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Republican Race for President Imploding

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Newt Gingrich
and he doesn't even know it yet!

As a Democrat as I look into the Republican primary race for President, it seems to be an unbelievable surprise, as many of the presumed front running candidates have either dropped out of the race, and in the case of Newt Gingrich, he has been an embarrassment to his party, in what MSNBC claims of his incessant "flip-flopping" on the issues. He preached all of the wrong things in a "Meet the Press" interview recently that would capture the hearts of his party. Instead, the mainstream Republican party has been publicly denouncing this candidate. It appears as if his candidacy has ended even before it has begun. Maybe it's for the best.

Mike Huckabee
The second candidate, the one I expected to get into the race who would have the desire to fight and become the Republican candidate for President in 2012 is Mike Huckabee. If I were a Republican and supported conservative principles, I would seriously support Mike Huckabee. Unfortunately, he has publicly come out to announce that his heart is just not in the race this year.He does not have the fire to run. Maybe it's because of the millions of dollars that he lost the last time around when he lost the Republican nomination to John McCain. Maybe it's because he's trying to regain some of that money back by his successful talk show. I do not know of anyone, including the Republican nominee of 2008 besides Mike Huckabee that had a candid desire to try and overtake any odds.

Donald Trump
The third candidate, Donald Trump, has been a real noise maker, but in his own right has sparked the Republican party in an attempt to smother President Obama regarding the birth certificate issue. What he did was take precious time away from what his party should have been doing in the first place, and that is to discuss the issues, the ones that would elect their candidate over Barack Obama. That did not happen. Instead, he was proven wrong by the President, as Barack Obama came up with his long form birth certificate issued from the State of Hawaii. The formal announcement about Obama's birth certificate eventually shut up Donald Trump, but he still had an era of a candidate for President in him, as he mentioned more than just a few times that he was exploring his possibilities. At the end, he decided to drop out of the race, most likely because he could never raise the kinds of money that Mitt Romney has in the past and can do now if he had decided to run. His ultimate excuse for not running was that he claimed that his heart is in business as he considers himself a business mogul. But as far as I'm concerned, Donald Trump never was going to announce his candidacy for President. It was just a big show, like "The Apprentice".

Mitt Romney
The fourth candidate, Mitt Romney, now seems to have the clear road to the nomination, but is considered a flawed front trunner for the nomination. He made a big splash yesterday in his Las Vegas Call-a-Thon, in which he raised $10.25 million, so it is a clear warning to the Republicans that he is the one to beat. Even with that said, he is not really loved by the Republican electorate.  But unfortunately for him, he actually did something great which the Republicans despise by the way, and that was to implement his health care bill in Massachusetts. Actually, I applaud him for that. At the present time, he appears to be the clear and only front-runner for the Republican party. Now he even has a chance to win the Iowa caucuses. Regardless, the race is still wide open, as the process that is effecting the republican party is a normal turn of events during the discovery process in any political election.

Sarah Palin
Wont Run!! or
Should not run!
Michelle Bachmann

Worth mentioning may be Sarah Palin, who may think at the present time that her only opponent now for the nomination may be Mitt Romney. But guess again, as Michelle Bachmann will announce her candidacy for the Republican Presidential nomination. She has the 'tea party' support and would be one the likeliest of contenders against Mitt Romney. For her sake, now that many of the thought of 'for sure' candidates are now out, why wouldn't she go for it? She has the ability to raise money, and may do well in Iowa. She most likely would not have much problem in building herself into a national political figure. With this said, she also had some 'dirty laundry', that most likely will come out if she truly comes out and starts to campaign.

Mitch Daniels
Who Knows Him Possible Candidate!
Another possible candidate, Mitch Daniels, may be the one candidate that could be the anti-Romney candidate, and would be capable in making it a good race for the Republican ticket. But at this point in time, I do not know much about him. Future articles that will highlight all of the Republican candidates that will try and face off amongst each other to face President Obama in the major election in 2012 will be featured on this blog. Attempts will be to compare each one of the candidates policies in comparison to Barack Obama's policies.No doubt the comparison will be a very strong contrast, but it will be interesting to note the differences.

Tim Polenty
May Run! Should Run!

The dark horse candidate, Tim Polenty, who has the establishment support, and has high social conservative credentials, may be the number one anti-Romney candidate, but I sincerely believe that he will not be nominated by his party to run against Obama. He will not be able to raise the funds that Romney can, and he is not as well known, even now right before his possible announcement as a Presidential candidate for the Republican primary.

Jon Huntsman, Jr.

                                              Very Likely Candidate!

Jon Huntsman, Jr, a US diplomat, is a former United States Ambassador to China and he previously served as the 16th Governor of Utah from 2005 until August 11, 2009. when he resigned during his second term in office to become Ambassador to China.
It has been widely speculated that Huntsman will seek the Republican nomination, and he has a better chance to do so than Mitch Daniels, who does not have the support from his family to run. Daniels's wife and children are encouraging him NOT to run.

Ron Paul
Not a Chance Candidate!

Now for the 'wanna-be' President,  presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul. He has previously run twice for President, once in 1988, and another in 2008, without success. Out of all the Republican candidates,  he has been the one candidate that has openly voiced his opinion against how President Obama conducted the operations to capture and kill Osama bin Laden. He claims that America could have done it differently in the attempt to capture Bin Laden. He believes that the states should have the right to legalize heroin if they so desire. He is totally opposite to some of his parties main issues, such as foreign policy, domestic policy, and social policy. For me, it would be better that he run as an independent, because just his presence in the race would hurt his own party.


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