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Improper SHOUTMIX comment by Author of 'RECOMMENDED DOG FOOD' on Obama Blog

Monday, September 6, 2010

As everyone knows, especially with politics, there will always be someone who disagrees with your opinion, and could totally be against what you write. It is OK to have different opinions. Today, I ran across one of those people who made a statement on my SHOUTMIX, one that was very sarcastic, and plain rude. It is with this article I plan to feature this person on this Obama blog, as I will now exercise my right of free speech to do so.

To begin, let's show all the readers of this blog exactly what this reader wrote in my SHOUTMIX.

Recommended Dog Food  "**** you obama! Israel has a right to build its own country!".

Likewise, this reader has his rights too. He can say what he wants, but he shouldn't expect people to stand by and let him get away with it. For starters, I surely won't. I must also say upfront, that I welcome people who disagree with my opinions, and I am willing to publish articles given by the readers of this blog, along with good comments, whether they are Pro-Obama or Anti-Obama. But now I am taking exception to the rule, and that is to publish one of the most disgusting comments published on this blog to date and call that blogger on his comment. I have to here because the owner does not accept comments on his blog. I wonder why!!

First off, I stopped by his website, with the topic of his blog of 'dogs' He elects to talk about dogs, while I elect to talk about President Obama, the status of the country around us, and the policies whether good or bad  that are topics of the day. I'm not saying that dog food is not important, after all, I have my own puppy and I find that giving her 'Science Diet' foods are the best thing for her.

But back to my visitor. Since he does not accept comments on his blog, I found it necessary to write about him here. In the past, I've had several comments on this blog by a user called 'Anonymous' but at least that blogger definitely has an intellectual mind, even though I do not agree with him, and was able to convey his thinking and expressed his opinion with intelligence and in detail. Unlike him, the webmaster of  'Recommended Dog Food', he has elected to comment in this very rude way. It may be wise that this blogger keep these types of opinions to himself. Also, if he finds it necessary to visit other blogs and make rude comments, maybe it would be fair that he create a SHOUTMIX on his website so that we can make comments to him.

Now back to the comment. It stated "Israel has a right to build its own country!". Of course, he is absolutely correct. I invite him to show me 'anywhere' on any written article that President Obama has stated that Israel doesn't have that right. So I really do not understand what point he is trying to make, especially by using his rude statement as part of his politically correct statement. In case he doesn't know, the United States fully supports Israel, and would go to war to support Israel without a blink of an eye if they had to. What the United States will not deal with are any nations trying to destroy each other. President Obama has been very critical of both Israel and Palestine. Palestine, run by Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic socio-political organization with an associated paramilitary force, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, who controls the Gaza strip, has attacked Israel and Israel has retaliated in defense. President Obama wants peace between the two parties, and has been critical of both sides. In the past, prior Presidents have never made non-biased statements regarding both parties. The United States would only fully side with Israel, especially when the Bush family and the Republican parties were in office. Now that Obama is President, the opinion is slightly different. President Obama doesn't necessarily favor only Israel with words. He in effect is trying to keep both sides 'in check'. In a recent attack by Hamas, hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent civilians were killed in the fighting started by Hamas.  This is President Obama's style, and just so everyone could know, if Hamas attacked the Unitied States in the fashion that Hamas attacked Israel, the United States would also retaliate. The United States would not put down arms until Hamas was defeated.

For some reason, I feel a sense of pity for the writer of "Recommended Dog Food". Maybe I've been too harse here, but I believe anything that I would say couldn't be as rude and ill-placed as his comment on this blog. I apologize to my readers for his comments, and it is my wish that this person will never make any such statements on any blog, other than his own.

I also invite this blogger to create a SHOUTMIX so that others can state their opinions on his blog. As always, I invite anyone to comment on any article on this website, or on any topic. If you choose not to leave an opinion or statement on SHOUTMIX, or if you do not have a blog of your own to update, then you can send a comment or an article suited for publication on this blog to, and I will make an effort to publish your article. The only qualification for publication here is that is must be an intellectual comment and politically correct.

If the author elects not to comment further, I would invite him to maybe express his opinions on his own blog. I would love to read his detailed response as to justify his actions on this blog, but it may not be proper since his blog topic is dogs and dog food.


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