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Day Three - The 2008 Republican National Convention 9-3-2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 3 of the 2008 Republican Presidential Convention is now history, as Governor Palin stole the show. During my reporting during the Democratic Convention last week, and throughout the Republican convention this week until this evening on day 3, I have tried to keep my reporting subjective and not biased, as good reporters should do. But on the other hand, I am dumbfounded with what I heard tonight, and I just couldn't wait to write this article to state that fact. Up to this point, I've been on the fence regarding whom I would like to be President of this country. If the Republican Party was trying to pull in my vote for John McCain tonight, they have instead cemented my vote for Barack Obama. I was deeply troubled with Governor Palin for things she mentioned in her speech. On the technical side, her speech was good, but on the substantive side it was utterly disgusting to me.
In a nut shell, this is what she did. She talked down community service and she made a mockery of the things that Barack Obama represented. She hit the Democratic party hard with accusations that Barack Obama surely will answer to. But on the other hand, she gave the Democratic Party more ammunition than ever to go after her, and I'm going to loose sleep now and up to the time of the first vice-presidential face to face debate in St. Louis after the conventions on October 2nd 2008. She never outlined not even one issue regarding foreign policy. I would think that the Democratic VP Joe Biden will take her to the cleaners regarding foreign policy is concerned. How do you think our Allies would like her with the very limited experience she has shown to this date in foreign policy? Do you think she could have successful meetings with foreign diplomats throughout the world like Barack Obama and even Senator John McCain. I think not. Do you think that Governor Palin is actually qualified to run this country at this moment if God forbid something would happen to John McCain? As Vice-President, she is literally one breath away from running the country if something were to happen to the President. I feel that John McCain's first major decision for choosing Sarah Pailan was actually the wrong choice.
In my opinion, the best act to follow tonight was the speech by ex-governor Huckabee. His speech in my opinion was technically good, and contained substantial material that Obama will answer to. At least during his speech, he spoke with respect.
The ex-governor from New York Rudy Gulianni was also rude with some of his remarks of Obama. I will never understand how a person like Rudy Gulianni who held only a position as mayor of NYC could put down Barack Obama in the fashion that he has.
As expected, during the formal nominating process on the floor just before the conclusion of coverage, John McCain became the formal Presidential candidate for the Republican party.
John McCain will accept his nomination tomorrow on day 4 and the convention will come to a close. It will be very interesting to see how John McCain weathers from this point on, and who knows, we may find out about an investigation concerning Governor Palin. The Democrats will now definitely turn up the heat.


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