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Prime Minister Netanyaho - Speech to U.S. Congress

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyaho
In a speech today in front of the U.S. Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyaho made a very passionate speech. He said that he realized that the Jewish state does recognize that it will have to give up parts of "ancestral homeland", but at the same time, he denounced the idea that Israel will have to retreat to borders held back in 1967. The border retreat was a point President Obama made in a speech last week, and as expected, the Conservative party and even select members of Democrats, or Conservative Democrats, outwardly stated their dislike for the suggestion. Conservative talk show hosts had a "field day" with the Presidents comments, as they claimed that the President did not show that he was on Israel's side, but on the side the Hammas. What they didn't know was that it was just 'a stage' for the upcoming speech by the Prime Minister. President Obama's comments made people want to listen to Prime Minister Netanyaho. President Obama prepared the American audience to make sure they would listen, because the President knows that the Conservative party would never listen to him.
Now, let's stop and think about this one for a moment. To put it mildly, President Obama intentionally played a hand to get the exact reaction from the right wing party, and he obviously had all of them fooled. Maybe they do not know it yet, but President Obama is already on his campaign trail. Do you think for one moment that he actually meant that Israel would have to give up all the land that they had acquired through the wars and fighting since 1967? Do you think that President Obama would give back any land that he won in deadly fighting if he were in the shoes of Prime Minister Netanyaho? Now let me ask you a better question. Do you think that President Obama would have ever thought that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyaho would agree to that? Of course not. But the Republicans believed Obama, led by all of the talk show hosts, including Limbaugh and Levin, bought into it, "hook, line, and sinker", which is what exactly what he wanted them to do. Another question. Do you think that President Obama would make such statements and truly mean it when he had invited the Prime Minister to the White House at the same time? Of course he didn't. But what he did know is that the Prime Minister is a smart man, proof with his speech that lasted over 45 minutes to members of the U.S. Congress, and shown in the video below. In his speech before Congress, Netanyahu backed off from his dispute with Obama, acknowledging that the president has not called for a return to the exact borders Israel held before capturing east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the 1967 Mideast war. Not one negative comment by the Prime minister about Obama was made.  President Obama knows that he can reason with him, and all President Obama can hope for is that Israel and Palestine come to a peace agreement in the near future. As powerful as President  Obama is, he cannot and will not directly interfere between differences between the two states, and if anyone ever thought that the President was trying to take control over negotiations for the Middle East, then you must be living on another planet. The President succeeded in another thing. He took away all of the air flowing in and through the Republican primary process, and if it weren't for the devestation from the tornado in Joplin Missouri, President Obama would have owned the news. President Obama obviously is a very smart man, and it is obvious that he manipulated the Conservative Party once again.But his final reason for stirring the pot.... to get negotiations started in the Middle East, a very shroud move, but effective.


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