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Extremely Poor Customer Service at McDonald's in Balch Springs, Texas

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This week has been a very dismal week as far as services rendered are concerned for my family. Just recently, I had reported an issue with a home health care company called Attentive-PrimeCare.

This evening, I decided to take a break from writing on this blog, and tend to other chores around the house, and around 10:55PM, I left the house to pick up my wife from her place of employment. When I had arrived, she told me that she was sorry that she didn't call, and that it would be nice that I went to one of the fast food establishments in Balch Springs, Texas to get her a snack as she was going to put in another 8 hours of work because of a no-show at work for the midnight shift. I don't know why, but I chose McDonald's.

At this time of night, at approximately 11:10PM, the lobby was closed, and the only way to get food was thru the drive-in. The line going to the speakerphone where you order the food was long. There were 5 cars ahead of me. So I was already convinced that I would be spending some time getting this food but it was my decision to stay in the line. But what happened from the time that I ordered the food, approximately 15 minutes after I entered the line was almost unimaginable.

Now try to imagine this. It took another 10-15 minutes to get to the window to pay for the food, and at the same window, I waited between 10-15 minutes, before I was told that it would be best for me to drive around, get in line again and when I reached the window, my food would be ready. I told the teller at the window that I didn't want to get back in line, that I would wait up front and asked them to bring my food out to me. The lady at the window agreed. I waited another 5 minutes. So do the math. Almost 50 minutes to get a single order of food. The order was a #11, a chicken select combo meal. While I was at the window, people were blowing their horns because they were also getting impatient.The system to provide good fast food service at the drive thru window at this McDonald's is broken. After waiting 5 minutes in front of the building, I then became very impatient, stepped out of my car, and pounded on the window with my key. A man immediately showed up at the door with my order. A few words were exchanged. His tone was very respectful, but I must honestly say that I wasn't so kind. I did speak to him with a raised voice. I told him that the customer service that I had just received was very poor. I had ordered only one single order.  I told him I wanted to speak to the manager, and then he told me that he was the manager. I told him that I needed to speak to his boss, so with my order still in his hands, he went back inside the establishment, and wrote down what is supposed to be his bosses phone number on a piece of scrap paper. There was no readable name on the piece of paper, just a number that I could almost not even read. So I have elected to travel to this McDonald's in the morning and I will find out who the senior manager is and explain to him what I had experienced tonight.

By the way, after all of this, the fries were cold, the coffee I had received almost 20 minutes earlier was also cold. No plastic ware was included in the bag, and all in all it was just one bad experience. Meanwhile my poor wife waited and waited.

  If my company gave the same kind of customer service that this McDonald's gave to me, my company would be heading out of business. Customer service is very crucial in a fast food business, and I'm sure that a food chain as big as McDonald's would not normally give this kind of service. So I'm putting this local establishment on notice with this article, and I will make sure that McDonald's will hear about this incident on a national level. In fairness to McDonald's, I will report on this blog anything that they do to try to resolve this issue with me. I will give credit to them when credit is do.


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