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A Survey for Non-US Citizens for U.S. President

Sunday, January 15, 2012

As someone who observes what is going on in the Republican process to choose a candidate to run against Barack Obama, I  can't help but realize that none of the candidates seem worthy to run against President Barack Obama this year. Which candidate has a good record when it comes to family values? Rick Santorum comes to mind, and he also is of the Catholic faith. Since I am also a practicing Catholic, I can appreciate him in that regard, and also that his family values are extremely high. He hasn't had the multiple of wives that other candidates have had. He doesn't change his conservative ideas, although he may have from time to time that doesn't compare to much, compared to Mitt Romney, known as the 'flip-flopper' candidate.
With all this said, I do not trust Rick Santorum, as he is for very conservative values, those in many cases that are totally opposite of the values of President Barack Obama. He, like the other candidates, Santorum continuesly blurbs out lies about President Obama, and truthfully, if I were any one of those Republican candidates, I would be ashamed of the lies and deception that they ALL bring to the political race to the nomination of the Republican as candidate to run against Barack Obama this coming November.
It makes for good TV, as Fox and MSNBC continuesly bring stories forward to support their own candidates, 'Fox News Network' supporting the Conservative Republicans, and 'MSNBC' continues to support the Democrats and Barack Obama.

The one candidate that has been steady in his beliefs regarding the political front is Ron Paul. Unfortunately he is running for a party that will never truly accept him. In matter of fact, Ron Paul's progress and his likeness amongst republicans polled so far and for republicans that have attended and voted in the caucasas is very high. Yet, because of his long standing belief of Ron Paul not able to accept Israel as a country to defend if attacked, many Republicans will never vote for him.

Amongst the many surveys out for the candidates, a survey has now come out for Ron Paul. It is targeted at non-citizens of the United States, that may like to give their opinion of the U.S. Political process, and outwardly vote on the candidate they would choose if they were a  U.S. citizen and could vote in the U.s. The website can be found at: and the survey is easy to take.

To take the survey, just click on the following link...  

Again, it is a non-US Citizens poll/survey for people who may be following U.S. politics and the race of Republican candidates for a choice of one to run against President Barack Obama in November of 2012.


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