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Joe Biden Confirms He is Not Running For President

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

   Joe Biden made an announcement today that most Democrats were hoping for. With President Obama and Jill Biden next to his side, he announced that he will not run for President, and that it is too late to mount an effective campaign in the race for president.
   Joe is no phony. He could have easily gave Hillary Clinton a run for her money, buy at what expense. He would have to attack her character. He has run and lost the race to the White House more than once in the past, and even though he reached a pinnacle in his life as being the Vice-President of the United state, he stated he will not be a candidate, but will not be silent. The Democratic nominee that will run against the Republican nominee will have the support of Joe Biden.
Joe made this decision with the support of his family.
  As for President Obama, he could have not had a better Vice-President. Joe is and always will be very supportive of his boss, President Barack Obama.
  He ran for president in 1984, and then re-ran again in 1988, but because of a plagiarism scandal, he dropped out of the race a second time.    Many think that Joe just didn't have it in him to run. The facts are he was deeply saddened when his son Beau Biden passed away because of cancer.  More-so that he said that if he became President of the United States, he would be the President who helped cure cancer. I fully expect that Joe Biden will support the cause of overcoming cancer in every breath he takes until the end.
  With Joe out of the race, Hillary's poll numbers will most definitely go way up. For Bernie Sanders to catch up and defeat Hillary in the primary elections, seems to be an insurmountable possibility. Hillary Clinton may now just have exactly what she needs as far as unified support for her to become the nominee.
President Barack Obama stood by Joe's side when he made his announcement in the Rose Garden at the White House, along with his wife. Hillary's numbers went up after the first Democratic debate this month. Now the question is whether she can keep them up or not.
  It may start with the Benghazi investigation that commences tomorrow as to which direction her campaign will now run - towards victory or defeat. I put my money on Hillary, overcoming alll odds and she becomes the nominee                                                                                              


Democrats Looking Good Going in the General Election in 2016

Sunday, October 11, 2015

With all that has been going wrong with Congress today, there may still be some light coming from the tunnel. It is true that John Boehner has announced he is retiring, and it is true that Kevin McCarthy bowed out of the race a few days ago. It is also true that the House is now trying to recruit Paul Ryan to take the job, but he doesn't want it. If he did decide to take it, that would totally eliminate any and all aspirations Paul Ryan may have to become President in the future. Also, this would mean that he would be at his job allot more, and not being with his family. Being the family man that he is, I'm sure he will put his family before the Speakership, but you never know what the Republicans can come up with to convince him to take the job. Does anyone who has a chance to get 218 votes from the U.S. Congress have any such chance to acquire the Speakership? Whoever wants it, needs to get some votes from the extreme right tea party of approximately 40 Senators, and so far, that doesn't seem to be happening. So the Republican led House of Representatives now is in total disarray, with some very important bills coming up needing a vote, and unless the House can get their act together, the U.S. Government will be shut down once again. Maybe they can convince the present speaker Boehner to stay until they can find someone that they can agree upon. Actually, he or she doesn't even have to be a U.S. Congressman at the moment. Anyone can be speaker of the House, and that person will become only 2nd in line behind the President of the United States.
  So let's get back on topic, since we know that the Republican party is crumbling at the moment. Shift over to the Democrats, and you will see some very interesting stuff. The 1st Presidential debate is just a few days away, and the world is waiting to see how Hilary Clinton and her main challenger Bernie Sanders can debate. Both are excellent debaters. So that's coming, but what's real at the moment that is coming up with Congress besides the Republican nightmare that we need to know about?
  Presently, the 114th U.S. Senate consists of 54 Republicans, 44 Democrats, and 2 Independent Senators, totally 100 members. What looks good for the Democrats with this said even though the Republicans control the House is that the Democrats are looking very good in the next election in 2016. They are look very good for taking the Senate back from the Republicans. The Republicans are going to have to defend allot more seats if they want to keep the majority. There are 24 Senate seats that the Republicans must defend verses only 10 Senate Seats that will be voted on in 2016. So it looks as if the Democrats have a structural advantage due to this math. For the mere fact that it will be a presidential election year, there will be a large turnout of Democrats which most always benefits the Democrats for the election of the President. Also behind the lines, the Democrats have been doing great as they have been working with the candidates that they want to run, and for the most part, all of the candidates are going to run at least in the following states - Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, and Arizona. That is a pretty large number of states in which the Democrats are getting their number one candidate to run. If that's not enough, you cannot count out North Dakota, Missouri, and West Virginia as they have persuaded 3 incumbent Senators to stay on. All the Democrats have to do is get 11 more Senators to win election in the U.S. Senate to regain control of the House. It goes without question that Nancy Pelosi will again become the Senate majority leader.
  With Hilary Clinton most likely to become our next President, with the U.S. Senate taken over by the Democrats once again, you can only speculate on what is going to happen the the U.S House of Representatives. I truly believe that it will be impossible for the Democrats the regain the House, but control of the U.S. Senate would most assuredly mean that they Democrats from the U.S. Senate would control what gets sent up the the Presidents desk. The Republicans will finally on have one thing to accomplish in the U.S. Senate if they want to get anything done, and that would be to compromise with the Democrats on the issues at hand.
With all that is going on, the Congress is about to take a weeks vacation. Paul Ryan is surely going to discuss the dilemma that the Republicans have put him in concerning wanting him to take the Speakership. Hopefully, the Republican Senators will get their act together and get someone to accept the job in the House of Representatives.
  One thing is a sure bet. The person who takes the job will have as equally hard time to get their House to pass any bills, because in order to get a bill up for a vote, the Repubicans are going to have to work with Democrats, and that's really will be the new Speakers downfall. The tea party has destroyed the Republican party, and it is just a shame that this scenario is playing out now just before the general elections. Actually for the Democrats wanting to gain office, it is a good thing, but what's not good is how their actions will hurt the country.


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