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Getting down to the wire .. Obama vs. Romney

Monday, October 1, 2012

Opinion of the Editor of  'Obama in the White House blog'

As amazing as it may sound, Mitt Romney has pulled up to what is considered a statistical tie when it comes to a new national survey when it comes to the race to the White House. Mitt Romney, who claims that he has the edge when it comes to figuring out the economy, really has no lead at all. He has everything to prove, while President Obama needs help from the Congress to get things on the right path. But in a deliberate attempt by the 'do nothing' Congress for the last two years, it is widely known that the Congress will not pass any legislation that will create jobs under the leadership of President Obama. The Republicans in Congress have openly stated that they will do anything that will give the Democratic President any credit, because if they do, it would be to Obama's favor. Again, their reasoning is not to help the people who need jobs, but to benefit Republicans and what is considered today as the top 1%. So the fault lies with the U.S. Congress, not the President. The President has consistently put jobs as his goal to be successful as President, and the Congress is doing everything in their power to make him unsuccessful, even at the expense of the American people, the jobless, and the middle class. They have succeeded in doing the first part, and that is to prevent people from getting jobs, not President Obama. Now the question is whether the American people can be fooled to the extent to elect Mitt Romney. While doing so, the people take the chance to put the economy back into more dire straights if Romney is elected.
As my boss tells me about things, it's all about "apples and oranges". Better stated, "the proof is in the pudding". What this means is that the people should see the stark difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney, and if not, then they must not know the difference between apples and oranges. The proof of who each man is may be just for what they stand for. President Obama stands up for the middle class, while Mitt Romney stands up for the 1%. That is a story in itself, and in just some 30 days or so, it will be known once and for all who the American people want to trust. Will it be President Obama who favors the middle class, or will it be Mitt Romney who favors the rich? There has never been such a difference in candidates in Presidential election history.


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