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3rd State of the Union Address - January 24, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yesterday, the President of the United States presented his 3rd State of the Union Address. It was a wonderful address, where the President addressed all facets of the present state of this country. The entire video of the speech can be watched right here
Listen to the stark contrasts of success compared to the slurred version that you hear from the Republican candidates running to compete against this President.


Newt Gingrich - Will Loose a General Election Against President Barack Obama in 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Republicans seem to be running a loosing battle to defeat the current President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. Why? Because their most popular candidates, the ones that most likely have a chance at the Republican nomination, have so much baggage that disqualifies them from being the President, that it is almost a sure thing that the Democrats will have their President living in the Oval Office for the next four years.

There is so much evidence why I truly believe this statement.

Let's start with the present frontrunner in the Republican race. Newt Gingrich who was Speaker in the House of Representatives in the early 1990's, helped the U.S. House capture the majority for the first time in forty years. That may sound great, but now because of him and his past, and the leading of the present speaker John Boehner, it may now be another 40 years before the House is regained by the Republicans. I say this prior to watching the House heading over to the loss column for the Republicans because of their contribution of the "do-nothing" Congress this past year.

Yes, it is true that under Newt's leadership, Congress passed the first balanced budget in a generation which the government repayed a debt of over $400 billion. Back then, Newt Gingrich now claims that the "Congress also cut taxes for the first time in sixteen years and reformed welfare, leading to over sixty percent of welfare recipients either getting a job or going to school" as stated by Newt Gingrich himself. You may think that he deserves all the credit for that, but this is hardly the case. Let it be known that Mr. Newt Gingrich all but got thrown out of the Congress after just 4 years. Actually he stepped down in face of a rebellion by the members that he led. Like Boehner , he was responsible for unexpected losses in an election in 1998.  Boehner  will be inevitably responsible for the Republicans loosing the majority in the House in 2012.  Even his own party members, one of them named Bob Livingston told reporters that he intended to challenge Gingrich when the House Republicans were to meet after the election to pick their leaders for the 106th Congress. Livingston led the way, but others including Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Archer (R-Tex.) and Small Business Committee Chairman James M. Talent (R-Mo.) pronounced their interest. Policy Committee Chairman Christopher Cox (R-Calif.) formally announced his candidacy on CNN's "Larry King Live.

Gingrich became their "whipping boy" after the election and deservedly so. In his resignation statement from the house, Newt said,

"Today I have reached a difficult personal decision," the statement said. "The Republican conference needs to be unified, and it is time for me to move forward where I believe I still have a significant role to play for our country and our party."
"Newt recognized that he had a problematic public persona, kind of a negative [persona]. And he said he was just not the person to lead at this time," said Rep. Constance A. Morella (R-Md.).

So in just four short years, Newt was OUT. So now he feels that he is qualified by his tenure as Speaker of the House that he couldn't even lead after just 4 short years that he believes that he is better than President Barack Obama to lead the country?

He has been married 3 times. His present wife was his mistress and the cause of the breakup of Newt's second marriage. Callista Gingrich, his mistress back then and now his third wife, does not qualify to be the first lady of this country. Yes, she is Catholic just like myself, but that does not render the forgiveness of moral believing Americans that she is a good fit to be a first lady. She was equally responsible for breaking up a marriage and I would especially like to see the 'annullment papers' to show that they are actually married as practicing Catholics at this time. Without an annullment, they could have never married in the Catholic Church. Does Newt Gingrich realize what turmoil his wife will go through even if she became the First Lady of the United States? What would she stand for?
It takes two to make decisions concerning marriage in this country, and that's why I equally blame Newt Gingrich for the divorce. I also blame him for not admitting and publically denouncing the facts as they were presented by his ex-wife that the affair with Callista and her husband ever took place as he even asked his wife for her ok to allow him to have an affair with another woman.
How can the people of this country elect a person with those morals? This is the reason why I believe that the Republicans should be getting ready to go on to another 40-year fast from the White House, especially if Newt Gingrich is the nominee to run against President Obama. And the alternative, Mitt Romney, a person who has flip-flopped his ideas time and time again; a person who lies about how rich he actually is and is not openly willing to share his tax returns for the citizens of this country to see. Is this the kind of person that you would want as President of the United States?



Obamas mark MLK Day with service project

Monday, January 16, 2012

The president, first lady and daughter Malia volunteer at Browne Education Campus in Washington. Obama said daughter Sasha couldn't make it.

In his remarks, he said, "And at a time when the country has been going through some difficult economic times, for us to be able to come together as a community, people from all different walks of life, and make sure that we’re giving back, that’s ultimately what makes us the strongest, most extraordinary country on Earth, is because we pull together when times are good, but also when times are hard.  And you guys all represent that.

"So on behalf of our family, we want to say thank you.  I’m sure Dr. King, were he here, he’d want to say thank you.  And I look forward to spending some time next to you guys.  Hopefully I have some good instructors here so that I don’t mess anything up.  So if you’re putting a paintbrush in my hands, make sure that I’ve got some very clear lines, and I’ll try to stay within them."

Last year, the Obamas spent time at a Washington middle school, where they painted pillars in the lunchroom. Tonight, the first couple is scheduled to attend a musical tribute to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr at the Kennedy Center.


A Survey for Non-US Citizens for U.S. President

Sunday, January 15, 2012

As someone who observes what is going on in the Republican process to choose a candidate to run against Barack Obama, I  can't help but realize that none of the candidates seem worthy to run against President Barack Obama this year. Which candidate has a good record when it comes to family values? Rick Santorum comes to mind, and he also is of the Catholic faith. Since I am also a practicing Catholic, I can appreciate him in that regard, and also that his family values are extremely high. He hasn't had the multiple of wives that other candidates have had. He doesn't change his conservative ideas, although he may have from time to time that doesn't compare to much, compared to Mitt Romney, known as the 'flip-flopper' candidate.
With all this said, I do not trust Rick Santorum, as he is for very conservative values, those in many cases that are totally opposite of the values of President Barack Obama. He, like the other candidates, Santorum continuesly blurbs out lies about President Obama, and truthfully, if I were any one of those Republican candidates, I would be ashamed of the lies and deception that they ALL bring to the political race to the nomination of the Republican as candidate to run against Barack Obama this coming November.
It makes for good TV, as Fox and MSNBC continuesly bring stories forward to support their own candidates, 'Fox News Network' supporting the Conservative Republicans, and 'MSNBC' continues to support the Democrats and Barack Obama.

The one candidate that has been steady in his beliefs regarding the political front is Ron Paul. Unfortunately he is running for a party that will never truly accept him. In matter of fact, Ron Paul's progress and his likeness amongst republicans polled so far and for republicans that have attended and voted in the caucasas is very high. Yet, because of his long standing belief of Ron Paul not able to accept Israel as a country to defend if attacked, many Republicans will never vote for him.

Amongst the many surveys out for the candidates, a survey has now come out for Ron Paul. It is targeted at non-citizens of the United States, that may like to give their opinion of the U.S. Political process, and outwardly vote on the candidate they would choose if they were a  U.S. citizen and could vote in the U.s. The website can be found at: and the survey is easy to take.

To take the survey, just click on the following link...  

Again, it is a non-US Citizens poll/survey for people who may be following U.S. politics and the race of Republican candidates for a choice of one to run against President Barack Obama in November of 2012.


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