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Donald Trump Outshines the Republican GOP by the Announcement of President Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BULLETIN...... President Barack Obama is confirmed to have been born in the United States. 

Now, who didn't know that.... The Answer... The Republicans...   But the GOP could not prove it on their own...  They needed the likes of Donald Trump to prove it. 

Finally since original questions surfaced back in 2008 about the validity of President Barack Obamas birth certificate, the State of Hawaii has released the original long form birth certificate of President Barack Obama. As the 2012 Presidential election is heating up, many people still had doubts that the President was born in the United States. Four out of five Republicans believed that he was not qualified to be president because that most likely he was not born in the United States. So who do we owe the credit to, for finally providing this information? There has been much talk within the media about the birth certificate thanks to Donald Trump, a man who may have inspirations to run for a GOP spot against President Barack Obama. But in all actuality, it was President Obama, not Donald Trump who asked the State of Hawaii to provide the original long form birth certificate in an attempt to put all of the misunderstanding to rest, and to finally quiet Mr. Donald Trump. So what did the Republicans do by allowing Mr. Donald Trump to continue to rant about the President's birth certificate? For one thing, it took peoples minds off of the real issues facing the GOP, things that the GOP needs to be focusing on if they really want to beat President Obama in the elections next year. But what they really did was to shoot themselves in the foot by allowing Mr. Donald Trump gain recognition during the past several months, in a fashion that has catapulted him into the lead for President as a GOP contender against President Barack Obama. First, it's the tea party, who by their own right were successful in pushing for a Republican led House, but now all Republicans are faced with their biggest present challange at hand, and that is to shut up the likes of Donald Trump who will most likely announce that he will run against President Barack Obama in 2012 on a GOP ticket. The mainstream Republicans most likely are considering this a large setback, because regardless of the money and power that Donald Trump has, HE WILL NEVER BE ELECTED as President of the United States of America, and they know that along with everyone in the free world who has at least an ounce of sense.
The Republicans are not creating a good track record since becoming the major party to represent the U.S. House of Representatives. They are talking about things like birth certificates to health care, and haven't the slightest chance to change Obamacare, as now they haven't a leg to stand on about Barack Obama's birth certificate. They have been stopped COLD in their tracks. So now, maybe the Republicans can now begin to concentrate on the real issues that they believe should be tackled, but a word of advice. If the Republicans stay on their present track receiving a low score for accomplishments as a major political party, it would surely benefit them now to come up with a valid game plan to face Obama in 2012. Right at the moment, if Donald Trump does announce his running for President without any other major contenders in the running with a valid agenda for their candadicy, the Republicans surely will be doomed to push President Barack Obama from the White House.
President Barack Obama surely must be delighted by the birth certificate announcement today by his possible contender for President, one of the guys who stated up front that President Obama was not born in the United States. What else does Donald Trump NOT KNOW. Do we need someone in the WHiteHouse that truly didn't know about many things, similar to the last Republican President?


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