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Obama taking the Hard Line on the National Debt

Monday, July 11, 2011

Many people, especially Republicans thought President Obama was just a push-over. They thought that they would be able to steer this President, but Obama now boldly explains that now is the time for the federal debt issue to be resolved in a comprehensive way, with both parties from the left and the right agree on both taxes and cuts to entitlement programs. He is not in favor of just having a temporary deal, but he is interested in solving the federal debt problem in a longer term than Congress has been able to come up with in the debates over the federal debt ceiling. Whoever thought that President Obama was a pushover can think again.
The office of President of the United States for this President could never be considered like a honeymoon, as in fact that it is no where like a honeymoon.
The challenges facing this President have been nothing short that extensive, during every day of his tenure as the President of the United States. Still, President Obama is willing to give it his all and run for a second term. Opponents constantly belittle the President in hopes that they can sway the voters to vote for the conservative party.
What they fail to understand is that it is the extreme conservatism that now has this country in a very difficult corner. Prior President George W. Bush seemed to always go on vacation, and never dedicated his time in the way that President Obama has been doing for 3 years now. He has tackled allot, actually more than the previous president has done during his entire two terms in office.
I can't help but think why President Bush lasted for two terms. Actually he was more popular the second time around than he was originally when he in a sense 'stole the election' by stirring up more electoral votes than this Democratic challenger Al Gore, even though more people voted for Al Gore.
The President is now showing what he is made of. Many people from both sides of the isle thought that President Obama was going to cave in on Medicare, but by his most recent decision that a short-term extension is not the answer in trying to solve the U.S. Federal debt, he is challenging the U.S. Congress in coming up with a more long term solution. He doesn't plan on backing down, but the Government can only run on its present budget until August 2nd, then the U.S. would be in default on their loans, as they will no longer have the money to pay the loans back.
The President is in a 'catch 22'. If he continues withholding from an agreement and the country does default, then he will be accused of being the first President to have ever led the country to 'default'. That would not look good on his resume for running for his second term as President. But on the other hand, if he does cave in towards conservative demands, he will also loose the backing of his own party.
So now the President must decide if it is best to protect his Presidency, or should he be firm and do what he feels is right. He sincerely believes that the United States would never default on the federal debt. But if the United States does, this would mean the end of President Obama's career and he most likely would never gain a second term.
The problem here is, which Republican candidate could do better. The answer. NONE. Just think about that.


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