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Who Will Run Against Barack Obama from the GOP in 2012? Are Jobs Still a Major Factor for the Elections?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It will take several months for the Republicans, including Donald Trump, to finally realize that the long form birth certificate provided by the State of Hawaii is actually valid. The birth certificate issue will undoubtedly make major headlines in newspapers and stories on conservative  radio and TV stations.  The discovery will  give talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh something to talk about. It's another distraction.  In the mean time, valuable time will be taken off of the clock, time that they desperately need to actually bring up a valid case for a contender to actually run against President Barack Obama.
What is now interesting here is to find out what will be the next major story presented by the GOP or Donald Trump for that matter. Will it be substantive enough to become a major story that can effect President Obama's re-election. Everyone knows that President Barack Obama is running for re-election, but with just 17 months to go, we still do not have a clue who the Republican contender is for President.
According the the Economic Policy Journal, Mike Huckabee is now tied with Donald Trump as the front-runner for the GOP for President in 2012. This news is according to a CNN/Opinion Research survey.
Besides taking credit for the stories about the presidents birth certificate, what else is he talking about that may be good news for a change, something that could give Americans more hope.
Well for starters, Donald Trump is now claiming that China is "looking to strip us of everything". He is not even a presidential contender yet, but in an interview, Trump rimmed China, and OPEC, along with President Obama's Middle East policies and allot more. He openly speaks about Obama-care, oil prices, the banks, the weak dollar and American diplomats. He doesn't like the idea of the U.S. spending money in foreign countries like China and believes that we should be rebuilding here in the United States. He has proposed a tax of somewhere between 20-25% on imports from China. Wow...   Is that a little drastic or what. Everyone knows that the cost of goods these days are high, but importing goods does help spur the U.S. economy, as people like to buy goods for a lower price, mainly because they can't afford to buy stickily U.S. products that cost so much more, thanks to the de-value of the U.S. dollar.  So his answer is to make it not reasonable because of import taxes he would like to impose, for people to buy imported goods from China. So what would this really do to the economy. First and foremost, it would cause U.S. prices to rise up higher than people could afford, and ultimately would cause people to save their money instead of spending it. Purchasing power of the people would drop, and the U.S. Dollar would continue to drop. Eliminating imports from major  economic countries like China and Japan is not the answer. What Donald Trump doesn't seem to understand as a business mogul that he turned out to be, is that this country needs both, to be able to import and to export goods. This is how job creation becomes a certainty. It is true that importing goods instead of creating them locally in this country may not contribute to a faster growth of the job market, but it will spur the economy in a faster fashion, and would further push people into spending money that would in turn bring up the economy. This should be a lesson that Donald Trump has learned, as stated earlier as he is a successful business mogul. Unfortunately his rules do not apply when it comes to running a government. The U.S. government was never ran and will never be run like a Donald Trump business.  This  is more reason why the GOP needs to not support Donald Trump as their candidate, and more reason that they need to get a valid contender, not Mike Huckabee or Sarah Palin, or Newt Gingrich. Maybe their only chance would be Mitt Romney, but it is still uncertain if he plans to run.


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