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Joe Biden on the Campaign Trail - Assures a Win

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Less than a week ago, the Vice-President Joe Biden stated publicly at a campaign event in Marion Ohio that Mitt Romney is “not going to be elected.”

The Vice-President was in the middle of his speech, complete silence from the audience listening to him, then out of nowhere came a baby's cry.

In an instantaneous response by the Vice-President, Joe Biden says:

"Look, I don't blame that baby for crying," Biden said. "You know what, she just realized what it means if Romney gets elected," he added, prompting laughter from his audience. It's a joke the vice president also made on Saturday in St. Augustine, Florida, as another baby wailed in the crowd.
Again, another instantaneous response, just as if he was predicting another baby would be crying...

"Hi baby. How are you? It's ok. He's not going to get elected," Biden said. "You're going to be okay."

Candidates usually just back their candidates at during campaign speeches, but it is really not that common for a candidate to say the opponent will loose. Regardless of the norm, Vice-President Joe Biden means what he says, and in just a little over a week from now, the whole world will know if the Vice-president was correct in his prediction or not.
Unfortunately for both candidates, Obama and Romney, mother nature is showing up again during a most critical time in the race. Originally, a hurricane prompted a late start in the Republican (RNC) convention in Miami not long ago, and now Hurricane Sandy seems to threaten both campaigns, as the candidates have canceled campaign stops.
The President will wade out the so called – Perfect storm at the White House, while I'm not certain what Governor Mitt Romney will do. After the storm passes, depending on the damages caused by the storm, both candidates plan to return to Ohio, which is not expected to be affected by the storm. There is a chance that the President will no longer campaign as both candidates are running out of time for campaigning. The end of the campaign is in sight. The President may be better served to visit weather stricken states if the storm causes much damage. Acting presidential instead of dealing with politics would be the right thing to do for the President.
The frightful thing about the storm is that there are two weather fronts involved, one moving to the southeast from Canada, and the 2nd, Hurricane Sandy coming from the South. When these two storms collide, a 'perfect-storm' can be formed. Extremely cold air, mixing with warm moist air can cause extreme flooding and bad weather conditions. It still is unknown where the storm will make shore, but most likely around New Jersey or New York. Getting around in New York City may be a challenge, as the subway riders may experience a system that is shut-down during the storm.
Again, just a week to go, and both campaigns will rest for the next campaign. Twisters most likely will be spawned from such weather, so the question is now will the storm pass before election day.


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