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Comments on Article 'Details of Congressman Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan - A TOTAL JOKE

Monday, May 2, 2011

The "Anonymous" critic of "Obama in the White House Blog" has surfaced again.

Here are his comments...

"Since you graduated from HS in 1970, that makes you 58 or 59 years old. my understanding is that Ryan's proposal would not apply to you. So, you  complaints are disingenuous as they relate to you. Correct me if I'm wrong."

I do not think at this point that the "Anonymous" critic in his statement may be totally right. The first part concerning my age is correct, but the second part is not. He is correct in stating that the proposal would not apply to me, regarding Ryan's plan, but he is totally out in left field when it comes to my reasoning for writing this blog, and the writing of the article titled "Details of Congressman Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan - A TOTAL JOKE" . Maybe he thinks that I'm just publishing a personal journal or something or that I will should disagree with President Obama's policies when this blog represents a liberal view, but instead he should realize that I write these articles to benefit readers of this blog, whom I can say without a doublt some would be affected by Ryan's plan if ever became law.  He claims that I'm complaining or that my claims are "disingenuous" in his mind. The "Anonymous" critic does have serious concerns about the Obama Government, and my blog in particular, but at least he does criticize these articles either for or against, and for the most part, I do appreciate his comments, especially the ones that he feels that he is totally justified in making and surely believes in what he says.  He keeps coming back to read more. He's hooked. But if any criticism ridicules or disrespects the President in any way,  for example, calling the President "a jerk" like he did in the past, then the comments will be removed especially ones that are totally without merit.

I wrote another previous response after reviewing comments by Mr "Anonymous" in the past. Here is the link to my comments when he called the President "a jerk".

Mr. Anonymous, do you have a blog or a real name?

Would you like a regular column on this blog?

That may be very interesting and I would surely consider it, but you would have to identify yourself first.

By the way, to keep your comments on this blog, you do need to identify yourself. Further comments stated without identification will be removed immediately without any recognition. 

Also, you may want to read the following article...

Mr. Anonymous, thank you for your comments. They are well taken!!


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