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Joe Lieberman - Traitor to his once loved Democratic Party

Friday, September 5, 2008

It is worth mentioning that back in 2006, Joe Lieberman outwardly praised Barack Obama in a speech, which is now more evidence that Joe Lieberman is on McCain's side now for fear of being 'left behind' in the Senate, and not because he believed that John McCain is the correct choice for President. The script of the speech you will see is an exact excerpt of his speech you can view right here now.......

“As far as I’m concerned [Barack Obama] is a ‘Baruch,’ which means a blessing. He is a blessing to the United States Senate, to America, and to our shared hopes for better, safer tomorrows for all our families. The gifts that God has given to Barack Obama are as enormous as his future is unlimited. As his mentor, as his colleague, as his friend, I look forward to helping him reach to the stars and realize not just the dreams he has for himself, but the dreams we all have for him and our blessed country.”

How ironic. If you listened to his speech on day 2 of the Republican Presidential Convention, Joe Lieberman completely took back all praise for Barack Obama, and in a sense has turned traitor of the Democratic Party, because of his lack of securing his own dreams in politics with the Democrats. For him, it appears to be all about Joe Lieberman, not about the country or whatever party he plans to support. How could anyone support him or his beliefs now.

Other Presidential contenders, have bowed down in grace during defeat, like Senator Hillary Clinton, who now still fully supports the Democratic Party and made a great speech supporting her rival at the Convention. She contested her rival up until the very end when it came to surface that she could not catch up to Barack Obama in electoral votes needed to be nominated. Still, she supported her party, and did not do what Joe Lieberman has done, as he has disgraced the democratic party in 2008 with his support for John McCain. Because of her gracefulness in defeat, she is still considered a number one Presidential contender, and if for any reason John McCain should win the election in November, she would most certainly return in 2012 to run against him, or any other Republican contender.

I will state up front on this day September 4, 2008, that it is my opinion that Barack Obama will win the Presidency of the United States, and will become the first black man to ever hold the office. Because of John McCain's lack in securing a qualified running mate for Vice-President, and because of all the failed policies by the Republican Party and the most unpopular President George Bush, John will never become President of the United States.
In honor of his service as a war hero, John McCain most likely will forever hold in history the record of one being the only captive prisoner to advance to becoming a Presidential contender. No one for either party will deny him as being a National hero, and is respected highly for his service to his country.

Responses to Article Below........

Blogger TTWSYF said...

My conservative values are diametrically oppossed to obama's liberal philosophy ie, I am prolife he is proabortion, he is for big gov't and I am for small gov't. McCain is experienced and his VP pick, Sarah Palin, has more experience that Obama. Obama is anti-american and associates with Rev Jerimiah Wright and William Ayers and corrupted by a convicted felon Tony Rezko. I love the USA and McCain/Palin will be in the white house.

September 8, 2008 7:38 PM

From the Author of in response to comment above ttwsyf

It is my opinion that the generalities between liberals and conservatives are exactly as you have stated, especially as it is well known that liberals are for big government. I am for small government, but not for a government that favors the rich and is not too concerned about the effects of the present government regarding middle and low class. Regardless of what anybody makes, we still have to pay those high gasoline prices, and the highest costs of energy of any modern time. Thank you President Bush!!
As far as Sarah Palin, someone who speaks in tongues, as is common in the Pentecostal faith but however, I think Palin, given her public comments, should answer a few reasonable questions:

* Does she believe in the separation of church and state? Is she comfortable with a government that remains entirely neutral on matters of faith?

* Does she believe public officials should use religious beliefs to shape public policy? Palin recently said those fighting the war in Iraq are "out on a task that is from God," and added, in the same remarks, that "God's will" was responsible for a national gas pipeline project in Alaska. Might she be willing to elaborate on what this means? There are just too many questions she needs to answer. I can't wait to see the vice-presidential debate scheduled for October 2, 2008. Joe Biden should tear her apart on foreign policy. Then we will see how the ratings will change. Anyone who likes Bush should vote for McCain, after all McCain has voted for what Bush wanted 90%-95% of the time. The trouble is Bush's ratings are the lowest now of any President. My question is - Do I want Palin to be my President if something happens to McCain? Give me reasons why she would be the best candidate for President...

September 9, 2008 4:32 PM


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