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President Obama wants a BiPartisan - Long term Agreement in Congress

Saturday, July 30, 2011

President Obama mentions that the only way to get through this debt ceiling debate in Congress would be that the leadership must be bipartisan. He was talking about the overwhelming stalemate and battle over raising the debt ceiling. He claims that the parties in Congress are not far apart, but there must be compromise in the end or else.


Small Business hiring almost Non Existent, with the Economy as it is Today

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Small businesses seem too still be afraid to grow. Job growth seems to have definitely stalled and these small business owners are not willing to hire on more people. Economic uncertainty and the lack of sales are two of the main reasons why small business owners are reluctant to hire. Is there another reason? The answer may be that in a survey 8 out of 10 small business owners say the U.S. economy is "on the wrong track". Why is this news so important"? Small business firms provide just over half of private sector jobs. In the past 15 years, small businesses have created 64% of net new jobs.
This may  be just part of the reason, but the U.S. workforce seems to not be too willing to accept change, as skilled workers in one specific profession are not willing to change and pick new skills that provide more opportunity. The idea is that they 'wish' the economy to get better, and seriously believe that it will happen soon. President Obama told the American people that the  economy will not fix itself over night, but now it may be increasingly difficult within the next two weeks when the U.S. is fixing to go into default.
Really?!?!?!?  Will the U.S. government go into default? Anyone in their right mind will tell you NO, but for most people, the way the U.S. Congress has failed to act to date regarding the Debt Ceiling, no wonder why so many people are very skeptical of the U.S. future.
And then I may be wrong? Maybe the U.S. Congressmen will not act in time, and allow the U.S. to default on it's loans and push hardship on millions of Americans. If you ask me, not raising the debt ceiling is not an option. The United States got itself in mess thanks to the very hard core conservative principles of the Republican party during the 8 years President Bush was the President of the United States.
So now, what do you think? Are you ignorant enough to think that this Democratic President would allow such self destruction to occur within the United States, under his watch?
Wake up and smell the roses! The Debt Ceiling will be increased, but now the question will it be raised enough so that it will make a difference?!


A Brief Explanation if the U.S. Defaults with Debtors

Monday, July 18, 2011

It's now just 2 weeks until the United States hits it's debt ceiling, the consequences can be sweeping and profound. Starting on August 3rd, the government will fall way short of being able to pay all of its bills.
As an example, the United States will have revenues coming in at about 172 Billion in the month  of August. That may seem to be allot, but the U.S.bills for the same month total to about $306 Billion falling way short for paying its debtors. But who will get any remaining monies will be up to the Secretary of the Treasury, as he can decide what gets paid and what does not, but at this point in the game, if the money is just not there, it will be a mouge point who will get even up to a dime.
Everyone expects that wall street, investors to get paid first and then the U.S. would not default. But then, it gets tough, as the government could pay Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment Benefits, but if the government does that, then they would not be able to pay the U.S. Troops. If you wanted to pay the troops, then the government couldn't pay unemployment benefits, but in either case, there would be no money for security or for any other federal workers.
Now back to wall street. What would happen to the markets? Interest rates would be in the rise and just about everything would cost more. How much? That would be in dispute. It is very likely that there would be significant disruptions in the market. The equity and bond markets may be fine, but for the general population of the country, hard times including a recession would hit so fast that people wouldn't have time to respond. The value of the U.S. Dollar would rapidly plummet.


Be Prepared for Emergency Weather that may Leave You in the Dark

Today's technical advances present some interesting choices in todays day and age. Years ago, with the limited technology available, you had a narrow choice to make, and it was more difficult to choose. But today, it may also be hard to choose, but for a different reason. Especially within the last two decades, products used outside the home, or at a business have become available in alarming numbers. One type of an item are electric accessories used around businesses and homes.
One such device is known as an emergency or portable electrical system, designed to supply power, converting gasoline into electric power so that your electric appliances will run not attached to commercial electrical power.
WIth the disasterous year of bad weather of 2011, including several tornadoes, similar to the one formed in Joplin Missouri this year, and the already active hurricane season this year, President Obama is active in his attempts to be able to respond to emergency weather related situations.
The rise in equipment available for such emergencies usually become scarce during such an emergency, simply because everyone wants to buy these items all at the same time. Actually portable power plants such as the yamaha generator can be purchased online, along with a maze of replacement parts just in case repairs would be in order. Price is usually no issue these days, because there are so many units available now, you can purchase used or demo units that will save you money.
It is wise to purchase your backup electrical system now, before a disaster happens in your area, and at least have the peace of mind that if and when the electricity goes out because of bad weather, you will be able to keep your refrigerator running, or your TV turned on, or even be able to turn on the lights when you need to during an emergency that would not allow you to do so without having emergency power available.


Entertainment Speakers for Your Home

Entertainment for the home usually consists of a stereo music system which natually contain speakers. As you can imagine, speakers can be of all shapes and sizes, and they can be heavy or light. Many are designed for specific uses, for example, music speakers, PA speakers, outdoor speakers etc, but do not necessarily have to be setting on a shelf. Sometimes they even work better when mounted as wall speakers, either built in or setting on the wall surface, using special speaker mounts to attach them to the wall. These types of speakers are usually located on opposite ends of a wall to get the best stereo separation. These wall mounted speakers are kept away from damages that can occur when speakers are setting on the ground or setting on a shelves. They can be purchased in different colors, and can be either heavy or light.


Economic Disaster to Hit the U.S. on August 2nd, if National Debt Limit is not Raised

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do you think for one moment that the American People would blame President Obama for the economic recession that will soon follow on August 2, 2011, if the Congress fails to raise the national debt ceiling in time? The Republican controlled House wants to lower taxes on the rich, and would rather let everyone else face hardship. Ultimately, the U.S. Congress, mainly the Republican Senators in the U.S. House will be ultimately responsible for creating this disaster. These Congressmen get paid big bucks to keep the U.S. Government going, but so far it looks like the U.S. Government is about to shut down. The U.S. Credit Rating is now suffering because Congress has so far failed to pass legislation to increase the national debt limit.
Congress is now playing political suicide. In case people do not know what is about to happen on August 2nd, when the federal debt ceiling is not raised, here are the first 10 problems to occur because of the lack of money.

1st The United States will loose it's top credit rating.

2nd Social Security Checks for most would cease.

3rd Defense contracts go in default ($31.7billion)

4th No more active military pay ($2.9 billion)

5th No more Transportation Dept ($1.3 billion)

6th No more Federal Aviation Administration

7th No more Air Traffic Control System - ALL airplianes will be grounded.

8th No more Department of Justice ($1.4 billion)

9th No more FBI

10th No more money for Federal Tax Refunds

Just a day or two after August 2nd, a true economic recession will hit.

Oh, just in case you didn't know, even if all of the above happens because the U.S. Congress didn't get their job done to help the American People, the Congressmen still get paid. Imagine that. They get paid for not getting the job done. They will get paid even if you don't. Their health insurance never runs out, and they don't even have to pay for it. The American people do, even if Congress fails with their job to protect the American people.


House Speaker Boehner believes that not Taxing the Rich is the Answer in Solving the Federal Debt

Monday, July 11, 2011

Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying to play the nice guy, and is playing his cards on the middle class working people of the country. How? He claims that the House will not vote for any debt ceiling proposition that includes tax hikes.
Right now, the Federal Government is paying 40c interest on every dollar that it borrows. That is bad enough, but how does Speaker Boehner expect the United states to get out of the difficult situation than they are in if there are no new taxes to cover for them.
Who is he trying to protect here? It isn't the lower class or middle class of working people, but the upper class. These are the people who earn the most, benefit from all of the tax cuts that already come their way and now Speaker Boehner wants them to not pay higher taxes.
To me, the Republicans seem to be playing a childish game here, with Boehner leading the way of the 'conservative principle' of not involving government for anything and God forbid, it any of his rich friends ever have to pay higher taxes. Maybe he feels that if he supports higher taxes, that he would not get re-elected. Of course he is 100% right. But someone has to take a stand here, and I believe that President Obama is taking his stand for the right reason. Right reason or not, he obviously is willing to put his job on the line, but can you say the same for House Speaker John Boehner. Of course not. He will only do and only say what it would take for him to keep his job. To me, he is far from being an honest politician.
Every time I think about people like John Boehner, I realize again and again why I voted for President Obama in the first place. He always thinks about the people of the United States. He never thinks about himself, unlike John Boehner and the entire Republican party.
This is not the day and age to support 'conservatism'. Look what being conservative did for the country when George W. Bush was president for 8 years. The country started spiraling down like it has never before, except for the 'great depression' days. President Obama had to take drastic action, and the people of the United States needed direction from the U.S. Government. They are getting it, and people like John Boehner seek to destroy it.
I think every member of the U.S. Senate (specifically Republican members), need to serve as President for just one day. Let's see how anyone stands up the Barack Obama. If a Republican regains the White House in 2012, it will only take less than a year before the country will realize that they made another mistake. The first one was allowing George W. Bush for serving 2 terms in office, then to let the next republican president continue along the ways of the one and only great George W. Bush. The United States needs to wake up and disown the Republican Party. It exists for it's own gain, not for the gain of the majority of U.S. citizens of the United States.


Obama taking the Hard Line on the National Debt

Many people, especially Republicans thought President Obama was just a push-over. They thought that they would be able to steer this President, but Obama now boldly explains that now is the time for the federal debt issue to be resolved in a comprehensive way, with both parties from the left and the right agree on both taxes and cuts to entitlement programs. He is not in favor of just having a temporary deal, but he is interested in solving the federal debt problem in a longer term than Congress has been able to come up with in the debates over the federal debt ceiling. Whoever thought that President Obama was a pushover can think again.
The office of President of the United States for this President could never be considered like a honeymoon, as in fact that it is no where like a honeymoon.
The challenges facing this President have been nothing short that extensive, during every day of his tenure as the President of the United States. Still, President Obama is willing to give it his all and run for a second term. Opponents constantly belittle the President in hopes that they can sway the voters to vote for the conservative party.
What they fail to understand is that it is the extreme conservatism that now has this country in a very difficult corner. Prior President George W. Bush seemed to always go on vacation, and never dedicated his time in the way that President Obama has been doing for 3 years now. He has tackled allot, actually more than the previous president has done during his entire two terms in office.
I can't help but think why President Bush lasted for two terms. Actually he was more popular the second time around than he was originally when he in a sense 'stole the election' by stirring up more electoral votes than this Democratic challenger Al Gore, even though more people voted for Al Gore.
The President is now showing what he is made of. Many people from both sides of the isle thought that President Obama was going to cave in on Medicare, but by his most recent decision that a short-term extension is not the answer in trying to solve the U.S. Federal debt, he is challenging the U.S. Congress in coming up with a more long term solution. He doesn't plan on backing down, but the Government can only run on its present budget until August 2nd, then the U.S. would be in default on their loans, as they will no longer have the money to pay the loans back.
The President is in a 'catch 22'. If he continues withholding from an agreement and the country does default, then he will be accused of being the first President to have ever led the country to 'default'. That would not look good on his resume for running for his second term as President. But on the other hand, if he does cave in towards conservative demands, he will also loose the backing of his own party.
So now the President must decide if it is best to protect his Presidency, or should he be firm and do what he feels is right. He sincerely believes that the United States would never default on the federal debt. But if the United States does, this would mean the end of President Obama's career and he most likely would never gain a second term.
The problem here is, which Republican candidate could do better. The answer. NONE. Just think about that.


Custom Challenge Coins in Your Coin Collection

Friday, July 8, 2011

Coin collectors always look for those special coins that will highlight their collection an make it worth more. But all coin collectors try to accomplish the same thing, and that is to strenghen the value of their collection. But does it contain something that no other coin collection contains? For the most part, it would not, but how about creating a collectable coin of your own that would enhance your coin collection with what could be called your own custom challenge coin? They are designed by you, for most any occasion you would like to use them for, and could be the most unique coin in your collection.
A coin collection may not be just for old, or mint type of coins that most everyone seeks in their coin collection. It can also contain the most unique, not so old, but definitely one of a kind type of coin that would be perfect for anyone's coin collection.


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