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Time Out ! - Georgia kills an innocent man

Thursday, September 22, 2011

In what can be called no less than 'premeditated', Troy Anthony Davis was executed by lethal injection in the State of Georgia this evening. Carrying out the death penalty is premeditated murder in itself. Before the execution takes place, it is actually practiced by the people who carry it out.
On this blog, I have reported story after story, and have reported story after story about George W. Bush on, and many stories about tropical weather on But no story seems to affect me as this one does.
The state of Georgia in my mind have executed an innocent man, because there was doubt in the guilt of this man called Troy Anthony Davis. Night after night, I have been alerted by MSNBC about the story,  and all evidence pointed towards a very grave injustice by the State of Georgia. Appearently the board of pardons have no concience of what they have done or shall I say and most likely will eventually show conscience of what they haven't done when the whole truth finally comes out.
There was grave doubt that Troy Anthony Davis was guilty of murdering an off duty police officer. Eight of the ten eye witnesses that came forward at the trial whose testimony ultimately convicted this man of murder have come forward saying that they now believe that he did not commit murder after reviewing the evidence now present. Is it just the DNA evidence or is there more?  If they didn't come forward in the trial, he most likely would have never been convicted. I can only imagine the guilt these witnesses now carry now that he has been executed. The ballistics evidence was unreliable and should have not been shown in court. There was no evidence, no gun or other important evidence that would convict him beyond the shadow of doubt. Another person came forward and admitted shooting the officer, and there was also proof that there were two bullets in the police officers body and proof now showing that they did not come from the same gun, either gun not being found.  Our justice system FAILED this convicted man.
For the entire time prior to his execution, he maintained his innocence. He turned down his last meal, believing many times before that he would be granted a stay of execution. He believed that one more stay from execution would be the time needed for more evidence to come forward now because there are so many people that have come forward believing his innocence, including the people who convicted him. Instead of listening to their case and acting as I believe that they should, in my eyes the bureau of corrections in the State of Georgia executed an innocent man. Yes, he was convicted in a court of law, but with evidence lacking in this case and the belief of the witnesses  that helped convicted him, should have been enough for the State to step back and at least put a hold on the execution. People came forward to tell the truth as they know it now, have admitted to making a mistake in court, but still JUSTICE DID NOT PREVAIL
The people who are put to death should only face such consequences when there is undesputable evidence that the prisoner was guilty of murder. In the past, 273 people have had post conviction DNA exhonorations, and 17 of these people were on death row. Another fact of these convictions are that 166 of these prisoners were black.
The fact of the matter is that about a dozen states still have the death penalty, and until they can get it right, not another human being should face the ultimate penalty, not even the ones proven to deserve it. I say this because until the courts can ultimately get the facts right and not kill 'innocent' people, then I believe that they do not have the ability to judge fairly. In this case, not only did the courts judge unfairly, they ignored the facts as they were coming out, as the jurors re-canted their stories, the fact that no gun was found, no finger prints of Troy Anthony Davis anywhere around. Just the eye-witness accounts of what had happened put what I feel in my eyes a serious miscarrage of injustice. In another case when George W. Bush was governor of Texas, did not create a governors pardon. The evidence, a single hair which was proven by DNA not to belong to the murderer at the scene is the largest piece of physical evidence that convicted a man in Texas - a single piece of hair that didn't even belong to the accused, a man that was eventually put to death.

To me, the state of Georgia played a despicable role in this execution and they should be ashamed of what they have done. If the Board of Pardons of Georgia has no sense of remorse now, they will when the truth continues to come out and prove that Troy Anthony Davis is innocent of murder of a police officer. They now have effectively allowed a guilty man run free all these years and now most likely will be free from killing a police officer.

To me, this execution is just as bad as the deliberate killings of thousands of American lives, by Osama bin Laden.

Yes, maybe only one man was involved this time, but did they convict the right man? Did the right man pay the ultimate price for killing a police officer when there is evidence now that Troy Anthony Davis did not commit the murder? So what is the real reason why the State of Georgia decided to execute this man? There must be other evidence that they know that they do not want to bring in court that ultimately fixated their minds to put Troy Anthony Davis to death.

Yes, the man happens to be black and he was accused of killing a white police officer.
But the people from Georgia corrections happened to also be black and they did not put a stop to his execution. Was the Board of Pardons paid off to stay silent? By who? The answers to these questions may never be known, but I believe that ultimate justice will be known some day in this case, and the true facts will become public. So this execution was not racial motivated, but in anyone's eyes who have been following these stories like myself for the last week or so, is saddened to see such a miscarriage of injustice take place, and to know President Obama was powerless over the State of Georgia to stop the Execution, a man considered as one of the most powerful people in the world, could not act to save this man.
As the prisonor Troy Anthony Davis who constantly admitted no guilt in the murder of the police officer, told his executionors just minutes before they injected him with a lethal injection, "may God have mercy on your souls", and then he said "may God bless your souls". Fifteen minutes later he was dead. It is time for the country to question the death penalty and put it to bed completely. Three states have reversed their laws regarding the death penalty, and now there are only 10 states that have the 'ultimate penalty'. Why does this country push on blindly knowing that they do not have all the facts straight all the time, and still condemn possible innocent people to death? No supreme being that I believe in or know of would grant such authority.
The acts in Georgia I believe have now 'condemned' the process. Eventually the last remaining 10 states that uphold the death penalty will now question its 'rightousness' and will outlaw it. This may be the only thing good that came out of this. Troy Anthony Davis may be saving countless lives and may prevent countless states of mis-justice held against prisoners.

What gave the Board of Pardons the right to decide to carry out the death penalty. Only a Supreme Being, the creator of all men should have the right to give life and to take away life.

To me, the heart of this 'forgiving country' has died tonight.


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