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Mitt Romney appears to Have Emerged as a Clear Winner in the First Presidetial Debate

Thursday, October 4, 2012


The first Presidential debate is history, and all polls seem to reflect that Mitt Romney emerged as the clear winner. At least two-thirds of the people who watched the showdown witnessed a very well prepared Mitt Romney. The debate lasted 1 ½ hours, and on every front, Mitt Romney had his facts together. For the most part, President Obama also had his facts together, but did not refute Mitt Romney on issues that he could have easily. Mitt Romney was very well prepared for the debate. When the President tried to attack, Mitt Romney always came back with quick answers and seemed to be believable.
What the challenger candidate Romney did for himself was to possibly win some of the undecided voters. Some of these voters may have voted for President Obama in the last election, but again, it is only my opinion. The face-off was victorious for Mitt Romney, and I do not deny that. It was done handily, as 67% said in a CNN/ORC International survey say that Mitt Romney came up on top during this debate. The same question has been asked time and time again at the debates, but since 1984, it's the first time that the question of who won actually topped 60%. The victory is nothing less than huge. About 60% of the people polled say that President Obama did worse than expected.
Both Obama and Romney played down the first debate even before it happened. It is clear now that Mitt Romney is in it to win, and the President must step up to the challenge. Instead of going on the defensive with the statements made by Romney, Obama must go on the offensive.
In a poll taken of debate watchers, only 18% said they were more likely to vote for Obama, while 35% said they were more likely to vote for Romney. Only 10% of the people polled seem to think that Romney did worse than expected, and these were most likely supporters of Obama.
If this debate is a sign of things to come, it goes without saying that Romney found the key to success at the debates. Presently, there are 2 more Presidential debates scheduled and 1 vice-presidential debate.
Romney supports must be ecstatic with the performance of their candidate Mitt Romney. As a supporter of President Obama, and as I watched the debate in its entirety, I personally came to the conclusion that Mitt Romney won the debate.
In past elections, the debates played a huge role in determining who was to be re-elected. That may be the case this time. But even if Romney wins all of the debates, will it still be enough for him. In my opinion, I do not think so.


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