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Obama seems 'un-stoppable' with his campaign promises, now to include Health Care Reform

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The following article is the 'Opinion of the Editor' James

Amidst all the issues of the day, one outlying fact still remains. The so called 'right-wing' Republican party still does not have a truly valid leader that could compete with Barack Obama in the re-election year of 2012. In a CNN report, a prior candidate who never even made it to the RNC, Rudy Giuliani told reporters that what the Republicans need to do is focus on Obama's "left wing" policies. In an attempt to do just that, officials from the left to include one of the most prominent people that may run against President Obama in 2012, Governor Bobby Jindal from Louisiana appeared on 'Larry King Live' and talked about the current issues and the state of the economy in contrast to how President Obama sees the progress.
It is true that the economy does appear to have turned around as many indicators may show, but the facts are that until everyone who lost their job within the last 2 years gets to find another one and starts working again, this country will never be where it was prior to the economic meltdown of 2008 and 2009. The Governor was quick to point out that some of the jobs that have been created by the funds made available in Obama's stimulus bill in 2009 will not exist in a year from now. Many of the jobs founded since Obama's election have been part-time jobs.
Watching the news on TV yesterday, some of these people that now have jobs, whether they are part time or not, are so very thankful to Obama, and truly believe that if it was not for the funds that were made available for job seekers that would also help train these people, then they most likely would still be out on the street.
The republicans cannot deny that fact, as much as they would like too. But President Obama is now nearing his 200th day as President of the United States, and is moving with lightning speed, and the Republicans cannot keep up. Why they complain about the economic stimulus and the job situation, President Obama is about the pass a monumental health care reform bill, something that one of the prior Democratic Presidents, Bill Clinton was unable to do. President Obama did hit kind of a stumbling block at the moment, but he already has most of 'his ducks in order' as the Congress will now take a summer break, and then return in September. Obama was hoping for passage of his health care reform bill in July, but now it will not happen. There was lots of criticism over the bill, as members of Congress have decided that they wanted to truly read this bill before signing off on it, along with many issues with the bill that are debatable. As expected, President Obama did receive opposition from the conservative democrats, but in a last minute push to get the bill back on track, President Obama made a series of Town hall meetings and took his plan right to the public. The meetings were an over-whelming success. Prior to the summer break the Congress will take in August, many of the conservative Democrats now claim that they will now vote for the health plan.
This notion that a bill will actually pass is a 'red flag' for the Republican party, because if Obama was to get this bill passed prior to the beginning of 2010, then most likely they would not have anything to stop him from winning his re-election in 2012. Obama is coming true to one of his campaign promises, and that was to provide health care reform to the citizens of this country, so that everyone can acquire affordable health  care.


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