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According to U.S. Lawmakers - Gadhafi's Days are Numbered

Monday, April 4, 2011

According to the United States, The Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's days are numbered. The rebels have been having a strong effect against government troops loyal to Gadhafi. The rebels seem to be gaining ground as Gadhafi withdrew from an important coastal town of Brega on Sunday, after some very severe fighting. What is important about Brega is that it is one of the several oil ports along the Mediterranean Sea that has changed hands between the government and rebel forces since February.
Pressure seems to be mounting on Gadhafi. Gadhafi has given indications that he would like to talk, but the goal of the international coalition is to help the rebels remove Gadhafi from power. The rebels will go right to his hometown to do it, and without a doubt Gadhafi will put up a major stand to hold his ground.
Now it appears that troops loyal to Gadhafi have now defected, approximately 1,000 soldiers have not changed sides and now are fighting with the rebels. Pressures seem to be mounting on Gadhafi. From seized assets of at least $30 billion in the United States, to closing down oil exports, and his own ministers resigning, it is definitely noted that he has also lost control of the eastern part of his country. Now, his options seem to be very limited as far as his ability for long-term aspect in Libya.
Asked whether Libya's leader is a terrorist threat, Republican Representative Rogers said Mr. Gadhafi was a state sponsor of terrorism and still possess stockpiles of what he called "pretty awful stuff."  Rogers said the threat Mr. Gadhafi poses is one reason why he should not remain in power.
Back in 1987, it is a known fact that Gadhafi used chemical weapons in his fight against Chad back in 1987. He has a large chemical stockpile. As already noticed as far as U.S. involvement, NATO is now running the show in Libya, and the U.S. is taking a back seat in the aggressive fighting. The United States can provide jamming and advanced training for NATO forces who actually are fighting the war with the rebels on the ground. It is noted that the United States has refrained from putting U.S. troops on the ground in Libya.


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These Libiyan rebels who are now supported by the West are smart enough to say what they know the West, especially Americans fear; an Islamic state. So, they know how to fool these fools to continue getting their support. Wait and see.

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