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The Eve of the Second Presidential Debate

Monday, October 15, 2012

The time has come. The Second Presidential debate to be moderated by CNN chief political correspondent Candy Crowley will drive the contestants, President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney into a debate with lots of energy and passion. Will the President be ready? President Obama is known to be an excellent debater  even though he did show a lack-luster performance in the first Presidential debate. You can be sure that he observed the Vice Presidential debate amongst V.P. Joe Biden and his challenger Paul Ryan. It was the opposite of a lack-luster performance of the Presidential debate.
But the format for the debate is what is known as 'town hall'. For this type of debate, it favors the candidate that is most likable and not usually the type that supports aggressive attacks. Regardless of what the format should be, it is most likely that President Obama will not be subdued, and the moderator Candy Crowley most likely will have allot to do with the tone of the debate.
So what do you expect from the President. Time after time, the President has made comment after comment that there were too many inconsistencies and even lies when it came to comments made by Mitt Romney during the first debate. The President will be more energetic stating the facts as he see's it for the direction of the country during the next four years.
Romney's adviser Ed Gillespie says that a 'shift in style wouldn't win Obama any points from an electorate looking at the past four years.
Only since President Roosevelt  was the unemployment so high in a Presidential election. This over-burdening fact one of the single most negatives that the President will bring into the 2012 election. But President Obama needs to state his case, regarding the reasons why the unemployment rate is not lower than it has been. His number one reason for the high un-employment rate would be the "do-nothing Congress" who has vowed to do whatever possible to make sure that Barack Obama does not get elected, even at the expense of the American People.  It goes without saying that this Congress will go down in history as being the one Congress that failed to pass the highest number of bills because of selfish political interests.
The President will most likely bring up a series of campaign attacks that he didn't even scratch during the first debate. You can bet that the President will bring up Romney's comments that 47% of Americans are dependent on government support and his tenure as chief executive of Bain Capital, a private equity firm. Most likely the idea of the lack of Mitt Romney's tax returns will again become front and center in this debate. That along with the fact that Romney only paid 14% of taxes paid in 2011 is unfair for a man worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
Many Democrats were disappointed with the President for not bringing up the facts as they were just stated. But the President, in full realization of what had happened at the first debate, began to attack Romney immediately after by saying that Romney's campaign rallies are dishonest when it comes to his record and proposals, and again, the President never mentioned these facts during the first debate. The President has the capability to perform a full assault on Mitt Romney's record and you may likely see the President to put on his gloves and start punching it out with Mitt Romney. If the challenger becomes defensive in most of his answers  during the debate, then the debate most likely will turn out in President Obama's favor.
The truth is the truth and just as Joe Biden called out the lies and discrepancies of his challenger Paul Ryan, President Obama will highlight all the lies and discrepancies of the Mitt Romney campaign at the  second debate tomorrow, October 16, 2012.


Johnson Silitonga November 26, 2012 at 8:35 AM  

I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to President Barack Obama on his election for a second term as the President of the United States. This is not only a victory of Barack Obama but every ordinary citizen of the United States. This is also a landmark victory for most of the global citizens who always vote for peace and greater international understanding. Let the world move towards a better goal under the dynamic and prudent leadership of President Obama.

I sincerely wish President Obama every success in his second term in the White House. May God bless him.

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