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Vice Presidental Canditates - Sara Palin and Joe Biden

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lets start with Governor Palin. Yes, she is a successful Governor for the State of Alaska, but I'm still at a loss as to why Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain truly believes that she has more experience than Barak Obama or for that matter Joe Biden?

Here are Governor Palin's credentials....

First she was a part-time mayor of a city of roughly 5500 people before becoming governor of Alaska. She has been governor for 18 months and that does not strike me as a seasoned veteran, either. So why is she truly on John McCain's ticket? What other credentials does she really have? Personally I think that it was just John McCain's gut decision to have her on his ticket and she did exactly what she was supposed to do at this point in the race, and that was to stir up waves to get everyone's focus off of John McCain's policies, which are the continued failed policies of George Bush. And how ironic, John McCain is trying to push that his candidacy is about 'CHANGE". What is he trying to change. Everything he is now saying he wants to do completely embarrasses President Bush. He can't possibly win unless he goes against the failed policies of his own political party, the Republican party. He can only possibly win if he portrays himself a maverick and go against George Bush's policies. I wonder if anyone can remember when John McCain ran against George Bush and lost. Now, they are friends. Can Bush really help him or hurt him in this election? Just too too many questions.....
And who knows, maybe Sarah Palin could fill the bill as President if the 72-year old maverick John McCain cannot complete his term, if elected. But even so, I'm not so comfortable knowing she can become President if something should happen to him. John McCain supprised everyone, especially in his own party when he picked Sarah Palin.
With her ignorance of foreign policy, not to mention her gun loving values, how can she really portray herself to other countries as now becoming one of the most powerful people in the world as President of the United States? I believe her experience and whatever qualifications that she has for the Vice-Presidential position she is seeking are non-existent. And even the fact that she thinks she is qualified tells the world exactly what kind of person she really is.

Now what about Joe Biden? What is his take on his opponent for VP, Sarah Palin?
First, he considers her a formidable opponent. He knows that she really knows how to zing people. with her speech. But Joe Biden will question her judgment on things, not her motive.
Joe Biden became a Senator in 1973, and is current chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. He has served as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He unsuccessfully sought the Presidential nomination in both 1988 and 2008. Joe seems to be very experienced in foreign policy. To me, he should be able to fill the bill as President if Obama couldn't complete his term in office.


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