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Obama's Debate Preformance Behind Him, LOOK OUT Mitt Romney!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Obama drew criticism from Democrats last week for being what some described as listless, lethargic and ill-prepared in his match-up against Republican challenger Mitt Romney. The President even admits to it, but brushes it off. Yes, he had a bad day, and I'm sure that he had what he might have considered something more important to do for the evening, and that was to celebrate his 20th wedding aniversary with his wife, the First Lady Michelle. But he did not get to celebrate his aniversary with his wife that night, nor did he get any respect from the challenger Mitt Romney. There are 2 more Presidential debates scheduled and one Vice-Preidential debate left before the election. The controversy concerning President Obama's performance will be short lived. Yes, the President is guilty for not being prepared from a candidate that has been practicing his whole life for that moment to debate against him. The next debate, which will be in a town hall meeting setting, will be one of President Obama's best performances. The President has world recognition when it comes to his leadership around the world. His record, with ending one war in Iraq and another to follow after he gets re-elected in Afghanistan, along with his killing of the number one terrorist in the world, Osama bin-Laden, is a pretty good feather in the Presidents hat. World leaders  respect the President and most foreign leaders say that the decision is still out whether Mitt Romney will act properly on foreign policy, and will see if Romney has the unwavering ability to support or allies and countries around the world who want peace, no matter how they stood regarding democracy in the past.
Mitt Romney's answers sounded good to the listeners that evening, but for the most part lacked substance. His only claim is that since he considers himself a great businessman, he knows what it takes to get the economy back on it's feet. But no doubt, if elected, he will make promises that he can't keep. He can blame the unemployment rate on the President, he can also blame the economy on him, but the record is all that you need to look at when it comes to the President.
President Obama has backed several bills that made it through the U.S. Congress, but failed to pass, mainly because of the selfish interests of the Republicans in the House. Bills that would have brought thousands of jobs, and maybe even a million or two, were put down by a Congress set to do everything in their power to make the President look bad. Instead, they are the ones that look bad. If the President gets re-elected, you can expect several veto's come their way when it comes to bills that they sponsor. The President now has nothing to loose. He will continue to push for jobs for the middle class and build the economy, and the Republican House if still a majority body will feel the pain from the President, unless they pass some of the President's bills.
The country cannot survive another 4 years with a House and Senate divided and not capable of passing bills.
Just before the last holiday, the Congress failed to pass the 'farms bill' and then immediately decided to leave Washington for a long recess. Their jobs were not done. But they left anyway.
The most recent polls show that Mitt Romney is in a statistical dead tie with the President on most fronts, but most likely not on the ones that count. The facts are that whoever wins the State of Ohio or Florida in November most likely will win the election. No candidate that did not win Ohio has  won the Presidency. At the present time, Ohio should be won by Obama, and with all of the retirees and seniors in Florida, the Democrats will win that state too. That will make it virtually impossible for Mitt Romney to win the election if he wins either state.
So yes, the debates are important, but if Mitt Romney thinks that he will get another performance from President Obama like the last, he will be sadly mistaken. The President will be prepared, and it will be interesting to watch Romney on the defensive this go around, because if that truely becomes the case, then he will loose the debate. No doubt that Mitt Romney is an excellent speaker. His problem is that he flip-flops on the issues and in my opinion, it is now time for the President to call Romney up on the flip-flop issues, along with the outward lies that the Republicsns including Mitt Romney himself stated during the last debate.
The first debate was just a warm up. The next debate will be one for Mitt Romney to take lessons from.


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