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Romney to Announce his Candidacy - Palin May Announce Too

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mitt Romney
In the last article, I said that some flip-flop stories about Romney may just be enough to scare him from the race. But now a spokesperson for Romney claims that he will jump into the race next Thursday, on June 2nd, 2011. To many and even myself, it is not shocking news that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will announce his candidacy next week in New Hampshire. For others, including myself again, it is shocking news. Why? Because if he does, I believe that the weakened Republicans, the so-called scared Republicans, and those whom despise Newt Gingrich, will flock to him. If he enters the race, then there truly will be no race. Of course, there will be one on paper, and one you hear about every day in the news, with other candidates that already proclaimed their candidacy, and some who have yet to announce. But Mitt Romney's announcement most definitely will make other possible candidates who haven't stepped into the ring yet from doing so. It almost could be like a scare tactic. Why would you want to fight your way to the top against this man. He has already acclaimed the largest war chest, as he has all the money he needs to keep him going with strong, intimidating ads throughout the race. His opponents, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Paul, Palin, Bachmann, Huntsman, and Cain all combined may not ever have the ability nor acquire the monetary support that would compare to Romney.
But do the Republicans really intend to back him? I guess only time will tell, as stories have already been floating out that he has flip-flopped on a few issues, and putting claims on past issues from 2008 that he seemed to be totally against then, but now claims that they were his idea. Why is he doing that? I guess mainly because the Republicans still do not have any real platform to run on, other than their conservative principles, and against President Obama, that will not be enough. Will he support the Ryan Medicare Plan that flopped just yesterday in the Senate, that has no chance of becoming law the way that it stands.
The bottom line here is that Romney may be the only real candidate now to run against Obama next year. It is unfortunate that the party had 3 years after the last election to try and get their house in order and come out with a candidate early. It is extremely important that the republicans come out and support their candidate early, but instead the party is in disarray. Expect two more ladies to jump into the race too. Sarah Palin is throwing out hints, and Michelle Bachmann will jump in by next month, or so she says. It appears as if the Republican party is their own worst enemy. Every Conservative candidate wants 'change', but what you are about to see now is the same old primary stuff. You will see town hall meetings, and shows on TV, as these candidates will pick each other apart. What they will do is pick their own party apart. They all believe the same conservative principles. It will be cut-throat time. The candidate that stays with the issues instead of attacking their fellow candidate most likely will win the Republican nomination. But even that will not be enough if the party can't get behind a forum that the Republican constituency will support.


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