat him out for the Republican Candidate since George W. Bush could not re-run after serving two terms as President.
So what are the strengths and the weaknesses of the two candidates that plan to run so far?!!

For Newt Gingrich, he announced his candidacy on May 11th. He was most responsible for the Republican surge in congress in 1984. Regardless of who runs against him for the nomination, he will drive the rest of the field crazy. He will dominate the Republican debates. Even with this said, I believe he doesn't have a chance to become the Republican nominee for the party. But what are the real reasons why he is running. Maybe he can explain why as his campaign progresses. He seems to be a very creative person, but I don't believe that he is disciplined. It will be interesting to see what message he plans to bring to his campaign. It will also be interesting is seeing him compete with other Republicans during the debate.

As for Ron Paul, he is the Texas Congressman who announced his candidacy in a television interview on May 13th that he will make his third bid for the presidency. He may not seem to be much to many in the mainstream Republican party, but he was the winner of the straw poll at last year's CPAC convention. He is very vocal for smaller government and a strict constitutionalist. In 1988 he ran as a libertarian and in 2008, he ran as a Republican. The problem he faces with his baggage will be whether he will be supported by the mainstream Republicans.

Others expected to join the race will be the well known figure Mitt Romney. He is the former Massachusetts governor and set up a presidential exploratory committee on April 11th. He still has yet to make a decision to run. He is also one of the richest candidates to run for President, as in 2008, he raised $65.1 million in contributions for the 2008 nomination, but still lost. Besides what he raised, he contributed $42.3 million from his own personal funds.
In the past, he ran for Senator in 1995 in Massachusetts but lots to Ted Kennedy. He won Governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and only served one term as he did not re-seek election in 2006. He signed into law what is called the Massachusetts health care reform legislation, which provided near-universal health insurance access via subsidies and state-level mandates. He published a book since the last election called "NO Apology". The Case for American Greatness.


President Barack Obama - Fixing What's Broken

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

James --

I went to El Paso, Texas, today to lay out a plan to do something big: fix America's broken immigration system.

It's an issue that affects you, whether you live in a border town like El Paso or not. Our immigration system reflects how we define ourselves as Americans -- who we are, who we will be -- and continued inaction poses serious costs for everyone.

Those costs are human, felt by millions of people here and abroad who endure years of separation or deferred dreams -- and millions more hardworking families whose wages are depressed when employers wrongly exploit a cheap source of labor. That's why immigration reform is also an economic imperative -- an essential step needed to strengthen our middle class, create new industries and new jobs, and make sure America remains competitive in the global economy.

Because this is such a tough problem -- one that politicians in Washington have been either exploiting or dodging, depending on the politics -- this change has to be driven by people like you.

Washington won't act unless you lead.

So if you're willing to do something about this critical issue, join our call for immigration reform now. Those who do will be part of our campaign to educate people on this issue and build the critical mass needed to make Washington act:

In recent years, concerns about whether border security and enforcement were tough enough were among the greatest impediments to comprehensive reform. They are legitimate issues that needed to be addressed -- and over the past two years, we have made great strides in enhancing security and enforcement.

We have more boots on the ground working to secure our southwest border than at any time in our history. We're going after employers who knowingly break the law. And we are deporting those who are here illegally. I know the increase in deportations has been a source of controversy, but I want to emphasize that we are focusing our limited resources on violent offenders and people convicted of crimes -- not families or people looking to scrape together an income.

So we've addressed the concerns raised by those who have stood in the way of progress in the past. And now that we have, it's time to build an immigration system that meets our 21st-century economic needs and reflects our values both as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.

Today, we provide students from around the world with visas to get engineering and computer science degrees at our top universities. But then our laws discourage them from using those skills to start a business or a new industry here in the United States. That just doesn't make sense.

We also need to stop punishing innocent young people for the actions of their parents -- and pass the DREAM Act so they can pursue higher education or become military service members in the country they know as home. We already know enormous economic benefits from the steady stream of talented and hardworking people coming to America. More than a century and a half ago, U.S. Steel's Andrew Carnegie was a 13-year-old brought here from Scotland by his family in search of a better life. And in 1979, a Russian family seeking freedom from Communism brought a young Sergey Brin to America -- where he would become a co-founder of Google.

Through immigration, we've become an engine of the global economy and a beacon of hope, ingenuity and entrepreneurship. We should make it easier for the best and brightest not only to study here, but also to start businesses and create jobs here. That's how we'll win the future.

Immigration is a complex issue that raises strong feelings. And as we push for long-overdue action, we're going to hear the same sort of ugly rhetoric that has delayed reform for years -- despite long and widespread recognition that our current system fails us all and hurts our economy.

So you and I need to be the ones talking about this issue in the language of hope, not fear -- in terms of how we are made stronger by our differences, and can be made stronger still.

Take a moment now to watch my El Paso speech and join this campaign for change:

Thank you,


This campaign isn't funded by lobbyists or corporate interests. We rely on donations from people like you. Please donate $5 today.


Video of President Obama's Interview on 60 Minutes

Monday, May 9, 2011

An incredible account of the killing of Osama bin Laden in his compound in Pakistan was aired on CBS News 60 Minutes. The video as published by CBS was originally distorted, or at least the embedded version of the video, but the video below below should now be easily viewed.


Videos Seised from Bin Laden's Compound

Videos have  been seized amongst many documents found on a computer that was seized from Osama bin Laden's compound when he was killed. Five of the videos released by U.S. Intelligence Officials are without sound of bin Laden. One video, bin Laden was watching himself watching TV but noticeably the Osama bin Laden that you would have never seen if he had anything to do with it. They show a graying Osama bin Laden, one video with him wrapped in a blanket, sitting on the floor watching himself on TV. The images most likely convinced some skeptics in Pakistan and Afghanistan that he was not the leader whom they thought he was. More likely than not, President Obama will take more flack as he did for not showing the face of dead Osama bin laden. This time, he is refusing the public and the world from hearings messages that are contained in the videos.Besides the five original videos released, there have been others released.
I'm sure that the conservative party broadcasters like Rush Limbaugh and his cohorts will continuously criticize Obama, as now the talk show hosts have still another thing to complain about. 


Osama bin Laden's Possible Successor - Rabaie al-Zawahiri (Ayman al-Aawahiri)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Most everyone in the world who despise terrorism are overjoyed to find out that Osama bin Laden is now dead. But the terrorist organization known as Al Qaeda, may already have a new leader. His name is Ayman al-Aawahiri (Abu Muhammad Rabaie al-Zawahiri). Originally, he was Bin Laden's personal adviser and physician, and became a senior member of the al-Qaeda shura council. He was known as bin Laden's "lieutenant". It has been stated that he was the "real brains" of al-Qaeda. Because of bin Laden's death, as of May 2, 2011, he is assumed to be the sole figurehead of al-Qaeda. He is a man of many names, such as Abu Fatima, Muhammad Ibrahim, Abu Abdallah, Abu al-Mu'iz, The Doctor, The Teacher, Nur, Ustaz, Abu Mohammed Nur al-Deen, Abdel Muaz (Abdel Moez, Abdel Muez).
On October 10, 2001, al-Zawahiri appeared on the initial list of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation's top 22 Most Wanted Terrorists, which was released to the public by U.S. President George W. Bush. In early November 2001, the Taliban government announced they were bestowing official Afghan citizenship on him, as well as Bin Laden, Mohammed Atef, Saif al-Adl, and Shaykh Asim Abdulrahman. On January 13, 2006, the Central Intelligence Agency launched an airstrike on Damadola, a Pakistani village near the Afghan border, where they believed al-Zawahiri was located. The airstrike was supposed to have killed al-Zawahiri and was thus reported in international news the following days. He is definitely still very much alive.


President Obama visits New York City after Killing Osama bin Laden

Today, just 4 days after the day Osama bin Laden was killed on May 1, 2011 in Pakistan by U.S. Navy Seals,  President Obama visited New York in a tribute to those who had died in New York at the World Trade Center. It has been less than a week after the President was successful in orchestrating the seek out and destroy mission of Osama bin Laden. It was a somber occasion, as relatives and friends of the 9/11 victims are happy that Osama bin Laden is now gone forever, but most agree that it still does not bring closure into their loss. One of the people who was so instrumental in helping the city of New York and the nation get through the tragedy at the time of 9/11 was President Bush, but he refused the invitation of President Obama to attend the occasion. His reasoning.... Not to take away anything from President Obama, as Bush claimed that Obama deserved the credit. For once, it appeared that President Bush actually said the right thing, although many Republicans have stated that the ex-president should have been there. For myself, a Democrat, I was thinking that President Bush should be there, since he was the President who began the war on terror, and now, the number one most wanted terrorist in the world was captured and destroyed. Instead, one of the Republican contenders for President who ran against Obama in 2008 did attend the memorial event, the ex-governor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani. In a CNN report, he actually praised the President for making the tough decision to seek out bin Laden as he did.

Most Americans were in favor of the whole situation surrounding the killing of Osama bin Laden, as joy spread not only throughout the United States, but throughout the entire free world. In a gutsy decision however, President Obama has elected to not show the remains of Osama bin Laden, as first claim was that since he was at least once shot in the head, that the site would be too gruesome.  Also, releasing pictures of the body could create a national security risk. Osama bin Laden has been reported to already been buried at sea.

In another developing story as a result of the attack on Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan contained computers with information regarding Al-Qaeda plans for future attacks on the United States. Amongst the plans was a low level plan indicating that there were talks last year amongst the terrorists for future plans to attack the United States via the U.S. rail system on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack.

So now the United States moves into a new chapter in American history, but people need to be reminded of the 100,000 U.S. servicemen still serving their country fighting terrorism on the ground in Afghanistan. President Obama is enjoying one of his most shining moments as President since his election as his approval rating jumped at least 10 points since Osama bin Laden's death. People must also be reminded that someone would be designated by Al-Qaeda to take the place of Osama bin Laden, and that person is already known. His name is Ayman al-Zawahiri. He is not known to be as popular as motivating followers as was Osama bin Laden, but never-the-less, the future success of Al-Qaeda will be what indicates how successful as a terrorist leader he will turn out to be. Most likely now he has become the #1 most wanted terrorist in the world.


Comments on Article 'Details of Congressman Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan - A TOTAL JOKE

Monday, May 2, 2011

The "Anonymous" critic of "Obama in the White House Blog" has surfaced again.

Here are his comments...

"Since you graduated from HS in 1970, that makes you 58 or 59 years old. my understanding is that Ryan's proposal would not apply to you. So, you  complaints are disingenuous as they relate to you. Correct me if I'm wrong."

I do not think at this point that the "Anonymous" critic in his statement may be totally right. The first part concerning my age is correct, but the second part is not. He is correct in stating that the proposal would not apply to me, regarding Ryan's plan, but he is totally out in left field when it comes to my reasoning for writing this blog, and the writing of the article titled "Details of Congressman Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan - A TOTAL JOKE" . Maybe he thinks that I'm just publishing a personal journal or something or that I will should disagree with President Obama's policies when this blog represents a liberal view, but instead he should realize that I write these articles to benefit readers of this blog, whom I can say without a doublt some would be affected by Ryan's plan if ever became law.  He claims that I'm complaining or that my claims are "disingenuous" in his mind. The "Anonymous" critic does have serious concerns about the Obama Government, and my blog in particular, but at least he does criticize these articles either for or against, and for the most part, I do appreciate his comments, especially the ones that he feels that he is totally justified in making and surely believes in what he says.  He keeps coming back to read more. He's hooked. But if any criticism ridicules or disrespects the President in any way,  for example, calling the President "a jerk" like he did in the past, then the comments will be removed especially ones that are totally without merit.

I wrote another previous response after reviewing comments by Mr "Anonymous" in the past. Here is the link to my comments when he called the President "a jerk".

Mr. Anonymous, do you have a blog or a real name?

Would you like a regular column on this blog?

That may be very interesting and I would surely consider it, but you would have to identify yourself first.

By the way, to keep your comments on this blog, you do need to identify yourself. Further comments stated without identification will be removed immediately without any recognition. 

Also, you may want to read the following article...

Mr. Anonymous, thank you for your comments. They are well taken!!



In a measure that prior Republican President George W. Bush just could not do, President Barack Obama launched a targeted operation against Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The attack was carried out by a small team of Americans in which no Americans were harmed. This team of special forces showed extraordinary courage and capability when they successfully orchestrated the attack. Osama bin Ladan was reportedly shot in the head. There have been at least two reports as to the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden's body. The first, is that he was buried at sea, as is custom by an Islamic tradition. The second, his body is in U.S. hands and was shot in the head with a bullet.
People from all over the world are jubilant. Al Qaeda, the mother ship for Islamic extremism, has cast a wide net over much of the Middle East. It has launched spectacular attacks throughout the world -- on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 that killed at least 224 people, the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001 that killed over 3000 people, the Madrid train bombings in 2004, fighting with U.S. soldiers in Somalia in 1993, and who could ever forget the attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 sailors in October of 2000.
In my mind it would have been exceptional to see Bin Laden's body on display for the whole world to see. The fact that the number #1 most wanted person and foremost terrorist named by the FBI and U.S. Government is now dead makes people from all over to want to rejoice.He has been claimed to be the most evil man in modern time. Now, one can only wonder where the soul of Osama bin Laden rests, but the majority of everyone who has been touched by the evil of Osama bin Laden would agree that he is now burning in hell.
Since the announcement, security around the world has been stepped up, for a posibility Al Queda attacks in light of bin Laden's death. So far, none have been reported.


Donald Trump Never Served His Country - Classified 1-S and 1-Y

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last Tuesday on April 29th, 2011, the potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claims that he was available for the draft in 1969, where the facts show that he was only classified 1-A (available for military service) for a short period of time as he was then reclassified to 1-Y (not available for military service except in a National Emergency) in October of 1969.  Up to that time, he had already received four student deferments  classification 2-S, and one medical deferment. This was all before he received his high draft number of 356. So it is clear that during that time, he had no interest in serving his country, or at least that is what the facts show. In the video below, watch Donald Trump talk about what the politicians are doing in Washington, and then claims that if he plans to run for President against Barack Obama, he will make his decision before June 1st.


Obama Pokes Fun at His Critics at the White House Correspondents' Dinner

Another report from CNN, President Obama attended a White House Correspondents' Dinner, and poked fun at several people who have recently criticized him, including Mr. Donald Trump who attended the event. Others included were movie star Matt Damon, the NPR folks, Paul Ryan and the deficit issue, Michele Bachmann, the Republican potential candidate, whom President Obama says that it's rumored that she was born in Canada, Tim Pawlenty, Ambassador Jon Huntsman, and Mitt Romney. Watch the video below of his speech.


One of Gadhafi's sons and Three Grandchildren Reported Killed

As reported by CNN's Reza Sayah, Kareem Khadder, Saad Abedine and Phil Gast, like the ability of a surgeon using a knife, the NATO forces targeted the house of Moammar Gadhafi's son. The Libyan government now claims that the son of Gadhafi, Saif al-Arab Gadhafi, and three of Moammar's grandchildren were killed. CNN was not able to confirm the reports. The house which was located in Tripoli, was totally destroyed, and the only thing left is a crater where the house once stood. There are also reports that Moammar Gadhafi and his wife were visiting at the time, but there are now conflicting reports as Libyan government spokesman Musa Ibrahim told journalists that Moammar Gadhafi and his wife are now safe.
Even if the facts are true or not, this wouldn't have been the first time when U.S. forces personally attacked Moammar Gadafi's compound, as is in 1986. Under the leadership of U.S. President Ronald Reagan,Hanna Gadhafi who is his adopted stepdaughter, was killed in another bombing attack. Apparently, this was in retaliation when Libya destroyed a night club in West Berlin, Germany, which killed two American servicemen and reportedly injured several others.


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