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Romney Loosing Ground because of His Lies During the Debate

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The 2nd Presidential debate that concluded yesterday lived up to all the hype that proceeded it. It truly was a debate for the record books. Both candidates, President Barrack Obama and his challenger Governor Mitt Romney went head to head and in every sense of the word, attended a boxing match without the gloves on. The opportunity for success was there for both men, but when it came to the time that it really counted, the President cashed in and the Mittster fumbled. Both candidates are excellent orators, but when it came to portraying the truth regarding the matters at hand, the President cashed in again, and the challenger fumbled.
One such instance was when a question was asked by one of the undecided voters at the town hall meeting. The question was on how he would fix what was mentioned as inequalities of women in the workplace. It was an honest question that deserved an honest answer. Instead Mitt Romney claimed that he did so much for women in the state of Massachusetts when he was Governor. He goes on to mention in his answer that he had “binders of women” when in fact, he had no binders at all. Mitt Romney mentioned how he hired women but the facts show that he didn't. The 'binder' answer from Romney may have been a slip of the tongue, but it shows without doubt why he is having trouble winning the women's vote. He once again showed how not in touch he was with woman. The answer to the question was totally false, but moreso he never even came close to actually answering the question. He pretty much avoided it.
As for the President, Obama answered with naming the first legislation that was passed when he became President, the 'Lilly Ledbetter Act'. It gave women a chance to stand side by side with men and get equal pay for doing the same job as men. Prior to the Lilly Ledbetter Act, women always had to settle for less pay for the same job taken by men. In a personal instance, the President mentioned about his grandmother, who had a very good job at a bank, but she reached the so called 'glass ceiling' and could not advance any further, because she was a woman. Instead, his grandmother had to train other men to to jobs with greater pay then herself. She accepted her fate in a society that favored men in the workplace.
Since then, times have changed, but Romney seems to be so out of touch with the desires and needs of women, that he has to lie about the facts and came up with the 'binders full of women' statement which he could never produce.
All Mitt Romney seemed to be was a detached CEO that knew he had to find qualified women to serve in his administration since there was a vast disparity between men and women holding management positions. Unfortunately for him, for his outward statement of lies on the subject, Mitt Romney showed again one more time why he cannot be trusted.
Hopefully the undecided voters that watched the debate last night will recognize this, and the already staunch supporters of Romney should realize that they really have a real problem on their hands now. The credibly of Mitt Romney has been sincerely challenged and now Romney has just two weeks before the election, and one more Presidential debate on Monday night to convince the voters that he is the man that should be the President of the United States.


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