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House Speaker Boehner believes that not Taxing the Rich is the Answer in Solving the Federal Debt

Monday, July 11, 2011

Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying to play the nice guy, and is playing his cards on the middle class working people of the country. How? He claims that the House will not vote for any debt ceiling proposition that includes tax hikes.
Right now, the Federal Government is paying 40c interest on every dollar that it borrows. That is bad enough, but how does Speaker Boehner expect the United states to get out of the difficult situation than they are in if there are no new taxes to cover for them.
Who is he trying to protect here? It isn't the lower class or middle class of working people, but the upper class. These are the people who earn the most, benefit from all of the tax cuts that already come their way and now Speaker Boehner wants them to not pay higher taxes.
To me, the Republicans seem to be playing a childish game here, with Boehner leading the way of the 'conservative principle' of not involving government for anything and God forbid, it any of his rich friends ever have to pay higher taxes. Maybe he feels that if he supports higher taxes, that he would not get re-elected. Of course he is 100% right. But someone has to take a stand here, and I believe that President Obama is taking his stand for the right reason. Right reason or not, he obviously is willing to put his job on the line, but can you say the same for House Speaker John Boehner. Of course not. He will only do and only say what it would take for him to keep his job. To me, he is far from being an honest politician.
Every time I think about people like John Boehner, I realize again and again why I voted for President Obama in the first place. He always thinks about the people of the United States. He never thinks about himself, unlike John Boehner and the entire Republican party.
This is not the day and age to support 'conservatism'. Look what being conservative did for the country when George W. Bush was president for 8 years. The country started spiraling down like it has never before, except for the 'great depression' days. President Obama had to take drastic action, and the people of the United States needed direction from the U.S. Government. They are getting it, and people like John Boehner seek to destroy it.
I think every member of the U.S. Senate (specifically Republican members), need to serve as President for just one day. Let's see how anyone stands up the Barack Obama. If a Republican regains the White House in 2012, it will only take less than a year before the country will realize that they made another mistake. The first one was allowing George W. Bush for serving 2 terms in office, then to let the next republican president continue along the ways of the one and only great George W. Bush. The United States needs to wake up and disown the Republican Party. It exists for it's own gain, not for the gain of the majority of U.S. citizens of the United States.


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