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Third and Final Presidential Debate on Monday in Florida

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New polls show that the Presidential race in Florida can go either way with the latest numbers after the 2nd Presidential debate.
After the first debate, Governor Romney pulled up and actually surpassed the President in likely supporters in the state of Florida.
But do to the lackluster performance of Mitt Romney during the 2nd Presidential debate, Mitt Romney lost his advantage in the state.   Just 2 days from now, the 3rd and final debate between the President and the Governor will take place. Who said that the debates don't matter. This year of all years, the debates really seem to matter. The winner of this debate, depending on how large the victory, may make the difference for the Presidency. Why? because the one block of people that both candidates are shooting for are the undecided voters. President Obama picked up many undecided voters after the last debate, but it's not a sure thing that he picked up enough.
Truly, the race can go either way at this point if you are to go by the polls. They are believed to be accurate within 4 percentage points either way.
If it's tied in Florida, then the President still has a chance to win re-election. The President has some room, Mitt Romney doesn't. If The President wins both Ohio and Florida, the race should be all but over. In a new poll, the President is leading in the state of Michigan.
Finally in a most recent CNN/ORC national poll, the President leads Romney by 7%.. That seems to be huge, but to me, it's just a number. Remember when President George W. Bush ran against his Democratic challenger. Al Gore was George Bush's running mate from the state of Tennessee. Joe Lieberman was the Democratic VP running mate. Gore actually had won the race by popular vote by a margin of 543,895 votes, but George Bush won the Presidency by just 5 electoral votes over Al Gore, and only 1 electoral vote over the needed number to win. George W. Bush won by  a final number of 271 electoral votes over Al Gore's 266.
Presently, the race is just too close to call if you truly go by the polls. But story after story emerges from different news sources projecting different polls ending up with different results.
Both candidates will go into the election believing that they both will win, but only one will emerge as the winner. In Florida, it seems that the younger voters are siding with Obama, but surprising enough the Seniors seem to be siding with Mitt Romney. That is what poll numbers show before the 3rd and final debate that will take place on Monday. The debate will take place in Florida and will center on the topic of foreign policy. The format for the debate will be identical to the first presidential debate. Topics will be foreign policy and national security.


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