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Republican Presidential Race Shaping up or shipping out

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tim Pawlenty
Today, Tim Pawlenty, former Minnesota governor, made the announcement that he will run as a candidate for the Republican nominee for President. This may be good and this may be bad, but in the case of the Republicans, it may be the only good announcement so far. Mitch Daniels, in my mind is the almost perfect candidate for the Republican nomination, and actually considered a better candidate by many than the well known Mitt Romney, but now Mr. Daniels also has decided not to run. Will President Obama have any competition? Prior to Tim Pawlenty's announcement that he will be running, Mitch Daniels claims that his family has been consistent in their desire for him not to run and he wants to respect their opinion. As Mitch Daniels is first a family man at heart, he has decided to pass the opportunity with the claim that his family is more important. Actually what he doesn't say is that he doesn't have the heart to run. In a 'Meet to Press' show on Sunday 5/22/2011, there is a would-be but not-to-be candidate in the likes of Paul Ryan, as it was discussed in his interview. The main talk of discussion was about what was said about him and his Medicare plan by Newt Gingrich. In the midst of the conversation, Paul Ryan was asked if he planned on running for President, but to the dismay of the interviewer, looking for another main Republican story two weeks in a row, was told by Paul Ryan that he had no intentions of running. Instead, another forget-me candidate by the name of Herman Cain, age 65 from Memphis Tennessee, former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, and presently a newspaper columnist has made an announcement that he is running. He join the ranks of the likes of Ron Paul, who says he's running, but really still not sure which party he wants to run for. He claims that he wants to run as a Republican, but he may have a better chance running as an independent, and even then, still wouldn't have enough to actually get a chance to face Obama in the general election.As reported, now we have a handful of candidates, all wishfuls that want to be President. In the mean time, there is still another person running that hasn't a chance in hell to gain the nomination, Newt Gingrich, and he doesn't even have enough sense to know that he actually is finished before he started. He is still campaigning in Iowa. There is another probable candidate that hasn't made the formal announcement yet that he will be running. His name is none other than Mitt Romney. In recent days, he has highly criticized President Obama's comments and some of his decisions as President. Apparently, Mitt Romney wants to see what he's up against before he announces that he is a candidate. When he does, everyone so far to this point will not even have a chance, except for possibly Tim Pawlenty who has allot of work to do. And how about possible other candidates, the ones still left to announce. Jon Huntsman and Michelle Bachman and and another spoiler, Sarah Palin all have some baggage that will become known to the American people if they do decide to run, but out of the three, Jon Huntsman may be a good contender, especially if he must fight for the nomination against Mitt Romney. So the final four, Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachman, Tim Polenty and Jon Huntsman. Another dark horse, the old mayor of New York, Rudy Guiliani, still hasn't said that he will not run, but it's expected that he will make the announcement. My guess is that he will not run. Who has the money-bags that could compete with Mitt Romney and hold his own. No-one yet.
  So what does the Republican party do now. Actually, the party is at the mercy of the candidates, or shall I say who may be left to run. Out of all of them, how do they stack against Obama. As I see it now, President Obama still doesn't have any real competition from the Republican party. With all of the money Mitt had during the 2008 election, he still couldn't compete against his former rival Mike Huckabee and John McCain, who both lasted longer than he did in the primary elections. John McCain, the Republican favorite will not run, and most likely Sarah Palin will not run either. If the Republicans cannot get their own house in order and decide who they really want as president, then it looks as if President Obama may end up being a 2 term President, thanks to the Republicans shooting themselves in the foot. Oh my, what will the conservative talk show hosts say now if President Obama gets re-elected. Rush Limbaugh and Mike Levin will probably disown their own party.


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